Baker and Jones Ch. 03

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Chapter Three

“Cordelia Jones…” Samantha reclines in a corner booth, twirling her drink in her hand and washing her face with an amused and knowing smile.

“Yes,” Annette breathes out, scanning the rest of the tavern around them.

“Every morning, you wake up to cook and clean and await the beck and call of Cordelia Jones,” she smirks, nodding for Annette to scoot closer to her in the booth seat. They’re tucked away in the corner of the bar at the Fleeting Faery, partially out of sight from the counter where Bill would be ready to scold them at any moment. “I can hardly imagine what that must be like.”

“It’s… it’s interesting.”

Cordelia had hardly spoken to Annette for the past few days, only offering blunt orders and occasional critique of her behavior. It was tense around 167th Mill Street, and Annette is eager to spend as much of her time off outside of the home as she possibly can to escape the powder box. It’s difficult to unsee the fearsome look in Cordelia’s eyes when her pride is threatened, and Annette is ashamed to have so sorely misjudged it. She feels foolish for letting herself grow comfortable with how she spoke to her owner.

“Baker and Jones,” Samantha giggles, “off solving every little crime in our city! Vagabonds and thieves, beware!”

“I don’t help her with her cases,” Annette sighs, crossing her knees together and glaring at the floor. “She hates it when people interfere with her work.”

“So she was lying, then?”


“Pity,” Samantha sits back further, lifting an arm on the backrest of the couch, hovering just above Annette’s shoulders. “I found the idea of you being so clever to be quite an attractive look, dear.”

“You could have helped me more,” Annette mutters, her displeasure slowly retreating as Samantha’s other hand drifts down to her knees.

“I would have, if it had come to it,” she promises, though Annette is hardly sure she believes it. “I always strive to be the voice of reason in all things.”

“Is that why you were so quiet when they plotted my assasination?”

“It’s only an assasination if the target is of public prominence,” Samantha smirks. “For you it would simply be collateral damage.”

“That makes me feel much better,” Annette rolls her eyes.

“Come now,” Samantha pulls her closer, and Annette’s heart flutters as she’s caught up into her arms. “I would never allow such a delightful girl like you to come to any harm, dear. I have too many plans for you…”


“I couldn’t bear it if none of them came to fruition.”

Annette can hardly resist her attention. With each passing day she can feel her desperation build slowly, aching for the touch of a beautiful woman like Samantha. She knew it even as she carefully meandered her way over to the bar tonight that her defenses were in shambles. With each sip of beer she accepts the longing possibility of what the woman so constantly promised her.

“And what might these plans be?” She asks, letting her body press even more into hers and encourage her attention.

“They begin here…” Samantha’s hand on the couch drifts to the side of Annette’s head, softly brushing through her hair. “Where you are helpless to deny my desires…”

“Indeed? I wasn’t aware you possessed such power over me.”

“Don’t I?”

The hand on her thigh creeps inwards, the warmth of her palm through Annette’s soft dress leaving her flustered and excited. Annette glances quickly at the bar counter, excited to see Bill was distracted and conversing with some other patron. Another quick look confirms its Mrs. Tellingham, easily chatty enough to keep him occupied for enough time to get away with plenty of mischief.

Annette’s breaths speed up and she feels each one puff out of her nose hungrily, yearning to feel Samantha’s lips on hers. “Perhaps you do,” she concedes. “What then?”

“Then… I watch as you give into my charms, swept away by your need for me,” she brings Annette even closer to her, sending a thrilling tremor through her chest. “You tell me you’ll do anything… anything… to please me, and I reply that I have high standards…”

Annette flushes, and the warmth spreads all across her body, jittery from nerves and excitement. She glances again at the bar counter, once again delighted to see Bill has yet to notice their advances.

“Tell me you will…” Samantha coos softly.

Annette gives in easily. “I’ll do anything to please you.”

“Good girl…” Samantha mewls. “I have high standards…”

“I will endeavor to meet them.”

“Tell me you want me to kiss you.”

Annette exhales excitedly. “I want you to kiss me.”

Samantha’s hand lowers down to her cheek, brushing a thumb over her cheekbone and caressing her face softly. She leans forward, bridging the gap between them and kissing Annette gently. She slowly increases her pressure as Annette gives in easily, kissing her back with an eagerness she was almost embarrassed by. Her body comes alive at Samantha’s touch and it quickly Çanakkale Escort becomes difficult to resist the urge not to climb on top of Samantha and…

Samantha breaks away quickly, removing her hands and reclining casually onto the couch, ensuring there’s a polite distance between the two. Annette is briefly disappointed, but the feeling is replaced by a flash of fear as she notices a police officer strolling into the bar, baton in hand. Annette scoots back from Samantha as well, occupying her hands with her drink and feeling grateful they were tucked away in the corner, far from the door.

The officer strolls into the room, twirling his baton in circles across his palm, a clear and casual threat. He makes his way over to Bill at the bar counter, leaning across it and snapping for Bill to serve him while the room falls dangerously quiet.

“Can I help you, Officer?” Bill mutters, filling a mug with some beer and placing it on the counter in front of him.

“Just keeping the peace,” the officer gives him a vile grin. He grabs the mug, leaning his back into the counter and gazing out across the room. “Why’s it so quiet in here? There’s no need to stop the action on my account.”

“It’s a quiet night tonight,” Bill answers, jaw squared and remaining close to the officer. It was in times like these that Annette was viciously grateful Bill ran the bar, able to keep his cool under pressure and protect them.

“Tell them to continue as they were,” the officer laughs to himself.

“I imagine it will return to normal any minute now,” the bartender sighs.

Annette tries to peel her eyes away from the situation, turning back to Samantha and feeling the hair stand on the back of her neck. Everyone else in the bar seems to attempt the same, though none of them can push away the awkwardness to return to their conversations.

The officer takes a long drink from the mug, gulping it down loudly enough that he could be heard across the room. He lets out a grunt of satisfaction, slamming the drink back down onto the counter and taking another look around the room. After a few tense moments, he stands upright, gingerly strolling back towards the entrance without any hurry in his step.

He turns at the door, calling out to the rest of the room, “We all know what goes on in here… One of these days, you’ll even let me enjoy the show!” He chuckles to himself once more, disappearing through the doors a few moments later.

The room lets out a collective sigh of relief, thrilled no one had evoked his full ire. It was heartbreaking when someone was caught, and while it only happened rarely, Annette knew it was not something she’d want to witness again.

Samantha however, seems remarkably unphased by the encounter. As soon as the officer leaves, her hands return to Annette’s body, pulling her close and sighing lavisciously. “Kiss me again,” she commands.

She throws herself against Annette’s lips, hungrily pushing her tongue into her mouth and causing Annette to gasp in surprise. She melts easily into the kiss, letting Samantha’s wandering arms roll across her legs and waist and arms and find their way to her breasts. Annette sighs delightedly, feeling the tension in her body quickly give way to pleasure, unable to think of anything other than this feeling.

“For Christ’s sake, girls!” Bill hollers, storming from behind the bar and breaking them up. “The second he leaves you’re back at it!? Do you want to be arrested?”

“It’s fine, Bill,” Samantha growls. “It’s not like he’ll just stroll back in immediately.”

Bill scowls, grabbing the drinks from their table and placing them back on the bar counter. When he returns, he holds his hands on his waist, sighing in frustration. “Out,” he declares.

“Oh, Bill,” Samantha grumbles.

“Please-,” Annette begins, only to be quickly interrupted.

“You can come back tomorrow,” he cuts. “But for tonight, you’re too much of a risk for me to let you stay.” He points a harsh finger at the door. “Out.”

Samantha rises from the booth, taking Annette’s hand and pulling her up as well. “Are you going to disappoint me again tonight, dear?” She flutters her eyelashes and Annette knows immediately there’s no possibility that she would be willing to upset her.

“No,” she breathes out, letting Samantha see the need in her eyes. She tightens her grip on Samantha’s hand, much to Bill’s chagrin, and allows the woman to lead her out of the bar and onto the street.

Samantha drops her hand once they leave the relative safety of the Fleeting Faery, and while Annette wants to feel disappointed by it, she knows that it has to happen. So long as there was a promise that she’d get to feel Samantha’s touch again tonight, she’s sure she could withstand waiting a little longer.

“So… your place?” Annette ventures, unsure of their next steps.

“Are you kidding, dear?” Samantha scoffs. “Revier’s home for the season. He’ll likely have all of his drinking buddies over tonight. How much privacy Çanakkale Escort Bayan does Miss Jones give you?”

Annette shakes her head. While Cordelia had promised that Annette could have guests over, there’s not a chance she was willing to take that chance with things the way they were in the home. As far as she can tell, Annette is on profoundly thin ice with the detective, and she can’t bring herself to risk losing her contract so soon.

“Do you know someplace else?” Annette taps her fingers together.

“An alleyway?”

“The cops are out in force tonight.”

“Work with me, dear.”

“I… I have an idea,” Annette thinks for a moment. “But it isn’t free.”

To Annette’s relief, Samantha smiles and says, “You’re worth a significant cost tonight, my dear.”

Annette feels her heart flutter once again. “Then follow me.”

It’s a terrible idea, as far as Annette can tell, but at this point she’s run out of options and can’t bear the thought of returning home alone. There’s just enough of a buzz from her beer to carry her past the feeling of insecurity in her chest, so she allows it to carry the two of them through the streets, working their way past downtown and towards the edge of the railyard. There, they find a relatively well-kept inn that on the outside appears tame and respectable. Inside, Elenore’s Gallery is nothing of the sort.

“You can’t be serious, Annette.”

“Do you have a better idea?”

Samantha ponders her options for a moment and sighs. “I suppose not. I can’t imagine they’ll just give us a room.”

“They won’t,” Annette angrees. “Which is why you’ll pay someone for their services and then ask them to leave us be.”

“Clever girl,” Samantha purrs. “Take my scarf, it’ll be easier if they don’t see your collar.” She hands the soft material over to Annette, who carefully wraps it around her neck, savoring the wafting scent of Samantha’s perfume rising from it.

Samantha leads the way inside, directing Annette to follow closely behind. Inside, the Gallery is vibrant and exciting, full of colorful rugs and lights and even a variety of plants to decorate the entryway. Behind two front doors they arrive in a waiting area of sorts, where they are invited to recline on a faux luxurious couch, timidly awaiting the attention of one of the staff.

“Have you ever been here before, Annette?”

Annette blushes. “Once or twice.”

“Scandalous,” Samantha hums, cautiously lowering a hand to Annette’s thigh. “I daresay I find that idea quite exciting.”

“Only the idea?”

“Well, I’ve yet to taste the reality, dear.”

“Have you been here before?”

Samantha lets out a puff of laughter. “You’ll never get an answer from a Lady on that question, my dear.”

A few moments later, a young man in a tight suit approaches, kneeling down in front of the two of them and flashing a radiant smile. “How may we be of service to such beautiful women today?”

“You flatter me,” Samantha giggles. “We require a room.”

“Would you like to view the selection?”

“You’ll do just nicely,” she grins.

“And for your guest?”

“She’ll be with me.”

The man’s face flushes brightly and his eyes excitedly whip between the two of them. “I will have to charge double, if that’s the case.”

“Would you wait outside the door for triple?” Annette asks.

“I’m not sure I follow.”

“We…” Samantha’s hand on Annette’s thigh tightens its grip, and Annette leans closer to her. “…I find it astoundingly attractive to know you’re just beyond the door while the two of us… well, a Lady never tells.”

The man clears his throat and nods. “If you’ll follow me…”

Annette’s heart pounds in her chest while he leads them to a room upstairs. Her face is bright pink as she hears the salacious whispers and scandalous noises arise from the various rooms they pass, and she grips Samantha’s leading hand tightly. The man brings them to their own room and opens the door, and Samantha folds a small check into the palm of his extended hand.

“Thank you,” she smiles, leading Annette inside and closing the door behind them.

Annette slowly strolls into the room, taking in the scene as a way to distract herself from the nerves slowly eating away at her. It’s a rather tame room, with only a cozy twin bed and a few cabinets. A large red rug dominates the floor space, and while it looks recently cleaned, she sorely doubts it could ever be fully sanitized. She walks forward and sits down on the bed, accepting the reality that she’d need to wash later.

Samantha closes the door and turns around, lust dripping from every inch of her face. Annette would never understand Samantha’s affection for her – the woman could easily be confused for a princess in waiting, elegant and gorgeous, polished and suave in every motion and expression. She dresses down when she visits the Faery, but the one time Annette had seen her in her ballroom attire… she thinks about it often.

Samantha has a narrow chin Escort Çanakkale with a sharp jaw, which meets cheekbones that were high and characteristically Andlash, a country known especially for its beautiful women. It was common in folklore to believe Andlash women were descendants of the goddesses of old. Her eyes are icey blue and piercing, and in each moment it feels as though she can read every tiny expression and emotion on Annette’s form. She wears her golden hair in an intricate bun that Annette was sure some other collar had styled for her.

“At last,” Samantha sighs, slowly making her way towards Annette. “I have you alone to myself.”

Annette nods, suddenly finding her mouth dry and her words failing her. As Samantha walks, she teasingly lowers the sleeves of her dress from her shoulders, showing off more and more of her collarbone and upper chest.

“It seems my power over you remains intact,” the noblewoman smirks.

“Indeed,” Annette coughs.

Samantha leans over her, making Annette lay back into the bed as she climbs on top of her. Annette forces herself to breathe, hardly able to control her excitement as Samantha’s body hovers over her, her face slowly lowering to meet Annette’s once more.

“You are beautiful, Annette,” she purrs, holding her lips just inches away.

Annette feels her heart skip, unable to remove her eyes from Samantha’s lips. “I… kiss me.”

Samantha obliges, leaning closer and kissing Annette sweetly. She sighs, closing her eyes and pulling Samantha’s body into her own, enraptured by the feeling of Samantha’s chest on her chest, her legs intertwining with Annette’s. She throws her hands around Samantha’s neck, pressing deeper and deeper into her embrace.

Samantha’s tongue slides into Annette’s mouth, teasing its way around and causing Annette to shudder with delight. Her own tongue chases it back, moaning softly as they trade control of the kiss back and forth. Samantha’s touch is gentler than Annette had expected for all of her teasing and flirting, and with each light movement she slips deeper into her charms. Samantha’s hands begin exploring her once more, caressing her hips and waist and resting again onto her breasts, causing Annette to whimper and squirm happily.

“Ohhh, it’s been too long…” Samantha purrs. “It just really isn’t the same with a husband, is it?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Annette mutters, gasping as Samantha’s kisses find their way onto her neck, working her way carefully around the collar. Annette wishes it could be removed and she could feel the full impact of Samantha’s mouth.

“It doesn’t compare,” she sighs, lifting the sleeves of Annette’s dress down from her shoulders and hungrily turning her attention to Annette’s naked chest. “Your skin is so soft…”

Annette exhales loudly and blissfully, her mind racing through a thousand impossible songs of praise for the woman above her. She hooks a leg around Samantha’s waist, aching for her body to be ever closer. The smell of Samantha’s perfume, something unidentifiable to Annette but sweet and simple, fills her senses. Samantha slides a knee forward between Annette’s hips, using her weight to encourage Annette to slowly hump against it and causing her to moan softly. Samantha’s fingers dance around Annette’s breasts, circling around her areolas and pinching her nipples.

“I seem to remember you’re twice-born, Annette,” Samantha whispers, peeling back from her focus on Annette’s chest and meeting her hungry eyes.

“Yes, Miss,” Annette replies, her gaze darting away from Samantha’s eyes nervously. “Is.. is that alright?”

“It’s more than alright, dear,” Samantha places a string of kisses between Annette’s breasts. “I was hoping I hadn’t misremembered. I have plans for you…”

“What kind of… oh!” Annette is interrupted by the sudden feeling of Samantha’s hand slipping underneath her skirt and resting against her panties, causing her clit to siffen and twitch.

Samantha giggles excitedly, “And there it is…”

Annette closes her eyes and allows her head to roll back into the blankets as Samantha’s hand slowly rubs up and down her sensitive erection. It’s been far too long since Annette’s felt such an intimate touch from someone else, and she’s quickly restraining moans between shallow gasps of air.

“You seem positively desperate, dear,” Samantha smirks. “Has it really been so long for you?”

“Yes!” Annette squeaks.

“You haven’t even found the affections of some young man to keep your needs at bay? Surely they must be chomping at the bit for you.”

“I’m… not…” Annette forces herself to take a deep breath as Samantha’s hand increases its pressure. Her fingers slide along the sides of her shaft, occasionally stopping at the tip to circle around it for a few moments, making Annette’s hands grasp for the sheets. “Not interested,” she finally chokes out.

“Oh, dear,” Samantha pities. “You should at least acquire a serviceable beard if you’re to keep up this lifestyle of yours.”

“I need you,” Annette exhales, aching to feel inside Samantha.

“Poor twice-born girl…” Samantha’s hand continues to stroke and her eyes lap up the straining pleasure splashed across Annette’s face. “If you had stayed once-born like the rest of us they’d let you play around with girls, you know.”

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