Bangkok City Nights Pt. 02

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* Continued from Part 1 – *

**Please note that Part 2 was written from the male character’s point of view.**


Your back pushed against the elevator wall, your legs wrapped around me and right now I wish I had a few extra pair of hands. I want to caress you, ravish you, reclaim what’s mine.

I give your ass another tight squeeze before I put you back down on your feet. Breaking our kiss, I look at you with my fingers in your hair, and I can feel the burning desire in me turning a little darker when I see you bite down on your lower lip.

I spin you around and grab both your hands, holding them up against the wall above your head and run my hands through your hair. I press myself into you from behind, and I know you can feel my growing desire pushing into you as a light growl escapes from my lips.

I feel you push back against me, desperately needing to feel more. I know you’ve missed this. I’ve made sure you would, having kept you on the edge for the past few days, forcing you to anticipate me in person. We spoke on the phone and my directions would always have you panting for release but I would always stop just short of it. You knew the consequences of disobedience so I knew how long I had toyed with you. My one hand holds your hands above your head as the other moves from your ass up, running along your waist, pulling you in, closer to me, running further up, grazing your nipples lightly before my hand closes around your jaw and turns it to the side to kiss me, forcing my tongue inside your mouth.

The elevator only has to go a few floors and before I know it, it comes to a halt. I half-drag, half-carry you out into the hallway until we get to the front door of the apartment. I wonder for a second if I’m being too cruel, but I can’t stop touching you, feeling you, even as you fumble around for the keys. I push you up against the door and slide a hand down between your legs from behind as you try and unlock the door.

I can feel you shake, whimper, trying to not moan out loud as I nibble ever so lightly on your neck.

“Faster, or we’ll do this right here.” I grunt these words into your ear and a soft moan escape your luscious lips.

My voice seems to bring you back to reality as you quickly find the key, open the door, and stumble inside. I can’t take my eyes off you and I follow you in before I lock the door behind me. I pick you Yalova Escort up in one motion and carry you into kitchen, it’s the first flat surface I see. I can’t wait any longer. I put you down and spin you around, bending you over the counter, kissing my way down your body as I lean you over. I unbutton your jeans and hook my thumbs in your jeans and panties and pull them down, running my hand down your bare ass, caressing the skin. How is it that I want to be gentle and yet I want to leave my marks on your skin too. I turn you back to me, drawing your lips into mine, biting that very lip that you were chewing on. Picking you up, I place you on the bar counter of the kitchen, sliding your top off with painfully excruciating slowness, the familiar smirk returns to my face. Leaning in, I nibble softly on your neck and hear you whimper as I unhook your bra and let it fall to the floor. Your desire comes over your face like a mask and I see that insatiable tigress that I left so many months ago. I’m almost surprised to hear you plead

“Bed… please?” I smirk a little more as I look up and see you barely able to form words.

“No, not now. I’m not waiting another second” I say, as I pull your hips towards me so you’re barely sitting on the edge as I lean down and wrap my mouth over your throbbing clit. The surprise makes you almost scream, dig your nails into my arms that are wrapped tightly around you.

I pull you even closer and you’re forced to put your hands down on the counter to balance yourself as I lift you up slightly, pulling your legs over my shoulders. Your moans get louder, and they’re nothing less than music to my ears. I can feel you bucking and I look up at you, head thrown back, biting down on your own lip, trying to not scream. I flick my tongue across your bud, seeing your back arch and hearing your barely suppressed moans each time I do, I want to hear you, hear your desire. I nibble on your clit as one hand reaches up and teases your nipple.

Your familiar taste comes rushing back into my mouth and I suck hungrily, I want to taste you, everything about you turns me on and I can’t stop myself. I hold you tighter towards me and push a finger inside of you, teasing as I continuously lick and suck on your clit. The thought of you cumming all over my lips sounds amazing, but I’m going to stretch this out. Your screaming intensifies and I quickly take my mouth off your clit, squeezing the bud between Yalova Escort Bayan my thumb and pointer, I can’t let you get off that easily. I pull on your clit and twist your nipple, and swiftly plunge two fingers deep inside you. Eliciting another scream, wrapping my lips back around your clit, flicking my tongue up and down against your swollen bud.

I push my thumb against your ass and tease you, and it’s of no surprise how you thrust yourself forward to take that, too. I slowly push it inside your ass quite easily from being soaked with your juices, and the combination of all the sensations seem to be pushing you over the edge. You grab my head and shove it down on your pussy as you gush over and over, screaming your approval. This familiar taste is intoxicating, I can’t get enough of you and it seems like every time, I just need more.

I lick up every drop from you while you still shudder and I slowly come up, kissing you, letting you taste your own sweet aroma. I pull your hands onto my pants and almost groan the words to you.

“Take them off”

Your hands work fast, undoing my belt as you try to not tremble while you move on to the button of my jeans and the zipper; I can feel your intense desire – almost as much as mine. The jeans fall down and you quickly hook your thumbs in my boxers and slide them down. I’m watching you, quite pleased that you’re so eager. I move in closer to you, the heat radiating off of me is keeping us both warm and I seemingly melt into your arms. I reach around to the back of your head with my hand, grabbing a handful of your hair so you’re forced to look at me while I position myself and slowly ease myself inside you, pushing in inch by inch. I look at you as I slowly fill you up, your walls wrapping around my shaft like a glove. It feels like I never left as your body takes me in. You start to whimper and moan louder, and I lean in to kiss you. I want you moaning into my mouth, as I pull back just slightly and thrust all the way into you again.

I love how you immediately wrap your legs around me, desperate to pull me closer to you, to feel more, to take me in. My free hand finds your ass and pulls you into me, and I’m buried deep inside you as I lift you off the granite and hold you up, with your arms around my neck and I walk us into the bedroom.

I can feel you squeeze me the entire way, trying to swirl your hips around my cock. Your juices are Escort Yalova dripping down to my balls, and they’re getting tighter each time you moan out loud.

“I’ve missed you so much” You say to me as I sit down on the bed, watching the hunger in your eyes as you run your hands along my chest. I love the way the city lights shine through the sheer curtains, landing on your smooth, flushed skin. My hand slides down to your ass and squeeze hard, holding you onto me while I push myself up onto the bed and lay down with you straddling me. I run my hands up your sides, stroke your skin and watch you squirm on my cock.

I pinch your right nipple between my index finger and thumb, as my free hand grabs onto the hair behind your head and I look at you.

“Show me. Show me how much you did, baby.” I say to you as I thrust upward, filling you up with my lust and need for you.

I feel your walls hold my cock tightly, another orgasm quickly approaching as your moans get louder and quicker. These moans are what I dreamt about when I was gone and to hear them again has me just wanting to ravish you. I thrust deep into you and slide out, before thrusting back in again as both my hands grip tightly onto your waist. I love the feeling of filling you and your constant moans seem to agree. The sound and feeling of your orgasm washes over me and I feel myself start to get close. I can’t let you have it yet though. My hand slowly sneaks up your back, running my nails along the small of your back and your spine, till it reaches your hair. I take a fistful and pull back on it as I thrust into you again, causing you to let out a loud scream. My hand cracks down, hard on your ass and leaves a handprint, hard enough just to sting and remind you every time you sit down tomorrow. I want you to be reminded that I’m still in control here and that you are mine.

I can feel myself get closer and I know can’t hold it back anymore. I warn you with a groan and a sharp “I’m gonna cum” right before I start spurting my cum inside you, causing you to tremble, moan louder before you tighten yourself around me and explode yet again. Rope after rope filling up your pussy as I can feel you spasm around me. I groan into your shoulder as I kiss it and back up your neck, coming back to your soft lips. I kiss your lips as we both come back down again, I pick you up and lay you down on the bed next to me. Your head rests on my arm as I loop my other arm around your waist and pull you into me. I pull the comforter over us, turn to you as I hear you softly whisper “Welcome back, babe.”, just as the first ray of morning sunlight sneaks in through the curtains.

******* To Be Continued *******

*Collaboration with ChicagoMMA*

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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