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bar niteI was bored last night so i went to the bar down the road from my house. i was not looking for much just needed to get out of the house.i had only been there for about 15 min when i was approached by a younger guy. he sat down and ask if he could bye me a drink. i told him yes and he sat down. we bull shited for a bit and had a couple of drinks each when he ask if i was interested in going back to his place. i acted like i was not interested and told him maybe another time. i think he could tell that i wanted to go with him. so he ordered us another drink, as we talked more he ask if i was interested in girls. i replied yes and ask why? he leaned in put his hand on my leg and started sliding it up my sundress. i spread my legs a bit, as his fingers touched my pussy through my panties he whispered my girls at home and we love to meet people we can share with one another. i could feel the heat from my pussy and so could he. he pulled his hand back and said what do you think? i had never been with a couple before, but i figured why not. i smiled and said let me finish my drinkwhen we got to his house we went inside. his girl was sitting on the couch in her bra and panties. istanbul escort she was a sexy little thing 5’3 nice legs and the sexiest titties ever. he introduced us and i sat down on the couch next to her as he went to get us all some drinks. her and i were talking but i could not stop staring at her tits, i was so horny at this point. she put her hand on my leg and said she thought i was a sexy woman. i dont know why but i leaned in and started to kiss her she kissed back and moved her hand up my dress to feel on my dripping wet pussy. we were making out and rubbing on each other. she pulled my dress off exposing my perky tits and hard nipples. (i was not wearing a bra) we were both in our panties, she had on a pink thong me in black lace see through. i was so wrapped up in her i didnt realize he had come back. he was sitting in the chair by the couch enjoying the show. she was sucking on my nipples and rubbing my pussy through my panties. i was so wet my panties must have been soaked. as she kissed down my stomach she removed my panties she put one finger in me.she began to lick my clit so soft and gentle avcılar escort with the one finger still in me.i could not help but to cum all over her face. she loved it she “said o ya baby cum for me”. i looked back at him and noticed he was only in his boxers. i motioned for him to come over to me. so he walked over i pulled down his boxers. he was rock hard, not the biggest or fattest dick ever. she was still licking up my pussy juices so i grabbed him by his dick and began to suck him off. after a min his girl slid back up and started to lick his balls while i sucked him.we shared his dick for a while till my pussy needed some more attention. after a while his girl layed me on the couch and said time for you to enjoy yourself. she slid her pink thong off. i didnt notice what a nice ass she had till now,her pussy was shaved. he said that he had to taste my pussy so he started to eat me out. his girl began to kiss me and pinch my nipples i slid my hand up here thigh and put 2 fingers in her pussy. her pussy was so wet my fingers almost feel in. her and i kept kissing and touching one another while he continued to eat my pussy. at one şirinevler escort point she put one leg over me and put her dripping wet pussy inches from my face.i reached up put my hands on her firm ass and pulled that pussy down to my mouth. she tasted so good it made me cum all over his face. he said i need to fuck you now, so i flipped over put my ass in the air and said you can fuck me from behind as long as i can eat her pussy while you fuck me. so she lay on her back i was eating her pussy while he was fucking my doggy style. he busted a very quick nut all over my ass cheeks. that’s when she got up and licked the cum off my ass some had run in to my crack so she licked out my asshole, god did that feel great. i knew he didnt have the biggest dick so i told him to “fuck me in my ass”. he said hell ya let me get hard again. his girl kept licking my ass hole and fingering my pussy till his dick was hard enough. i stayed with my ass up she lay down between my legs eating my pussy. he got behind me lubed up my ass and started to fuck my asshole. it was funny like i said his dick was not big at all, but it fit so nice in my ass. i came 3 more times with him fucking my ass and his girl licking my pussy. he pulled out and busted nut all on my ass again, witch his girl again licked off.i almost stayed home last night, but im glad went out it was well worth it. it had been a while since i was with a woman, and never with a couple. what was especially nice is she was maybe 30 a lot younger than me.

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