Basketball Diaries Ch. 03

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NOTICE: As once aptly stated by markchamberlain, “All fictional characters in this fictional story are at least 18 years of age, and fictional proof is on file in my fictional file cabinet.” Hysterical.

Joey dropped her backpack on the nearest bench, and turned on the water. “Aieee!” she screamed, as the blast of ice-cold water sprayed against her naked body. She grabbed some leftover soap and lathered herself up. She had to work quickly. She had to get back to her own school before practice started. If she missed it, she would have to sit out the next game.

Just then, Joey heard the sound of two boys talking loudly to each other as they came into the locker room. What the fuck is going on?! They were early! The bell hadn’t even rung yet!

Joey rushed to rinse herself off. The last thing she wanted right now was to get caught naked in the boy’s locker room. Not just because she was afraid of what might happen to her, but because she didn’t want Kevin to find out that she had interceded on his behalf.

The two boys were standing at their lockers, separated from the shower area by a few empty rows of lockers. Joey quickly turned off the water and grabbed her backpack. She didn’t know if they would come check to see who was taking a shower, or not, but she didn’t want to find out. Sure enough, it happened.

“Hey!” one of the boys yelled out. “Who’s in here? Stop beating yourself off in the shower!” he joked.

Joey froze. She couldn’t answer him, and there wasn’t time to get dressed. She knew that he would come investigate the showers when he failed to get an answer. Looking around the locker room, Joey’s eyes caught sight of an empty full-length locker nearby. From the looks of it, the handle had been broken off, so it had not been claimed by anyone. She padded over to the locker and slipped inside. Her heart skipped at the loud squeaky noise the rusty hinges on the door made, but she hoped that once the door was closed, it would be impossible to tell which locker had made the noise.

Joey peeked out through the thin iron slits in the locker door, and watched as a boy walked into the shower room. He looked around, puzzled, when he saw that there was no one there. “Hey!” he called out. “There’s no one here!”

Joey’s heart had skipped a beat. She initially thought he was talking to her. She held her breath, and hoped that he would go away.

“He was probably scared you were going to jump him,” his friend answered.

“Fuck you!” the boy yelled, turning around to walk back to his locker.

“Oh, no you don’t!” his friend called out. “Let’s just be friends, okay?!”

“Fuck you!” the boy repeated, as his friend laughed hysterically at his own joke.

Just then the bell sounded and the noise of bodies filled the halls. Oh shit! Joey thought. Now I’m stuck here until everyone leaves for practice. In a flash, the halls were filled with teenagers, going this way and that, scattering on their way home, to the mall, to their after-school activities. To the school gym.

A few minutes after the bell rang, the locker room began to swell with activity. A flurry of senior boys swarmed inside the once empty space, each finding his locker, and stuffing it full of books, backpacks, and various electronics. Joey gazed out from her hiding place, staring at each of the young men, as they casually undressed down to their underwear.

Even though most of these boys were athletic by nature, she was amazed at the wide variety of body types, and the size of their respective packages. Never would she have imagined that certain boys would sport such large bulges in their under shorts, even while flaccid.

As she stood there, still dripping wet from her shower, which had been abruptly cut short, peering out through the slits in the door, she became increasingly conscious of the fact that she was completely naked in a room full of nearly naked boys. She imagined herself as the fox in an English foxhunt, hiding out from a full battery of hounds.

Except, she had to admit, there was a part of her that half-wanted to be found. The thought of being surrounded by all those boys, each parading a hard cock as they circled around her, was extremely exciting. She fantasized about grabbing them, stroking them, slipping them into her mouth, one-at-a-time, as the other boys looked on jealously. She fantasized about laying on her back on one of the long wooden benches, her legs spread and mouth open. One boy standing between her legs fucking her, and two more standing on each side of her head, as she alternated between taking them into her mouth. Two others stood at her sides, jerking themselves off and cumming all over her stomach. A crowd of others stood behind the first ones up, and stroked themselves, as they craned their necks for a peek of the action, while they waited their turns in line.

“Oh gawd,” she whispered breathlessly. Her right hand was stroking her pussy, and her left hand was tugging on her nipples, twisting the soft flesh between her fingers. She slipped her anal escort middle finger into her slit and was surprised to see how slick and warm she already was. She sank another finger into her cunt, smiling to herself as she pushed her fingers in deep.

Joey’s mind flashed back to Coach’s attempt to get her to fist herself. She had to smile. It was a valiant effort, and now that Joey knew that she could take four fingers and the tip of her thumb inside her, she realized that it was probably only a matter of time until she tried to go “all the way”. She slipped a third finger inside of her pussy, and thought about Coach’s finger in her ass as he took her from behind. It felt sooo good, she thought to herself. She loved the feeling of having both holes filled at the same time.

Joey slowly bent her legs, keeping her back straight, so as not to push open the unlatched locker room door, and reached inside her backpack. After fumbling around with its contents, Joey finally fished out her lavender velvet bag. Standing upright again, she opened the drawstring, and pulled out an eight inch silver dildo. She had brought it just in case she needed to entice Coach. Even though she didn’t need to use it then, she was glad she had it now. It could be a long wait, she thought, might as well make the best of it.

Joey turned sideways in the cramped locker, giving her the most room to spread her legs apart. She turned on the vibrating function by twisting a knob in the base of the tool, and then reached down between her thighs, aiming it at her ass.

But just then, she had second thoughts. What the heck am I doing? she thought. I’m not going to shove this huge thing in my ass! She shook her head from side to side, glad to have stopped herself before it was too late, and somewhat amused at herself.

“Hey, Kevin!” a voice called out, startling Joey back to reality. “Happy birthday!”

“Thanks, Danny” Kevin called back, somewhat skeptically..

“What are you gonna do tonight? Any chance of getting laid?” Danny asked.

“Nah, I’ll probably just end up at home,” he answered, “Dinner with the folks.”

“Yeah, you know Kevin,” a snide voice interrupted. Joey peered out again. It was the same boy who had nearly caught her earlier. “He’s gay. He doesn’t like girls,” he taunted. “Even if he could get laid, he wouldn’t.” The boy turned around and announced loudly, “Look out boys! Kevin’s here! Don’t drop the soap in the shower!”

“Hey, lay off,” Kevin said, getting upset.

“What are you gonna do, get your boyfriend to beat me up?” was the response.

“No, I’d kick your ass myself,” Kevin said, walking over to where the boy was standing. “If it weren’t for the Coach telling me I’m on thin ice, already, you’d be dead meat.”

“Speaking of dead meat,” the boy retorted, backing away, somewhat intimidated, “I hear that’s what the girls call your dick….dead meat!”

“Fuck you,” Kevin chastised him.

“Fuck yourself,” the boy retorted, “Just like tonight, and every other night. Just you and your fist, beating the night away.” The boy changed into his shorts and a smelly shirt. “You couldn’t get laid in a crack whore house!”

“As a matter of fact,” Kevin heard himself saying, but unable to stop himself, “I got laid last night.”

“Bullshit,” the boy said, taking a seat on the bench in front of his locker.

“No, it’s true,” Kevin said. “To tell you the truth, I couldn’t believe it myself. This girl was absolutely gorgeous. Way out of my league.”

“What happened?” Danny asked, eager to hear the details.

“I was out shooting some baskets, and she came by. Turns out she can really play. So we played a little one-on-one, and then, one thing lead to another, and the next thing you know, we’re going at it! It was incredible. Best night of my life.”

“Bullshit,” the boy repeated. “If you’re telling the truth, then why aren’t you going to see her again tonight?”

“Like I said,” Kevin exhorted, “She was way out of my league. I’m pretty sure it was a one-time deal.”

“Aww, you’re so full of shit, Kevin. I’ll bet you a hundred bucks that it didn’t happen.”

“I wouldn’t if I were you,” he replied, “I’m telling you the truth.”

“Bullshit,” he said again, his pride on the line. “Make it five hundred. I bet you five hundred bucks it never happened.”

“Okay, Kevin said rhetorically, “but how do you expect me to prove it?”

“See?” the boy challenged, “you’re full of shit. Pay up.”

“No, I’m telling you the truth. You pay up.”

“Where’s your proof?” the boy demanded. “If you want your money, show me your proof…”

Just then, Joey summoned up her courage, and pushed open the door. “Here’s your proof,” she announced.

All heads turned to look at her. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. There was a beautiful girl, completely naked, standing in the middle of the locker room.

Joey sauntered slowly towards Kevin and the other boy. “Hi, Kevin,” she said, smiling at him. bayan escort istanbul “I wanted to surprise you when you were alone in the shower, but it sounded like this asshole needed to be taught a lesson.”

A crowd quickly gathered. Joey watched them out of the corner of her eyes. She was nervous that things might get out of hand, but she also knew that Coach’s office was just around the corner, within screaming distance.

Joey waked up to Kevin and gave him a deep, sensual kiss, holding his chin with her hand, as she pressed her body up against his. “Happy birthday,” she whispered.

Joey turned around and stood with her back pressed up against him, more for protection, than anything else. “Now,” she said, “who’s the asshole who’s got my money?”

The locker room erupted with laughter and howls, but the boy remained defiant. “That doesn’t prove anything,” he said, “You two could’ve set me up. This doesn’t prove you fucked him last night.”

Joey expected him to say that. She pulled Kevin’s arms around her chest, wrapping herself in them, as she directed his hands to her breasts. “You mean to tell me, you see a naked girl standing in the middle of the boys locker room, and you’re still not going to pay up?” She looked over her shoulder at Kevin, then looked back at the boy. “What do I gotta do, fuck him right here?”

The place erupted even louder. “Danny,” Joey said to Kevin’s meek friend, “Would you please go lock the doors?” Then she turned to look at Kevin over her shoulder. “Is it okay with you?” she asked.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked her softly in her ear. “You don’t have to. I can get us out of here.”

She smiled at him, and snuggled deeply in his arms. It felt good to be offered his protection. “This is what I came for, isn’t it?” she said, turning around to face him. “Maybe not quite like this, but you know I don’t mind if someone watches us.”

Joey slipped her thumbs into the waistband of his shorts. Dropping to her knees in front of him, Joey took his cock in her left hand. She sucked on the side of his shaft, putting on a show for the crowd that had gathered to watch.

Kevin groaned when she finally wrapped her lips around his cock head and took him into her mouth. She slowly took him deep into her throat, getting his shaft wet with her warm saliva. The crowd cheered. Joey retreated and let Kevin’s cock slide out of her mouth with a loud “pop”. She looked around the gym, and saw that most of the guys were sporting bulges in their shorts and underwear. Some had their hands inside their waistbands.

Joey looked at one boy who had a huge, uncomfortable looking bulge in his shorts, and smiled at him. She jerked her head upward in his direction, signaling him to take it out. She knew that if she chose someone with a large cock, he wouldn’t be ashamed to show it off. She was right. The boy dropped his waistband, and let his erect cock spring out.

Joey smiled and winked at him, then continued lathing Kevin’s balls, before running her tongue up the length of his shaft, and then finally taking him inside her mouth again. Joey looked at the crowd out of the corner of her eyes. She was pleased, and excited to see that a number of other boys had followed suit, and had taken out their cocks as well.

Joey stood up and turned around, walking away from Kevin and the rest of the group, and towards her former hide-out. She looked over her shoulder at the dumbfounded gathering, and curled a single finger at Kevin, signaling him to follow her.

As Kevin stepped forward to follow her, Joey reached back into her open backpack and pulled out her 8-inch silver vibrating dildo. It sparkled and gleamed in the overhead lighting. The room grew breathlessly quiet, as each of the bug-eyed boys followed close behind Kevin.

Joey turned to look over her shoulder at the massing crowd, and laughed, throwing her long hair over her shoulder onto her back. Joey walked forward into the shower room and took her place under the center nozzle on the right wall.

Joey turned on the water, and shrieked with laughter as the cold blast of water hit her naked body. Joey dipped her head under the heavy stream, soaking her hair, as she laughed loudly, thoroughly enjoying the rapt attention of so many young men.

Joey turned the stream of water lower, and grabbed the bar of soap, exchanging it for her silver dildo, which she left on the soap tray. She turned to the crowd and announced, “Anyone want to join me in a shower?”

As the crowed moved forward, Joey held up her hand, and said, “Wait!” She was smiling at the group. “If you want to join me, you need to lose your clothes.” She paused. “And,” she added, “you need to get Kevin’s permission. After all,” she said, “I’m here for him, not you guys!”

Joey began soaping herself up as the crowd of boys gathered around Kevin, each asking his permission to take a shower with his girlfriend. Kevin couldn’t believe what was happening. Neither could Joey. She smiled and handed the şişli escort bar of soap to the first boy that made his way towards her. She laughed and giggled as each pair of hands made contact with her bare skin, rubbing and caressing every inch of her body.

There were hands on her stomach, on her chest, caressing her breasts and exciting her hard nipples. The boys were reluctant at first to touch her below the waist, but things quickly changed as the first pair of hands began to caress her ass. Soon, there were hands slipping between her thighs, the sides of their hands sliding against her cleft. She had to remind them to be gentle, and not to penetrate her, and they obeyed for the most part.

Kevin played bouncer, and pulled away those who he thought were getting a little too aggressive. Once removed, the boys stood on the outside edge of the circle that had formed around the shower stall, beating their sticks, along with the others.

Those lucky enough to touch Joey in a favorable way were rewarded with a quick hand job, as her soapy hands reached down to grip and stroke two cocks at a time. She thrilled at the feel of no less than eight hard cocks brushing up against her ass and thighs.

She could sense that the boys were growing restless, but she hadn’t yet decided how far she was willing to take things. Getting naked and felt up by a dozen guys was one thing, but getting gangbanged was altogether different.

In an effort to relieve her own building desire, Joey reached out and grabbed her silver dildo. Reaching between her legs, Joey slid the tool inside her quivering hole. It felt good. But when she twisted the base, and set it to work buzzing away happily between her legs, it felt better. Much better. Joey leaned forward and braced herself against the wall with her left hand, as her right hand slid the silver shaft in and out of her wet pussy.

She gasped in a mixture of fear and excitement when she felt an unknown hand ease hers away from the base of her pocket rocket, and assume control. She spread her legs, pressed her ass backwards, and put both hands on the tiled wall in front of her, as hand after hand assumed control of the vibrating dildo, each applying a different technique as they fucked the tool in and out of her. Some drove it deep, burying the vibrating tip far within her vaginal walls, while other stroked it inside her as they twisted the tool in their hands.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned, as the water from the shower head cascaded down her body, running down her long legs, and dripping from the very tips of her nipples. Joey rested her head on the tiled wall and ferociously stroked her clit as the countless strangers fucked her from behind with her own vibrator.

Just then, Joey heard a loud roar. Before she knew what was happening, she felt the distinct presence of someone’s head between her legs. Whoever it was, had sat himself on the tiled floor underneath her spread legs, and had his head buried between her thighs. But before Joey could protest, she felt the boy’s lips wrap around her pussy as his hands gripped her asscheeks. It felt so wonderful that Joey couldn’t bring herself to put a stop to it.

She moaned with pleasure and hunched against the mysterious boy’s face, as his tongue snaked out and began strumming on her erect clit. Ohmygosh! she thought, as her jaw dropped open, I’m going to cum! Without thinking, Joey reached behind her with her right hand and grabbed the silver dildo from the boy’s hand. With her left hand, Joey pressed the boy’s face into her pussy, as she angled the dildo and shoved it deep inside her ass.

There was a round of uncomfortable cheers as the crowd looked on nervously, not quite believing what they were seeing. Some were afraid of cheering loudly, lest they forever be labeled as deviant, or worse yet, a homosexual.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed. Part of her felt like she was going to shit. Luckily, she had skipped breakfast and lunch, and hadn’t eaten anything since the night before. It would have been embarrassing to shit all over the anonymous young man who was eating her snatch and driving her to such heights of ecstasy.

But the rest of her had never felt so good before. The boy between her thighs was twisting her clit between his lips as she twisted the dildo in her tight ass. Just then, her body grew tense and rigid as she fought to keep her balance, while her body began her orgasm.

Joey ground her cunt onto the boy’s face, as she came hard, whimpering audibly. She was amazed that the boy didn’t drown from the combination of her cunt juices and the water from the shower streaming down her taught stomach. This time there was a loud round of cheers from the crowd, as they recognized that Joey was having an orgasm, flowing her sweet nectar down their friend’s throat.

When she had finished cumming, she removed the dildo from her ass, and looked down between her legs. She saw her phantom lover for the first time. It was her brother! She looked down at him, completely shocked and dumbfounded. What was he doing here?! her mind screamed. He doesn’t play sports! He shouldn’t be here! I can’t believe he just went down on me! But then, her mind flashed on the tingling sensation slowly waning between her thighs. I can’t believe he was so good! she thought. Who taught him how to do that!

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