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When I was younger back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, I was a main attraction on the stages of the clubs in this area. One of the very few white girls who would dance where mostly black women would shake their tits. I made my bones though. Made them by sucking and fucking lots and lots of large black bones, before, after, and sometimes even during my shows. I even belong to the Queen of Spades club, with the black spade tattoo with the Q in the middle of it and everything on my left ankle.

At 5’6” 132 lbs. (although in my heyday I was a svelte 113 lbs.) milky white skin and long black hair down my back that I usually keep tied up in a ponytail I stand out in this place like a white goose feather in a pile of black ostrich plumes. My boobs are sizeable, not too big but not even close to small, and the rest of my figure has gotten nice and curvy as I’ve gotten older.

And that figure is accented greatly each day by a wardrobe that is sluttier than that of a common street walker. I don’t even own a pair of pants or any bras or panties at all and haven’t for years. Life has most definitely been interesting. A life that has been dedicated to black men and lots of them.

At the beginning it wasn’t what I had planned for my life though. Like most middle-class white girls growing up in the mid-west I was brought up with the focused direction and desire to be educated and well religious. My god-fearing parents were strict, at least they really thought they were. They sent me to parochial school which included Sundays and of course every summer there were bible camps. Religion never was my cup of tea but I went through it all for my parent’s sake, kept up the whole façade.

I was far from the prude that they always thought that I was though. I had boyfriends as early as eleven years old, and would sneak around with them every chance I got. I lost my virginity in 8th grade when I was fourteen and my boyfriend at the time Tommy and I fucked almost every other day for a good six months. My parents never knew They always thought that I was pure, a virgin. If either of them was still living today and had ever witnessed the woman that I grew to become though, it would have destroyed them. Fortunately, they both passed away in the first few years of it all after I left home for college.

When I finished the 12th grade back in early 1982, I was smart enough to secure myself a nice little college scholarship at a prestigious but lesser known Christian school. The only thing was it was located way down in Georgia. It took a lot of convincing but I finally got my parents to give me their permission to leave my hometown of Adams, Wisconsin.

At the time, I thought I really had achieved something, not knowing that Brewton Parker College was giving out scholarships like candy then because of an unusual membership drive. It didn’t matter either way because I only lasted eight months as a Brewton Parker Baron. I had with other things on my mind. Here is how it all began.

It was September 1982; a cool autumn day and the wind briskly blew the falling leaves across the sidewalk and into the grass and also out to the street. I clicked my boring black pumps against the pavement as I was walking home from my work as a cashier. This particular day I was especially happy because in less than a week’s time I would finally be starting my first year of college.

I had only been living in Mount Vernon, Georgia for about three weeks, and it took all the money that I had left in my savings account to get myself down here but I did it. I didn’t qualify for a dorm room at the college, so I got myself a nice little apartment and a swanky little cashier’s job at Dollar General to pay for the rent. Not too shabby for an independent midwestern girl who just turned eighteen.

I was planning on majoring in sociology and ever since BPC had accepted me it was all that I could think about. On this particular day I was wearing a white and black skirt and sweater set with solid white tights and the aforementioned black pumps. I was carrying a sociology text book that I just bought and was reading it during my lunch break that day.

Getting acclimated to the area proved to be an everyday learning experience. The way that I was walking home each day from work was now blocked by construction. So, I had to find a different way home. Somewhere along the line I ended up walking further away from my apartment and subsequently…I got lost. I ended up in an unused business district walking alongside a large un-mowed field that had a set of railroad tracks on the other side of it. The street was virtually vacant, and dusk was fast approaching.

All alone in an unknown town I started to get a little bit concerned about being out past dark. I saw a side street up ahead which would take me over the tracks and onto another main drag. Or so I thought. I decided to take that and get to the other side. There seemed to be more lights over there but it was just a fallacy. I ended up on a much darker road that didn’t have any houses or buildings, just the tracks on one side and woods on the other. Maybe if I walked a little faster I could get through it all.

It was starting to get a little chilly so I pulled my sweater a little more closed as I walked on. Up ahead I noticed a light that looked like a fire burning in the woods. As I got closer to it, I saw that it was indeed a fire and there was three African American men standing around it. ‘Just what I need’ I thought to myself, ‘lost and alone in the middle of nowhere and I come across thugs’. It didn’t take long for them to notice me either and one of them smiled and started to walk out towards me on the road.

Lucas: “Heeeey baby? What’s you doin’ out here all by your lonesome?”

I tried to ignore him. I continued to walk and kept a wide distance trying to get around him. The man got closer to me and now was standing about twenty feet in front of me on the road causing me to stop walking altogether. This was a pivotal point of my youth. I suppose that you could argue that if I had just turned around and walked away from him maybe my life would have gone down a different path. Or maybe they would have chased me, I mean how was I to know what was going to happen here.

Years later in hindsight I dispute the notion that anything different from what was about to happen was never going to. I’m a firm believer in destiny and I believe that BBC was going to be a big part of me sooner or later. That big bright smile on his face made him look kind of cute. Very tall, very fit, and his black skin was a nice mocha color, not too light not too dark. He looked like he was waiting for an answer to his question….so, I answered him.

Shannon: “I’m just trying to get home. I just moved here from Wisconsin and I think…no, I know that I’m lost. Can either of you tell me where Connell Street is?”

The other two black men now were in the street too standing beside the other man. The three of them looked to be in their late twenties or at least in their thirties. All three were easily over six feet tall and much taller than my tiny 5’6” frame.

Andrew: “Wisconsin? They just LOVE ‘packers’ up there. You know, football?”

Not getting the football double entendre I just stood there smiling.

Shannon: “Yes, Wisconsin. I don’t follow sports though.”

Red: “Girl you about clear across town from Connell Street.”

Clear across town? Had I really been walking that long? I didn’t think so but not knowing much about the town, I took his words as gospel.

Shannon: “Wow! Across town? How on earth did I get this far?”

Red: “I don’t know how, just telling you that you is…. Fuck this shit I’m cold! You motherfuckers wanna stand out here flapping with this little white bitch go right ahead!”

I stood there surprised by Red’s blunt language as he stormed back towards the fire followed by Andrew. Lucas was still smiling and decided to offer me some comfort.

Shannon: “I’m sorry. Was it something I said? I didn’t mean to offend anyone.”

Lucas: “Naw Red’s just a chronic asshole. Lookit, it’s cold out and you really shouldn’t be walkin’ out here alone in the dark. Why don’t you come over by the fire for a bit and get yourself warmed up a bit? And maybe we can figure out a way to help you out.”

I didn’t know if I should trust them. The facts though were that I WAS cold and the fire looked very inviting. Maybe I could stand by it for a few minutes and then I could find a way to call a cab or one of these three men had a car or something. I accepted his offer with a smile.

Shannon: “Okay, maybe for a little bit. It IS a chilly night. My name is Shannon by the way.”

Lucas: “What a pretty name. My name is Lucas, and that over there is Andrew, and that old mad motherfucker over there is Red.”

Red: “Hey man fuck you Lucas! Don’t piss me off now! You dig?”

Lucas: “Take it easy nigga, everything’s cool!”

I followed Lucas to the fire and shook all of their hands. The fire was burning in an old black oil drum that was cut in half the longways and was filled with branches and leaves and other kindling from the surrounding woods. From this vantagepoint the road that I just left was barely visible which made me think that if there wasn’t a fire burning I probably wouldn’t have seen these men standing here. Giresun Escort Lucas was a smooth talker. Initially I thought that he was their leader but that wasn’t the case as I soon found out. He was the sweetest of the three of them though and that smile was infectious.

Lucas: “So what you doing walking around in the dark all by yourself?”

Shannon: “Well it’s like I said; I’m a little bit lost. I just left work and I was trying to find my apartment which is on Connell Street. I’m from Wisconsin and I’m going to start school here next week. I don’t know the area very well and there was some construction blocking the way I usually go. I must have walked the wrong way somehow. I don’t suppose either of you could drive me or maybe I could use your phone to call a cab?”

Lucas: “Well like Red here said, you’re clear across town from your apartment. Neither of us has a phone… and a car? Shit, nobody around here can afford a car. I suppose we could walk you home like the nice gentlemen that we are, but we wouldn’t do it for free. You’d have to make it worth our while.”

Shannon: “Well, I’m currently kind of strapped for money. I still haven’t gotten my first paycheck and the money my Father said that he would mail me hasn’t gotten her yet. I don’t suppose I could owe it to you, could I? I mean, how much are we talking about anyways?”

The whole time I was talking to Lucas, I could feel the other two men staring at me from behind. The skirt I was wearing ended just above the knees, and underneath the white button up sweater I was only wearing a black lacey bra and I’m sure that in the glare of the fire my breasts, which are sizeable C’s, were beginning to reveal my hard nipples through the tight fabric of my sweater. I tried to cover them with my folded arms to no avail.

Lucas: “See, that would be a problem. We don’t have a fixed address at the moment if you know what I mean.”

Red: “Yeah, if we had a place you think we’d be out here in the motherfucking woods standing around a fire?”

Andrew: “Ohhh shit.”

Shannon: “I didn’t mean anything by that. Geez you get offended easily.”

Lucas put his hand on my shoulder which made me look back into his direction.

Lucas: “Naw man don’t worry about it. Maybe you got some collateral or maybe you can pay with something else.”

I then felt my skirt being raised from the back which made me turn quickly and push it back down. It was Red with a creepy scowl on his face. I scolded him with anger which did nothing to change that ugly scary scowl and he retorted with a gravelly voiced reply.

Shannon: “What do you think you are doing???”

Red: “Take it easy bitch! Never got me some white pussy before! You don’t need no fucking money! I suppose I wouldn’t mind escortin’ you home if we could get a little bit of what’s under that pretty little skirt. You dig?”

I was shocked. How did this whole thing degenerate into such a wild proposition? Never in my wildest imagination was I expecting either of these men to utter something so lewd. I suppose I was being a bit naïve, I mean they weren’t civilized people. At least to the degree that I was accustomed to. Still though, as upset as I was, a little bit of electric excitement was flowing through my body. It scared me and turned me on both at the same time.

It wasn’t that I was averse to black men, or even the thoughts of sex with them, it’s just something that I never had done. Never thought about it either. My heart started to beat faster and all I could think about was that I should probably quickly get out of there before this whole thing got worse. I continued yelling at Red.

Shannon: “That’s not nice. You’re not nice! What’s wrong with you guys? I think I’d better go.”

Red: “Then fucking leave bitch! Go on, get the fuck out of here! Who needs ya!”

Shannon: “Fuck you! Black asshole!”

Andrew: “No fuck you! You cracker ass bitch!”

Red: “That right! Fuck me is what you’ll have to do!”

Shannon: “Eat shit.”

I started to power walk back up to the road in anger to leave these black pigs. It was now darker out and the street lights were coming on but they were few and very far between on that particular desolate road. This was the country after all, and the whole side of the road, the railroad tracks side was completely darkened now. I could barely even see the field. Up the road either way was even darker.

Then something that I didn’t count on happened as I stood there deciding which way to go. I heard a weird animal sound coming from the woods. It was scary sounding, like a wolf or something. There was no way I was going to walk alone in the dark if there was a wolf out here. I was terrified. Suddenly returning to the three black men and their fire quickly became my only option. I was scared and I was getting cold again. I could feel the night getting older and my options of getting home in one piece, at least to my frightened thinking, was dwindling in odds.

That fear over rid my anger and I started to talk myself into the matters at hand. ‘Who cares if they are crude?’ I asked myself. ‘They still let me get warm, didn’t they?’ Still though, they were asking me for sex. And sex with all three of them too. Could I possibly do that? The thoughts of taking their black cocks between my legs made my pussy start to involuntarily drool into my panties.

I then, with no verifiable or credible data, suddenly felt convinced that maybe I could get off easy if I just offered to give them all blowjobs. I’ve given lots of blowjobs before and it was something that I really did like doing. Sure, I’d never sucked a black cock before but it was all just skin. I mean, we’re all humans. Little did I know what I was talking myself into.

Determined, I turned around and walked back towards the black men and their glaring fire. I had gotten a good eighty to a hundred yards away in my angry huff so it took a bit for me to get back to them. As I got closer and they noticed me returning I got a cold unaccepting welcome.

Andrew: “Oh…you comin’ back now?”

Red: “Huh? Oh, hell no! Uh uhhh! Wait a minute now. You stay your little ass over there.”

I stopped at the edge of the road and stared at him with an apologetic look.

Shannon: “I’m sorry okay? If you just hear me out maybe we can all be happy.”

Red: “This should be good. Go ahead then.”

Shannon: “I was thinking that if you guys helped me get home, then I’ll…. Geez I can’t believe I’m gonna say this… if you guys help me get home then I’ll…I’ll blow…you.”

The two other guys looked at Red. Everything was quiet for a good ten seconds before Red started laughing which made the other two laugh too. They laughed for a good two minutes before Red returned to our conversation.

Red: “Oh you think it’s that easy huh? Uh uhhh! Listen up! Cause right here’s how it’s gonna go! The price for an hour of standing by our fire is a blowjob. But if you want anything beyond that which includes getting you home, then you know what we want.”

Shannon: “But my hands are cold. You would let me freeze over here?”

Red: “Listen girl, none of us hafta freeze. All our fucking dicks are cold too. And you know what we want to warm our shits up.”

I stood there thinking it over some more and debating it all in my head, but it was too cold for clear and rational thought. I decided to go into my blow job sales pitch again and added something to it.

Shannon: “I will suck your dicks. I’m actually very good at it. And I’ll give you each $20 when I get it but you’re gonna have to trust me. How can I hide from you? You all know where I live.”

Red: “Oh fuck no! This shit is on MY terms! You come over here and suck our dicks for 30 minutes of fire time, but if you wantin’ us to help you get home…. that price is pussy. And it’s non-negotiable.”

Shannon: “Wait…you said an hour!”

Red: “Inflation bitch! My time is worth money!”

The other two stayed quiet during this whole exchange. They were comfortably content in letting Red do all of this highway robbery of a negotiation. I felt intimidated by him. I tried again to change things into my favor and maybe get some more control of the whole situation but it again did not work.

Shannon: “Okay. I’ll give you what you want, but let’s get to my house first. It’s too cold out here.”

Red: “Uh uhhh! Payment in full up front.”

Shannon: “Out here? What if someone sees us?”

Red: “Bitch ain’t nobody comin’ ‘round here at this time of night! Now, I’m getting a little upset! The more you stall the more I’m gonna jack up my prices. Or you can just get the fuck out of here! Right now! So, what’s it gonna be?””

My toes were starting to get cold as I rubbed my hands together trying to get my fingers warm. Blow jobs for 30 minutes near the fire or I’d have to give up my pussy if I wanted to get home. And if I didn’t make my decision soon who knows what this guy would ask for next. I thought of just leaving again but another howl from whatever was in the woods was heard again and it sounded closer which strangely made Andrew smile. I finally gave in.

Shannon: “Alright let’s do this then. Let’s get it over with. No cumming inside me though, okay?”

There wasn’t an answer to that request which made me a bit Giresun Escort Bayan nervous. As I walked closer to them Lucas found a big discarded piece of cardboard and put it on the ground next to the oil drum. I read his mind and then knelt down on my knees on it with the fire at my back and the three men unzipped in front of me and pulled out their black peckers. I never saw a black penis up front and personal before. They were kind of big and a bit smelly as they dangled there together in front of my face.

The sizes of them were all bigger than any penis that I ever touched or saw. Andrew was the widest one, about seven inches wide around and a good nine inches long. His balls were tight and high. Red’s cock was the darkest and the hairiest. It was greasy looking and it hung about ten inches in length with a big saggy hairy ball sack. Lucas was obvious the youngest guy there and his cock was the cleanest looking and the thinnest. It was the shortest too about eight and a half inches in length, but still bigger than anything I’d ever handled before.

I decided to go all in and I put Andrew in my mouth first and could hardly get my mouth around it. He stretched my cheeks and throat open as he pushed himself deeper into my face. With my hands I began to jerk off the other two and I worked my tongue expertly on the underside of Andrew’s shaft. I could feel their cocks growing in my mouth and between my fingers as they randomly began taking turns between my lips and hands. My fingers started to warm up and the heat from the fire behind me was very toasty to say the least. They fucked my mouth for a good while before ‘Ringleader Red’ took charge.

Red: “Alright. This bitches’ mouth feels good but I think it is time to warm our dicks between those legs. Let her up boys.”

Andrew: “Hell yes! Time to pay the piper. I can’t wait to be up in that shit!”

They all backed away from me and allowed me to stand back up. I looked into their eyes for a few seconds then I removed my shoes and reached under my skirt to pull down my tights. I pulled them all the way down to my ankles then took them completely off. I then pulled my panties off and put my shoes back on my feet. I could feel the cool air quickly drafting up my skirt chilling my ass and legs. The whole time, the three of them stood there watching me and pulling on their pricks waiting patiently.

Shannon: “Is it okay if I leave my skirt and sweater on?”

Red: “Man, all we want is access to some pussy. Bend over bitch!”

I smirked at his crudeness and then positioned myself sideways by the fire and then bent down jutting my ass in the vicinity of Red’s crotch. The other two men crowded their dicks by my face and I took Lucas into my mouth again. As I jerked and sucked Lucas and Andrew I felt Red behind me lifting my skirt up onto my back and then I felt his fingers rubbing my pussy lips and jutting in and out of my pussy hole.

Red: “Oh yeah. Fellas, this one is motherfucking tight! We gonna have ourselves some fun now!”

I felt Red’s cock head pushing into me splitting my vulva apart like a baseball bat pushing through an airless birthday balloon. As he pushed slowly in and out each time getting more of his nine inches into me, my pussy began to lubricate him and the initial pain started to subside. I popped my mouth off of Andrew’s cock and put my head down near his knees overcome with the impaling I was receiving.

Shannon: “Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! It’s big! Oh yes! Fuck! Ohhhhh! It’s sooo big! Uuhhhh!!!”

Red: “That’s it you little white whore! Take it all! Take all my shit now!”

He grabbed my hips and started to push his hot meat dagger into me deeper, harder, and faster. I felt like I was going to pass out. Andrew suddenly lifted my head up with a handful of my long black hair in his fist and jammed his cock back into my mouth. I was now being fucked at both ends. Each time Red plowed into me my body would jut forward and I’d take Andrew deeper into my throat which made me gag.

After a bit Red pulled all the way out and they all shifted. I then felt Andrew get into position as Lucas directed my head to his own cock. Andrew jammed the whole length of his wide nine incher into me all the way to his balls which stung like hell.

Shannon: “Owwwwwww! Go easy honey. Hey! Go easy!”

Andrew ignored my cries. He kept pounding his wide cock into me stretching my cunt to a whole other maximum. I cried and whimpered and pleaded for him to slow down all the way up until the pain subsided. His throbbing giant black joystick toyed my cunt so thoroughly that I came hard around it almost immediately. My pussy clenched and unclenched spastically which drove Andrew nuts and he couldn’t hold out any longer. I felt him push deep into me and then I felt his hot cum flooding my womb. So much for not cumming in me huh?


Now it was Lucas’ turn. Lucas got his whole eight-inches into me with ease while I licked the juices clean from Andrew and Red. Lucas didn’t last long. He pulled out and I quickly turned around and he shot his sticky hot load right into my mouth. The heavy salty taste was not what I had expected. It was very tasty to say the least.

They each took another turn fucking my pussy. I came another three times total and took another two loads deep into my womb, and swallowed another salty discharge. It was a good two hours of fucking from start to finish. A lot better than I expected it was going to be. These three men just opened up a Pandora’s box of pleasure and I was thankful for it.

I slid my panties back on expertly under my skirt and up around my lower torso. I watched the men putting their giant cocks back into their pants and a sudden feeling of absence came over me. It was like I was missing getting fucked by their cocks already which at that moment was nothing but weird to me. Years later, I would know of that feeling very well because it’s all a part of what is known as black cock addiction. An addiction that can only be satisfied by getting fucked by more black cock. We stood around the fire quietly for another fifteen to twenty minutes before finally Red spoke up.

Red: “Alright, I suppose we better get this Ho back home.”

They threw a bucket of water on the fire and then I followed them. But they didn’t go up or down either side of the road, Strangely, I followed them deeper into the woods but without any fear. My mind wasn’t on where we were going. It was still clouded with the black cock dicking that I just received. I felt the cum dripping out of my pussy and sticking to my underwear as I walked slowly behind the three men. I was still turned on and weirdly felt a craving to have some more black dick. We walked for a good three minutes and then I saw another road through the trees. When we walked through the clearing I started laughing in disbelief.

Shannon: “You bunch of assholes. You knew my street was over here all along?”

Andrew: “Yeah. We knew.”

Shannon: “Son of a bitch!”

I smiled as the men laughed, turned and then left. I walked through the courtyard of my apartment complex and to front door of my apartment. It was late, long past midnight. I washed up a bit and went right to bed. I think that’s what I did because I to this day still do not remember. I recall walking into my apartment, but everything after that I haven’t a clue.

The next morning, my doorbell was ringing over and over again. I was only asleep for about three hours and when I jumped up from my bed my adrenaline shot sky high and my heart started pumping fast. It’s a weird feeling being super tired and having your blood pumping fast both at the same time.

I was only wearing a short t-shirt that ended just after my ass cheeks. Had I found my bearings I may have put on my robe or a pair of pants, but instead I just groggily stumbled to the door and opened it. Standing before me stood a big muscular shirtless black man that I had never seen before. He looked to be about 30 and a bit tattered wearing only cutoff shorts and sneakers. I was still trying to wake myself up.

Shannon: “Can…can I help you?”

Reece: “Yo man the name is Reece.

Shannon: “Do I….do I know who you are Reece? Are you looking for…something?”

Reece: “Sure am! My boy Red said that the white bitch who lives here will fuck a nigga for some money. Said you were looking for some scratch for school and some shit. Is you that white bitch?”

I moved my hair from my left eye as I tried to comprehend what this giant man was saying. None of it was sinking in. I remembered Red from the night before but I thought it all was a dream. My sore jaw and pussy were disputing that thinking though. Confused, I tried to answer all three sentences at once.

Shannon: “What? Yes. I mean…n.. What?”

Reece picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He then shut the door and carried my body to my bedroom and tossed me down hard on my bed which jarred me more awake than I was. I sat up onto my elbow and watched him removing his shorts which quickly revealed that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. A large black cock, much larger than the three that had fucked me a few hours before, sprung out in front of him.

Shannon: “What are you doing?”

Reece: “Alright bitch listen; I already put Escort Giresun a down payment on that fucking pussy, and I’m fixing to fuck it hard and long right now! I suggest you wake the fuck up and put those legs up and do whatever the fuck it is you do to get ready, cause we gonna fuck!”

His shouting shocked me into full consciousness. I obediently raised my shaky legs up in the air and my t-shirt rode up and revealed my naked pussy to the large black man. The bed shook a little and I bounced around a bit as he crawled up between my legs and placed his large black boner by my pussy hole. The pressure as began pushing the head of it into me was painful.

Shannon: “Oh my god! Please! It’s too big! Go easy! Please go easy! Ohhhhhh!”

It hurt so much. His cock was easily twelve inches long and about six inches wide around. It took a good ten minutes for him to even work the head of it full into me. My toes curled and my back arched as the behemoth of a man poked and prodded his horse cock through my body with reckless abandon.

With the large mushroom head finally inside, he pushed my legs further up and apart with his big broad shoulders and pumped in and out of my sore tight cunt with power. Every three minutes after that he was able to drive another inch deeper, and when he pried open my cervix I felt like I was giving birth and I came hard again.

Faster and faster he pumped. My legs began to feel numb and my body felt like it was splitting into two pieces. It was like off shore drilling. That’s the only way I can think to describe it. When I felt his ball sac smacking against my ass I knew that he had all twelve inches in my pussy and I came hard again for a third time.


Reece stabbed me with his giant black dagger for a while longer in that position before suddenly and without warning he pulled it completely out making a large audible popping noise. He then roughly yanked me up from the bed by my arms and turned me around on all fours then jammed that huge cock of his back into my spasming and dilated piss slot.

Another fifteen minutes of doggy and I heard him roar and I felt the veins in his dark bat contract and convulse then I felt his hot sperm flooding my pussy like a fire hose. When he finished and finally pulled out and let me go I fell to the bed in exhaustion.

Shannon: “Oh my god. That was the fucking of my life!”

Reece: “Bitch I went easy on you! Next time we gonna bone for hours!”

I turned around to watch this giant black specimen get dressed and put his jumbo meat weapon away in his shorts. When he was done dressing, he pulled a ten dollar bill out of his pocket and threw it on my night table. I felt a bit offended even though I felt I should be paying him after the fucking that I just got.

Shannon: “Ten dollars? That’s all I’m worth?”

Reece: “Baby, that’s the price I was quoted. Fifty bucks. I gave forty to Red, and he told me to give you the other ten.”

Ten dollars? I felt like such a whore. It didn’t bother me as much as it should’ve though. I watched him walk out and then turned my body on my side and fell asleep after I heard my front door shut. I slept soundly in that position until I was awakened by my ringing doorbell again. I rolled over and looked at my clock and it read 3:57pm. ‘At least I got some sleep’ I thought. I crawled out of bed, still wearing only the t-shirt and walked to my front door. When I opened it there was two more black guys with bright smiles on their faces.

Shannon: “Come on in guys. Meet me in the bedroom, I’ve got to pee first.”

I flushed my toilet and when I got in my bedroom both men were already naked lying on my bed, each pulling on their nine-inches. I crawled up between them both and the one in front of me put his cock easily into my vagina. Then from behind, I felt the other man pushing his cock alongside his buddy’s cock. I’ve never had two cocks in my pussy before but after the boning I got from Reece I was well accommodating.

The two of them pumped me for a good half hour before filling my pussy with simultaneous sticky black loads. I came around their cocks just after that and we all screamed in ecstasy. They both then crawled off of my bed and they got dressed. Two more ten-dollar bills were tossed onto my night stand.

Shannon: “Wait…What are your names?”

Craig: “I’m Craig and that be Stephens.”

They both smiled and then left. A few hours later another man rang my bell. His name was Eddie. We boned for a good 45 minutes before he sprayed his hot load all over my face. When he left I got up and took a quick shower to clean myself up a bit. I then put on a pair of black stockings with a garter belt but nothing else. I wrote a note that read: ‘Come on in, I’m in my bedroom’ and then went and taped it to my front door and left the door unlocked.

Shortly after that another three guys showed up. It went like this daily and it seemed like it was endless. I didn’t leave my apartment at all the whole first week of it all missing four days of work. I eventually didn’t need the cashier’s job so I ended up quitting it. Didn’t have time to work anyways. The only time it was quiet and I could rest was on the overnights. As soon as it was daylight it started up again though. Every time my doorbell would ring there would be one or two black guys out there looking to fuck my pussy.

One time there was even five guys waiting there and that was when I finally had to open up my asshole for business. That session lasted four hours and those five guys fucked all three of my fuck holes triple penetrating my body over and over again. Ladies if you’ve never been triple teamed by three large black cocks over and over again, then you truly never have lived.

When it was time for school to start, I struggled hard to keep up with college life. I tried but I missed a lot of days and failed a few assignments. All I had was black dick on my mind. I started dressing more provocatively and the looks I got from the Christian crowd in school, especially the teachers, was that of utter hatred. I felt myself despised by everyone there so I finally quit after only eight months.

Each man that showed up to my house would leave a ten-dollar bill on my night stand. I started to write their names in a notebook and in my first thirty days I made a total of $480. That’s 48 black dicks in a month’s time. It doesn’t sound like much but in 1981 it was pretty good money.

One day shortly after quitting school, my regular guys that were showing up to fuck me all of a sudden started leaving $50 on my nightstand. When I asked the third guy that day why I was getting more money he said that Red was stabbed in some drug miscommunication and had died two days before. They still wanted to fuck me and Lucas told them to just give me the full $50 from now on. For some reason I didn’t feel bad for Red and in time was actually glad that he was gone.

Andrew and Lucas even came by a few times and Reece and his monstrous abnormally big python visited once about every ten to twelve days. With the extra money I was getting I was able to buy a piece of shit car to get around in, and I started to build up a bit of a reputation as the pretty white girl from Connell Street who fucked any black cock for money.

I didn’t stop until I moved in with Reece for a while and he fucked me exclusively but that lasted only four months. He got me pregnant during that time and we decided after a long debate that neither of us wanted a child so I got an abortion. The relationship was never the same after that so we agreed to split and I moved on. I went and had a hysterectomy after that. No need getting pregnant again especially with what I was going to be doing with my life.

When I healed up, I decided to move to Atlanta, which I did, and I built up a new clientele of black cocks. I met this other white girl named Rhonda who loved fucking black men too and we moved in and worked together for a long while. Rhonda was a bit chunky but the guys really loved her big ass. It was during this time that I went and got the queen of spades tattoo on my ankle. Rhonda had one and told me I should get one too so I did. Sometimes we were fucked together in the same bed by tons of different black guys.

Rhonda hooked me up with this guy named Cheekie Jones, and I fast became a member of the Cheekie Queens. Cheekie owned a strip club that was frequented by black men and I began stripping every night there. During the day hours, I kept fucking my black ‘customers’ and kicking up to Cheekie. I gained a fast notoriety as a black cock only whore and my pussy hole was well sought after.

Now-a-days, with Cheekie and Rhonda long gone, I’m more of a free agent again which is more my speed at my age. It’s always funny to see the smile form on a guy’s face when he gets between my legs and first sees the bedazzling CJ tattoo located above my pussy. It’s usually followed by this exchange.

Random Black Guy: “You were one of Cheekie’s girls?”

Shannon: “Sure was.”

Random Black Guy: “Damn! You must be good!”

Shannon: “That’s what they tell me Hun.”

Sometimes I think about what my life would have been like if I had never found the love I possess for BBC. What if I never left college and got my degree in sociology? Maybe got a high paying job and got married to some little dick white sissy. Something tells me that my happiness would be non-existent. At least to the level that it is now.

The End.

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