Beach gender bender

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Beach gender benderThought I’d share another story about an experience on a beach a few years ago…A few years ago I spent some time living and working in Spain, near Tarragona in the north west. I used to visit the local beaches as often as I could and found a few quieter spots that I liked to go to. Sometimes I’d strip off if there was no-one about and I had a great all over tan!During one of my more fem phases I decided to go to the beach. I’d admired all the lucky girls who got to wear little bikinis and go topless and was really envious, so I bit the bullet and went out and bought a very skimpy bikini with tie sides and a thong bottom. I went for something really feminine – it was pale blue with little red flowers, so not something I could hide really!I went to the beach as a guy really, but had put on full make-up and a necklace and ankle chain, and as was always the case I was totally smooth, from the neck down. I also took a floppy beach hat, that was more of a ladies hat than one for guys.I walked to the beach and as usual it was very quiet so I found my spot and stripped down to my bikini thong and covered myself in suncream. After lying in the sun for a while, the beach was still quiet so I wandered to the sea and went in up to my waist – not wanting to ruin my make-up!Whilst I was in the sea a group of 5 guys arrived with 3 girls and set up on the beach about 20 metres away from my spot. They were laughing and mucking about and canlı bahis hadn’t seemed to notice me, so I walked back to my spot on the beach.As I walked past I noticed they were looking at me, but they didn’t say anything until I walked past them and they got a back view and few started to wolf whistle!I turned around and smiled and settled into my spot on the beach, getting the sun cream out again. After I’d rubbed the cream into my legs and body two of the guys approached me and said hello – but in a bit of a mocking way. I was polite back though as I didn’t want to cause any trouble and they were both really attractive with hot bodies and olive skin. They were laughing together and then one of them asked my if I needed suncream rubbing on my back. That was an offer I wasn’t going to turn down, so I stood up and offered him the cream.The rest of the group, the guys and girls had started to throw a frisbee aound nearby and then they came over too and said hello.As the guy rubbed cream into my back and shoulders we chatted (me in what little Spanish I spoke) and they invited me to join them and have a beer. We spent a while, just chatting, drinking and mucking about when one of the girls suggested a game of frisbee tag – girls against boys – I joined the girls team of course!It turned out the the girls and 3 of the boys were couples and the other two guys were just friends. As we went back to our spot on the beach to get a rest the couples bahis siteleri started to suncream each other and the two guys decided to help me again. This time I was lying on my front of a towel and as well as my back and shoulders they started to rub cream over my buttocks that were revealed by my thong. I found it quite a turn on and could feel my cock growing in my tiny pouch.The couples were getting cosy, kissing and smooching nearby and that got my mind working overtime – I was so jealous of the girls!!!I needn’t have been though. As they finished rubbing cream over me, one of the guys turned me over and started rubbing more cream onto my chest – paying a LOT of attention to my nipples. He then leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. I was amazed that he’s do that in front of his friends, but they just jeered a bit and wolf whistled, but nothing more than if he had got together with a girl on the beach. I was topless in just a thong with my body smooth and oiled and being kissed and held by a hot Spanish guy – it was amazing. He was holding me tenderly and feeling my body – just like I was a girl. I was so happy.The ‘spare’ guy had wandered off, so it was just a group of couples on a quiet beach kissing and enjoying each other’s bodies.It was getting late, so I mentioned that I’d need to get going, but the guy said he’d walk with me to the bus stop. I didn’t want to dress as I felt so good, so I just stuffed my things into my bag bahis şirketleri and walked along the beach with him, still in just the bikini thong. As we got nearer the beach entrance there was a wooded area and he kissed me and then led me into the woods by the hand.In the woods we continued to kiss and feel each other, when all of a sudden he pulled out a stiff cock from his shorts and pressed it into my hand. I started to stroke him and he reached his hand between my buttocks and pushed away the strip of fabric covering my bum hole, which he started to massage and gently poke with his finger tip. It was quite lubicated with suncream so it was easy to slip a finger in. Then things go messier! He lay me on the ground and straddled me pushing his cock into my mouth and forcing his fingers inside my ass. I wanted him to fuck me so much and I tried to change positions to encourage him, but he wouldn’t do it and stuck to making me suck him off as he fingered me like i was a girl. I was so hard by now, but he wouldn’t go near my cock and I just wanted to pretend that it wasn’t there. After a while of him just fucking my mouth he came really hard, straight down me throat. With that, he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, got himsef dressed and left me – a mess of smudged make-up, suncream, sand and cum – lying in the woods. I felt so used and a little humiliated but at the same time so sexy and happy that a hot guy had been so turned on by me.I got myself tidied up, but wanted to stay as horny as I was for as long as possible, so made sure I didn’t touch myself and cum!I went back to the beach lots more times, but unfortunately, never saw him or his friends again!

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