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becMy life was relatively boring, every day seemed to roll into one. Wake up go to work come home eat,sleep repeat.I live in a quiet middle class suburb and recently the neighbour who i had know for some time had decided to move house.He was an elderly man and could not maintain his house properly anymore and so put it on the property market. Before not too long a sold sticker appeared and as normal i was expecting new neighbours, little did i know what was in store for me.About a week later the removal trucks started to appear dropping off all the usual items, i noticed a lady about in her 50’s open the house to let the removalists in. I assumed that this was my new neighbour and decided to meet and greet.So out my house i went, “hi my name is von i guess we are going to be neighbours” i exclaimed. The lady grunted at me and said “no way bub im just in charge of removals”. It was just then when a car pulled up to the curb, the door opened and there she was.One of the most stunning ladies i had ever seen. She must have about nineteen with long beautiful strawberry blonde hair and a slim figure to die for. I was in shock and when she got out the car i was even more impressed by what i saw.Fumbling over my words, i introduced myself and she replied that her name was Rebecca. After a quick chat i was infatuated and i told her “if you need anything i mean anything dont hesitate to nock on my door” esat escort we went our seperate ways.Later that night there was a nock at my door, i opened it and standing there wet hair in full bathrobe was Rebecca.”Are you okay” i asked. “No” Rebecca mutted. “My tap in the shower broke and now i cant turn the water off”.My thoughts were racing as i told her i would grab some tools and see what i could do. It was an easy fix with the right tools and my job was done in minutes. Rebecca thanked me and asked how she could repay my kindness.I could think of multiple ways that Rebecca could thank me but all of them ungentlemanly. I said that she should finish her shower as her hair was still wet but a coffee sometime would be fine. All the while dreaming of what was under that robe.I proceded back to my house and heard her shower start up again. Amazed by the events that had just taken place i could not get her out of my mind and fuled by the images in my head i went to my back fence with my step ladder.I climbed to the second step and stuck my head up slowly over the fence, my eyes will never forget that moment.Rebecca’s naked body could be seen throught her open bathroom window, sudz from the sponge ran from her shoulders down to where i could no longer see. I instantly felt my cock growing and had to losen my jeans, i undid my zipper and it floped straight out.I was now etlik escort stroking myself at my backfence while watching my georgeous new neighbour shower herself, what was i thinking!Nearly at climax i was pulling hard and fast when my knee banged the fence, oh my god i thought and as i looked back at Rebecca she glanced over her shoulde and our eyes met.I got so scared i almost fell off my ladder and quickly rushed back in the house cock still flapping in the wind.Composing myself i sat down and poured myself a scotch on rocks hoping to setle what nerves i had left when for the second time that night there was a knock at my door. Chocking on my scotch i went to the door , it was Rebecca.With a deep breath i open the door and acting as normal as possible i greet her again. I could see she was a bit upset.”my shower is broken again” she said biting her bottom lip. Releaved, i grabed my tool and headed back to her house but when i got to the shower i noticed that it was perfectly fine. Of course it’s fine i thought i just fixed it and when i turnt around to confront Rebecca she said nothing but motioned her finger to her lips as if to silence my mind.The robe i was so desperate to see under slowly slid off her silky skin and WOW.Perfection.I neede no more invitation, i grabed her soft butt pulled her towards me a kissed her neck. Rebecca droped to her knees undid keçiören escort my zipper and pulled out my cock (it was two and half of her full hands long).She started on my balls licking the entire length of my shaft and stoping just before the top and then with a wet slurping noise she took my cock in her mouth going so deep she almost gagged. Grabing her hair and taking control i star pumping her mouth just with the tip of my cock. In and out in and out.I reasure her she is safe with me ,stand her up and caress her body.We go to the kitchen table where i tell her to lie on her back. My cock is ready for her but i must taste first, i spread her legs and start with a sweet kiss behind the knees, slowly kissing my way down her legs untill i reach my goal. Starting with the clit i flick my tounge up and down (mmm what sweet taste). Rebecca starts to moan as i lick one of my fingers and insert inside her wet pussy, one figer at first then two. She is so tight as her juices star flowing. Its time for my cock.Pushing against her spread pussy i slide in my first inch or two, just enough for my swollen head to push past her pussy lips.Rebecca groans in pleasure and pain as i slide in then out faster and faster pushing a liitle deeper with every push.She grabs me and tells me to fuck her harder and i have no problem giving her exactly what she wants. Both of us are almost at poping point and as i pull out Rebecca squirts all over me. Covered in her juice i come to a climax all over her pussy and watch as it drips down to her butt hole. We kiss passionately and she thanks me. “For what” i asked “i can do this atleast two more times tonight”.But that is another story.Regards von

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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