Becca and Her Father

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Copyright 2008 Sethp all rights reserved.

Story Edited by the amazing Meg1 and dedicated to a real life Becca

Becca hurried down the street towards the family store, dodging pedestrians and traffic alike. Maybe she had taken on too much course work in college. It seemed that no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t get out of the writing lab on time.

Her father would be furious. Ever since her mother’s sudden illness and hospitalization, Becca’s father had heaped more and more responsibility for the family business upon Becca’s already too full plate. She was trying as hard as she could, but no matter what she just couldn’t satisfy her father. Being late today, with the electronics convention across the street, was definitely the worst day to be late.

Becca rushed into the door of the family coffee shop and was dismayed to see the tiny place filled to capacity, and her father frantically trying to make a half a dozen lattes, work the register and take more orders. The yuppies from the electronics convention across the street were as loud and obnoxious as Becca imagined that they would be and the shop was in complete chaos.

She hurried around the counter, grabbing an apron from the wall as she did so. Her father gave her a disapproving grunt as his greeting. It was a hellish four hours of work until the shop closed and the last of the conventioneers went home for the night. The little shop had made a windfall from the out of town visitors at the convention, but Becca could clearly see that her father was still pissed off at her, as they cleaned up and counted the receipts for the day.

“Dad. I’m sorry I was late today. You know I had to finish the test today and I ran all the way here.” Becca offered. “I’m really sorry.”

“Yeah, you are sorry Becca.” He retorted angrily. “You know how important this business is to me and to our family. Are your classes paying for your mother’s mounting medical bills?” He continued angrily. “I don’t think so. You need to get your priorities straight and stop being so selfish.” His constant put downs were worse than any slap in the face.

They finished closing up the shop in awkward silence. On the way home Becca’s father stopped at the liquor store to pick up some beer and whiskey. Since Becca’s mother went into the hospital, he seemed to drink himself into a blackout every night. She didn’t even know how he was able to function during the day with as much as he drank at night.

Once they arrived at home home, Becca retired to her room to do some reading and check her story comments on Literotica. She had submitted two short stories and was very proud of herself for taking the plunge. She really enjoyed writing. It was one of her few joys in life, and one she desperately needed with her home life in such turmoil.

Becca had been reading for hours and was surprised to see that it was already eleven o’clock. It was way past time to get a drink of water from downstairs and get to bed. On her way down the stairs, Becca heard a grunt from the living room. Her dad was still awake, but what was he doing? Usually he was passed out by now.

Becca peered over the banister into the living room. Her father was sitting on his recliner in front of the TV and he had his cock in his hand! Her father was jacking himself off right out in the open in the living room. Becca was shocked and stunned into immobility. She couldn’t move or take her eyes away from the shocking scene below her.

Her father was slowly stroking his very large, thick cock. He was leaning all the way back with his eyes closed and moaning as he pleasured himself.

“Oh….that’s it…Just like she used to do….”

Becca wondered who he was thinking about and who he Giresun Escort was talking about. She soon found out.

“Oh that’s it Becca…I need you so bad…ahhhh….” With a final soft groan, her dad started to cum. His cock shot six ropes of jism onto his stomach and hands. When he was finished there was cum all over his shirt and hands. Becca peeled her eyes away and crept back upstairs into her room.

Becca started to cry. Why was her dad doing that? He was masturbating and calling out her name? Was it just because he missed her mother and he was just drunk? Becca knew that with the illness and the hospitalization, that it must have been seven months since her father had had any kind of sexual contact. He must be so lonely and so depressed. She was starting to see him in a whole new light. Life was so cruel.

The next morning was Saturday, and Becca didn’t have any classes. She arose extra early to make some coffee and breakfast for her father. When he groggily made his way down to the kitchen, he almost smiled in surprise at the food laid out before him.

“Thanks honey. This is nice.” He said as he reached out and gave her a hug.

Becca stepped around to the other side of the table to avoid her father’s embrace. She may have come to a new realization of the hard ships that her father was facing, but she was still extremely disturbed by what she had witnessed the night before. She couldn’t bring herself to have him touch her. Not yet.

Her father didn’t seem to notice the intentional avoidance, and if he did, he didn’t mention it. The two finished their breakfast in silence and made their way out to the garage and into the Dodge Durango that had been the family vehicle for the better part of eight years. It still ran like new.

They opened the coffee shop and made their way through another Saturday. Becca was alternately filled with compassion and disgust the entire day. She loved her father and wanted nothing but the best for him, but she couldn’t come to grips with the previous evening’s events. It wasn’t so bad, she thought, Becca certainly masturbated on a regular basis and some of the dreams she had been having were very explicit.

They closed up shop and headed home again. Again her father stopped by the liquor store for beer and whiskey. Once home they had a quiet meal together and Becca retired to her room again to read. She spent most of the night surfing the net. It was getting close to midnight when Becca heard a crash from downstairs. She hurried out of her room and down the stairs.

Her father was totally sloshed, and had fallen over onto one of the small wooden coffee tables, sending bottles crashing all over the place. He wasn’t hurt but Becca definitely needed to get him up and into bed.

“Come on dad. I think it’s time you hit the sack.” She told him helping him to his feet.

“Sorry babe….I…” His voice trailed off as he concentrated on getting onto his feet.

Becca felt really uneasy. The only person her dad ever called babe was her mother.

Becca pulled her father up and with his arm over her shoulder; she helped him up the stairs. He was very unsteady on his feet, and they almost tumbled down to the first floor a couple of times. She had to brush his hands away from her ample bosom once. She wasn’t sure if he had groped her on purpose or it was just an accident. After the night before she couldn’t be sure of anything.

Becca finally got her father firmly on his bed. As she was leaving his room, she looked back; she couldn’t help but notice that he had a sizeable bulge in the front of his Dockers. Was that for her?

That night Becca dreamed of being ravaged by an older man on a tropical island. She was so wet and Giresun Escort Bayan she had been without physical contact for so long. She needed release. She groaned as her lovers cock impaled her again and again, faster and faster. She was finally going to cum.

Becca’s eyes popped open in a panic. Her father’s face was right in front of her, his eyes closed. Becca’s entire body shuddered in orgasm. This wasn’t a dream. He was really fucking her and she was pinned beneath him. She couldn’t move. He had snuck into her room in the middle of the night and was having sex with her. He had made her cum! Her own father.

He groaned and Becca could feel him ejaculating inside her. His body tensed and then he collapsed onto her. Becca struggled to roll out from underneath him and then she ran to the bathroom and broke down. He had forced himself on her while she was asleep and had made her cum. No, no, no…this couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t have happened. She rocked herself back and forth alone in the bathroom.

Becca slept that night on the cold, tile floor of the upstairs bathroom. Her father never came to see how she was or disturb her. She had no idea when she had fallen asleep or how long she had slept. She heard her father in the kitchen downstairs, getting ready for another day at the shop. Becca climbed into the shower and got ready herself.

When Becca had dressed and made her way down to the kitchen. She wasn’t sure how she should react or what she would do if her father talked or looked at her. She might break down and start crying or she might scream and attack him or she might run out the front door and never return. As all of these thoughts were running through her head, he did look at her though and he spoke.

“You ready hon? We both slept in more than we should have this morning and we’re running a little bit late.” He said matter of factly.

Had he no memory of last night or was he just cruel? What did he think when he awoke sprawled out on her bed with her nowhere in sight? Did she dream last night?

Becca just nodded and followed him out to the old Dodge in the garage in a daze. They rode to the shop in silence. Maybe he had staggered back to his room before he awoke and didn’t know what had happened. He was certainly prone to blackouts when he drank and now Becca knew that he was prone to walking and much more in his sleep as well.

They arrived at the shop an hour before it opened, as usual, and started to set up for the day’s customers. Becca was kneeling on the floor with her head and arms in a cupboard by the register pulling out some decaf coffee from Africa. She heard footsteps behind her and she absently reached behind her to hand him one of the small bags. He didn’t take it.

Becca pulled back out of the cupboard and turned around only to find that she was staring at her father’s cock. He was hard and leaking precum onto the floor. Becca was in shock and opened her mouth to protest but her father took that opportunity to slide his cock into her mouth.

As he slid his cock forward, Becca’s father grabbed her head hard entwining his fingers in her long hair and started to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. Becca was powerless to resists or move as she was being fucked in her mouth. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine it was her last boyfriend, to imagine that it was anyone except her own father. Becca’s thoughts were jarred back to reality as she gagged. He had pushed his cock to the back of her throat and just when she thought she was going to stop breathing he pulled back out.

Becca gasped for air and then her mouth was invaded again. This time the thrusts were much harder and more intense, however she was relieved Escort Giresun to find that he wasn’t pushing as far into her throat. The hands gripping her head and hair tightened causing her pain but she didn’t have time to think about the pain as his cock erupted into her mouth and throat. His ejaculate was too much for Becca and she had to swallow it. When he was done cumming, Becca’s father pulled his cock out of her mouth, and stuffed it back into his pants.

With Becca kneeling on the floor, face beet read and cum leaking out of her mouth, he looked down and spoke to her.

“Becca, I’m sorry but I have needs. I’m half out of my mind and I need you. I know that I made you cum last night and that I can bring you pleasure. I know you enjoyed it.” He continued. “Let’s get ready for business.”

With that, Becca’s father walked away and busied himself setting up the front counter as if nothing had happened. Becca slowly got up and went into the bathroom. She cleaned the cum off of her face and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She stared at her reflection in the mirror for some time. She had just swallowed her father’s cum as she was sure her mother had done before her countless times.

A part of her was proud that her father thought of her as attractive as her mother was and that he had chosen her to fill that role in his life. The other part of Becca was an emotional wreck. She just wanted a normal life and now that was completely out of the question forever. Her father was a very attractive man, and he had made her orgasm last night. With her mind swirling in confusion, Becca left the bathroom and joined her father behind the counter as the first customers came in for the day.

The day was fast paced and went by quickly without another word between father and daughter.

As they arrived home, Becca and her father continued their usual routine with Becca heading up to her room and her father going to the living room with this glass of ice and whiskey bottle. Becca put on some head phones and logged into Literotica, only this time she was drawn to the incest stories and threads. Looking for a situation similar to the one she found herself in now. There were thousands of stories, most of them very unrealistic. She had read them all and even found herself getting aroused. She was disappointed that her favorite author, sethp, only had a few passages pertaining to father daughter relationships.

Becca felt more than hear the door to her room open and turned around. Her father was standing there, wearing nothing but his boxers.

“I need you again Becca.” He said as he entered her room closing the door behind him.

Becca stood up, taking off her head phones and facing her father. He advanced across the room quickly and pulled Becca to him kissing her forcefully. Becca responded and whimpered as he bit into her lip until it bled. He pushed her back onto the bed, laying on top of her his hands roaming her body and pushing her top and bra up over her swelling breasts. His teeth were on her exposed nipples as soon as they came into view.

“Ahh…that hurts…uhh….” Becca protested, but with the pain there was also pleasure.

Becca squirmed underneath her father as he slid her pants off and cupped her sex.

“I knew you felt the same way.” He groaned around her nipple.

“We can’t though…mom…” Becca weakly protested.

She felt his cock head sliding across her now sopping wet sex and he entered her with a powerful thrust. Becca grunted. She wasn’t used to sex like this. Her father started thrusting in and out of her with long, powerful strokes and it was only a matter of minutes before Becca came. She felt her father’s body tense and she could feel his cock spasm inside of her as he shot his sperm deep inside his daughter again.

When he was finished, Becca’s father rolled off of her and got to his feet.

“You’ll be sleeping in my bed from now on.” He said. “Is that clear?”

“Yes daddy.”

The End

Sethp! 2008

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