Becoming a Sissy Cuckold Ch. 02

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Beth was now fucking Jerry every 2 or 3 days and each time they had sex Dan was required to be dressed in girly clothes and made to watch them as well as to video them. Beth loved watching the video’s with Dan on those days that she didn’t have sex with Jerry. Dan was also required to suck on Jerry’s cock getting it hard so that he could fuck Beth and Dan was always required to clean Jerry’s cock after cumming and clean out Beth’s pussy of his cum. This had been going on for 2 months and Dan’s tiny clitty had remained lock in the pink CB6000s the whole time except for once a week Jerry would have Beth unlock Dan’s cock for “maintenance”.

“Maintenance” of Dan’s little clitty was the removal of the CB6000s and of course he got hard instantly. Jerry directed Beth to first wash his cock and then she would slowly jerk Dan’s little cock. Dan of course was very excited by this but Jerry said, “do not cum sissy. On the second hand, cum if you wish but if you do I’ll fuck your ass with my cock and make you a real girl.” There was no way Dan wanted to fucked by Jerry’s cock so for the better part of an hour Beth kept Dan right on the edge of an orgasm and Dan always pulled away from her hand to prevent cumming and sometimes he would beg Beth to stop. This went on for a full 2 months.

While Beth had offered to fuck Jerry’s friends if he wanted this had not happened in the 2 months they had been having sex. Then Jerry one night said to Beth and Dan, “you’ll be hosting a football party this Sunday for myself and 2 friends in your apartment. Beth, you’ll be available to me and my friends, while Danielle will serve us food, drinks and attend to anybody’s request should Beth be occupied. Beth, make sure you’re looking your slutty best and purchase Danielle a very sissy outfit.”

Beth was extremely excited about the party and so she shopped for both herself and Dan. Dan was quite apprehensive about the football party. He still hadn’t been allowed an orgasm is over 2 months and while Dan was wearing panties 24/7 and wore girl clothes whenever Jerry and Beth were fucking being exposed to 2 other people as a sissy cuckold scared him. But he also knew he had no choice because Beth was so excited about fucking Jerry’s friends, saying to Dan, “Jerry said both his friends have cocks almost as big as his. Can you believe it, 3 nice big cocks for me to fuck and you to suck.”

Dan was not allowed to watch his wife get dressed for the party. With his eyes down Beth finally said, “OK Danielle, you can see now.” Dan slowly lifted his head up and as he did Beth outfit was revealed to him. She was wearing her “fuck me” black 5-inch stiletto’s, sheer black lace top nylons, an extremely short pleated skirt bursa otele gelen escort that just barely covered her panties. Her panties were red lace. His eyes traveled up to see she had on a completely sheer white blouse that left her red lace half cup bra exposed. The bra didn’t cover her nipples so they were completely visible. Bright red lipstick and perfectly made up face.

Beth smiled at Dan asking, “so what do you think, slutty enough?” Dan could barely talk as he knew that the 3 guys were going to be having unbelievable sex with his wife, and so he could only say yes. It was now time for Dan to get dressed and he had not seen what Beth had purchased for him to wear. Up until this point he had only worn some of Beth’s clothes. And so when he saw the very short French Maid outfit, complete with frilly petticoat slip, lace top nylons, sheer white ruffled panties and black high heels his heart sank. Not believing his wife was going to make him wear it in front of Jerry and 2 male friends.

Once dressed Dan looked at himself in the mirror. The hem of the dress just barely covered the bottom of his panties, the petticoat causing the hem to flair out, leaving the top of his nylons exposed. The panties did nothing to conceal his pink CB 6000’s. The top of the dress was very lacy. Beth did his hair, with tiny curls and ringlets framing his face. Bright pink lipstick completed his very sissy look. There was no doubt his was a sissy male.

The guys showed up shortly after and the 3 of them walked in. Jerry put his arm around Beth saying, “this is slut Beth. She’s a great fuck, excellent cock sucker too. Are you ready to take care of us tonight slut?”

Beth gushed, “oh yes sir, I’m more than ready. I can’t wait to fuck all 3 of you and suck on your big cocks tonight.”

And then Jerry said, “and this is sissy Danielle. A very good cock sucker, he’ll clean off your cocks when your done and suck your cum from his wife’s pussy. Are you ready for a good night sissy?” and Dan had responded yes.

Jerry then said, “one more thing Daniele, take this.” Jerry handed him a blue pill, which Dan assumed was Viagra and was confused when Jerry said to Beth, “remove the sissy’s panties and unlock his little clitty.” Beth did as she was told and of course Dan’s tiny cock got hard immediately. Jerry laughed saying, “excellent. Now sissy, you’re not allowed to touch your little clitty and no one else is going to touch it but be warned, it better not cum because if it does, well you know what will happen.” Dan did, Jerry would fuck his ass.

Dan went to get beer for the 3 guys and when he returned to the living room Beth was sitting on kestel escort the couch between 2 of the guys. Beth’s hands we in their laps, feeling their cocks and she smiled at Dan asking, “would you like to see these big cocks that are going to fuck my pussy sissy?” Dan bowed his head and softly said yes. Beth got up, removing both guys pants and underwear, releasing 2 very large, hard cocks. Beth moaned saying, “oh my god Dan, look at them, they are so much bigger than your tiny clitty.”

And with that Beth knelt in front of them, going back and forth, licking and sucking on one while jerking the other cock. She kept on switching back and forth between them and then she got up, removed her blouse and panties, got down on her hands and knees saying to them, “Danielle put a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth, NOW!” and so one guy got behind her and Dan rubbed his cock over her pussy lips and then guided it into her pussy. He did the same with the other guy, rubbing his cock over Beth’s lips and then guided his cock into her open mouth.

Dan stood by watching as his wife was now getting fucked at both ends. Beth immediately had an orgasm, screaming, “yes, oh god yes, I’m cumming.”

The guy behind her was really pounded her pussy with his big, thick cock and said to Jerry, “oh man, this is such a nice cunt.” The other guy was enjoying her mouth saying “that’s it slut, suck my cock, just like that, keep sucking slut.”

Dan was unaware Jerry was standing behind him, his very large cock out and said “sissy, suck my cock.” Dan turned around, dropped to his knees, took Jerry’s hard cock in his hand, started to jerk it and then took it into his mouth, with Jerry said “that’s it sissy, you’re a very good cock sucker.”

Dan then heard Beth said “fuck his mouth, make that sissy suck your big cock.”

Dan heard one of the guys say “oh yes, I’m cumming.”

Dan figured the guy was cumming in Beth’s mouth because just few moments later, Beth moaned “oh god yes, fuck my cunt, cum in my cunt. Do it.” and the guy was moaning he was cumming.

Up until this point Jerry had never shot his cum into Dan’s mouth. Beth wanted more than anything had always wanted to see Dan take Jerry’s cum in his mouth, so she started saying “suck that cock sissy, suck it good. Make it cum sissy, suck that cock and make it cum in your mouth.” Dan was sucking him as well as holding Jerry’s balls in his hand, feeling them.

Jerry started moving his cock faster in and out of Dan’s mouth, moaning,, “that’s it, suck it you little sissy.” Soon Jerry’s cock exploded in Dan’s mouth and he did his best to swallow his huge load of cum, with just a little bit leaking out mudanya escort of the side of his mouth.

Dan’s little cock had been rock hard the entire time watching Beth getting fucked at both ends and sucking Jerry’s off. The frustrating part was that every movement Dan made his little cock was rubbing up against the petticoats, causing him to be on a constant edge of an orgasm. At times Dan had to pick up the hem of his french maid dress and petticoat so as not to cum but it left his little cock exposed to the 3 men and Beth who humiliated him saying “such a tiny little clitty. That little clitty couldn’t satisfy any woman.” Beth then held onto Jerry’s cock saying “this is a real man’s cock, I love fucking this cock and I love to suck and fuck real cocks at the same time.”

Beth was insatiable as she fucked all 3 men over the next 2 hours. As she fucked one of the guys, she would say to Dan “sissy, I want that cock next. Start sucking him, get him nice and hard for me.” Dan did as Beth said. And if one of the guys came inside her, she simply spread her legs and Dan knew he had to clean her pussy of all the cum so the next guy could fuck her. She really enjoyed Dan cleaning her up, saying “that’s a very good sissy, eat that cum. You’re nothing but a cum eating, cock sucking sissy.”

When the 3 men were done and Beth was satisfied, Jerry looked at Dan saying, “OK Danielle time for your sissy squirts. ” Dan couldn’t believe his ears, it had been over 2 months since he had cum. Jerry handed Dan a glass saying, “you can cum in this and once your done cumming, pour it into your mouth and clean the glass with your tongue.”

Even though Dan had sucked Jerry’s cock until he came in his mouth and had cleaned out Beth’s pussy of cum 3 more times that day the thought of eating his own cum was not something he thought he’d like. But he was so incredibly frustrated from not cumming that he took the glass from Jerry and put it in front of his little cock. The 3 guys and Beth watched as he began to jerk his cock, with Beth saying “such a good little sissy. Make your little clitty squirt sissy, do it.” It took barely 30 seconds for Dan to start cumming. Over and over his cock sent cum into the glass, with the onlookers clapping as he came.

After he stopped cumming, he brought the glass to his mouth and poured his cum into his mouth. For Dan it was the largest amount of cum he ever shot, but Jerry said, “look at that, it’s been over 2 months since the sissy had an orgasm and he barely shot any cum at all. That’s why I fuck your wife, to make her happy, something you’ll never be able to do with that sissy clit of yours.”

Dan finished cleaning our the glass of his cum and then Jerry made him lock his cock back up in the CB6000s. Beth, who was still completely naked, gave Jerry a kiss, let the 2 other guys another feel of her tits and pussy and said “feel free to come back anytime guys, happy to fuck you whenever you want.” Dan would end up watching Beth fuck them many more times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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