Becomming Alanna – Part 3

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Becomming Alanna – Part 3We went up stairs to the kitchen and she had me start to help her ice down beer and get bottles of booze out and open. There was a large bar but I noticed not much in the way of food. I helped tidy and set up cups and get ice and then with a sudden shock to my heart the doorbell rang. As it did I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked like a girl and I looked like quite a slut, I was panicked, I had to hide I thought but as I looked around the only entrance to the room was blocked by Samantha. She turned with that evil smile and winked at me. Alanna, these are my… friends I told you about, this is um… Billy, and uh Steve, and …oh yeah Mike. I smiled at them as best I could. They looked at me with a hunger and pity, as if they knew something I didn’t. Samantha broke the awkward silence and offered the men drinks. Billy and Steve wanted beers but mike wanted whiskey straight. Samantha told me to pour him one and I quickly did handing it to him, my little fingers shaking. He smiled down at me, “well thank you princess” he said with a semi sarcastic tone. “Yo… you’re welcome” I stammered out in my fem voice. I quickly walked away and stood with Samantha. She was finishing rolling a large joint and light it. Passing it to me I latched on to the end like a baby at mommy’s nipple. Puffing it I needed the release, I needed to get away from these weird men and the awkward troublesome feeling that I had gone too far. I drowned my sorrows in sips of my drink and puffs from the joint, finishing it by myself and sharing more of hers. Samantha led me to the couch and we all sat down. I could see Steve and Billy sneaking sahabet güvenilirmi peaks up my short uniform skirt but I was too glazed over to care now. I just sat there and leaned my head on her shoulder. My brain semi turned off it snapped back on when I could have sworn I heard Mike say, “So how much for the night, like all night, no questions asked”. He was looking at Samantha. She gently pet my head, petting me like a dog. She looked down at me and then back at him, “no questions asked is asking a lot” she said with a sort of annoyed tone. “I mean look at this, its fresh, it hasn’t been touched yet, you think I’m going to let you ruin it forever, where is my future profit then”? He looked at her, thinking a minute. “We will pay 5,000” he said, “whole night, no questions asked” she looked at me again, then back at him “10,000” she said. “You crazy cunt” he snickered to himself, “ok look, 7,500 and that’s as far as we go, and we agree to come back 3 more times at 2500 a piece”. She thought a minute, “ok deal she said” smiling and standing up abruptly, I fell over from the loss of my support shoulder. She shook his hand and grabbed me by the arm and started to drag me back down to the business entrance. “ wha… what are youuu doin” I managed to mutter, the effects of the d**gs she had slipped me now started to become apparent. I was dazed, slow and clumsy, finding it hard to walk she helped me. I could not talk clearly and slurred my speech. “whas happenin” I begged her. “oh don’t worry sweetie, you will love it I’m sure. These nice men have paid for the next 18 hours of your time and I have gladly obliged them, I hope you sahabet yeni giriş don’t mind, id say its fair to classify you as my property now, and fact of the matter is I need money, and I’m gonna pimp you out. I’m gonna pimp that little cunt of yours out all day and all night for the rest of your life” she cackled evilly. I was confused, what about my parents, they were coming home so soon I thought. “Oh and your parents” she said, well I … had them taken care of. Turns out they had a little accident on their trip, and well look at this, they signed a guardianship agreement before they left, leaving me in charge of you legally. Looks like you are gonna me my new cash cow”. She smiled at me and blew me a little kiss, pushing me into a large dark room. Inside were another stirrup chair, a large padded doctors table, tools and toys, whips and plugs, it was a dungeon, it was to be my tomb.She shook hands with the men and left, the door closed and I heard it lock. They descended on me like vultures. Billy and Steve grabbing hold of my body while mike stood in the corner drinking from the bottle and smoking cigs. The boys were clearly younger and needed to touch right away. Their hands cupped my tits, feeling the full juicy fat of my young body, my nipples plump and hard in between their fingers. Hands grabbed and gouged at my ass, scooping up cheeks and spreading them, my panties stretched tight over my pucker. They pushed me to the floor, down on my knees. It hurt, the cement was bare and my knee caps ached with the fall. Out of nowhere cocks appeared, I had missed it but Billy and Steve had both pulled out their dicks. Both sahabet giriş shaved clean and fat, a good 6 or 7 inches each they looked huge to me. I didn’t know what to do and one of them screamed at me with anger “SUCK THEM” I didn’t know what was happening, I was stoned and brain-dead, my mouth opened and I let them awkwardly gab at my face till a cock landed and slid down my neck. I gagged hard and started to suckA bit awkwardly I tasted my first dick. The sweat from his balls in my nose. I sucked him with little understanding. My mouth firm and limp his head rubbed over my tongue. He bucked and pumped grunting and cursing. “Yeah yeah slut, suck this cock, eat my fat fucking cock” I whimpered in fear and kept sucking. My hands lost with confusion they just dangled thereAn arm grabbed my hand and put it directly onto something hot hard and pulsing. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw Steve had his cock in my hand. I stated to jerk it as he made me. Billy’s cock in my mouth and Steve’s cock in my hand. Jerking him with gusto as his foreskin slid over his head at rapid speed. Mike just watched. I could smell the smoke puffed at me. Then Billy gave a squeal and I felt something unexpected, his cock erupted in my mouth, 4, 5 ,6 big spurts, thick cum raining down the sides of the roof of my mouth. I gasped and tried to gulp it down as fast as I could. He muttered “eat my cum you fucking dirty twat” and pulled out, wiping the last drip on my lips he walked away, handed Mike a 50 dollar bill and left. I wondered why he had paid so little and left, wasn’t it 7,500 just for one night. With that Steve pushed his cock in my mouth and cried “I’m Cumming I’m Cumming” as another fat load filled my mouth, a few ropes dribbling down my chin. I gulped it down and looked up at him. “sorry.. sorry for what’s gonna… well forget it, I’m sorry he said” he looked sad and almost ashamed. He handed mike 50 bucks and left also.

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