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If I had known getting into college would be so involved, I probably would have joined the Army. Mom had told me, just this morning that I needed a physical for the insurance company since I was moving away but staying on the policy.

Then she looked at me that way again.

I understood that Mom was lonely. I had been eleven when Dad died and Mom had apparently decided not to remarry. As I got older I couldn’t help noticing how much I looked like him in his younger years. We were both tall, dark skinned, with thick black hair and bottomless brown eyes. His old photo’s suggested that I might be a little more muscular than he, a little more ‘cut.’ I also wore my hair a little longer.

So when she looked at me like that, I figured Mom was thinking about him. Of course, I could respect the fact that my mother was still a good-looking woman. Hell, I’d had fantasies about some of her girlfriends who weren’t as attractive as she was. After all, she was in her mid-thirties, long red hair, pale skin and green eyes. She still had the body of a twenty year old, looked awesome in a bikini and kept all my buddies drooling whenever they came over to hang out.

Okay, so my mom’s a babe, but to think of her as anything other than ‘Mom,’ especially when she looked at me like that was just… weird!

“So am I gonna, y’know, have to get undressed and stuff?” I guess that was the part that was bugging me. Mom had been sitting in the examining room with me my whole life. Having her see me now would make me uncomfortable to say the least.

Mom finished checking her makeup and turned to me. She offered me a resigned look. “Most likely,” she replied. “It is supposed to be a full physical. Feeling a little self-conscious?”

“Yeah, a little, I guess,” I looked away as her eyes began wandering downward.

“Well, don’t be,” she admonished gently. “You’re a very attractive young man. You should be proud of your looks. Besides the doctor is a professional. She does this all the time.”


“Yes,” she smiled knowingly, “she. Relax, it’ll be fine.” She turned back to the mirror and touched up her lipstick. “Why don’t you wear your black jeans and that silk shirt Aunt Deirdre got you?”

“Yeah, okay.” I headed back to my room to change. As I laid out my black 501’s and the black silk button-down that I had gotten for my birthday, I started to wonder what was going on. My black jeans were getting a little tight on me and the shirt had been a blatant overture by Deirdre. She had insisted I try it on when she gave it to me. I had to admit it was flattering. The thin silk draped nicely over my shoulders and chest, bagging slightly at my stomach. Deirdre was twenty-six and gorgeous – basically a younger, shorter version of Mom – and had no reservations about making a play for her eighteen year old nephew. Worse still, Mom didn’t seem to care. Sometimes I think she encouraged it.

So here I was, getting into my prowling outfit to see a female doctor for a routine exam. I had no idea what I was in for, but I was having some pretty heavy misgivings.

In the car, Mom asked me what kind of cologne I was wearing.

“Um, Irish Spring,” I laughed.

She gave me an amused grin. “Good healthy, clean scent. Good for you.”

Checking in at the doctor’s office, the secretary gave me a curious look, then handed me two lab request slips, pointing me down the hall. I waited with two pregnant women and a quietly arguing mother-daughter duet. Each took the opportunity too give me the same questioning look.

My name was called and I stepped into the lab area where I gave blood and urine. The stark white, antiseptic facility made me feel like a giant ink stain on a linen napkin. When I was finished, the technician marked a spot on her clipboard.

“Okay,” she said. “You’re all done. I’ll send the results over to Doctor….” She did a double take at the lab slips. “Doctor Fischer?”


“Uh, no,” she stammered. “I’ll get those results over to her immediately.” She ushered me out in silence.

As I re-entered Doctor Fischer’s office, my mother took my arm, walking easily beside me. A few people glanced up, but no one gave me any more funny looks.

The nurse introduced escort bayan ataköy herself as Tina, then asked me to strip down to my underwear. I caught her arm and confided that I didn’t wear underwear. She raised an eyebrow, apparently intrigued.

“Well, I guess this will be a pretty interesting exam,” she purred, running one hand absently down my ribs, then left the room.

I turned expectantly to my mom. She raised her hands in resignation.

“Alright,” she averred. “You’re all grown up, I’ll give you some privacy.” She grabbed her purse and walked out.

Tina the nurse kept popping into my head as I disrobed. She was in her twenties with flowing blonde hair and a great body. She was barely five feet tall with large breasts and broad hips, full pouting lips and blinding green eyes. She probably had twenty pounds on any other girl her size, but it was all made up of prime flesh. Maybe, after seeing me naked, she would return the favor.

The idea of a bare ass on cold vinyl did not appeal to me, so I chose to stand. As I waited, I looked over the stack of magazines resting on the counter.

A brief knock gave me little warning as Tina came in, followed by a tall, slender woman of Eastern descent. Her hair was blacker than mine, her skin olive and eyes deep brown. She was thin, but nicely curved and looked to be around thirty. She dropped her pen into the pocket of her white lab coat and stepped forward.

“Hello, Jason. I’m Doctor Fischer,” she smiled. Her teethe were shocking white. “If you like, you may call me Roberta. Now, let’s take a look at you.” She grabbed my wrists and raised my arms up and out, letting her eyes play over every inch of me.

“Umm. Nice,” she mewed, glancing at Tina who nodded in agreement.

“Told you he was buff, Doctor,” she giggled.

“Quite right,” the dusky physician agreed. “Turn around, please.”

Both women groaned approval as they viewed my backside. A pat on my bottom told me that this was not the physical exam I had been expecting. The doctor told me again to turn around. She kept eyeing me as she slipped on rubber gloves with a snap.

Tina crept past me, brushing an admiring hand across my midsection. Doctor Fischer moved toward me with a lascivious look and gently grasped my balls.

“Cough,” she ordered quietly. I did. “Again,” she breathed. I complied again, but she didn’t remove her hand. Instead, she rolled my balls gently between her fingers.

“Checking for lumps, right,” I asked nervously.

She moved closer still until I could feel her breath on my face as she spoke. “No, Jason,” she breathed. “I just love the feel of a man’s balls.”

Her closeness, combined with her low, sexy voice, her exotic looks and her manual stimulation caused my cock to twitch. She felt it against the bare skin of her wrist, reacting with amusement.

“Looks like someone is craving attention,” she said, looking down at my growing member. She turned her eyes back to min, then kissed me hungrily, probing deeply with her tongue as both her hands began massaging my quickly swelling penis.

Suddenly, I felt another set of hands, these from behind me, caressing my chest and stomach. As the hands came together, I felt a pair of soft, warm breasts pressing against my back. So that’s what Tina had been doing behind me.

“We still need his weight, doctor,” she said, her lips brushing my back, sending waves of pleasure through me.

“Right,” the doctor agreed readily, taking me by the hand and leading me straight out into the hallway, my package swinging in the breeze.

Several women, a few doctors but most patients, saw me as I stood on the scale. “Height, seventy-four,” Tina said professionally. “Weight, two twenty-five.”

Roberta wrote the figures on a clipboard. “A little heavy for your height, but I would imagine it’s all those muscles.” She ran a hand down my arm appreciatively.

Glancing at Tina, I realized she had slipped back into her form fitting uniform. Apparently, it zipped up the front. It excited me to think she wore no undergarments either.

“Okay,” Doctor Fischer said, “let’s step into this other room for a few tests.” Again, she took me by the hand and led me bayrampasa escort down the hall. Several female patients observed our little procession with a mix of reactions. One particularly brazen girl handed the doctor a business card as we passed, indicating it was for me.

We entered a dimly lit room with deep shag carpeting and a sign that said ‘Lounge.’ Another woman sat in a dark corner, apparently napping. Tina closed and locked the door behind us as Doctor Fischer shrugged out of her lab coat and draped it across the back of a nearby couch.

“Okay, Jason,” she turned back to me, leaning against the back of the couch, “let’s test your reflexes, stamina and physical endurance.” With that, she raised the hem of her navy blue pleated skirt to reveal thigh-high black stockings, garter belt and black lace thong panties.

Tina came around to stand by the wanton physician, unzipping her uniform and letting it fall to the floor. They both leaned against the back of the couch. “Okay, Jason,” Tina purred. “Which one of us do you want?”

“Both!” I said firmly.

“Good,” the doctor smiled. “He’s passed the I.Q. test.”

Tina dropped to her knees, running her hands up the front of my legs as she breathed heavily over my partially swollen meat. Her hands and mouth met as she gently took my manhood into her warm mouth, caressing my shaft with one hand, my balls with the other.

Doctor Fischer took the opportunity to unfetter herself from her business-like attire, dropping skirt and blouse and parading in front of me in black lace bra, garter belt, panties and stockings. She let her hair down distractedly as she walked up behind me, moving a soft, fabric covered chair into place.

Urging me down into the overstuffed recliner, she knelt on the arms of the chair and began moving in front of me. She kissed me, then brushed her perky little breasts across my face, then ground her cloth-covered mound into my mouth. Her scent was sweet and musky; exotic. The third time she repeated her moves – mouth, tits, mound – I felt her wetness through the thin black material.

Tina continued mouthing my organ with relish as the doctor removed her bra, offering me first one perfect little globe of flesh, then the other. She moaned softly as I sucked enthusiastically at her hard, tiny nipples.

Tina arose from my crotch as Roberta pulled her thong to one side, showing me a neatly trimmed black triangle that glistened with moisture in the dim light. She pushed it against my mouth once more, squirming with lust as my tongue found her tender clit. Then she lowered herself onto my waiting shaft.

The buxom blonde nurse held my manhood upright for her superior, then moved to my side, where she grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. Next, she offered me one firm, large breast, urging me to bite her nipple. She gasped and moaned as I fulfilled her request, then obliged the other as well.

Doctor Fischer’s dusky body squirmed on my pole, a thin film of sweat appearing on her skin, making her glow in the subdued lighting. Her muscles rippled up and down the length of my phallus, bringing me closer to my breaking point. I watched as she gazed into my eyes while massaging her pert breasts and fingering her clit.

Tina stepped up onto the arms of the chair, her perfectly shaved pussy hovering inches from my mouth. She grabbed two hands full of my hair and shoved my face into her wet folds.

The doctor was moaning loudly, writhing on my staff as she approached her peak. Tina’s pussy danced on my face as she moaned out instructions on how to please her. Her knees were on my shoulders and my hands glided up the backs of her legs, grabbing her firm, round ass, shoving her ever harder against my probing mouth.

Suddenly, the doctor cried out in release, her tight snatch clamping down on me as she shuddered through an intense climax. Tina grabbed my hands and guided them to the dark skinned woman’s breasts, whispering for me to squeeze them hard. Doctor Fischer squealed in pleasure as I gripped her small breasts firmly.

Tina moaned, grinding her clit against my teeth as the doctor slumped forward, her head resting in the small of the nurse’s back. Her hair fell escort bayan avcılar heavily over my hands and arms.

Tina grunted staccato as she spent on my face, filling my mouth with her hot nectar, then slid down my chest to rest in front of the doctor.

Fischer wrapped her arms around the blonde, resting her dark head on the other’s fair shoulder. Tina grabbed the doctor’s hands and guided them to her crotch. Roberta automatically began fondling the younger girl’s cleft with abandon. I reached up to palm one of Tina’s magnificent breasts as her breathing became erratic again.

Roberta rose from my still throbbing cock, sliding backward and guiding Tina to her waiting prize. Her slick pussy was even tighter than the doctor’s had been, sliding down with some difficulty over the thickness of my tool. As she hit bottom, her mouth dropped open and she let out a low, guttural moan of absolute lust and began grinding on my engorged meat.

The doctor stayed with her, caressing her breasts, fingering her clit, until Tina was on the verge of her second orgasm. Then Doctor Fischer leaned her back onto my legs, straddled her face and accepted every moan of ecstasy into her waiting lips. As Tina exploded, crying out her finish, the raven haired beauty on her face convulsed through another climax of her own.

“Okay, Jason,” Roberta panted. “Let’s get that sperm sample and we’ll be done.” She helped Tina back to a sitting position, my rod still buried inside her vice-like tunnel, then assisted her in turning around on me. Tina leaned back against me, guided my wandering hands to her tits and crotch, and began bucking with abandon. The doctor knelt between my legs and alternated between sucking my balls and licking Tina’s dripping canal.

As my tempo increased and my breath became ragged, Doctor Fischer grasped the base of my cock, adding to the intensity of my sensation. As I began grunting out my final pleas, Roberta tore my cock out of Tina’s undulating pussy and stuffed it into her mouth. The sudden change caused me to cry out in release as she lapped up every drop of my hot seed.

Tina purred for a few minutes, caressing her breasts and clit, shuddering through the aftershocks of her last orgasm, then leaned forward to kiss Roberta deeply, sharing in the taste of my sperm.

They both licked me clean, then helped me into my clothes which had mysteriously appeared in the lounge. As I was buttoning up my shirt, the woman I had assumed was napping in the corner rose and walked forward. It was my mother.

“Jason, I certainly hope you had a good time,” she began. “I’m sure you know after all these years, that you remind me a lot of your father. And that has stirred some feelings in me which I guess you could call… unnatural?”

I was absolutely shocked. My own mom had just watched me get my brains fucked out by my doctor and her nurse. I could not meet her gaze.

“Jason, don’t be embarrassed,” she reassured me. “I wanted to know if you would be anything like the man your father was. Now I know, and I’m over it. I’m sure you’ll make more than a few girls happy in your time.”

Tina giggled. Roberta gave her a punitive slap on the bare ass. My mother continued.

“I’m going to miss you a lot when you go to college, so I wanted to give you a little going away present.” She reached into her purse, retrieving a set of car keys on a yellow Mustang keychain. “Here’s your graduation gift. I hope you will take these two beautiful women out and show them a good time tonight.”

Next, she removed a fat envelope from her purse and passed it to me. I opened it to reveal a stack of money. A quick thumb through it told me it was around a thousand dollars.

“A little of your inheritance,” she smiled. “Go have a good time. And if you get lucky with either of these young ladies, feel free to bring them home. I’ll be staying the night with my new boyfriend.”

With that, she gave me a hug and a kiss, thanked the doctor and nurse and let herself out.

Roberta and Tina both decided to join me for dinner, drinks and dancing, escorting me out of the doctor’s office arm in arm. A bright yellow Mustang convertible awaited us in the parking lot with a vanity plate on the front that said ‘Jay-Daddy.’

My mother always did have an odd sense of humor.

As we drove out of the lot, top down and radio turned up, I realized why all the women in the doctor’s building had been giving me such funny looks. The sign in front said, “Roberta Fischer, D.O., OB/Gyn.”

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