Behind Convent Walls Ch. 03

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Sister Maria knew the only way to cleanse herself of her sins was through prayer and self denial. She also knew that the only way she could cleanse herself and her habit of Father Thomas’ seed was to throw her clothes into the laundry and to have a long, scalding hot shower. What she didn’t know was how she was going to make it all the way from the church to her cell without anyone noticing the state she was in.

For once, God was on her side as she practically ran all the way to her room. The only other nuns she bumped into were old Sister Agatha and even older Sister Ruth. They were both nearly blind and often supported each other around the convent. While their sight was failing, however, their other senses were fully attuned and they voiced their disapproval of the young novice running through the cloisters. The only thing that stopped them making even more of a fuss was the distinct smell of a man’s cum that assaulted their sense of smell as the younger woman rushed by. It was a scent neither of them had known for a long time but one that neither of them had ever forgotten and they smiled to themselves in private reminiscence.

Sister Maria’s cheeks burned in shame as she was sure they older nuns could discern her sins but she made it back to her room and slammed the door shut. They were not allowed locks on their door but the one saving grace was that they each had their own private en-suite. Stripping off her habit and veil, she almost burst into tears once again when she was reminded of her nakedness beneath her clothes and wondered why Father Thomas had instructed her to leave her moist knickers on the altar. What was he going to do with them, she wondered?

Turning on the hot water to the highest setting she could bear, she scrubbed her face and naked body as if she could wash away her sin and humiliation with soap and water. After the longest shower she had ever had, however, she knew this was not the case. Turning off the water and drying herself quickly, she walked back through to her bedroom.

As she began to look out fresh underwear she suddenly became more aware than she had ever been of her naked body. She had often been naked after her daily shower, of course, but today, for the first time ever, she saw her body as a woman’s body. She looked at her own breasts, the curve of her hips, her thighs, and the hair that had grown between her legs. She had never been so conscious of the changes she had undergone as she had grown from girl to woman but now she could barely tear her eyes away.

She began to draw her hands, which had been unconsciously resting on her thighs, up along the smooth skin of her hips, her fingertips just brushing against the skin. She had never touched herself like this before and it felt quite ticklish but nice at the same time. Without thinking about what she was doing, her right hand began to make its way up along her chest between her breasts. She walked over to the only small mirror she was allowed and watched as her fingertips slowly traced the shape of one breast then the other.

Her breasts had never interested her before; in fact they were something of a nuisance being so large on her small frame. Large and full, she thought to herself, as she let her fingers linger for a few moments more. Gliding the fingertips of both hands now along the curve of both breasts, she could feel her nipples becoming firm. As her fingertips brushed over her them, she was surprised at how sensitive they were. They had felt like this before and she suddenly felt quite dizzy at the intense pleasure she was realising could be found in her own body.

Sister Maria was so enthralled by what she was seeing in the mirror and what she was feeling in her breasts that it took her a few moments to become aware of the moisture between her legs. She tore her eyes away from the mirror and watched as her right hand, seemingly with a mind of its own, slide down her body until it reached what Father Thomas had called her “hairy pussy

Instinctively her fingers moved over her swollen lips, and the innocent girl’s knees almost buckled as she brushed what felt like a little button. She was so overcome by the sensation that she fell on to her bed. Sitting there for a moment, breathing heavily, she tried to work out what was happening to her but still she allowed her fingers to caress her naked flesh and she forgot all about sin and rules.

She knew she wanted to touch that little button between her thighs again and she tentatively stroked her fingertip over it. Her whole body seemed to react and she had to stop herself from crying out in pleasure, a pleasure so intense that it was almost painful. Breathing heavily now, reluctantly, her fingers moved back down while her palm rested over her clit, holding it there for a few moments, amazed at the heat coming from this part of her body. Her moistness was just enough to allow one fingertip to slip inside and this time she couldn’t stop a small moan from escaping. Each new sensation astounded her but she knew now Bostancı Escort what she wanted.

Removing her juice-covered finger, she moved it back to that magic button. Prepared in some small way now, the young novice closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her. She returned to playing with her nipples with one hand while the other continued to caress round and round her clit, building up the courage to slowly stroking up and down directly on it.

Each rush of pleasure was more intense than the last as each new sensation seemed to be slowly driving her out of her mind. Nothing existed now but her desire for pleasure, a pleasure that she was still shocked to realise could be found in her own body. She could feel something inside her rising, just as her hips were rising off the bed. Her eyes squeezed shut, her whole body tensed, her fingers continued to run faster and faster over that incredible button. Then it happened.

It felt as if something powerful had suddenly been released as her body was washed by wave after wave of excruciating pleasure. She didn’t know how long it lasted but, finally, exhausted, it stopped and her body began to relax. That was when she began to feel guilty.

As the pleasure receded and her head began to clear, Sister Maria realised what she had done. She had sinned; she had sinned as she had never sinned before and she cried out in torment as she realised that Father Thomas must be right – she was a slut!

Mother Superior was also heading for a shower. She had been the one to follow Sister Maria into the confessional and she knew as soon as she was on her knees that the unfamiliar smell, unfamiliar in the confessional at least, was that of a man’s cum. She had noticed how shaken the poor novice was when she had come out but she knew it was a man she could smell and the only man in the vicinity was Father Thomas.

She guessed correctly that he had been wanking as he listened to Sister Maria’s confession and he had obviously cum, cum a lot judging by the strength of the smell. After she had received her own absolution she had secreted herself at the back of the church and waited until all the other Sisters had left. She had intended to confront Father Thomas but when she realised the younger nun was still in the church she had hung back, intrigued as to what was about to happen.

Mother Superior was no innocent but what she saw shocked even her. The poor novice being spanked as she lay across the altar was bad enough. But, although she didn’t have a clear view of what happened, Sister Maria’s bobbing head and Father Thomas’ moans of delight told a very obvious story of a man having his cock sucked. It was only when he ordered the poor novice to leave her knickers behind that she realised her own were soaking too.

She had rushed out at that point, knowing already what Father Thomas had in mind for the girl’s knickers, even if Sister Maria didn’t. She knew that she needed release too and the safest place for that was in her private shower.

As soon as she had locked the door, knowing that as Mother Superior she had the only door with a lock in the whole convent, she had turned on the water. She removed her black veil, allowing her long auburn hair to fall free. Reaching round and opening the single button at her neckline, she simply lifted the thick, coarse material of her habit over her head. Dropping it to the floor she looked at her image in the full length mirror and wished that Sister Maria could see her now. She had long ago forsaken the plain underwear that the other nuns were forced to wear, favouring instead a lacy black bra and matching black thong. The only other thing she wore now, apart from her shoes, was the silver crucifix that hung between her two magnificent breasts.

Reaching round once more she unfastened the black bra that always felt so nice against her skin. Her breasts fell freely from the cups and she dropped the bra on top of her habit. Unlike Sister Maria she was very familiar with her own body and her hands rose to cup her breasts. She suspected that they were not as big as the younger girl of her fantasies but they were still pointing in the right direction. She smiled to herself as she rolled her erect nipples between her fingers, gasping in delight.

Slowly her hands moved down over her tummy, enjoying every moment the chills and shivers that erupted throughout her body. It knew what was coming and it trembled in anticipation. It had been too long since she had touched herself but now there was nothing to stop her.

Her hands reached her soaking panties, wet with need and wanting. How she wished Sister Maria could be standing before her, watching her, letting her be the one to teach her all that a woman’s body had to offer. Sliding one hand inside the waistband, it moved down, further and further until she reached her warm, wet pussy. Her lips parted and she slipped one lonely finger slide inside. She was so hot, so needy.

Forcing herself to remember that Ümraniye Escort she needed to have a shower, her hands quickly removed her sticky thong, sticky and wet with the juices that had flown as she had watched Sister Maria being used in the church. Stepping out of it as it fell to the floor, her hands picked up the soap and she began to wash her naked body. Moving slowly, she washed her face, her arms, her breasts, forcing herself to prolong the moment when she would touch between her legs once again.

Leaning against the shower wall, one hand moved to her breasts, teasing her nipples one by one. Rolling them between her fingers, tormenting them as she pinched them just a little, her other hand moved back down between her legs. Her pussy was so warm, so wet, and she knew the moisture had come not just from the shower.

Her fingers moved inside her slit while her palm, rubbed itself against her clit, just as Sister Maria was doing much more tentatively in her own room. She did it once, twice, with an expert hand, as her fingers plunged ever deeper. They knew exactly where her secret spot was and she hits it as her fingers curled up and thrust in. Each outward stroke massaged her clit and her pleasure began to build. She was so close, so near.

She thrust in once more and suddenly it hit, hard and fast. The walls of her cunt closed over her slick fingers and her legs pressed together, trying to trap her hand there. Still she rubbed, hoping to prolong the bliss, the sweet, sweet pleasure. Her breathing was fast and shallow but eventually it slowed down and she reluctantly allowed her fingers to slip from her sensitive slit. Brining them to her lips she sucked them clean wishing it was Sister Maria she was feeding her juices to. Exhausted, she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower

Watching herself once more in the mirror as she dried her naked body, she could see that her skin was flushed and pink, knowing all too well that this was not down to the hot water. Dressing quickly she resolved to confront Father Thomas immediately. Unlike Sister Maria, she was not beset with guilt over what she had just done but she was filled with a renewed determination to save poor Sister Maria from the fate that Father Thomas had in store for her.

Father Thomas was indeed thinking about the young novice but not in a way that would have pleased Mother Superior. Like the two nuns he had rushed back to his room but, unlike them, he was carrying a precious treasure. Sister Maria’s knickers were burning a hole in his trousers and he knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until he had cum in them. As he reached his room he closed the door but even his did not have a lock. Not that he was worried that there was any chance of being disturbed; none of the nuns would dare to enter without his express permission.

As he pulled Sister Maria’s large, wet knickers from his pocket, he began to get hard. Settling down on his big leather chair behind his desk, he held them to his nose and sniffed the heavily-stained spot, the very spot that was lucky enough to be constantly touching her pussy. Immediately his cock grew to its full length and throbbed in anticipation as he freed it from its confines.

As he inhaled her musky aroma he knew his cock was harder than it had ever been and he knew it was time to give it some attention. Its tip was already moist as he wrapped the young nun’s underwear around it and rubbed them back and forth. The feeling was amazing but then he had an even better, even more perverted idea. Turning the knickers inside-out, he rubbed the purplish head of his cock against that wet spot, the spot her pussy had stained. The thought that it wouldn’t be long until he was rubbing against her pussy nearly made him cum on the spot.

Trying to slow things down, however, he took a few deep breaths and calmed down enough to restrain him from shooting his load. Slowly now, he simply rubbed Maria’s knickers across his leaking cock, savouring every second as he covered them in his own pre-cum.

But he knew he couldn’t last forever as he wrapped the big knickers all the way around his cock and began to pump it. The feeling of her wet gusset was incredible and his hand pumped harder and faster, eliciting moans of pleasure from his unguarded lips. He reached down to squeeze his balls, he imagined it was Sister Maria on her knees doing it for him and he could hold back no longer.

“Yes, you little, slut, yes! Squeeze my balls as I cum all over your face.”

But it was her knickers, not her face that he filled with his cum and he was only starting to recover when the door burst open and Mother Superior barged in.

“What the hell have you done to Sister Maria? And what the hell are you doing with her knickers?”

When Father Thomas jumped out of his chair in shock at the sudden intrusion, it was all too obvious what he had been doing with the young nun’s knickers. He stood there with them wrapped around his softening cock, his cum still dripping Anadolu Yakası Escort into them. Mother Superior, for her part, was shocked too and seemed rooted to the spot, her eyes fixed on the unholy sight before her.

The priest knew that this could go one of two ways. Either he could beg forgiveness and place himself at her mercy or he could take control. The second option was by far the more favourable.

Marching towards her, he suddenly grabbed her by the arm and dragged her back to his chair. Screaming abuse at him, Mother Superior was surprised at how quickly he had reacted and found herself being pulled across the priest’s lap as she stumbled forward. Her habit was still covering her but he knew what was underneath and this unexpected opportunity was too good to miss.

“How dare you burst into my private room without permission. It’s time you were taught a lesson.”

As she lay there squirming, he looked down smiling at her inviting arse and began to spank her. Blow after hard blow landed on her round cheeks as he revelled in the slight sting in his hand coupled with the feel of her bottom bouncing beneath it with each strike.

Her screaming reached a higher pitch and even a few very unholy curses escaped her lips before, eventually, her complaints changed to moans and he knew he she was his. Now was the time to punish her even more. He pushed her to the floor and, as she lay there in a very un-Mother Superior like position, he stood over her and glowered down.

“Old Father Benedict may have let you off with such behaviour but it’s time for you to find out exactly who is in charge here. Stand up.”

She was glad to do so; her punished bottom burned anew when he had pushed her to the floor and she struggled to her feet, trying to gather her composure once again. Something in his words, however, frightened her and she found herself unable to look him in the eye. With her head bowed what she found she was looking at was the now fully erect cock of the priest before her. It wasn’t the first cock she’d ever seen but it was the certainly the first in a very long time.

Father Thomas had felt his prick growing again as she had struggled on his lap and now he caught her staring at it. He also caught something else in her gaze and thought about how she had reacted to her spanking. The way she stood before him had a submissive air about it and he decided to push her a bit further.

“On your knees, Mother Superior,” he commanded.

Without question and without taking her eyes of the throbbing cock before her, she did as she was told, kneeling in front of the priest for something she was sure was not going to involve praying.

“You know what to do.”

Mother Superior knew what he wanted her to do but knew that she had never done so before. She knew what he wanted her to do was a sin but still she reached out and took hold of his cock in her trembling hand. She knew what he wanted her to do was wrong but still she felt the heat between her legs and felt her juices soaking her panties.

Tentatively she licked around the head of his dick, so gently that it made him gasp in delight. Realising that he didn’t taste as bad as she had thought he would, she wondered if all men tasted as delicious as this priest. Warming to the task, she began to lick up and down.

She was obviously very inexperienced but the whole situation was having the desired effect on the man of God and he could feel his balls tingling already. As he looked down on the head of the nun bathing his cock with her tongue, just as he had looked down on the head of Sister Maria earlier, he smiled to himself and wondered just how far he could push this one.

“That’s nice, slut, but now it’s time to take my cock into your mouth and suck it.”

Mother Superior was tempted to resist but a firm hand on the back of her head told her not to even bother. His cock slid into her inquisitive mouth while she continued to use her tongue around the sensitive head without even being told to do so.

“I’m going to cum soon, cocksucker. I’m going to cum in your mouth and you’re going to swallow it all.”

Now she really did try to withdraw but he simply pushed her head ever closer to his crotch and began to pump into her mouth.

He knew it wouldn’t be long now and he suddenly felt the telltale excitement in his balls as his cum shot up through his cock and flooded her mouth.

“Now swallow, slut, or the spanking you received earlier will seem like a tickle,” he demanded, still holding her head in place as the spasms of his cock continued to fill her mouth.

She swallowed some, but it was too much and some spilled from her cock-stuffed mouth and dripped onto her black habit.

“You will have to learn that my cum is precious, Mother Superior; perhaps Sister Maria can teach you how a real cocksucker does it. But first, I think you and I have a lot to teach her. Go and bring her here; it’s going to be a long night.”

Mother Superior struggled to her feet, struggled to reconcile her vows with what she had just done and struggled to understand what he meant when he said they “both” had a lot to teach poor Sister Maria. For some reason, she dreaded her return to this room; for another, she couldn’t get back quickly enough.

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