Being A Small Time Actress – Day II

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Being A Small Time Actress – Day III am back to tell you more about the few days I spent with the big producer’s son and his friends. As you might remember, there were four of them. Vijay the handsome one, Sandy the muscular hulk, Chaten the chubby one and Ravi the dirty one. I am a small time actress and was always ready to get new opportunities by doing favors for people. I let the people of industry sample my work as well as my body for new roles. Like I said before, I was already ready for all that when I reached the city. But under Guruji’s guidence, I became a total slut. Mind you, I did not say mistress or whore, but a slut. See, a mistress is someone who has illicit relationship only with one man. I am like that with guruji, but I am not committed to him only. A whore is someone who gets sent around to other men by someone in return for favors or money. Well, I do go around with any man Guruji send me to, and I do get favors in return – both to me and guruji. But the difference is, a whore does it because she is told to. I do it because I love getting fucked. That is why I am a slut.Like I told you before, the night before, all four of those friends played cards with my body and they all enjoyed doing dirty things with me as well as making me do dirty things for them. Surprisingly, I loved it as much as they did. The way Vijay’s cock tasted when I sucked him, the way Chetan fucked between my boobs, the way we all teased Ravi into masturbating by himself, and most importantly, the way Sandy fucked my pussy. He won it after a long game and enjoyed using it as much as I enjoyed giving it to him. You see, I began liking them all very much. Over the course of the night, I began having fun with them and at the end I felt very close to everyone, even Ravi. Which is why I gave each of them a big hug and long kiss for good night. They went into their room and I slept in my lock less room. I did not realize how tired I was and fell down asleep very quickly.When I woke up, it was still dark outside. I didn’t know why I woke up, but going back to sleep became difficult. I tossed and turned as I tried to sleep, but my mind kept going back to the wonderful night I had. I could not help get aroused again thinking about it all. I felt my pussy getting wet and instinctively began rubbing it a bit. I was very wet down there. But my hand was not satisfying me enough. I sighed and got up to go down to the kitchen and drink some water.When I went down, I saw that I was not alone. Chetan was already in the hall watching TV. He was eating something – the chubby one must have got hungry after all the games. He greeted me as I got some water. I smiled and sat down beside him. “Why are you up?” I asked. “All the games last night got me hungry,” he said winking. I laughed and drank some water. “I hope you enjoyed it” I said.“Enjoyed what, Sweta?” he asked winking. It is always like this with men. They want to make girls talk dirty. So, I smiled and replied, “Did you enjoy using my body to pleasure your peepee?” He laughed and said, “Very much. Looks like this trip is going to become one of the best, with just you -” he stopped speaking suddenly, which gave me an impression that they were planning something. “What?” I pressed. “You will see anyway”, he said and turned to the TV. There was a movie playing that I immediately recognized. “Oh! I played a small role as the heroines friend in that movie” I said excitedly.It was one of the big movies in which I played a side role. I, along with another small time actress named Divya had many dialogues in the movie. Of course, you can guess how I got the role, but there was a talk in the set that even Divya got the role in the same way. But she did not seem like that. She is a good looking girl with a soft personality and an easy smile. During the shooting, we became somewhat good friends and kept in touch even after the project. “Did you like working with Divya?” he asked suddenly.I did not bother thinking why he was asking, but I told him about how we liked it and how we both became friends also. He seemed somewhat happy about it, and this time, I noticed. But he did not say anything, being a girl, how can I ask. So, we chatted for a while and he put his hand around me, played with my boobs for a while. I thought he will fuck me again, but his sleepy face told me that nothing was happening that night. I was disappointed, but got up and left for bed.Next morning, while we were having breakfast, Sandeep asked me to come along to the town to some super market. I was not too thrilled about it, but agreed and we went. It took us almost two hours to return and I was tired. By the time I came in, I was so tired, I just wanted to go to my room and lay down for a while. The lack of sleep was coming back. But I wanted to be fresh for the evening. So, I went upstairs towards my room. As I walked up, I could hear the sound of some girl making loud noises as, obviously, some one was fucking her. You know, the in and out sounds we girls make as we are fucked nicely. I thought Ravi or someone was watching the porn with sound so loud. I laughed it off and walked up into my room. Obviously, the sounds were coming from my room, and Ravi was responsible for it. But the loud yelling was not coming from a computer, but from an actual girl.She was laying on the bed, with her head hanging off from the side of the bed. She was completely naked and has her legs spread wide apart. Ravi was on top of her, with his hands holding her boobs and his cock deep in her pussy as he fucked her hard and raw. “Ready to cum, baby, Ready to cum!” he was yelling. The girl whom I did not recognize, yet, yelled back, “Do whatever you want! Do whatever you want, Ravi”. Ravi did not give a pause as he fucked the girl in her pussy yelled back, “I want to cum in your mouth baby!” As I expected, she replied back, “Do whatever you want, Ravi”. She was obviously a very horny girl and loved getting it that way. Ravi grunted hard, and pulled himself out and hurried over her body. His cock was drenched in the girl’s pussy juice and there was a string of juice dripping from the cock. it made a trail on the girls body, all the way to her mouth that she held open. Ravi carefully sat down straddling her head between his legs, as the girl took his cock in her mouth, with all the dripping juices. As Ravi held himself steady, the girl immediately began moving her head in and out so that she was fucking herself in the mouth with Ravi’s cock. With a big grunt, Ravi pulled his cock out and just inches away from her mouth, he let his load of cum out into the girl’s mouth. The girl obediently kept her mouth open as he finished cumming. It was obvious that the girl was very well used to being a slut and getting fucked this way. It is also obvious that she enjoyed this as much as men do.Ravi was panting as he said, “Good job, Divya. I always enjoy fucking you the most!!”. That’s when I recognized the girl. She was my friend Divya. The soft speaking quiet girl with innocent homely looks. escort bayan istanbul I was so surprised that I let out a gasp that got Ravi’s attention. “Ah, come in Sweta. Your friend just came in and I was greeting her properly” he said as Divya sat up, covering herself up a bit. She looked a bit red with embarrassment or excitement as she greeted me. “Hi Sweta”.“H..Hi.. Divya?” I said surprised. Ravi laughed at it and said, “I will leave you two to get to know each other”, and left, but not before he wiped his cock with my skirt and pressing on my boobs as he walked past me. What is it with men and boobs? But I was too shocked seeing Divya that I did not resist.Divya smiled and looked back. I was still too shocked at this as I watched my innocent friend licking the man’s cum from her lips and fingers. “Don’t be so surprised Sweta. I am just like you” she said.“But, But, what are you doing here, Divya” She just smiled and said, “I got the invitation to party too”. I nodded, still the new fact sinking in. “Are you..?” I tried to ask, ” Did you..? you were..?” I tried many ways, but couldn’t ask what I wanted to ask. Divya laughed and nodded, “Yeah! I am a slut too”, she confirmed.“Did you know them? You were so familiar with Ravi”“Ya, They have been calling on me for dates for 3 years already”.“Wow, I thought they had such parties before but didn’t think for so long”. 3 years ago, I was still in my town and was still a virgin, but Divya was already a slut then. She is even bigger slut than I am. She seems to read my thoughts, when she laughed and said, “How else do you think they knew about you”“You mean, you told them to get me?” I was surprised. “How did you know about me”“I recognized you first day itself, sweta” She said, sitting up. Wow, I thought, she was so much more experienced than me. Its like shes suddenly older than me. “Thanks, Divya didi” I said without thinking. “No problem, choti behen” she said hugging me.Her naked body was covered with love juices and her face still had a lot of cum dripping from it. When she hugged me, a lot of it got rubbed onto me, and the cum on her face smeared on my cheeks. But, for some reason, somehow, it felt so normal and so right that I did not mind it even a little bit. I did not realize that the chance calling her a didi really made us as close as sisters. Close enough for me to even sit beside her in the bathroom as she took bath to clean herself. Thinking back, I feel gitters about it even now, but at that time, it felt very natural and a lot arousing.By that evening, we got very close, joking and sharing things about each other. We also talked about the four friends and the more I heard Divya talk about them, I felt more closer to all five of them. As the evening approached, I began feeling the nervous anticipation of what was about to happen. It does not take Einstein to guess what was about to happen in the evening, and the anticipation was killing me.Maybe because there were two girls, we began getting ready as early as 5:30 and were not done till 7:00. Divya wore the lehenga I wore the day before. She is a little taller than me and so looked much slimmer in it and her navel shown itself in a very beautiful dip. The choli that looked almost like a bra pushed her boobs together making a tight cleavage and the see thru lehenga gave a peep at her long legs that made even me whistle at her. Since she went the traditional dress way, I wore a modern dress. I wore red sleeveless tshirt that only covered until the base of my boobs. The neck was so low that if someone put a finger in the tshirt, my boobs would pop out.. Also, everytime I lifted my hand a little bit, the tshirt went up and gave a show of my boobs. I loved it. I wore a white polyester mini skirt way below my navel that stopped at the middle of my thighs and black heel sandles. The skirt was very light and with every step I took, it flew around so cutely, that I decided to steal it after this trip. Then we did the makeup for each other. Divya decided that the nail polish I had was not the right color and she wiped them all off from hands and legs, and painted all of them very carefully with a pink polish that matched my outfit. The care with which she took care of my beauty was very very endearing to me.When we came downstairs, I saw that all the four guys wore nice clothes and were joking around, drinking. I couldn’t help laugh at it. “Oh wow boys, did you get ready for suhag raat?” I asked, “I did not think you boys would get ready so nicely for just us two”.“Oh don’t worry honey, we prepared in many many ways for tonight” Ravi said winking lustily. It was very obvious that those friends had planned something really special for the night. Add to that the fact that Divya was here too, means that they planned this event for long time too. Suddenly, I realized that the real party date for this trip was not the day before, but tonight. I felt heat raise to my cheeks. I can’t wait to experience whatever they planned. If the day before was so great, then today will be even more awesome.Divya and I walked over laughing, holding hands, when Chetan said, “Wow, you both look great”. He stretched out a hand, inviting me, I walked over and put my hand in his hand, fully knowing what he will do next. As expected, he pulled me sharply towards him and with a yelp, I fell into his lap laughing. His lips found my cheek and neck as I felt tingles around. I couldn’t stop giggling “I am not sure if that gagra choli looks better on Sweta or on you Divya” Vijay said. “You look stunning in it”. I looked up at Divya and knew that she really liked that comment because she gave Vijay a full on lip kiss. Then they began passing around drinks and snacks, and the party took off. Divya and I took the role of servers for the boys, and they took the roles of raunchy lust filled men who made dirty comments at us and touching inappropriately as we walked about.When I got Ravi a drink, he pulled me suddenly towards him. So unoriginal, but still I liked it. I fell into his lap and his hands surrounded me around my bare waist and his face into my neck. I couldn’t help getting ticklish and giggled uncontrollably while he nuzzled into my neck more. “Stop that” I said slapping lightly, but very affectionately at his cheek, causing him to reach up and kiss my lips. Two days ago, I would not have dreamt that I would be so close to a guy like Ravi, or that I would be encouraging him to do more. We began chitchatting lightly and having a good time.We all began enjoying the party with a lots of drinks, music, dances and with lights dimmed a bit, we felt like we were in a disco bar. In a short while, I noticed that Divya was already a little drunk and was dancing while being sandwitched between Ravi and Chetan. The two boys were holding her, and of course touching her every where, while Divya does not seem to mind at all. I took pity on her and went over and pulled her and dropped her on a sofa.. “Sit for a while Divya, or you won’t be able to enjoy the rest istanbul escort of the party” I said giving her a glass of water.. I put my hand on her shoulder and sat beside her, when someone said, “Kiss her”.I smiled and bent down, by then Divya also leaned up and met my lips. I never kissed a girl before, but I realized that her lips were very soft. I felt myself opening my lips and her tongue came into my mouth. I rubbed hers with my tongue and I felt the heat of her mouth. I realized that I was licking Divya’s spit, and somehow I liked it more. Also, I have a lot of experience kissing men, but this was the first time I kissed a girl. I realized that a girls lips and tongue is much more softer and sweeter than a man’s. I enjoyed it so much that for a second I got the doubt if I was a lesbian. I moaned loudly in pleasure, and heard someone laugh. But I didn’t care, I loved it. I felt my hand push Divya’s choli on the side and went over her boob. Her nipple was already hard as I pinched it a bit. She let out such a nice long and cute moan that I fell jitters on my body also. I understood why men love it when I moan too.“Feed her some sweet water, sweta” someone said. I giggled and took a small amount of water in my mouth and bent down and gave a mouth to mouth kiss again to divya.. and slowly opened my lips.. Divya opened her lips and simply let the water into her mouth and swallowed. To my surprise, she pulled me down and kissed me again hard on my lips, causing the boys to make catcalls.I was standing and bending down as I kissed Divya, and I felt someone touch my ass from behind. He pulled my skirt up and felt my panties being pulled down. It was so great feeling the hand on my ass, as it rubbed over my ass cheeks and then reached in the middle, over my asshole and down onto my pussy. I let out a long seductive moan when I felt the fingers on my pussy. I turned around to see that it was Chetan’s hand on my ass. Watching a man vulgarly fingering my pussy, I did the only thing a good slut should do. I gave him a smile, opened my legs wider and thrust my ass back towards him for easy access.And then, my world exploded in pleasure. I felt two things at the same time. Chetan’s hot breath , wet tongue on my ass and his finger pushed into my pussy. I remember yelling out something, but I fell down onto Divya and felt her hands around my neck tightly as I felt Chetan finger my pussy rapidly. Add to that, he really did not mind pushing his tongue anywhere in my abdomin. He was licking my asscheeks, my pussy, and even my butthole. It was my first time getting licked there like that, and it was just great! “Take the top off”, I heard Sandy say. I obeyed and unhooked Divya’s choli and let her books out. I heard him laugh, and say, “yours too”. With all the fingering Chetan was doing, I could not think straight. I tried to pull my tshirt, but just could not focus on it. Getting frustrated, I yelled out, “Help me! Take it off!!”I felt two hands push my tshirt up, over my soft waist and pull it over my head. I saw that it was Vijay helping me, so I gave him a smile. He got beside us and put his hands around my waist and over my boobs on top of my bra. I felt his hands run over my shoulders, under my arms, my armpits, over my bra covered boobs and over my belly. I gave Vijay a smile and encouraged him to grab me. But he seemed more interested in my armpits than my boobs as he ran his hands over them so many times. So, I grabbed his hands and pushed them down on to my boobs. His hands were of the right size and covered over my boobs exactly, so grabbed on them with his hands. It felt so good that I let out another moan.Chetan stopped fingering my pussy and began pushing his tongue deeper into my pussy. I felt shivers all over my body and felt something leak out of my pussy. I heard him pull back laugh saying, “Oh Sweta is leaking juices here boys” and licked up all the juice trickling out of my pussy. When I did not feel his tonge back on me, I turned back to ask. When I saw what he was doing, I could just smile. He was pulling his pants off. Soon I felt his cock rub against my pussy and ass all over. It was already wet and slippery from all the licking and leaking, Chetan’s cock went right into my pussy without much resistance. But when it did reach its deepest point, I felt it touch something that caused me to shiver all over.Chetan began fucking me slowly, in and out. I heard Sandy’s voice from my right side say, “Go slowly Chetan. Fuck slowly so you will last long time and can fuck both the girls”. Well, four boys were planning to fuck me slowly, and sharing tips about how to fuck us for a long long time, who am I to say no?. I liked the idea too, so I called Sandy over, “Sandy, come here”, he came over, “sit beside me”, he sat down, “Come here” I said with an arm around his neck, pulling him towards me. I gave a sharp pull on my bra and the hook snapped, freeing my boobs. I held my right boob in my left hand and his head in my right hand, offering it to him, “Suck on this, Sandy”. I heard the boys laugh, but did not care, I wanted someone to suck and play with my boobs as a nice hard cock fucked me slowly in my pussy. His hand found my other boob and it was like a bliss.Chetan’s cock began fucking me a little faster, and with every stroke inside, his cock touched a particular spot in my pussy that caused me to go oomph. Chetan stopped fucking and was panting hard, as he pulled his cock out, “Time for a break” he said flopping down on the sofa on the side. I was mad at him, because I needed his cock to fuck me and catch that spot for a little longer. “Don’t Stop! Don’t stop now!!”, I yelled at himThen I remembered, there were three other cocks in the room too. “Sandy”, I asked stroking his face, as he still was sucking on my nipple like a baby. He looked like a big muscular 6 foot baby sucking on my boob. So lovely! I almost did not want to distract him, but sadly, I have to. “Will you fuck me Sandy” I asked lovingly, kissing his face. Others laughed at that, but I did not care. Sandy pulled himself off my boob and said, “Sorry hon, I had you yesterday. It’s Divya’s turn on my cock today” I did not like the answer but liked how his finger found my wet pussy at the same time his lips found my other boob. “MMMM!” was all I could say. I looked around and saw Vijay was already fucking Divya on the sofa beside me, which left Ravi. So, I called on, “Ravi, will you”?Ravi walked over with a smile, and said in the exact Ravi style, “Will I what, Sweta”. I knew he wanted me to spell out exactly what, in the most vulgar fashion. But I needed his cock in me. So, I said, “Your friend did not finish fucking me, Ravi. Will you take your hard cock out and pleasure yourself by fucking me?” That got a full round of cat calls from everyone in the room. Ravi answered, “No”, to my astonishment. He was already getting out of his clothes as he said, “But I will do something else”. “What??” I asked a bit annoyed at his answer.In response, he bent down and sat between istanbul escort my legs, and leaned into my pussy. His lips directly found my clitoris, and as he sucked on it, flicking with his tongue, I felt my world explode in colors. I could not bear it as he showed his magic on my pussy. He sucked on my pussy lips, he rubbed his tonge inside my pussy, on the roof, he bit on my clit, and then all over the sensitive skin of my pussy. Everything he did was pretty different from what I had, before, and everything he did was causing me to lose more and more touch with reality as I felt myself shiver, float, yell and do everything at the same time. At one point, I just could not bear it and yelled out so hard that something shot out of my pussy.With cross eyes, I looked at him and saw his face wet with something. “Did I piss on him?” was that thought in my mind. But I could not think up an answer as my mind did not feel straight. I just pulled Ravi up to me and hugged him tightly, whispering how much I loved what he did. “I thought you did not like me” Ravi said. “That was before you did this” I replied, “Now, I think I love you” causing everyone to give a round of laughs again. But shamelessly, I hugged Ravi tightly. I looked around and noticed Vijay was out of Divya, and they were cuddling, everyone was watching us like we were on some stage. I blushed so hard in shame that I felt hot and red all over, causing them to laugh again. Boy, they were laughing a lot at us and having fun today evening, I realized, but then, they hired us for just that.Everyone took a short break after that, and Divya and I got the duty of serving up snacks/drinks for everyone. Only this time, Divya was completely naked, and I wore just one small skirt and nothing else. When done, Divya squeezed herself between Chetan and Sandy on a sofa and I went out to the bathroom for a small break. By the time I came back, Divya was on the floor, lying with her legs apart and Sandy was already in her pussy. I thought they were taking a break and was so surprised, I did not see someone grab me and pull me over to the floor. Between giggles, I found myself laying beside Divya, and Ravi was prying my legs open. I let him, and his cock was balls deep in my immediately, “Fuck me, you vulgar lover” I said to Ravi slapping him lightly, surprising myself and everyone. Ravi accepted and began fucking me nice and fast. I opened my eyes when I felt someone’s foot beside my face, and saw that Vijay was standing with his both legs on the sides of my face. To my side, Chetan was standing similarly over Divya. I understood what was happening, and I opened mouth. Vijay slowly sat down with his hard cock aimed right into my mouth. When it was close, I held his cock with one hand and balls with the other and guided it right into my mouth. I realized I was helping a man fuck my mouth with his cock, and opened my mouth wider, so his cock would go as deep as it can. Vijay carefully began fucking my mouth as the other cock fucked my pussy. It was just so great.After a few mins, Vijay asked me to open mouth widely, and he stood up. I saw that his cock was dripping with stringy mixture of my saliva and his cock juice. I did not understand why he is standing up, till Chetan and he switched places. Chetan’s cock was also dripping with stringy mixture of his cock juice and Divya’s saliva. I have no idea what came over me, but I invited him to put it right in my mouth, letting it all drip into my mouth. I just ate it all. From what I heard on the side, so did Divya. We were total sluts that day, and loved every minute of it!!After that, what started was a round table fuck session. There were four cocks and between Divya & I, there were four holes. They all jumped between the four holes and fucked each of them one after the other. I have no idea how long they did that, and what all juices I ate up, the cock juice from each of the four boys, the saliva and pussy juice from Divya, even my own pussy juice. But it was one of the most pleasureful fucks ever!After a while, they declared they were all ready to cum. Divya and I did what good sluts should do. We sat against a sofa on the floor, with our faces close and waited for them to shoot. Chetan started off as he stood in front of us and began stroking, staring at our faces. I reached up and held his balls sack, causing him to moan as he stroked more, till his cock exploded. His cum splashed over my face, then he turned to Divya’s face and splashed out some more, and then had me suck his cock off clean. I liked the taste of his cum a lot. Then came Vijay, who ran up to us holding his cock hard, causing us both to laugh at him. Our mouths were open, so his splashes fell right into my mouth. But I did not mind. “Kiss her” Vijay commanded, I did not know to whom, but I turned to Divya and we kissed with a cummy lips. Like I said, I loved how her soft lips felt and it was very hard to pull away, but I realized, the cum that fell in my mouth was not there. Divya and I ate it up! “How did it taste to eat cum, Sweta?” Ravi asked. He is the vulgar one all the time. But I was well beyond bothering about vulgar comments, so I answered, “Yummy!!”Sandy and Ravi looked at each other and walked up to us together. “Then its time to take one totally” Ravi said. “I want Divya” Sandy called out. “Good” Ravi said eyeing me like a piece of candy. I loved it, and opened my mouth eagerly beckoning him to come to me. Sandy stood beside with his cock in Divya’s mouth and Ravi offered his cock into my mouth. He stood with his legs apart and held my head with both his hands. “Take it in and don’t let it come out till the cock finishes cumming” Ravi instructed me. I nodded with his cock in mouth. I pushed my tongue against the cock inside my mouth so his cock gets a soft rub as it goes in and out. I also knew enough about guys balls to know that if I hold his balls sack tightly, he won’t be able to cum for a long time. So, I held his sack tightly, and began moving my mouth over it. I could see his abdomen area get red as he was ready to cum, but I held tightly and did not let him cum.I heard Sandy grunt and yell and knew he was cumming. I felt him go away from Divya’s face. But I still held Ravi’s balls sack tightly, not letting him cum. He was almost moaning pitifully, when I let go of the sack. His cum really exploded out of his cock as it splashed into my mouth and filled up completely, even drooled out of the sides, in a split second. I let him go, and he took a step back panting, gasping and almost falling down on floor. I looked at him with cum full in my mouth, and gave him a wink. Take that you dirty man, for all the dirty vulgar things you said and did, I thought.I felt Divya grab me by hair and pull me roughly to her, and felt her lips on mine. She still had Sandy’s cum in her mouth and the kiss mixed them both. We kissed and licked up at each other till we were both clean and pulled back. The four boys were high fiving each other at a great job they did fucking us. Divya and I hugged each other tightly as we both suddenly realized that we just ate up the cum from all four of the boys. Watching the boys smile and chat with each other excitedly, we knew that we satisfied them very well. And that thought was what we loved most!!

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