Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 08

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*****Author’s note: We apologize to everyone that has invested time into this story. We apologize for how much we fucked it up and how bad it ended up sucking. We also apologize for the rant we included with Ch. 7 and for the lack of proof reading and several errors through out the terrible mess. But since we started it we figured we better end it and not leave it unfinished, so here’s the last chapter just in case someone actually cares. *****

My father left the house still laughing, leaving me with two guards and the realization of what he just revealed. Stasha, the beautiful woman my father had given me, was my sister, my mother’s daughter! The similarities were obvious now. The deception of my parents and the knowledge of who I was fucking made me instantly lose my appetite. I went back to my room, past the two guards, dressed in black, both large men, to throw up because that’s how bad I felt.

As I sat on my bed my disgust and anger stewed until I was fuming. I was angry with my mother for lying and beyond angry with my father for what he had been doing. I decided right then and there it was time to grow a pair and do something. I doubted Stasha even knew who I or my father was to her since Dad had said Mom gave her up for adoption at birth. She’s probably never even met her or even knows who she is. With my father’s limitless resources he found her to get even with my mother and me.

I had to figure out a way to make my father pay; something that would hurt him worse than killing him, something worse than death… but what?

The biggest problem was I was a prisoner… I had no communication with the world. Dad had taken my phone and disconnected my internet. I couldn’t do anything locked up in my house with two big dumb guards keeping me here. First thing I needed to do was escape. I began looking around my room for some kind of weapon I might use to incapacitate the guards. The only thing I found was my old aluminum baseball bat from when I was a kid, tucked in the back of my closet. It was small for my height now but still could do some damage if I could get close enough. I almost acted rashly and left my room to find the guards and get it on but I stopped short, knowing I needed a plan. Well, two plans really; one to get out of the house and the other to take down my father.

Hiding the bat back where I found it, I sat down on my bed and devised my plans.


Around noon a knock sounded on my door. I expected one of the guards with my lunch but when I opened the door it was Stasha. Dad probably thought it would be funny to send her over again even after I knew who she was. She did have my lunch with her and from her look and demeanor had no idea I knew who she really was. She was dressed really sexy again in a tiny sundress that barely covered her bottom.

“Hungry?” she asked, sauntering in with a tray of food.

“Yeah, sure,” I said hurrying over to my desk to hide what I was working on from her. My plans were almost ready and seeing her took me by surprise. What was I going to tell her? I didn’t know if I should spill the beans and tell her I was her half-brother and what my father was doing to her biological mother. I had no idea how loyal she was to my father or what she would do when she learned the truth. Odds were she’d act like most people would and freak out after finding out she had fucked her brother… twice.

As I looked at her there was no doubt in my mind that Dad was telling the truth, she was my sister and the similarities to my mother were even more obvious now.

“Your father called, said you were dying to see me again?”

“He did, did he? That was nice of him. How long have you known my father?”

“Just a couple of weeks. I was dancing for my job and he came in one night.”

“Let me guess… he dropped a lot of money on you and made you an offer?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Is Stasha your real name or your stage persona?” I asked.

“Hey, I can be whoever you want me to be, baby,” she said, putting her hand on my chest.

I grabbed her wrist firmly and stared down at her.

“Oh, are we back to this then?” she asked, “Reverting back to an asshole?”

“No, I just want the truth, I’m sick of all the fucking lies!” I said, letting her go.

“Fine… my real name is Becky, not a very good stripper name so my old boss came up with Stasha.”

“And how old are you, Becky?” I asked.

“23, why does that matter?” she asked.

“Because I’m 19, which means your mom was 16 when she gave you up for adoption?”

She froze, looking at me oddly. “How did you know I was adopted… how do you know anything about my real mom?” she asked.

“You should probably sit down,” I said.

I turned back to my computer and opened a picture of my mother I had on the hard drive and turned the monitor to Becky who had slowly taken a seat on my bed.

“This is your mother, your real mother.”

“Okay… and why do I care and why do you know this?”

“Because she’s also my mother… Kars Escort you and I are siblings.”

Becky turned green.


She said nothing while I explained to her what was going on, who I was, how I didn’t know until this morning who she was and all my father was doing and why. The time it took to explain didn’t help with the way she looked. I really thought she was going to ralph, knowing the exact feeling since I felt it just a few short hours ago.

Suddenly she got up and headed to the door but I sprang to my feet and stopped her, shutting the door as she tried to get out.

“Let me out of here! You and your father are freaks and sickos I want nothing to do with!”

“You don’t understand. If he finds out you know and what I just told you he won’t hesitate to kill you. Trust me… he’s already killed a woman who knew less.”

She backed away from me, grabbing her arms in her hands and shivered even though the room was warm.

“I just want to go… I won’t say a thing to anyone, just let me go.”

“I can’t… he’s doing this to make my mother… our mother pay. You need to act like nothing has changed or he will hurt you to hurt her and cover his tracks. We need to work together and take him down… it’s the only way out of this with any semblance of a good resolution for us.”

She sat down on my bed again, deep in thought. Her color had returned to normal, which was good.

“I can’t believe I fucked my brother… Just makes my skin crawl thinking about it now!” she said, not looking up at me.

“I know, it’s weird… I felt gross as well.”

“Really? Why would you care since you seem to like fucking relatives like your own mother!”

“Wow… okay you got me there and I know you’re angry but we still need to work together to get out of this.”

“Why, I could just tell your father what you have planned, I could stay with him. At least he’s not related to me!”

“Really? You think my father gives a damn about you? No he’s just using you to hurt me and Mom. You see that right. As soon as he’s done with you you’re dead. That’s what he does!”

She started to cry then, knowing the truth and I think she realized how caught up in this she was. I went over and sat on the bed and put my arm around her. She flinched at first, probably grossed out still but soon let me hold her and she put her head in my chest, sobbing. I could tell she hadn’t had a very good life so far and this was only worse.

“And… I… thought…. I had finally found…. something….” she sniffled.

“What?” I asked.

“You… I was hoping you and I would… well you know. And now to find out you’re my brother! Everything’s ruined.”

“I’m sorry… I really am… I was kind of hoping the same thing to tell you the truth. I thought my father was actually being nice for once and introducing me to someone like you. I should have known better.”

“You were perfect, I’ve never felt the way I do with anyone else… what you did to me was so amazing…” she trailed off.

“I know how you feel.”

“Now I know why your father said I was so similar to his wife. He found the closest thing he could in her daughter. Makes me want to vomit. Am I like her? You’ve had us both… are we similar?”

“Very, which was why I was so taken by you.”

“But… she’s your mother… why would you… what made you…”

I took more time explaining what had happened between Mom and me and how she had deceived me by lying about my dad. But I also was honest with Becky and told her how I felt about my mother and what she had awoken in me and how she made me feel. I finished with telling Becky she made me feel the same way.

“This is so fucked up and so unfair! I was so excited to see you again and well… fuck you again and now that’s all gone, shot to shit.”

I apologized again and held her close.

“I’m so conflicted! I don’t know how to feel… don’t know what to do. One part of me wants to hate you and your father and the other part wants to do you. I’ve been thinking about it all night, could hardly sleep. Even now I’m wet and horny and turned on over my fucking brother holding me!”

“We can figure this out when it’s over… but you have to be with me on this. You can’t reveal anything to my father. Play it cool and help me take him down.”

“And what about your Mother… my mother… are you going to help her?”

“I don’t even know where she is but I want to. So are you in? Will you help me?”

She pulled away and looked up at me, tears falling from her beautiful eyes. She hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “I’m with you… what do you want me to do.”


I revealed my plans to Becky and with her on my side they got even better. She felt good about them and was only worried about keeping the truth from my father. She didn’t know if she could lie to him and keep the secret of who she was.

“He’s going to ask me what we did today… he usually wants the details. What should I Kars Escort Bayan tell him?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Make something up… tell him you sucked me off and then we fucked for four hours in multiple positions. It doesn’t matter. What matters is following the plan and getting what we need. You can leave the house. I can’t, so just play it cool, get the stuff and let’s put this plan together.”

“I’m such a bad liar. I don’t know if I can make it sound convincing. He loves details; I think he gets off of them.”

“What do you want to do? We have no other choice but to lie to him.”

“Or… we could not fake it… I could maybe suck you off… I could tell him that’s all you wanted today.”

“Are you serious… even after I told you who you are? As my sister you want to still suck me off, just to not lie to my asshole father.”

“I just know it will be easier for me to tell the truth at least about the sex and hide the rest.”

“And you’re okay with sucking your brother’s dick?”

“Well, yesterday we did a lot more than that… I think I could handle a blowjob if you can.”

I didn’t know what to think… one part of me wanted to continue right where we left off the other part of me knew from past experience that messing around with a relative never ended well. I hesitated to answer and she picked up on it.

“Oh… so now that I’m your sister I’m icky… I no longer turn you on? I find that hard to believe especially knowing how much you enjoyed your mother. I’m sure I can convince you cock to forget all about being my brother,” she said reaching forward to grasp my dick through my shorts.

I didn’t try and stop her. She was right… I of all people shouldn’t have a problem with this. The only thing that worried me is what my mother would think, after all, my father found my sister to make my mother pay.

I soon forgot about everything as my cock hardened rapidly in the hands of my sister stroking it through my clothing. She made quick work of shorts and underwear when I stood up, leaving nothing between her mouth and my throbbing rod.

“That’s what I thought… your cock doesn’t care if it’s Stasha or your sister Becky sucking it,” she said, grinning up at me before slurping me inside her hot mouth.

I let out a loud moan because she sucked really hard on the tip before swallowing the entire thing, as she’s prone to do. It was heavenly and I could tell she was getting off on the idea as well, making this the hottest and dirtiest blowjob she had given me yet.

My shaft and balls were soon covered in a mixture of saliva and pre-cum from her efforts. She used very little hands, mostly just her mouth working up and down my shaft and sucking the head again each time before descending back on it. I stood before her for twenty minutes at least as she bathed my cock with her mouth and caused sensations that curled my toes and made me quiver everywhere.

“Fuck… I love sucking your dick… even if you are my brother… so much to work with it gets me so hot and wet,” she said.

That’s when I noticed where her hands were. She had both of them under her little sundress grinding and fingering her sex and clit. She was playing with herself and sucking me at the same time. Just the idea put my arousal level almost to the erupting phase and if it wasn’t for her pausing to tell me how much she loves sucking my cock I would have cum. Even as it was I was on the verge anyway.

“I’m going to cum any second.”

“I know… I can tell, little brother,” she said, grinning again, mischievously.

My cock found its way back into her mouth. She was teasing me now, scarcely making contact with her tongue around my head, driving me crazy with wanting to cum but not peaking just quite yet. Her eye’s stared up at me, obvious mischief in them… she knew exactly what she was doing. She teased the head, keeping my pleasure hovering around climax with only a fraction more stimulation before I blew. Her eyes watching my expression and getting off on what she was doing to me. Her body tightened and flinched suddenly and I think she had taken herself to heaven before leading me there as well.

As soon as her lips closed around my shaft and she descended, ever so slowly, my climax surged forth and I exploded into her mouth. The pleasure was wonderful, racking my body with jolts and spasms, knocking me off balance to the point I had to hold onto the desk as my cum shot forth into my sister’s mouth. She didn’t even recoil or gag, taking my large load with ease and swallowing it before sucking me clean and standing up.

“There, now was that so terrible? Now I can tell your father what we did and not lie about that part.”

“Yeah, cool… and it wasn’t terrible.”

“I know, you loved it and so did I… we’ll figure that out later. I’m going to go now and get ready for the plan. See you tomorrow, Brother.”

She licked her lips, kissed my cheek and headed out the door. My legs wobbled and I fell back into my chair still reeling Escort Kars from the orgasm my sister had just sucked from my cock.


I was quiet during dinner with my father, still acting like I was angry because of finding out who Stasha really was. He didn’t say anything either, just sat across the long table eating his food in silence until he was finished.

“Stasha tells me you just nutted in her mouth today. Even knowing she’s your sister you still let her suck your dick. I’m so proud to be your father it’s almost overwhelming. Can’t wait to tell your mother. She’ll love hearing that,” he said as he was getting up and walked out of the room.

I wondered how proud he’d be with I took him down. This needed to happen soon and I was hoping Becky had taken care of everything I asked her to do. With any luck this nightmare could be over tomorrow evening.


Dad must have loved telling my mother about Becky fucking and sucking me because she showed up early the next morning. Dad must have told her to attend to me early.

I shut the door to my room and Becky looked great again and was excited.

“I got everything ready and here is the phone you asked for,” she said removing a brand-new smartphone from her bra.”

“Cool so we’re all set then. I’ll get what we need from Dad tonight, and while I’m at it hopefully find out where our mother is.”

“Then what? If this works what do we do then?”

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Between us, and your mother… do I go back to stripping while you and Mom live happily ever after?”

“I don’t know… I haven’t thought that far ahead.”

“I have… I want to stay with you… I want to meet my real mom.”

“Okay… sure we can work that out, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

“I’ve been thinking about this… I know it’s weird… but I don’t care that you’re my half-brother… I mean it’s not like we grew up together. I want more with you than just brother and sister. What do you think about that,” she said walking forward and standing a foot away from me.

She reached out before I answered and placed her hands on each of my arms, slid them down to my hands and grasped them. She was so beautiful with this look on her face, a combination of innocence and desire that melted me. I wanted exactly what she did. Pulling her to me, I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips, giving her my answer. Her breasts smashed against my chest and my cock jumped in my shorts. The kiss was hot, our lips parted and tongues met briefly before we ended the passionate kiss.

“We’ll make this work… I promise.”

“Good, I’ve never felt like this about anyone before… I’ve never been this happy,” she said rising on her toes to kiss me again.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped into my arms, enfolding her sexy toned legs around my back. She kissed me hard running her hands through my hair and holding firmly to the back of my head. Her toned body wrapped around me like that got me going quickly, my cock struggled against my clothing, getting caught and tangled up, not able to rise properly. The blood continued to flow, making it uncomfortable as well as making a strange bulge in my pants.

She untangled herself from me and I let her down but held her tight up against me. We continued to kiss, I realized this was the first time we had really kissed, before it was just sex, wham bam get it done sex. Her body pressed against mine was intoxicating; I loved the feel of her round breasts smashed against my chest and her tight stomach on my cock.

“Mmm, someone’s already big… and all we’re doing is kissing,” she giggled.

“Well, I can’t help it… I find you very sexy.”

“That’s good… because I find you and this very sexy too,” she said grabbing my pinned but engorged cock. “We should let it out… it seems to be trapped.”

She reached down the front of my shorts and took hold of the shaft and pulled my cock around so it was pointing up and free of its constraints. She kept her hand on it and began stroking the skin up and down the shaft as she rubbed her tits and body on mine.

“That better?” she asked.

“Much, thank you.”

“I want to do more than just sucking you today… are you okay with that?” she asked, giving my cock a good hard downward stroke.

“Very okay with that.”

“Good… I was hoping you’d say that,” she said, slowly dropping to her knees and pulling my shorts down as she went.

My cock fell forward only slightly, throbbing with my heartbeat that had picked up considerably. Becky reached forward and took hold of my shaft again, giving me a few good jerks before sucking the head hard once again. It seemed like she really enjoyed sucking me, because she got into the zone once again and worked my cock over with her mouth, almost bringing me to climax. This time she stopped short and stood up, backed away from me with my cock wet and hard as it could be. I watched her strip her clothes off, standing with my hard cock bouncing on its own. She was the sexiest woman I had ever seen and just watching her remove her clothes kept my cock on the verge of ejaculation. A fresh drip of pre-cum appeared out of my slit, making its way forward to run down the V shaped glands.

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