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The school year had ended, and it was a beautiful late June Saturday in suburbia as I noticed the moving truck pulling into our neighbor’s home. The old neighbors had sold a few months ago, and since then all I had seen were various contractors remodeling the house. My curiosity was peaked as I peered out to catch a glimpse of our new neighbors. Me and my wife were not that social, always having things to do, so we really hadn’t got to know any of our immediate neighbors, despite being there for the last ten years.

The Monahan’s we had talked to once or twice in that time, but really had no relationship before they sold. As such, we had no clue as to any description of the new neighbors. Were they old or young? Did they have kids? Were they black? Well I didn’t think that but now I did as the woman directing the movers was a light skinned black woman who was extremely easy on the eyes. She was a striking figure that I guessed was about 5′ 8″, with a nice slim yet curvy figure and C or D cups as she moved about in a nice fitting pair of jeans and a tight top that displayed he assets well. Wow, a stunning woman. From a distance I pegged her at 35 years old or so.

A suburban kid my whole life, this would be my first minority neighbor unless of course you counted my wife, who was Chinese. Twenty years ago, I might have been concerned with property values etc., but I was an older wiser version of myself these days. First, the Monahan’s home was the best property on the block. Also, it appeared they had put a decent amount of money into it already, so they had really increased the value of my house since they bought here. And I can’t explain it but from looking at this woman, she just seemed to exude class and grace. I hoped they wouldn’t think I was bringing down their house value. As I observed the scene, she looked at me and made eye contact and gave a quick wave. I smiled and waved back. She then went back to her instructions to the movers and I focused on my business and that was that. I would have to introduce myself later.

I went back into the house and was greeted with the sound of my son practicing the piano. He was quite good for a 13-year-old, but my wife was constantly on top of him to practice. Our daughter was on the computer doing some type of school work my wife had assigned for the summer. She was 10 years old, but my wife was not going to ease up on her because school was out. I saw my wife Jenna at the kitchen table on her laptop, no doubt either on-line shopping or figuring out how to schedule more crap into our busy schedule. Wearing sweats and a loose top, I wished to myself she would dress a little nicer, perhaps like our new neighbor’s casual wear. At 48 years old, she still looked attractive, but she hid it these days, after 14 years of marriage.

When I first met her, she always was dressed sharp and sexy (although not slutty) with at least 2-inch heels and up. I had to buy her a pair of sneakers when I first tried to teach her golf while we dated because even her flip flops had heels on them. Now, she never put on a pair of heels and when she did, she had a dress covering down to her ankles. In the looks department I was lucky to get such an attractive woman. She was 5′ 1″ (compared to my 5’8′) with a slim figure, b cup chest, a great ass and nice thick but shapely legs. Nowadays she was carrying an extra 10 to 15 pounds over when we met, but she was a still quite attractive. I am your average 50-year-old guy these days with a bit of a gut, so I had no complaints.

Well not no complaints. Sex was once every two to three weeks. Plus, I would like to go out with my wife and watch the eyes turn for the beauty I was with. Unfortunately, her choice of outfits seemed to downplay her great ass and shapely legs so while she was very attractive, she did not draw any attention to herself. Oh, and she nagged. And not just me, the kids too. She constantly nitpicked and screeched at us to the point of annoyance. We weren’t candidates for divorce, but we had some issues.

I pried her attention away from her laptop to squeeze in that the new neighbors were moving in. I let her know I had only scene the wife/woman of the house, but it appeared that she was a bit younger than us. My wife had no reaction to her skin color as it was not relevant to her as well. I asked if we should get them some kind of welcome gift, but my wife figured that would be tacky. We agreed to give them a bottle of wine from my basement, but we also figured we might not talk to them either. I had no relationship with any of the neighbors.

A few days had passed when on Tuesday evening there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to see the biggest dude I had ever seen in my life. This guy was 6’5″ and built like a rock. He had the size of an NFL caliber tight end. Calling him a “Large” black man undersold this guy, wow. I opened the door and before I could get a word out he introduced himself.

“Hello, I’m Larry Jackson, your new neighbor,” he said.

“Hi Larry, I’m Randy nice to meet you,” I replied.

“Same here,” he said. “Listen, sorry to be short with you, but I was wondering if you had a cordless drill I could borrow. Somehow, mine was misplaced Pendik Escort in the move and I ‘m trying to get set-up,” he explained.

“Aaaah sure, no problem, come on in,” I said.

He shook my hand as he walked in and it was enormous. I felt like a child. I introduced Larry to Jenna and we headed to the basement to get my drill. I asked him if he needed anything else, but he said that was all that was misplaced. I asked if he needed a hand but explained his sons were home from college. He was extremely pleasant, but he had an air of confidence and firmness in his demeanor. We exchanged cell phone numbers and he was on his way.

After he left, Jenna came over to me.

“Handsome guy. And wow, is he gigantic, what did he want?” she asked

“Needed to borrow a tool. Seems a bit older than his wife though. I guessed he was closer to my age, plus he had college aged boys. I wonder if that’s his second wife,” I wondered aloud.

“College age boys?” my wife said inquisitively. “Why would they buy that large house if the kids aren’t going to be there?” she questioned.

“I don’t know. I did not have a long chat, maybe he has other kids or a second family with his new wife,” I reasoned.

That ended our conversation as my wife found something my son had done to annoy her and her voice carried as she criticized him. She thinks he is handsome? I guess he was, I could never seem to tell what women considered handsome, but he definitely kept himself in shape and was quite an imposing figure. I made a mental note to not piss him off over something stupid.

Nothing eventful happened and the week went on as normal until Friday when I got a text from my neighbor reading, “Thanks for lending the drill, we would like to invite you for dinner tomorrow.”

Wow that was fast. The new neighbors are friendly. I texted back about checking with the wife. She did not seem all that interested, but we decided to go and responded as such. After a few back and forth’s we would be there around 5pm. My wife would make a side dish to bring and I selected two decent bottles of wine and figured that would good.

I awoke Saturday and thought to myself that perhaps it would be good to have a relationship with the neighbors. As a kid, my parents always got along with our neighbors, although we kids all seemed to be around the same age. Since I had move out on my own, and then in marriage, I had basically not gotten along with neighbors or did not even know who they were. Perhaps this was a good step. I did my daily chores and then got ready for dinner. Of course, the wife was running late.

“C’mon Jenna!” I yelled. “We can’t tell them we were stuck in traffic.”

“Shove it,” she retorted.

Why does it take her forever to get ready I thought? She spends two hours and then comes down wearing a crappy (in my mind) outfit. At 5:10 she did come down, non-sexy attire of course but she looked good. A loose-fitting pair of jeans and a plain unexciting top. She ushered the kids, I grabbed the stuff and we headed over fashionably late. A huge improvement of our normal arrivals.

We arrived and were welcomed in by what would turn out to be the eldest son, Larry Jr. Like his Dad, he was a physical specimen, 6′ 4″, probably 220 pounds or so of in shape male. Not necessarily as amazing as his Dad as this kid was (as it turned out) 20, but I was never in that kind of shape at any age. Really pleasant, yet firm like his Dad he invited us in. He was friendly to the kids and gave Jenna’s hand a kiss. He introduced his younger brother Darrell who I guess was the runt of the litter at 6′ 2″ and about 205 lbs. This was the fittest family in the universe. I could work out for a year straight and still be embarrassed next to these guys. He had that confident quality as well, not uncomfortable around older people, respectful but forceful as he shook my hand. He also kissed Jenna’s hand and was nice to the kids. This was an impressive family. We had excellent new neighbors I thought as we moved into the living room.

Next out was the Misses who was as beautiful as I remembered. She was wearing a form fitting cocktail dress with 3″ heels which made her tower over me and Jenna. Jenna looked nice, this woman looked like she could attend any event and fit in perfectly. Her name was Shanice and she was very nice but like the rest of the family, self-assured and assertive in her mannerisms. I meekly took her hand as a hello as I felt weird kissing her hand but did not feel assertive enough to kiss her cheek or hug her in any way. Larry arrived to say hello. He was dressed immaculately in perfectly pressed pants, a sharp dress shirt and he was well-groomed and wearing a pleasant cologne. All that on his perfect body and apparently handsome face and this guy had it together. I felt out of my element. He apologized to Jenna for not spending any time with us at our house and gave her a hug and a peck on the lips hello. He had game.

Darrell took the kids on a tour of the house and the five of us sat down in the living room as Larry Jr. got everyone a cocktail. Shanice sat next to me on the love seat and Larry sat next to Jenna on the couch. I am not a connoisseur Kurtköy Escort of fine home furnishings, but the room looked like a professionally styled room. Larry Jr. arrive with the drinks and sat on the other side of Jenna as we learned what they wanted us to know.

They had moved here from New York City were Larry had just sold his business (some kind of tech company) and was opening a restaurant a few towns away. He had a management team for that, so that was more like a hobby and he would be spending a lion’s share of his time here, as he considered another avenue of the tech world to get into. This was all impressive to me & Jenna for a man of only 43 years old. Shanice was also 43 (How was that?) and had been a stay at home Mom and then worked in the family business. The boys were 19 and 20, a sophomore and junior in NYU. Larry was working towards law school and Darrell was working towards a finance degree. This impressed my wife as a prestigious university was something she wanted for our kids.

Jenna asked why such a big house with the kids in school and they indicated that they wanted sufficient guest rooms, a computer work area and a recreation room as the reason for size, plus living in the city did not afford them excess room. They wanted a change. They also liked the property lot and planned a pool and an outside entertainment area. We all had a second drink at Larry’s urging before our meal, except Jenna who was only two sips in on her drink.

Their boys had plans for the evening and left before dinner. The four of us and our two kids had a delicious meal of prime rib, baked potato and asparagus all made to perfection. Jenna got up to help clean up after dinner, and Larry brought my kids to his game room (computer and TV’s) that would keep them busy. We sat down to chat.

“So Randy,’ he addressed me. “What do you guys do for fun around here?”

“Not too much, really,” I replied. “After work, we get the kids to their activities and then crash at night.”

“Well, I guess you are busy with that sweet little wife.” He commented.

I was not expecting that. First, we just met. Second, although she was on good behavior tonight, Jenna is not necessarily sweet.

“Well, not busy enough,’ I recovered to say. Not exactly a lie, except it made it seem like there was an acceptable base line of busy-ness.

“Well that is a shame then,” he feigned sadness for me. “I don’t want to talk out of school, but if it was me, I would be all over Jenna, give her no choice in the matter.”

Whoa how did we get here. “She is a pretty assertive gal,” I replied in my best diplomatic voice.

“You’re kidding me. In my experience Chinese women are submissive. I may have to teach you how to be assertive,” he counseled me.

I laughed to myself. This guy doesn’t now the tiger I’m dealing with. But I wanted to stay cordial and keep the conversation from straying into more uncomfortable areas, so I responded meekly.

“That would be great,” I countered hoping to end this conversation.

“OK then. Invite us over tomorrow to use the pool and I’ll start your first lesson,” he commanded. He was so assertive I couldn’t say no.

“I’ll bring it up to Jenna,” I said.

Larry laughed. “That’s your problem, be decisive. If you want us over, then invite us over. If you don’t want us over, don’t use her as an excuse. It probably annoys her that she is the bad guy and that causes half your problems. Be assertive Randy,” he instructed.

He had boxed me in. What could I say? I know what I did say. “I guess you’re right. Why don’t you guys come over tomorrow,” I said as if it was my idea.

“Great,” he said. “Hey is that pool of yours heated? Maybe we can go swimming. We won’t have our pool in until next year.”

“Well yeah its heated but I’m not sure it’s ready to go. We just opened it a few days ago,” I answered.

“C’mon Randy, you can get at it in the morning, can’t you? It will be ready for use by 3 o’clock right?” he questioned forcefully.

“Yeah sure I guess. Come on by around three,” I said.

And that was that. I had just agreed to get my pool PH and chlorine up to par. I needed to be out there at least 5 o’clock in the morning. How did that happen? We said our goodbyes and headed home. Jenna was not overly happy that I had extended an invitation because she felt that she would not have enough time to clean the house and prepare a meal. I told her I would BBQ and we were using the pool, so it would be informal. We put the kids to bed and took care of a few small items and got into bed. I set the alarm for early in the AM and got into bed with Jenna.

Jenna was annoyed, “You invited them to use the pool! Will it even be ready?” she annoyingly asked.

“Yes, I’ll have it ready and the temperature up,” I told her even though I wasn’t sure that was true.

“Plus, I don’t know. Shanice is very charming and sweet, but I kind of felt that she was a bit pushy,” she whined.

“What do you mean?” I asked back.

“Well, she just kind of had me wash the dishes and she dried them. She said the China couldn’t go through the dishwasher, but I couldn’t understand why. Maltepe Escort Plus, I would have thought she would wash, I would dry at her house,” she said.

“I don’t know honey,” I answered. “Maybe it was not on purpose, just the way it turned out.”

Then came the real reason, “I have to wear a bathing suit in front of them? I’m so out of shape and fat and they are all perfect. I’m so embarrassed,” she moaned.

“That’s BS. You look great. I’m the one that should be embarrassed. Those three guys are all studly and I’m a fat pig.” I stated plainly.

Jenna said nothing. I waited a few more seconds.

“Nothing?” I pleadingly asked her hoping for maybe a small lie in my defense.

“Well, you know how I feel about you, but there all handsome, strong men with perfect bodies,” she cut through me with her honesty.

“Gee Babe, I didn’t think you could be that cold,” I winced.

“Oh stop it. I saw you checking at Shanice. Face it, they are an attractive family,” she reasoned.

“Yes they are, aren’t they?” I retorted.

It was then I realized that Jenna was turned on. I gave her a small kiss and started to rub her back, but she tried her best to give the old brush off. But I knew she was turned on, what was the problem? Then I remembered Larry. BE ASSERTIVE rolled in my head. At that point, I just grabbed my wife and forcefully kissed her. I overpowered her and started to remove her pajamas and out of nowhere she reacted positively. I love eating pussy, but Jenna is always against it for some reason. However now I just powered my way past her resistance. I started with big long tongue licks up and down her entire slit before settling in on her clit with short stabbing strokes. God she was wet. She was reacting positively to my persistence. I swung our bodies around, so we were on our sides in a 69 position. I loved this, not just because she was able to work on my cock a bit, but my face not only buried in her fragrant snatch, but I also had my nose closing in on her tight little ass hole.

I was in heaven as I ate out my wife. I hear a lot of guys don’t like eating pussy and I just don’t understand it. I love being able to please my lover, make her feel so sexually satisfied before my dick gets near her. It’s a submissive position, but in our relationship, it made me feel dominant as I got what I wanted. But based on her moaning, it was what she wanted as well. I guess she just thought it was dirty, but for me there is nothing better. Feeling in charge, I shimmied up a bit, so my tongue could reach her anus. She jumped as I gave a quick lick. She yelled at me to stop, but I was THE MAN tonight and continued. Each lick she squirmed. So I started to suck in air and blow air out without actually licking her bud as kind of a compromise and it worked. I could feel her start to get excited from this maneuver as she bucked and moaned at my handiwork. Every 3rd or 4th blow I mixed in a quick lick and she would respond with a buck to stop me and then I would go back to what was working. Finally, she was primed and ready.

“Sex, Sex Sex,” she purred indicating she wanted my cock now.

“What do you want?” I grunted out. I always love to hear her say ‘Fuck Me’ but she almost never does. I sometimes try and hold out for it, but I usually lose the war of wills and just stuff my cock in there. NOT TONIGHT.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT!” I commanded.

“FUCK ME!!” she yelled out.

My always timid wife was turned on and a tad dirty. This was highly unusual but very welcome. I rammed my cock into her balls to the wall as she screamed out in ecstasy. As I started to ram her hard, I quickly realized I was way too high. I did not want to cum in 30 seconds. I tried to pull back, but my wife was grinding and pushing her pussy on to me each time I slowed or stopped to regroup.

“DON’T STOP!” she demanded.

“If I don’t stop, I will stop,” I whimpered back.

Less than a minute later I realized it was futile and I was going to blow so I just started slamming for all I was worth, and I came and came and came. I managed to get in a good 10 or more strokes after I climaxed, but I crashed and burned in a lump. That was a great intense session, I just hoped I had not left Jenna hanging. I had spent quite a while on her orally so hopefully that had made up for my quick explosion. She seemed happy but would not kiss me after my down under oral exploration. Before I knew it I had fallen asleep. I slept well.

I awoke early and got right outside to work on the pool. I was a little upset originally that I had allowed myself to be talked into this by Larry, but after successfully implementing his advice last night, it seemed well worth it. Plus seeing Shanice in a bathing suit was an appealing thought. Not ever really having an opportunity to cheat on my wife, I really didn’t know if I would cheat on her but if I did, Shanice would be at the top of the list. Of course, looking at her husband, even if for some strange occurrence she would actually want me, the practical side of me would want nothing to do with a pissed off Larry. He’d turn me into dust in short order. In fact, I thought to myself to be careful not to get caught ogling. That could turn out bad as well. I continued my work and thought, hey didn’t he call Jenna a sweet little wife? Maybe he was one of those guys that doesn’t mind a little chatter about the wives. I certainly didn’t, at least with my friends I had known for years.

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