Being Promiscuous Isn’t Easy

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The same old string of objections flowed as Terry Whitehouse arrived home after taking Kitty (14) and Paul (11) to Heather’s parents who would look after the kids until their daughter and son-in-law arrived to join them for lunch next day.

Heather scowled at Terry, not yet in her dress, and said, “I really don’t wish to go tonight.”

He thought in the years since their marriage two years after they graduated college together, Heather had become so unexciting, a moaning stay-at-home really.

“I’ve got nothing to wear and won’t know many people there and my hair’s a mess.” she whined.

He wanted to tell her to stay home by herself and be a mindless hermit, but instead said, “Put on a dress, wear your hair up as you do when you dress up and after a couple of drinks and laughing with folk you know, you’ll be pleased to be socializing. You always enjoy any night out in the long run.”

“Says you.”

He decided to take a stand. “I’ll be leaving in ten minutes. If you’re not in the car by then well too bad, drive yourself and then you can come home whenever you like.”

That stunned her into silence.

Eight minutes later as Terry reached the front door she brushed past him and was in the car before he’d left the porch.

“Oh well done,” he said cheerily but was ignored.

The hostess Isobel Ritchie kissed Heather warmly and pecked Terry on the cheek and then really rocked him by brushing her hand over his dick.

He smiled appreciatively at her acknowledging her good choice but already she was leading Heather into the house, their backs to him.

Terry eyed Isobel’s tight ass and the shapely backs of her legs thinking she could be really great at sex.

He almost tripped over the doorstep.

He was aware he’d been married almost 14 years and had not strayed for the past seven years. Terry tried to convince himself Isobel had just dropped her hand off his back after reaching up to kiss him and in turning had accidentally brushed his dick.

But perhaps it wasn’t an accident. He’d heard Isobel and David were under stress because their 11-year-old daughter had run away from home twice after violent arguments with her uptight father.

Terry entered the crowded room and David smiled and asked how he going at golf and Terry was said he didn’t play golf and took the glass of red from his host. Exploring the wine’s treasures, if it possessed any, with a sip Terry looked through a gap between people straight at Isobel’s tits; he recognized the floral dress. He looked up and found her gazing at him intently. He smiled and she looked away.

Shit what was going on here?

Kenny Farr grabbed him by the arm and led him to two women without introducing Terry and then related a joke one would normally only tell women when they were drunk. The two women laughed politely and wandered away.

“Who are you fucking these days pal?”

Terry replied, “My wife.”

Kenny wandered off and Terry, an accountant, walked over to two attorneys he knew and they discussed the possibility of their Rotary Club president resigning in the wake of his serious car accident.

More than an hour later Terry went off for a pee and as he reached the door he heard Isobel say, “I’m right behind you Terry.”

He stopped to allow her to use the bathroom first but she pushed him in and locked the door as she entered.

“Darling I’m been waiting for this opportunity for s-o-o long,” she simpered, kissing him full on the lips.

What opportunity? Was that noise his knees knocking?

Terry thought about asking Isobel had she got the right guy but instead kissed her and her mouth opened and she pulled down his zip.

Oh boy.

He went to grab a big breast but she pushed him away and ordered, “Remove your jacket and drop your trousers.

Thinking of the big wet pussy just a yard away in front of him he did what she asked without hesitation and watched Isobel remove her panties and she pulled herself up on to the vanity bench and spread her legs. Her finger went into the center of her hairy damp-looking hole.

“Push in darling; we haven’t much time before we’ll be missed.”

Twang. His erection was up in a flash. He spat into his hand and rubbed that over his dick and pushed in, they both grunting. He was surprised she was quite tight.

“Oh yes, you’re so big,” she groaned. “I knew you would be because you have a big nose.”

He ignored that and began pumping and it became easier for them both as she lubed.

“Quickly, quickly,” Isobel urged. “Shoot into me. I don’t want my clothes messed.”

He stuck a mitt down the front of her dress and squeezed a fat nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She grabbed his ass and slammed him against her as he upped tempo.

Isobel turned red-faced and came and he ejaculated heavily seconds later.

“Pull out, clean up and get out of here,” she ordered. “Don’t waste time talking.”

Terry was out in the hall and mopping his forehead when he wondered had he really just had a sex?

What almanbahis giriş a pointless exercise that was, he scowled, but it probably was all Isobel wanted if she was angry with her husband and wasn’t allowing him near her pussy.

Heather looked surprised when she asked Terry to take her home and he said okay. Usually she had to ask three or four times over about an hour before she could budge him.

“I’m horny,” he lied as they drove home. “Let’s fuck on the kitchen bench.”

He knew the only chance of that happening was if she wished to please him for some reason.

“No way, you stay away from me tonight. You’re drunk,” she said, pleasing him because he felt tired and temporarily feeling off sex after being used by Isobel simply as a quick meat injection.

Two days later Molly Watson came into his office seeking help with a complex analysis that had stumped her.

“Hi Terry could you spare ten minutes,” said the 28-year-old married blonde.

“Yeah lock the door and remove you panties and bra,” he said.

She looked at him nervously and said “Terry!”

He signed and said he was only joking. He was an admirer of her awesome body.

Terry wondered what the hell was he playing at. She could lay a misconduct complaint against him.

But it appeared it would be okay. Looking at him curiously, Molly moved in and sat right against him and showed him on the spreadsheet the progress she’d made and the area where it appeared to turn to custard.

He saw it in an instant and pointing to five entries said those outstanding debts shouldn’t appear in that column at that point in time and she sighed happily.

“Omigod, that’s the problem. Oh thanks Terry. Um do you really want me to lock the door?”

“Yes providing you can keep your mouth shut.”

As Molly turned the key Terry phoned his PA on the other side of the door and said, “We have an urgent problem to resolve Mavis. No interruptions for thirty minutes.”

He went to the sofa and said, “Strip Molly.”



“My husband is away at a medical refresher course and I… well I feel the need. Your timing is magnificent.”

Terry dropped his trousers as she stripped he said ruthlessly, “Suck my dick Molly.”

When her pace slowed Terry picked her up and flipped her on to her hands and knees on the sofa and went in behind her and sucked pussy.

“Lick my butt too if you wish,” she cooed. “You are very, very good.”

After she came Terry wet his erection with some of her liquids and pushed in and for such a small woman he was surprised he went up to the hilt in the one fluid motion.

“My girlfriend fists me regularly so I’m quite big.”

Terry jerked into her but the release was only moderate and so he was able to keep going.

They came almost together and he felt about done but she said, “Work my butt and then go in Terry. Do you have condoms and lube?”

“Sorry I don’t do butt except with a finger.”

“Damn but I could very well be back for more Terry.”

He went home tired and grabbed one of Heather’s tits. Although the kids were glued on TV she hated him doing that when they were in the same room.

“I have a headache,” she hissed.

“Oh damn, take painkillers,” he said, making a bit of an effort to sound sympathetic.

Terry felt he could easily develop an appetite for casual sex but would prefer to do it without pressure and taking longer about it.

Two weekends later the chance for a good long fuck came quite unexpectedly. His wife’s youngest sister Wendy, who was only twenty-nine, was staying with them for the weekend. Heather went to church on Sunday morning and had warned she’d be late home because it was her turn to be in charge of after-service coffee and biscuits.

Wendy had gone running and Terry was in the shower when Wendy came into the bathroom and said in shock, “Omigod, I’m sorry. I didn’t hear the shower running and you left the bathroom door open.”

Terry grinned eyeing the sweat that had outlined her tits in the tight t-shirt and Wendy gaped at him.

“Omigod what a big penis.”

He knew he shouldn’t fuck his sister-in-law so reluctantly growled, “Get out, you have your own bathroom.”

She ignored him and stripped to reveal a pair of great boobs and an unruly bush through which fat pussy lips protruded.

“Get out,” he said.

Wendy said get fucked and handing him the soap said to soap her back and ass.

Terry obliged.

That was a bad move because as soon as he began lathering her back, his dick stiffened.

He hoped she wouldn’t turn around and she didn’t but as he was soaping her ass cheeks Wendy reached behind, grabbed his erection and began jerking him.

“What the hell are you doing?” he roared.

She said cheekily, “As if you didn’t know. I want this up my cunt.”

“If your sister finds out she’ll slap me and kill you.”

“Well she won’t find out will she? She’ll be home late and the kids have sleepovers so won’t be home till late afternoon.”

Terry almanbahis yeni giriş had to agree that was convincing argument.

He turned off the shower and lifting Wendy carried her to her bed.

He dumped her on the bed and said to get him a condom. She reached into her handbag and handed him a six-pack.

“Is that enough?” he joked and she groaned and said oh fuck.

Terry was thirty-seven, sexually experienced and patient, and so spent quite some time stroking and licking her tight young body.

“Are you a virgin?”

She laughed hysterically and so he guessed that answered that.

Terry moved up to return to suck a breast. Wendy squeezed the other one and wheezed, “Stick it in pal because I’m ready.”

Wendy choose missionary and he slid into her with some effort because she was tight. When he was fully in she pulled her spread legs back in and rested them on his shoulders.

Terry choose a slow, full length rhythm and felt he could continue all day but then began to doubt that when every so often she brought her knees closer together and the harder going made him pant.

Finally he felt her heating up and her breathing rate accelerated. He decided to keep on plowing after she’d released because she probably was a multiple squirter, being athletic.

Wendy had other ideas. As she began entering her climax she dug her small finger into Terry’s butt and they came together with plenty of noise.

They rested and Wendy then said would he like to take her in the butt.

“I’m off to shower,” he said. “You make coffee and wait in the kitchen. We have gotten away with it so far, a lovely leisurely fuck, so why risk continuing and getting caught?”

Wendy sighed and said she knew he was right about that.

“You were rather good for an older man.”

He grinned, gave her an obscene gesture and went to the shower.

Heather arrived, saying to Wendy who was reading a magazine on the sofa she was early without saying why. Heather looked around suspiciously for her husband, possibly picturing him in cum-stained clothes, but he arrived whistling from the garden with a lettuce and some carrots.

“Oh my good man,” she said happily because, presumably, she had approved of the sermon, she hadn’t found Wendy fucking Terry and she wanted to give Wendy the impression that she and Terry had a model marriage.

That evening Heather wanted to fuck. “But don’t be noisy,” she whispered. “Wendy is in the next room.”

“I want the butt and only the butt tonight,” Terry leered, grabbing her and spreading her ass cheeks.

“Get away from me you foul bastard. It’s not your birthday. Goodnight.”

Terry yawned and grinned knowing he was not fully recovered from the effort he’d put into Wendy earlier in the day. He drifted off to sleep imagining he was giving Wendy a tit fuck and she had her vibrator up his butt. He awoke during the night sweating, having dreamt he was having treatment for gonorrhea and was being told the drugs to control and cure it were ineffective.

Next day Terry thought about that nightmare and wondered if he had received a subliminal message, hopefully a warning rather than Wendy had actually given him the clap.

After two weeks, with no sign his dick was in trouble, Terry resumed indiscriminate sex but resolved to always wear a condom and to avoid cunnilingus, believing that ought to leave him in the clear from contacting any nasties. He didn’t have to look far for willing flesh because loud mouth Molly Watson must have told her friends that he was the best fuck in the office, or something like that, because every week or so one of the office females would knock on his door, seeking advice, and either on that visit or one soon after she would ask did he indulge in casual sex or engage in an alternative overture that led them into sex.

With the supply of this ‘walk-in’ sex continuing unabated, Terry was left with the impression that many women were drifting about sexually dissatisfied and were eager to disclose ‘my guy doesn’t understand me’.

Some revisited Terry and with all that activity he began losing weight but his wife didn’t inquire about the reason for that, probably thinking her standard of cooking was going downhill quicker than her interest in having sex with her husband.

Then Terry’s standards slipped and a couple of times when no condoms were on hand and he went in unprotected and ended up with a painful STD that fortunately responded well to treatment.

That unpleasant experience was enough to shake Terry into modifying his promiscuity. The accountant decided it would be best to seek advice and invited Isobel Ritchie to lunch and she proved to be a fountain of knowledge.

Isobel paved the way as they began their entree.

“Are you looking for sex?”

She’d gained weight, making her less attractive, and Terry was mindful of that abrupt bathroom encounter he’d had with her when she’d used him like a toy just to get herself off quickly. He had to handle this astutely.

“Yeah lean almanbahis adres over the bar for me.”

She laughed and eyed him.

“I rather think I’m unsuited to you Terry because at the time of our first and only encounter I received the clear message you were dissatisfied with a quick in and out plunge to achieve climax, that you were a guy interested in all the bells and whistles.”

Well he was off the hook, Terry decided and began gently: “When did you become promiscuous?”

“Has my husband asked you to drag out sexual confessions from me?”

Terry showed his surprise and said, “David and I never converse like that.”

“I thought as much,” Isobel laughed. “He doesn’t even talk sex with me. Well I became wildly enthusiastic about sex at college and took on just about every guy and a couple of females who wanted a piece of me. Some people would have thought of me a slut but it was like I’d discovered I had an appetite I needed to feed. Even today there are few things I like better than getting off.”

Terry said had he’d been putting it around a bit and thought he should be taking care not to stumble across a STD. He asked Isobel if she had any advice.

“I suggest you avoid oral sex as much as possible and always wear a condom. Even if she wants to suck you, wear a condom. And don’t suck your fingers after fingering her and be aware licking butt can also put you at risk of an STD.”

“Um how often do you stray?”

“Usually twice a week and plus David of course. The problem is he’s quite pathetic at it, preferring to perform slowly and gently as if he’s some kind of sex artist. But he puts it around a bit and seems to find women who like his technique.”

“He knows you put it around?”

“Yes of course. Doesn’t Heather know that you do?”

“God no, at least I don’t think so. Please don’t even hint to her that I do.”

“Okay I won’t. I guess you know your wife and my husband have been having it off for years?”

Isobel watched the wine glass slip out of Terry’s hand and smash. She smiled and said, “Oh I guess you didn’t know David thinks your Heather is the best fuck in this city?”


Terry considered divorcing Heather because of her deceitful promiscuity but slowed to a stop on that one because a divorce would be upsetting for the kids and because of his sexual wanderings in recent months. It would be hypocritical of him to divorce on the grounds of Heather’s promiscuity.

God what a sly fornicator. She probably was more skilled at keeping it secret than he was.

A couple of weeks they lunched, Isobel invited Terry to lunch at the hospital where she headed student nurse training.

Mindful that hospital executives were always bleating that the hospital was seriously under-funded, Terry was surprised at the almost opulence of the executive dining room and top quality of the food.

They occupied a quiet corner and Isobel said, “Have you considered divorcing Heather because of her deceit?”

“Hell no, that would be um hypocritical of me.”

She smiled and said she was relieved about that.

“Why would you care?”

“I care because in my married life I have the security of having a family including a husband who works like a slave for me. If you and Heather broke up David might be tempted to dump me and take on Heather. I would have much to lose.”

“Well quite frankly David would be welcome to her. Heather and I are practically sexually incompatible.”


“What does that mean?”

Isobel smiled and said he was like most men, possessing the belief that their life revolved around sex without giving it much depth of thought and that equated to them thinking like a child aged about five.


“Don’t sneer. I suggest you think about it. Think what part of your home life can actually be apportioned to sex, even if you did get it frequently.”

“Hmmm. I can see what you are getting at. You are asking me to put it into perspective.”

“Yes, indeed. A married guy who is reasonably active sexually with his wife would probably spend more time eating with her than having sex with her. Time out for sex probably more closely equates to toilet time.”

They laughed although Terry was also nodding as if acknowledging Isobel had made a valid point.

“How do you manage to attract guys at your age when most guys at our age thinking of straying would expect to target slimmer and younger sexual partners?”

“You rude jerk,” she smiled. “I use an incredibly and quite successful technique, aware that no technique will produce a 100% success rate. I approach the guy I target for sex and soon after chatting say, “Would you be interested in having a piece of me?”

“Usually I’m known at least slightly to my targets. A few guys flee almost in terror but most stand their ground and engage in talking about it. They need to be delivered the answer to their big question of ‘why me?’ Ego is an extraordinarily useful thing in the manipulation of people.”

“I carefully say something like, ‘I’m hot, in the need of sex’ and ‘I regard you as a standout person’. Even if they know they’re not a standout person they’ll accept that I consider they stand out for me. From that point they either disengage or continue chatting until asking, ‘Then how do we go about this?’ Easy huh?”

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