Being taken by two Voyeurs in the Park

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Being taken by two Voyeurs in the ParkMen often ask me if I secretly love the idea of being rap*d. I have thought long and hard on the subject and came to the conclusion that a lot of women want to feel they have been taken, and by men they have no connection to, so we are talking about illicit fucking, brutal men laying claim to another mans pleasure, the following is an account from my twenties, that happened one day, and for me an erotic adventure that I lost control of my body as men enjoyed my lust.Please read and comment so I know you too can agree that having quickies can and does become the best sex ever.I awoke with the Sun streaming through the bay window, the noise of the milk cart with the bottles rattling, heralded my milk delivery.In the background there was the hum of bees pollinating the flowering bush growing beneath the sill, it was noisier as the bottom of the window was up about 6 inches and the curtains thrown wide.My husband was up and about, which was a pity, as I was in the mood for lovemaking, and lying there basking in the sunlight I run my hands over my nude body, getting excited with the feel of my erect nipples, stimulating my palms, and vise versa, and the inevitability of reaching between my slightly raised and open thighs, my fingers slipped in and out of me, initially randomly but then with regularity and rhythm, I was having a morning quickie and getting into my stride, when to my horror I suddenly realized my precarious situation, the ‘Fucking milkman’, could see from his cart, right onto to where I lay.The sudden realization and shock made me cover up, and no sooner had I when my husband walked in, all smiles, with a tray with tea and toast on it.My heart was still pounding, both from the exertions of self relief, and being almost caught, now it seem by both my husband and the bloody milkman.’Christ Peter’, I remonstrated, ‘you left the curtains wide open, I could have been lying here as naked as the day I was born’.He put the tray down and smiled, ‘You were when I got up this morning’, he said as he poured, ‘and I must say you looked delicious’, he concluded, handing me the cup.’What if Charlie the milk guy had saw me’, I scolded him, with a naughty grin on my face, ‘what then’, I challenged.’Sorry darling, just never thought about it’, he replied, ‘in fact it was he that got me out of bed’, he continued.My eyes fell onto the bay window and though it faced directly onto the street out front, the bay window corners were angled, and from where I lay, I could see the front door.I looked at my husband with a quizzed look, ‘Has he been’, I asked?’Yes’, türbanlı maraş escort he replied, ‘about five minutes after I got up’. I swallowed hard, ‘He came to the door, and you had opened the curtains’?He said yes to both questions, as he walked back out of the room.I had a sudden queasy feeling in my stomach, not a sickly queasiness, just a deep gnawing feeling, being seen naked was one thing, but was I subconsciously touching myself, as I lay before fully awakening, somehow being espied doing it by a stranger, did in a dark sense always excite me, as it was always my constant favourite theme, whenever the mood struck me, like it did this morning.I got up and went into the bathroom, I needed to wash, especially as I was in an excited state and very wet between my legs, then I saw the time, ‘Shit’, I shouted, ‘I’m late again’, and finished up doing my ablutions in double quick time.I rushed back into the bedroom, and partially drew the curtains for privacy, then tossed the towel onto the bed.’Want to fuck’? I looked at the bedroom door, where my husband stood, ‘Trust me darling there is nothing I would like better right now, but I simply dont have time’, I replied, and as I spoke I clipped-on a half-cut lace brassier, sheer mesh showing my hard nipples making poking through.’You make it hard for a man to concentrate, Mariel’, and I watched his eyes traverse my naked body, and at that point, and dont ask me why, I picked-up the matching garter belt, clipped it into place and started to pull on a pair of hi-cut diamond mesh stockings.I was as horny as hell and so was my husband, the teasing was in part anger and frustration, and the woman in me, subconscious cry for sex. I pulled my blouse on and buttoned it up, then my mid thigh skirt, I was on a sexual high, my head spun and my crotch ached.’How about we meet at lunchtime and have a picnic in the park, I know a secluded part where we could have some quality time’, said my husband?That sounded great to me, the draw of the sun was too great to resist, ‘Sounds just the ticket’, I replied, grabbing my jacket and bag, ‘call me near midday’, I concluded as I rushed out and went to the bus stop.The queue was starting to build and I got into it, feeling satisfied I would make the next bus, then I realized, I was not wearing panties, I had forgotten to put a pair on, during my hectic morning rush and mood swings.When the bus finally arrived I was conscious of the men looking at me, and imagined they knew I was going commando, but as the bus rocked to and fro, I was warming to the fact türbanlı maraş escort bayan I was without panties, and could feel myself flowing, I had honestly never felt so horny for a man as I did that morning.When my husband finally called at around 10:00am in the morning, I had fought the urge to snuck off to the bathroom and relieve myself, instead I sat in my office and teased poor John.The thought of having sex in the park was a strong possibility over lunch, and John was always on my case with sexual innuendos, and of course, my wearing stockings were a focus for him. So I let him have an eyeful, whenever I caught him looking up between my legs, I was getting into my stride as the midday clock chimed closer, by then of course, John was looking at my stocking tops, and I was past caring.We arrived at the park, with a picnic in tow in the form of two plastic carrier bags. Inside the park we made for the seclusion of trees, and as we wove our way in amongst them, I ached so much it hurt.At last we were there, spreading a cloth and unpacking the sandwiches and fruit on a green patch of grass, and as my husband laid them into some semblance, I removed my jacket, then as an afterthought, I unbuttoned my blouse and removed it, siting there in my lacy see through brassier, with my erect nipples rejoicing at their sudden freedom, and the expectation of sex in the open.We ate in silence as I looked around to make sure we were not going to be disturbed, that was when I saw him, a voyeur, just standing and staring, suddenly I felt naked knowing he could see me as I was, then I felt excited even more than I was earlier, as if I was entering into my fantasy.I looked across to my husband, blissfully unawares another man was looking at me with desire, I wanted to say so, but something inside said , ‘No, let him see you’, and the dull ache came alive, so quietly I stirred and moved beside my husband, turned to face my voyeur and exposed myself fully to his gaze, he sank to the ground, and as I watched him he touched himself, down there between his legs.I looked at him with a longing between my legs, adjusted myself beside my husband so my legs faced the unknown man behind him, and parted them so he could see between them and my unfettered crotch, my skirt riding high on my stockinged thighs, my smooth pubis in direct line of sight, there could be no doubting my intentions with this stranger, as I causally glanced from time to time and saw his erect penis, long and hard, pointing between my legs, so far and yet excitingly near.’Fuck me’. türbanlı escort maraş My husband looked at me, still unawares as to what I was doing or showing this stranger, ‘What’, he started to say, but I put me finger to his lips and shushed him.’Don’t look around’, I said quietly, ‘there is a man looking at me, and he is stroking himself’, I said thickly.My husband looked at me with a fixed gaze, then his eyes traversed the short distance down to my indecent pose, ‘Your panties’, I smiled wickedly, ‘he can see everything’, I murmured, as if terrified the stranger would hear my dirty confession.’Do you want him’, my husband asked over and over again, softly, and I moaned, ‘Yes’, to each dirty mouthing, his hand stroking my inner thigh, his fingers wet with my exertions and vaginal secretions, I was being fingered in the most delicious way, and I dropped from my propped elbow onto my back and crushed my breasts as if kneading bread, the hardness of my nipples sending wave after wave of indulgent pleasure, my hips writhing on the green grass, I wanted to scream out my pleasure, I wanted to draw him closer and let the stranger enjoy me.My eyes were closed tightly and as I turned my face, I felt it brush my lips, soft, hard and silken smooth, the stranger had come across the short distance and knelt by my head, he was naked from the waist down, and his cock lay on my lips.I lay motionless, my husband said nothing, just employed himself between my open legs, the stranger held himself harshly against my slightly parted lips, the acrid odor of his cock and seminal fluid, seeping from that inconspicuous eye now run across my moistened lips, I relaxed my jaw and opened to him, breathing in deeply and relaxing my throat, he entered unrestricted to the deepest part my throat allowed, I closed my eyes as he mounted my face and humped like a b**st, that was when I felt another pair of eager hands on my body.I could feel an ankle being taken and lifted high onto his shoulder. The heat from his naked body as he slid along my stockinged leg and onto the naked flesh of my nude crotch, his cock probing behind my husbands fingers, then he was inside me, my husbands fingers toying with my erect clitoris this second stranger poking deep inside me, so deep I could feel him behind my belly button, their urgency and grunting was like the perverted music of my sexual dreams, being fucked like this was the very essence of my fantasies, abused and forcibly taken by men, even the two fingers stretching my back passage was an abuse that sparked a naughty, if sadistic outpouring from my slutty mouthings, ‘Fuck me, DP me’, yes I knew the talk from online chatting, but feeling other men’s semen enter my body, triggered the deep dark side of my yearnings, my soul laid bare for these men and my husband to see, I really was a sexually passionate woman, and so we fucked into the afternoon, parting friends with swapped number and promises to rekindle my desires.

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