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“I like cock” she said in that strange nasal tone of voice. I looked at her askance.


“Cock. I love it.”

“Thats what I thought you said” I said. Why was she telling me this?

Irena had asked if I could take Bela up to the hills and I’d agreed readily enough. Who wouldn’t want the company of a pretty young girl on a hike in the Upper Vidalen National Park? The sheer beauty of Norway laid out before our eyes.

I reached back and grabbed the thermos. I needed a moment to gather my thoughts.

“Tea, right?”

She nodded, her dark eyes seeking mine from below her lashes.

Irena had explained that Bela loved the nature of Norway but she seldom had the chance to see it. Living in Oslo was easier than living in Belgrade, but getting out of the city was difficult for a twenty two year old student and Bela really wanted to see what the two Serbians had described as the ‘real Norway’.

“Since your going anyway, wouldn’t you mind taking her with you?” Irena had asked.

I poured the tea and its fragrant Jasmine scent filled the cab of my battered old Land Rover. I passed the plastic mug to her and her fingers briefly touched mine.

“Thank you” she whispered. I watched her blow on the hot liquid for a moment and thought to myself how her lips were so beautiful.

Why would she tell me that though? I was thirty eight years old. Almost old enough to be her father, was that it? I poured out a second mug then screwed the cap back onto the thermos.

Bela was a head shorter than I was. She was slight of build with short black hair which fell on either side of her face in short bangs. Her face was pale, and made more so by the hard April light. She had an air about her that defied description, as if she was not entirely present. I had assumed she was the dreamy kind of girl, the sort who loves to imagine entire worlds in her own imagination.

Irena and Bela lived in the apartment above mine. They were both Serbian exchange students at Oslo University. I’d only known them for a few weeks. Though they’d lived above me for the entire previous year and I had often noticed them, especially Bela, it was only recently, in a local community meeting, that I’d found myself talking to them. After that, our relationship had blossomed and only a few days later, Irena had graciously invited me to dinner. At first, I’d wondered if Irena was interested in me but if this idea wasn’t quickly disproven by the photographs she’d showed me of her young fiancé, then it had when she told me that Dejan was coming up to Oslao for a week end and could I take Bela with me up to Vidalen?

“Since your going anyway…”

I often took the car up to the high lands of southern Norway. My contract at work was only going to keep me here for a few more months and I was determined to see as much of this beautiful country as I could before I had to return home.

Apart from her big green parka, and a pair of outdoor shoes that didn’t impress me at all, Bela had only brought a blue sports bag with her. It had become quickly apparent that she had no idea what it would mean to hike and sleep out doors at this time of year. Luckily, I had the means to adapt to this situation since I had the keys to my friend’s hut. At this time of year, it paid to have a contingency plan. I wasn’t sure what Bela was going to think of the hut though.

I sipped my tea and keenly felt her presence beside me. I’d never taken a girl up in to the hills before, and certainly never imagined taking one as young and beautiful as Bela.

“It is so lovely” she had said when the Land Rover crested the last ridge before the wide valley opened up before us. I’d pulled to the side and stopped the engine.

“You don’t have such beautiful mountains in Serbia too?” I asked.

She shrugged.

“Maybe. I don’t know. You see things different when you are away from home. Back there, you see only your life. Here it is very different.”

I’d nodded, though I was not really on the same page. I was used to travelling and seeing the world. For me, human beauty was ephemeral, but nature never ceased to impress me. I told full hd porno her this, and her eyes sparkled at my enthusiasm. I became ever more aware of her smile and the way her cheeks dimpled.

“Cock?” I asked.

“Very much.”

I smiled and frowned at the same time, and then turned the key. The engine kicked over and coughed to life. She laughed at me, and I saw she was teasing me, flirting.

Dusk was only two hours away and we had yet to eat a hot meal.

“It looks like a barn” she said as we drew up in the small clearing beside the hut.

“Originally it probably was” I replied.

Sverre had modernised the small building, but in Norway this still meant cold water and a black iron stove. For all their progressive mania, Norwegians still loved to live it rough sometimes. When I showed Bela the bedroom she turned down the corners of her mouth.

“Its freezing!” she exclaimed. I grinned and set about making dinner. I was starving and also, I had a tense nervous excitement fluttering in my chest. Twenty two made her far younger than any woman I had ever been with, but it was neither illegal nor immoral as far as I could see. I lit the stove and then brought in the food from the car.

“Is there no electricity?” she asked, her phone in hand. “I need to recharge this.”

“You’re in the wildnerness now” I smiled. She stared at me for a moment and then put the phone away.

“Can I help?” she asked.

“We need wood for the stove. Its stacked behind the house” I replied.

The hut only really had two rooms and a small cubicle that served as a bathroom. The stove kept the main room nice and snug but the bedroom remained cool. After we’d eaten, sitting by the only window that looked out across the darkening valley, she looked about the room and asked where I was going to sleep. I walked over to a wooden cubbard and opened it, folding out the mattress that was concealed within.

As I was cleaning up the dishes and utensils, she came up behind me. “This is a strange place. I think usually I would not like it, but today it is very nice.”

I looked at her face, softened by the candle light. Her eyes glittered. I knew this was the moment to act – if I wanted to. I knew that here was a window of opportunity that might never come again. The months of hidden glances and shy smiles had at last reached the point where I must act or not, but I was still uncertain. Was it the age gap or her strange hesitant manner? Something or other kept nagging at the back of mind, warning me of many possible consequences.

I reached to touch her cheek softly and in the dim half light, she caught her breath. Her eyes looked back at mine with burning intensity. It was quite possibly the most beautiful and awe inspiring moment of my life. I kissed her and felt her lips open to mine. I moved my hands through her hair and held her head and my heart leapt with excitement as I felt her body pressing against mine. It was true I realised. She was really there, against all my doubts and wonder. This beautiful creature, like something from a dream, was kissing me. For a while, my mind stopped thinking and I sank into the endless pleasure of her mouth.

Her fingers undoing my belt brought me back to my senses. I ran my hands down over her shoulders and onto her narrow hips. She was as slender as a wraith but her movement gave the impression of a great energy that was barely contained. She undid my trousers and to my surprise, she went straight down onto her knees.

“Wait” I whispered, but when she looked up, I couldn’t find any further words of protest. I wanted her mouth so badly that instead, I simply pushed her face back and exulted in the all enveloping warmth that engulfed me. Her mouth was unbelievable and I groaned with uninhibited pleasure as my fingers tightened in her hair.

She had said she loved cock, and now her eagerness proved it beyond any doubt. I’ve had plenty of women attend to me in this manner, but none of them devoted themselves to their purpose with the same enthusiasm and abandon as Bela did.

This strange girl, with her unusual manner and mysterious personality, gangbang porno opened my emotions with such an ease that I quickly found myself pumping my cock deep into her welcoming mouth with ever more powerful strokes. Her hands gripped my thighs and she opened her eyes to look up at me. In the gloom, I could still clearly see her looking up at me with a sated expression that was pure joy to behold. I strained my muscles and emptied myself into her.

“I have wanted to do that for a long time” she whispered as we lay on the bed, side by side. I rolled onto my side and stared into her eyes.

I’ve seen you watching me” I admitted. “But I couldn’t figure it out.”

“Figure what out?” she asked.

“You” I said. “Your so different from every one else. I couldn’t figure you out.”

“Did you like it?” she asked. “It was what you wanted?” Her eyes sought mine again, darting from the left to the right.

“Of course” I said, but even as I said it, I sensed the answer was somehow false. “I mean, Yes. I wanted it, but I didn’t really understand that until we kissed.”

“I was so afraid you would not want me” she said. I frowned and shook my head. Something about her manner began to disturb me. This was an infatuation that went beyond my understanding.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

For a long moment she held my eyes with hers. Then she took my hand and placed it between her legs.


I could scarcely believe it. I stood in the darkness and stared out across Vidalen. Some where on the far side of the valley, a single car moved between trees. Its head lights flickered and flared sporadically and my mind seemed to be doing the same thing. My breath came fast and my heart thumped in my chest. What ever I had imagined, what ever I had dreamt, my understanding had fallen away beneath me like a trap door on a stage. How could I not have understood? My thoughts ran crazily back and forth from the feeling of pure happiness I had felt at the embrace of Bela’s lips, to the absolute shock feeling her small penis cupped in my hand.

Her penis? How could I still think of her as a girl I wondered, but how could I not? The Bela I had come to know, was only ever a girl. I’d not had any idea that she was anything else. My mind raced back to all the times we’d been together with Irena. Surely, Irena had to know, and if so, then this had to have been a conspiracy.

After a while I returned to the hut. Bela was no longer on the bed. She was sitting at the window with her phone on the table in front of her. I sat opposite her and stared at her face. A small part of my mind tried to see her as a man, but all I could see was her eyes.

“I’m sorry” I said.

She smiled, but sadly.

“Its okay. I should have made sure you understood” she replied. I looked down at the table and tried to gather my thoughts into a coherent form of expression.

What I meant, is, I’m sorry I didn’t understand. I thought you…” I stopped, unable to find the right words.

“Really, its okay” she replied and in the semi darkness she reached across the table and put her hand over mine. I knew she was lying. I could feel her disapointment just as easily as I had felt her earlier happiness. I tried to construct a sentence that would explain how I felt, but I couldn’t catch my feelings fast enough. My mind whirled and spun with emotional confusion.

“Does Irena know?” I whispered.

She frowned and nodded. Did that really matter I asked myself.

She stood and moved across the room. I stared at my hands whilst she placed more wood in the stove. Rather than sit down again, she began to make tea.

I went to the bedroom since I was used to the cold and unfolding my sleeping bag I lay on the bed and let go of my mind. Again and again, my thoughts returned to the feeling of uninhibited happiness I had felt in kissing her, of her body pressing against mine. I relived her mouth on my cock, again and again and I was unable to find the peace of mind necessary for sleep. After an intermidable length of time, I reached for my phone and found it was 2:14 am.

“Bela?” genç porno I stood in the doorway and whispered into the darkness. The stove had died down and I could not see her at all. For the space of a dozen heart beats there was no reply and my heart grew heavier and heavier.


“I want you.”

The next morning, we drove into the little town of Bagn to buy breakfast. With a smile, Bela hopped out of the car and hurried into the bakery. I sat with the engine muttering quietly and stared with unseeing eyes at an old man walking down the street towards me. We had lain beside each other, kissing and touching until sleep had overtaken me. Now, in the harsh light of day time, I was beset by confusion. Who was I? My eyes focused on the old man. Was I like him? Was he like me? Had he ever loved a woman like Bela? Could he?

Bela came out of the bakery and passing the old man, she smiled at him and in her heavily accented Norwegian, she bid him good morning. He looked at her and smiled in return. She climbed into the car beside me and shook the paper bag.

“Round pieces” she giggled.

We drove back to the hut and I made coffee. I need coffee in the mornings. Once that was done, we ate by the window. It was still too cold to sit outside.

The plan had been to walk the valley after breakfast, but we never made it past the bed. Almost without thought, we fell into a kiss that never seemed to end – eventually falling back onto the bed like teenagers with her on top of me.

She weighed very little.

She took me into her mouth again, but now she took her time. Instead of the burning hunger of the previous evening, now she acted with a studied and luxuriant ease. Now she was taking her time to enjoy herself. I lay on my back and let her do as she would. I felt nothing but intense sexual satisfaction. The doubts and fears of the night had evaporated and in their wake came a smug sense of fulfillment. I felt as if I had finally opened a secret part of myself that I had never known before. As if I had found a secret room in my old family home.

Then I wanted to see her cock. I rolled her off me and pulled her jeans down her long pale legs. She was wearing white cotton panties, incongruos and innocent but for the small straining cock they could not conceal.

I had never seen another erection in real life. Only my own. Bela’s was rigid, shaved and quivered to my wondering touch. She giggled then with helpless mirth. I closed my hand about it and felt its warmth. It wasn’t very big, not even half the size of my own, but it felt like nothing I had ever experienced. It gave off a scent that seemed to hypnotise me, and without much thought, I opened my mouth and suckled on it gently. Bela stopped giggling at once and her fingers clutched at my head. I pressed her legs aside and began to explore her body.

I don’t know what I was expecting. Years of tasting women’s vaginas had conditioned me to a certain frame of mind and expectation and at first I did not expect this experience to be able to dominate my senses in the same way. I was surprised at how easily it did. The taste of her cock, her leaking pre cum, and the sound of her pleasure quickly brought me to an unequalled sense of lust. Repositioning myself I grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs to expose her tight little anus. I said nothing to her. I merely looked at her eyes and saw my own sexual hunger reflected.

As I pressed gently into her, I watched and listened to the small eager noises she made. I had never heard a woman make such wanton sounds before. I was transported to a state of mind that seemed to exist only for us. After a few moments of sweet difficulty, she opened up and took my entire length and I closed my eyes to focus on the sensation of penetrating her. Her trembling fingers reached up to touch my mouth and I looked down to see tears rolling down to the bed. Her mouth was open but she had no voice any more. Her eyes looked at me and silently told me how much she loved me.

It was a pleasure beyond description to fuck her. She was so small and light in my hands that I could do as I wished, and she took everything I gave her with loving gratitude. I brought her to orgasm whilst I fucked her slowly, happily watching her arch her back as she came. Then, before she had fully recovered, I took a hold of her ankles and used her anus rigorously. Eventually, and happily I emptied myself to the sound of her pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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