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Subject: The belated education of Charlie Hibbs Chapter 4 DISCLAIMER: IT IS YOUR GOODWILL THAT KEEPS THIS PLACE GOING SO PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO NIFTY. THE PEOPLE WHO WORK SO HARD TO MAKE THIS THE WONDERFUL PLACE THAT IT IS NEED YOUR HELP TO DO THAT. ANY AND ALL DONATIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED AND TOGETHER WE CAN ENSURE NIFTY REMAINS THE NUMBER ONE SITE FOR ALTERNATIVE EROTICA IN THE fty/ This story contains depictions of sexual acts performed by boys with each other and boys with men. If this content is something that offends you or it is illegal for you to read such content please do not read any further. If you are too young to access this content lawfully please do not read any further. All places and characters depicted in this story are purely fictional and not based on any places or people in real life and any similarities to real places and people are completely coincidental and not intended in any way. This story is fantasy, not reality. If you have trouble telling the difference between the two please do not read any further and seek professional help. All depictions of sexual acts in this story are pure fantasy. This story is not intended to condone such acts being performed by anyone outside of the realms of fantasy. If you feel that you may be struggling to split fantasy from the real world or you fear you may not be able to stop yourself from attempting such things in real life I implore you to seek professional psychological assistance immediately! Children are innocent. They should remain so. The events and acts depicted in this story are for fantastical entertainment purposes only and should never, ever, ever be reenacted in real life. Any questions, comments or criticisms are welcome. Please send them to ail. Thank you. Edgar Friendly. The belated education of Charlie Hibbs Chapter 4-For a first try that wasn’t half bad Mrs. Hibbs looked across the table at her husband, a cup of coffee, long having gone cold sat in front of her. When her husband walked into the kitchen and said he needed to tell her something she knew he had srewed up somehow but this? No. Never in a million years would she have guessed this was the nature of his mistake. She listened quietly as he recounted the most cliche of stories; Met her in a bar, one night stand, didn’t mean anything, etc etc. She had a burning fury inside that the blank stare on her face never once betrayed. A lesser woman would have screamed. A lesser woman would have shouted at the top of her lungs listing all the ways in which he had fucked up. A lesser woman would have become violent broken the coffe mug in his face but she didn’t. She was better than that. The way she saw it there were three steps to every situation; Problem, panic, solution. She just chose to skip step two. She listened quietly to the whole thing and when he was done Mr. Hibbs sat back and waited. They sat in silence for a long time before Mrs. Hibbs finally spoke, “She’s sure?” Mr. Hibbs who had been looking down at the table like a naughty school boy waiting to be chastised looked up, “Yes. She says she saw a doctor this morning.” “How far along?” The armour of her blank expression still offering it’s protection. “Four months.” Another long silence followed his answer. Mr. Hibbs had always admired his wife. She was the strongest and most intelligent person he knew. It seemed that no challenge was too great, no problem too large that she couldn’t fix. He hoped against hope that when next she spoke it would be to offer a solution to the mess he had made. He wasnt disappointed, “Okay. Here’s what you are going to do-” She began, “-contact her and tell her you will support her and the child. You will arrange for her and the child to move into a home closer to us-” Mr. Hibbs cut in, “Closer? Why the hel-” “Don’t interrupt me!” She snapped. Mr. Hibbs became silent again knowing full well he had absolutely no right to question his wife in that moment. She continued, “As I was saying you will move her and the child into a home closer to us. Not this town of course, I don’t ever want to see her, but the next town over should be fine. You will set up a bank account in her name and pay a fixed sum into it each month. She can use that money to support herself and the child and you will make it clear to her that is all she is getting. If she spends her way through it too quickly she will just have to wait for the next monthly payment. You need to be a presence in that chillds life so you will spend one week a month with them-” She leaned in close and Mr. Hibbs met her intense stare, “-but you will never fuck her again you understand? I am your wife and she is just a slut you got pregnant.” Mr. Hibbs nodded vigorously, “Yes! Yes of course!” Mrs. Hibbs sat back in her chair and regarded her piss poor excuse for a husband, “Frank… You fucking idiot.” Five months later at 6:30AM Frank Hibbs stood in the maternity ward of the nearby hospital holding his first born son. As he looked at little Charlie in his arms he thought to himself, ‘You are the best mistake I ever made.’ Little did he know that just two years later, almost to the day, he would be back here again. This time he was holding his second son and the first to be born to his wife. Stood next to his exhausted wifes bed he was onced again awed by her strength, “Frank?” Mr. Hibbs managed to tear his eyes away from the bundle of absolute beauty in his hand and looked at the most incredible woman that had ever existed, “Yes? Darling can I get you anything? Are you thirsty?” Struggling to keep her eyes open to look into those of her husband so he knew she was serious, “This doesn’t mean you can forget Charlie.” “I’m… I’m sorry?” He hadn’t expeced that. “Just because we have Billy now doesn’t mean…” She tried and failed to fight a yawn,”… doesn’t mean you can forget Charlie. You’re still his dad too.” Mr. Hibbs watched his wifes eyes close, “Billy?” Mrs. Hibbs smiled, “Billy.” She said just before drifting into the deep sleep she so sorely needed after fourteen hours of labour. The years passed and the ingenious arrangement conjoured up by Mrs. Hibbs worked like a charm. Mr. Hibbs spent one week a month with Charlie and the rest of his time at home with his wife and youngest son. His payments had been regular and neither Charlie nor his mother went without. A fragile status quo had evolved that seemed to suit everyone until the day it was shattered on Chalies eighth birthday. Charlie didn’t understand the cause of their argument and couldnt really make out what they were shouting about as he played with his legos in his bedroom. He just did his best to ignore them as he had always done when they got like this. Little did he know that downstairs the course his life was being decided. Charlies mother held the pamphlet in her hand unable to believe what she had just read. She looked at Mr. Hibbs barely able to contain her rage, “What the fuck Frank?! What is this?!” “Rockstaff.” Mr Hibbs replied, “It’s a boarding school, it’s where I went.” “I can see its a boarding school! That’s not the issue!” She held the pamphlet up and read aloud, ” ‘Rockstaff believes in encouraging sexual relations between boys and men to foster a healthy family environnment!’ What the fuck kind of sick shit is this?!” “It’s not sick! It’s true! I went to Rockstaff and those were the best years of my life!” Mr. Hibbs defended his old school. “They talk about fucking young boys Frank!” She threw the pamphlet on the floor. “That’s an over simplification-” “AN OVER SIMPLIFICATION! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!” “Keep your voice down! Charlie will hear you!” “Oh hell no! You don’t get to waltz in here, casually anounce you want to send our son to some pedo palace and then tell me to be quiet in order to protect him!” She stopped for a moment before looking at Mr. Hibbs with wide eyes, “…Have you ever touched him?” “What? No.” “HAVE YOU EVER TOUCHED HIM?!” “NO!” A few seconds passed as they both stared angrily at each other before Charlies mother spoke again, “… You want to though don’t you?” Mr. Hibbs thought for a moment before speaking, “… Well… Look my father showed me how much he loved me just the way his father showed him. It’s alot more common than you’d think-” “Get out!” “Jenny… please just listen-” “NOW!” She insisted. Charlie heard that the muffled shouting had stopped and a few seconds later the front door slammed shut. He continued playing with his legos completely oblivious to what had just been dicussed downstairs. He didn’t see his father again for a long time. It was the longest business trip he had ever been on. Asking his mother when he would see him again the only response he would recieve was a vague, “We’ll see.” He felt as though something was being kept from him, his mother always seemed to have a sadness in her eyes when she looked at him. He even felt like her hugs had changed somehow and not just because she seemed to hug him less often, it was more like she didn’t actually want to. As if she were just going through the motions. His father wasn’t the same either. In the little time he did spend at home he was very distant from Charlie, almost… careful in the way they interacted. They would always playfight before but not anyore. He hugged him less too. Charlie began to seriously suspect something major had changed but had no way to verbalise what it was. This situation continued until just over three years later when he arrived home from school to find his father, not his mother there waiting for him, “Sit down Charlie, we need to talk… ” “Stop.” Charlie said, “I know the rest.” He sat on the changing room bench looking at his father. Mr. Hibbs couldn’t help noting the similarites between the blank expression Charlie now had on his face and the one his wife had so expertly crafted over the years of having to put up with him as her husband, “Yeah… I suppose you do… ” The two of them sat there, looking at each other in silence for a long time. Mr. Hibbs tried to read Charlie but he just stared at him blankly. Çorum Escort Charlie felt numb. He just kept looking at his father unable to express what he was feeling. What’s the feeling called when you find out your entire life has been a lie? The information He had received slowly but surely sank in leading Charlie to his first question, “How old is he?” Mr. Hibbs jumped a little at the silence finally being broken, “Oh! Err you mean Billy? He’s nine.” He was thankful Charlie was even speaking to him. Charlie took his time in deciding what to ask next, “Does… he know about me?” Mr. Hibbs seemed sincere, “No. No he doesn’t.” “But he knows about Rockstaff?” Mr Hibbs paused for a moment, a lifetime of lying meant it had become a reflex for him. Multiple answers to that question were available to him immediately but he chose to do what he had so rarely done in his life where Charlie was concerned, he was honest, “Yes.” Charlie looked at the floor. Another long silence and once again Charlie was the first to speak, “Do you love me?” “Of course! You’re my son!” Charlie glanced up, “As much as Billy?” “Yes!” Mr. Hibbs insisted. Charlie once again looked down at the floor trying to figure out the best way he could get the answers he wanted, “You… you heard what Seb told me in the cubicle? The story about him… and his dad?” Mr. Hibbs knew where this was going, “Yes… I did.” Charlie raised his eyes and locked his gaze with his father, “You love Billy like that?” Mr. Hibbs forgot to breathe for a moment… Then remembered he needed oxygen to live and gasped in a breath closing his eyes as he did so. When he opened them again Chalie had not magically disappeared and was still sat there, looking straight at him demanding answers. Answers that Mr. Hibbs knew Charlie was entitled to, “I… Well… ” Was all he could muster. It was enough for Charlie, “I see… ” Mr. Hibbs just had to try and undo this damage, “No Charlie you don’t see. Let me explain-” “What’s there to explain?” Charlie asked standing up, “I’m the kid that you never wanted. The dark little secret thorn in the side of your perfect family with your perfect wife and your perfect son who you actually love.” Charlie was amazed that he wasn’t crying anymore. He genuinley preferred knowing this painful truth to the alternative ignorance he had been living in, “See? I get it! I actually get it!” For the first time in my life I understand and it feels fucking great!” “No Charlie!” Mr. Hibbs looked at the pain and suffering caused by his actions, “No that isn’t true!” “It’s okay!” Charlie persisted, “You don’t have to lie anymore. We’ll just say goodbye and both be on our way.” Charlie walked to the door of the changing rooms and looked back just before leaving the room, “Thanks for the sperm donation Frank!” That cut deep, “Charlie! Charlie please listen to m-” BBBBRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Charlie hated that bell the first time he heard it but now it was drowning out Franks bullshit he actually appreciated it. He smiled, pointed at the bell and mouthed the words ‘I gotta go’ before walking through the doors and down the corridor as fast as he could. His intention was to slip around a corner and lose Mr. Hibbs but that wasn’t necessary. Almost in unison doors were flying open all along the corridor loudly banging as they did. Students began flooding out of classrooms bringing with them the hustle and bustle of chattering, laughter and shouts. Charlie had to stop and look. It was a ocean of colours. He noticed that all the boys wore the same basic outfit as the one he had seen Aaron wearing earlier but there were groups of boys in green, groups of boys in red, orange, white… He quickly understood the colours corresponded to the year the boys were in. He looked down at his sweatsuit, ‘Blue’ He thought, ‘Everything for first years is blue’ He smiled. This realisation was a small one but it was yet another piece of the puzzle. Frank had shattered his life, perhaps here he could put it back togeter…’ “Charlie?!” Mr. Hibbs had entered the corridor and was wading through the tides of boys hurrying to their next classes, “Charlie! Where are you?!” Charlie ducked behind three boys dressed in green and followed their path to stay out of view. Once around the corner he stopped to take stock of his situation. He could still hear the man he once called dad shouting his name. He seemed to be getting closer. It was only a matter of ti- “Charlie right?” A voice came from behind Charlie spun around to see six boys staring at him, all wearing blue. He recognised them from the bathroom that morning. Blondie was the one who had spoken and he held out his hand, “Callum.” Charlie took his hand instinctively and shook it while Callum proceeded to talk, “So, you done with induction already? That was quick” “Errr-” “Charlie!!!” Mr. Hibbs was close now. Charlie gave a little jump at the sound of his name, one that wasn’t missed by Callum. He saw Charlies face and instantly undestood. He looked back at the other boys and nodded then turned his attention back to Charlie, a serious look had replaced his warm and friendly demeanor, “In the middle. Duck your head.” He indicated with his hand to the other boys. Charlie understood and did what he was told. The boys formed a circle around Charlie and moved as one through the competing currents of red, green and white. Charlie couldn’t see where they were going but could hear the calls of his name getting further away. As the boys turned another corner Callum spoke again, “Here should be fine.” Their huddle broke and Charlie looked up to see he was in a large room with many chairs sat in front of a stage. Charlie looked at the boys as they looked at him. Each of them regarded him with what seemed to be polite curiosity. The impression Charlie had gotten up to now was that it was very strange to start Rockstaff a month late. It was only natural these boys were curious, “Hey… umm… thanks. Really thank you so much for helping me out back there. I… I just couldn’t see him right now… ” Callum placed a hand on Charlies shoulder, “Of course! You’re blue. We got you. What happened?… If you don’t mind me asking…” Callum enquired. Charlie took a deep breath and recounted all his father had told him, his life being a lie, the brother he never knew about, the lack of love and support he had received from the man he now regretted ever having called dad, all of it. As his story went on the boys’ expressions changed many times. Curiosity became confusion which gave way to sadness. Excitement showed up briefly as Charlie reenacted Sebs soon to be legendary punch and finally anger at the man that he had hit. The short boy that had really needed to piss that morning was the first to speak once Charlie had finished, “Man… that’s rough… ” There were a few murmers of agreement before a red haired boy spoke, “I can’t believe Seb had that in him. He’s so… nice…” “Aye but you know how much he wanted a bunk buddy.” said a brown haired boy with a thick Scottish accent, “Just makes sense now he has one he’s gonna protect him, even from his dad.” Red haired boy responded, “Yeah, I get that Mark but I’m just saying… It’s a surprise. That’s all.” The boys all fell silent for a moment as they processed all this new information. They looked at Charlie with kind understanding eyes. Charlie felt very different to when he had met them earlier. These weren’t zoo goers ogling an exotic animal in a cage, they were a group of friends helping him out. No. He was in this group of friends. He belonged, “Really guys… Thanks so much.” Callum waved his hand, “Seriously man it’s fine. Rockstaff boys stick together and you’re blue like us so that goes double. I gotta say though your story is one of the weirdest I ever heard. I know you said you never did anything with your dad but… nothing? No boys from shool or anything at all?” The other boys all looked at Charlie waiting for his answer. They seemed just as perplexed as Callum. Charlie just told them like it is, “Err no. No nothing like that.” Charlie recognised sadness in Callums eyes and tried to reassure him, “Oh well I have jerked off obviously and last night Seb-” Charlie stopped and looked down at the floor. He felt embarrassed and his face flushed red. A boy at the back of the group with black hair and green eyes smiled, “Aww look he’s getting all shy.” “Shut up James.” Snapped Callum “What?!” James replied, “I think it’s kinda cute-” “Cute?!” Callum turned away from Charlie to look at James, “What the fuck about living the life he has is cute?! He’s embarrased when he shouldn’t be! To us all this is normal but to him it’s completely new. I remember when we started a month ago you would always wear you underwear in the shower and noone made fun of you!” “That was different!” Came James’ retort, “I was never naked with a whole group of guys before!” “Well he’s never done ANYTHING before! Understand?!” James thought for a moment then nodded. Callum turned back to Charlie, “Well… I’m assuming the obvious exception is last night? Knowing Seb he definitely gave you a Rockstaff welcome right?” Charlie looked back up with a smile. He still felt a little embarrassed but hearing Callum chastise James on his behalf really hit home to Charlie just how understanding these boys were being with him. They really seemed to care about him and how he felt and as such he felt more comfortable with them now, “Yeah. He did and it was…. ” Charlie couldn’t think of the right words. He didn’t need to. The smile that spread across his face told the boys all they needed to know. They all smiled back at Charlie and red haired boy spoke next, “I remember the first time I got head. My dad and me on a camping trip. I was eight. It was fucking amazing!” “Yeah we know Ricky. You always bang on about it.” Said James. Ricky turned to James, “Well if my bunk buddy paid attention in oral class and actually got good at sucking dick maybe I’d bang on about that instead!” A collective, “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Çorum Escort Bayan Went up from the group of boys followed by laughter that Charlie joined in with. Even James was laughing. It was a sick burn. Their laughter had attracted the attention of someone passing by, “And just what are you boys doing?!” All their attention fell on the young man standing there, He wore a black blazer with long grey trousers and had an expression on his face that suggested he was impatient for an answer to his question. James was the first to speak, “Well… umm… we were just… ” “Showing the new boy the theatre!” Callum piped up. “Hmmm….” The young man looked over each of the boys before his gaze rested on Charlie, “Well you’ve shown him now. Back to class, all of you.” The boys made to move onto where they should have been going when they ran into Charlie. The young man walked up to Charlie and asked, “Have you completed induction?” Charlie didn’t know. He knew he had done the medical exam but…, “Umm… I’m not sure…” “Where is your bunk buddy?” The young man asked in a professional tone. “Oh. well… he… he had to be punished so he went with Phipps and… I don’t know where he is now.” “Hmmm…” The young man looked Charlie up and down for a long time before saying, “Very well. I will escort you back to the first years dormitory. My name is Pritchard. I am a prefect and you will address me as Pritchard, understand?” “Err yeah. Yes Pritchard.” “Excellent. Follow me please.” With that Pritchard turned on his heel and began walking at a brisk pace calling behind him, “Keep up please!” Charlie tried to match Prithards pace by walking but often had to break into a jog to keep up. They worked their way through the twists and turns of Rockstaff until finally arriving back at the corridor Charlie recognised as being the first years dormitory. Pritchard turned to Charlie, “Do you know your way from here?” “Yeah… Oh err yes Pritchard.” Charlie answered. “Good.” He once again looked Charlie up and down before leaning down so his face was closer to Charlies, “It is very strange to have a boy starting a month late…” It wasn’t a question so Charlie didn’t respond. He just waited for Pritchard to continue which he finally did, “I am the prefect assigned to the first year students. Should you have any issues please address them to me. What’s your name?” “Charlie.” “Charlie? Charlie what?” “Oh err Charlie Hibbs.” “Hibbs eh? Hmmm…. ” Yet another time Pritchard looked Charlie up and down as if sizing him up, “Well listen here Hibbs. I have been prefect of the first years for a month now and there haven’t been any major issues on my watch and I intend to keep it that way. I have no time for trouble makers.” He leaned even closer in, “You aren’t a troublemaker are you?” Charlie felt a little nervous, “Oh no sir. Err Pritchard.” “Sir is fine as well.” Pritchard stood back up, “Good. Well Hibbs I must be off, I have a meeting with the headmaster. Run along to your room now.” With that he turned on his heel and once again strode off down the corridor like a man moving with a purpose. Charlie made his way down the corridor to his and Sebs room. Once there he realised with a shock he had left his key in his jeans pocket! He tried the door handle and thankfully it opened. He pushed open the door to see Seb laying face down on his bed completely naked. Charlie looked at the large red marks on his behind. A few of them he could see still had the shape of Phipps’ hand but mostly both his cheeks were red. He walked quietly over to Seb who lay completely still. He knelt down beside his bed and placed one hand on Sebs back, “Seb?” Seb stirred. His head turned away from the wall towards Charlie. What Charlie saw almost broke his heart. Sebs eyes were puffy and red. He could see tear stains all down his cheeks and knew he had been crying. Incredibly Seb smiled when he saw Charlies face, “Hey! You okay?” What the hell was Seb talking about?! “Am I okay?! Dude! Are you?!” Charlie asked worried about his bunk buddy. “Oh yeah I’m fine! Phipps was gentle haha.” Seb made to move before the pain he was obviously in stopped him, “Ouch! Okay maybe he wasn’t as gentle as I would have liked… Could you hand me that cream over there? At least he gave me that.” Charlie looked to see a small tube sat on Sebs bedside cabinet. He took it in one hand and removed the cap with the other, “This?” “Yeah, just squirt some in my hand would you?” Seb offered Charlie his upturned palm. Charlie did and watched Seb clumsily and blindly attempt to apply the cream to his sore behind. It wasn’t working. Charlie had an idea, “Hey umm Seb?” Seb stopped his pointless endeavour, “Yeah?” “You erm… You want me to do that?” Seb smiled at Charlie, “Would you? That would really help me out here.” “Of course!” Charlie was so happy to be able to do something for Seb. He owed him big and was willing to do just about anything to pay him back. He took the tube of cream and squirted some directly onto Seb’s butt ceeks causing Seb to breathe in sharply, “You okay? Does it hurt?” “No no…” Seb reassured Charlie, “It’s just cold. Go ahead. It will be better when the cream is on.” Charlie began to slowly rub the cream into Seb’s skin being as soft and careful as he could. Seb kept his eyes closed as Charlie watched his face scrunch up every few secconds. He was clearly in alot of discomfort and Charlie felt terrible seeing him in pain. It wasn’t fair. He should have been the one to punch his dad and take this beating. He was just so…weak, “Seb I… I’m so sorry.” “Huh?” Seb opened his eyes, “Why? You’re doing it really nicely.” “No I… I dont mean the cream I mean… You getting punished. I… I can’t help but feel like it’s my fault-” “Stop that!” Seb interrupted Charlie, “You have got to stop blaming yourself for everything Charlie. You did nothing wrong.” “But if-” “NO!” Seb turned onto his side to face Charlie, “Not another word! I won’t stand to listen to you blame yourself for that mans fuck ups anymore. You got it?” Seb looked at him with a seriousness Charlie had never seen before. Turning on his side had clearly caused him pain but he did it anyway to show Charlie that he meant what he said. Charlie had to respect that, “Okay.” Charlie looked at Sebs penis and noticed it was as hard as a rock. It gave him another idea, “Hey so, I really wanna find a way to make it up to you… for all the help you’ve been and, well, just everything.” Charlies hand still wet with cream moved slowly towards Sebs cock, “I know that I still have alot to learn but…” He wrapped his fingers and thumb around Sebs hard shaft causing the boy to breathe in deep, “… I do know how to jerk off.” Charlie looked at The penis he now held in his hand and began rubbing it up and down softly. He pulled back the skin ever so slightly to reveal the pink purple head then pushe his foresking back up over it again. He repeated this motion a few times before looking at Sebs face. He was smiling at him with his eyebrows raied, “What? Is this not good?” “No it’s… fine.” Seb chuckled. “What?!” Charlie asked again “It’s just… a little basic. I mean if you really wanna do it then… I can give you some pointers?” Poniters? For jerking off? Charlie was a little confused. How complicated could it be? “Err… okay.” Seb slowly and carefully laid flat on hs back, “Aaaaahhhhhhh….” “You okay?” Charlie aked worried again. “Yeah…” Seb said, “Yeah it only hurts when i first lay or sit on it. Once I’m on my back I’ll be fine… Phew! Okay. Take off your clothes” “Okay.” Charlie stood up and with no hesitation he slipped off his trainers, bottoms and finally his top and stood naked in front of Seb with no shame or embaressment at all. His own semi erection was fast becoming full blown boner. He looked at Seb awaiting further instructions. Seb took a moment to look at Charlies naked body in the midday light streaming from the window, “You really are hot. You know that right?” Charlie didn’t know what to say. Noone had ever made a comment on his looks before let alone called him hot. He didn’t need to respond as Seb gave him his next instructions, “Lay next to me on the bed.” Charlie lay down on his side next to Seb. “Okay, Your right hand has got my dick so what’s your left hand doing?” “Err…” Charlie wasn’t sure. “Haha! Theres alot of options but we’ll keep it simple. Okay with your right hand just start stroking me slowly like you were, we’re not in a rush, and with your left hand play with my nipple.” Seb instructed Charlie. “Umm okay.” He did as he was told and found more difficulty than he had expected. He had never been good at patting his head and rubbing his belly at the same time and this principle was similar although Seb did seem to enjoy the sensation when Charlie would lightly pinch and squeeze his nipple. “Mmmm okay… okay speed up with our hand a litt- No not that fast… there you go…” Seb spoke with soft, caring authority, “Okay now the nipple you have been playing with, start sucking that and use your hand on the other one.” Following Sebs instructions to the letter Charlie began to pinch Sebs other nipple while planting his mouth on his chest. His lips forming a seal Charlie began to suck lightly and lick the nipple in his mouth with the tip of his tongue, Seb letting out a few moans of pleasure as he did so. He felt excited knowing he was following Sebs orders correctly, it seemed to increase the enjoyment of his own erection rubbing against Sebs leg, “Mmmmm… Okay… Okay nibble it a bit… Ah! Careful… be gentle. Your teeth are sharp haha.” Charlie went to remove his mouth from Sebs chest to apologise, “Mmmmwah sor-” Seb placed his hand on Charlies head holding him where he was, “No!” As sebs hand held Charlies head down preventing him from ceasing his task he felt a jolt of energy shoot through his body. He liked Seb being in control, “Don’t worry about it just carry on… That’s it… … Err… Charlie? My dick?” In concentrating so much on Sebs nipples Charlie Escort Çorum didn’t realise his hand had stopped stroking Sebs cock, “Mmmfff.” He immediately began again at the speed they had worked up to causing Seb to breathe in deep. When he let it out in a sigh and began breathing regularly again it was faster, “Hooooo…. Okay… Okay you’re doing great Charlie… Just like that… Okay now just… just hold my cock a little tighter as you do it… Aaahhhhh yeah and…. and speed up just a bit…. Mmmmmmm….” Charlie followed all instructions as best he could as they were given. Seb knew what he was talking about. His breathing was becoming even faster now, “Mmmmm yeah Charlie… Suck a little harder on my nipp- ohhh yeah!… Oh you… aahhh… are doing so great! Keep… Keep that speed up…” Charlie was determined to please Seb. He wanted him to feel good and forget the pain so he concentrated all his efforts and attention on doing exactly what he was told. Usually his mind would wander given even half a chance but not here, not now. He had a job to do and he was gonna do it right. His own hard cock was pressed tightly against Sebs thigh and almost unconciously Charlie had been humping Sebs leg as he performed his task. He could feel Sebs heartbeat increasing in speed through his lips on the boys chest and wondered briefly if Seb could feel his own heart pounding in his chest pressed so hard up against his side. Sebs fingers were carressing his head, playing with his hair as he continued to suck one nipple while playing with the other but Charlie wouldn’t let that distract him now, “Ohhhh Ch….Mmmmm….Oh fuck….okay…I’m….” He lifted his hand off of Charlies head, “kiss me!….. Kiss me now Charlie!” That’s all Charlie needed to hear. In one swift motion his lips left Sebs nipple, now wet with his saliva, and found Sebs mouth. As their lips met Charlie could feel the vibrations of Sebs moans. His tongue explored Sebs mouth as Sebs did his. Charlie felt him tensing his leg muscles, “Mmmmmmmm!” He felt and heard Seb breathing hard and fast through his nose just before he broke their kiss, “Oh! Ahhh!” This was it! Charlies own cock began to twitch as he rubbed it ever more vigorously against Sebs leg, “Oh Charlie I…. I’m gonna-” Seb was cut off by Charlie firmly planting his lips back on Sebs just as his pleasure crescendoed into the first orgasm Charlie had ever given him, the first Charlie had ever given anyone else. “Mmmmmmnnnnngggggggg!!!!!!” Seb moaned into charlies mouth as he came. He felt Sebs whole body tense and untense over and over again. He was doing this. He had made Seb feel this. It was too much for Charlie as his own climax soon followed. The boys lay there together, their bodies one as the absolute bliss of sexual pleasure overtook them. Charlie was in heaven. This was a moment he never wanted to end. He could just lay here with Seb like this fore-, “Charlie…. Charlie! Stop!” Awoken by Sebs voice Charlie left his nirvana to rejoin the real world and realised that his hand had continued to jerk off Sebs cock as he had cum himself, “Oh!” He removed his hand from Sebs soon to be soft penis, “Err… Sorry. Got carried away.” He looked at Seb who was still coming down from his high. Seb giggled and smiled at Charlie, “Haha… it’s fine. I get it. You really took to that huh?” Charlie smiled back, “Was… was that okay?” Seb laughed, “Hahaha… Well you definitely need some lessons but for a first try that wasn’t half bad.” Seb once again placed his hand on the back of Charlies head but this time pulled his face close to his own, “Luckily, you have me as your teacher.” They shared a passionate kiss then lay there, Seb on his back, Charlie holding him. Sebs fingers played in Charlies hair and before long both boys drifted off to sleep, appreciating the reassuring feel of the other boys naked body against his own. The bell ringing to announce lunchtime woke the boys. Charlie hadn’t realise it but he was actually really hungry. It seemed as though it had been ages since they had eaten breakfast, “Oh hey. Socks and underwear.” Seb reminded Charlie. He opened his drawers and was surprised to find none of his own clothes, “These aren’t mine… ” He pondered out loud. “Yeah they are.” “No, none of these are. These are all… well they’re just blue briefs.” Charlie lifted a pair of the small underwear out of the drawer and held it up, “And I wear boxer briefs.” “Not anymore.” Said Seb pulling on his own bue briefs, “Everything you wear here is part of the uniform, right down to the underwear.” Charie had never liked briefs. They always felt so… tight. If they were part of the uniform though… , “I see… ” He pulled on the pair and rearranged himself as best he could before pulling on some socks and getting dressed again in his sweats and trainers. Once fully clothed the boys made their way out into the corridor where Seb realised sonething, “Hey Charlie. You found your own way back to the room? I gotta say man you are pickiing up the layout of this place alot quicker than I did.” “Oh no, I didn’t.” Charlie explained, “Someone showed me the way. “Who? One of the boys in our dorm?” Seb asked curiously. “No. Said he was a prefect. Said his name was Pritchard.” “Ohhh.” Seb smiled, “You met Prick-Tard.” Charlie couldn’t help laughing a little, “Hahaha! What?! Prick-Tard?!” Seb giggled, “Yeah. He’s the first years prefect. He’s… Well he just has alot to prove if you know what I mean.” Charlie wasn’t completely sure he did know what Seb meant but didn’t press the issue since they had reached the busy and loud main corridor where they joined the flow of boys all making their way to the mess hall. At the entrance to the mess hall the boys were stopped by the headmasters voice calling their names, “Carver! Hibbs! Come here please.” They walked over to the headmaster and stood before him as he spoke, “After lunch I want you boys to report to room 3B. We will complete induction there.” “Yes headmaster.” Seb replied The headmaster turned his attention to Charlie, “Your father has left the grounds. He said to pass on his apologies but he couldn’t stay any longer. He did indicate that he will be visiting again in a few weeks but failed to specify a date.” Charlie just stood there looking blankly at the headmaster before he felt Seb elbowing him, “Huh? Oh! Erm thank you headmaster.” The corridor had emptied now the other boys had all made their way into the mess hall. The headmaster placed a hand on Charlies shoulder and looked at him with kind eyes, “It hasn’t been easy has it son?” Charlie didn’t know what to say. This affection was quite unexpected and had caught him completely off guard, “Umm… I… No sir. It hasn-” BANG! A door flying open just down the corridor made even the headmaster jump. All three of them looked in the direction of the noise and watched as three boys dressed in prefects uniforms dragged a boy dressed in red towards them. The boy in red was houting, “NO! Let me GO! I didn’t do ANYTHING!” “Shut up!” Came the response from the prefect Charlie recognised as Pritchard. As they approached one of the prefects attempted to explain to the headmaster, “Headmaster! We found him-” “It’s not true sir!” “I said shut up!” Pritchard shouted the boy down. The headmaster was next to speak, “Everybody just calm down. Now Smith, explain to me what is going on here.” The prefect whose name was evidently Smith began, “Sir, we found him with a second year boy in the music room. He was forcing him to suck his dick.” “Forcing?” The headmasters demeanor took on a notable change from the kind understanding man Charlie had just been speaking with, “That is a very serious accusation. You’re sure?” Smith nodded then looked at something behind him. Charlie hadn’t noticed but a blond boy was stood there, his green uniform was crumpled and his face was tear stained. The headmaster approached the boy and knelt down in front of him, “Samson… Samson my boy. What Smith is saying… is it true?” The boy sniffed and seemingly unable to look up from the floor or speak he just nodded. The boy in red shouted again, “Oh he’s lying! He loved it!” “Shut up!” Pritchard once again shouted down the boy in red. The headmaster placed a hand on Samsons shoulder causing the he boy to flinch at the touch. The headmaster took a deep breath, “Samson? Look at me.” The boy did as he was told and they looked at each other for a long time, “… It’s not the first time is it?” Samson still unable to speak looked into the headmasters eyes as tears began to form in his own. He shook his head and looked back down at the floor no longer able to keep from sobbing. The headmaster squeezed Samsons shoulder and stood back up, “I imagine you don’t want to endure the hustle and bustle of the mess hall right now… Pritchard, please escort Samson to my office and stay with him there. I’ll have the kitchen send up some food for you both.” “Yessir!” Pritchard said placing a hand on Samsons back. As he did so the boy flinched again and Pritchard and the headmaster shared a concerned look, “Come on Samson, It’s pizza today! You love pizza right?” Samson sniffed again and found his voice, “Y y yeah. I do.” With that they two boys made their way down the corridor and out of sight. The headmaster turned his attention to the boy in red. His domineering figure seemed to dwarf him and his expression was blank, “Lewis… ” Immediatley Lewis attempted to speak, “Sir! Really it’s not true! I haven’t done anything!” “How many times?” “I… I don’t know what you-” “How many times have you raped him?” The headmasters expression still blank A long silence followed the question. Lewis attempted to speak, “I… I never…” The headmaster lened in close to Lewis’ face and stared intensely into the boys eyes, “How many times?” Lewis stared back before finally manging to splutter, “I… we… … … three.” The headmaster stood up straight, “Very well. Smith escort Lewis to Phipps’ office. Have Phipps lock him in. Johnson please take a message to the main office for me. “Yessir. Whats the message?” Johnson Charlie watched as Lewis’ face became a vision of absolute terror as the headmaster dictated his message, “Have the receptionist contact Mr. Borks and inform him he will be entertaining a guest for the next three days.”

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