Ben, Amy and Dr. Morgan

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Unlike some of my other stories, there is no build up to the sex in the story. The sex comes early and often within the story.


“Do you think she is going to come tonight?” Ben Roth yelled to his wife, Amy.

Amy was in the bathroom getting ready for their evening out, having dropped their two kids off at Ben’s parents apartment, some two blocks away from their own Park Avenue apartment. Ben was the soon to be President of his family’s medical device company. His dad started the company 30 years ago and was the industry leader providing the latest in medical devices for orthopedic surgeons. Ben had shared his father’s passion for business and most important, his passion for his family. His dad was ready to retire and turn the business over to his oldest son. The fact that Ben had been, in reality, running the company for a year, the announcement, coming in a few days was a mere formality.

Ben was in charge of the sales force, numbering some 350 representatives and managers. While he was a stickler for performance, there was no better person, according to the sales force, to be in charge of their division. He let the managers lead and the representatives do their job. He rarely got involved in the day to day activity, but was always willing to drop what he was doing in the office, at a minutes notice, to go into the field to lend support to some project that needed his expertise.

Amy stuck her head out of the bathroom and said, “What did you say? I had the hair dryer going?”

“I said,” raising his voice, “Do you think she is going to come tonight?”

The “she” they were talking about was Dr. Barbara Morgan, an Orthopedic Surgeon at NYU, but most important a member of the committee that recommends surgical devices for the hospital. In addition to this responsibility she also was the Director of the surgical residency program.

Ben had been called in to meet with Dr. Morgan a few months ago on the behest of the local manager, Trudy Post and representative, Justin Ashe. Trudy and Justin were trying to get Dr. Morgan interested in the company’s latest hip replacement device. They had gone as far as they could with the doctor and thought it would be a good idea of bringing in the President of the company to add a little weight behind the discussion. Ben had met Dr. Morgan two months ago and had been wining and dining her and it was his opinion that she would come on board within the next few weeks.

Before his last meeting with the doctor, Ben had met with Justin to get an update on any progress he was making. Justin told Ben that he believed that he was making steady progress and took the liberty of inviting the doctor to his upcoming birthday party on Saturday night. Justin had a contact at 230 Park Avenue and was able to set up the rooftop bar for his friends. He asked Ben to remind the doctor of the party and see if he could get a commitment from her to attend. When Ben met with the doctor two days ago he was pleased to find out that she had planned on coming to the party.

“I usually don’t mix business with pleasure, but a rooftop party seems just the thing I need to let off some steam,” the doctor said to Ben. “And by the way, please call me Barbara. Justin does that when we are not in front of my colleagues.”

“Sounds good, Barbara.”

Amy still could not hear the entire question, in spite of Ben yelling it to her. She stepped completely out of the bathroom, totally naked.

“Now what were you saying?”

Ben, who had his back facing his wife, turned and was ready to respond when the naked presence of his wife startled him. “I said, do you? Oh God, there were many reasons I married you, and this was one of them.”

Amy Nash Roth was a vision of true beauty. Her long auburn hair was tied back complimenting a body that wouldn’t quit. Sitting high on her chest were a perfect set of 36C tits and standing 5’8″ her long legs made her appear taller, especially when she was wearing heels. She parted her legs slightly giving Ben a perfect view of the thick, auburn bush, neatly trimmed on the sides. He loved the feel of her pubic hair when he ran his fingers through it on his way to finding her swollen clit.

“If you continue to keep staring at me you know what’s going to happen and we’ll never make the party.”

“I can’t think of a better reason to forget about the party than what I have in mind.”

“Down boy. We told Justin that we were coming to the party and we’ll have time for this,” spreading her legs even further apart, pointing to her cunt, “later tonight.”

Reluctantly, Ben turned his back on his wife asking her, once again, “If she thought Barbara was going to come to the party?”

“I hope so. You know I’m always up for a taste of that.”

Ben wasn’t startled, as he was some ten years ago when he first met his future wife, by his wife’s admission that she wanted to “a taste” of Dr. Morgan.

Ten years ago, Amy Nash was attending the national convention for Orthopedic Surgeons. She was a pharmaceutical representative escort bayan şişli promoting a pain product that the doctors used post-surgery. Ben always attended this meeting as he tied it in with the chance to meet up with his management team. He felt that having one of the company executive’s available to the surgeons was important.

As he wandered through the convention center in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas he stopped and looked at the various exhibits, taking in competitor’s information and just enjoying the different exhibits. He then came across Amy standing in front of her company’s booth.

“Got a second?” Amy shouted.

“I’m not a doctor,” Ben replied.

“That’s okay, I need a break from talking shop. I’m Amy Nash,” she said as she stuck out her hand waiting for him to shake it.

“That’s what your badge says,” Ben replied as he pointed to it with his left hand while gripping her right hand. “It’s nice to meet you Amy. I’m Ben Roth. I think that’s what my badge says.” Ben was almost tongue tied as he thought Amy to be the most beautiful woman he ever saw.

The small talk lasted all of five minutes when Ben said, “I’ve got to get going.”

“Nice talking with you Ben,” Amy said.

Ben took about five steps away from the booth, took a look back and saw Amy smiling. He turned around and went back to the booth. “I’m not one to be shy. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Have dinner with me tonight?”

Amy blushed. “I’d love to, but we have a company dinner that I’m required to go to. Can we meet up later?”

“Sounds good. Do you like to dance?”


“Then meet me at the door of Tryst, in the Wynn Hotel say at 10 pm. Is the time good for you?”

“That’s fine. I’ve never been there. What do I wear?”

Certainly not a business suit,” Ben laughed.

“I did bring one dress in case my group decided to party. I’ll wear that.”

“I’m sure you will look great, no matter what you wear.”

Amy blushed again. “I’ll see you later.”

Ben smiled. Amy noticed as Ben walked away.

Ben was waiting by the entrance to Tryst when Amy arrived. What surprised Ben, aside from what she was wearing, was that another girl was with her.

“Hi, Ben,” Amy said. “This is my colleague and roommate for the meeting, Susan White. I didn’t think you would mind a little more ‘eye candy.’ You can stop staring.”

The very short, tight black cocktail dress Amy wore and the equally stunning gold number Susan wore was the reason why Ben was not only staring but felt a stirring in his groin.

“Nice to meet you Susan. You both look incredibly beautiful and sexy.” Susan was about 3″ shorter than Amy, but made up for it with her spectacular chest. Had to be a 40D at the least. Both girls were dressed for a hot night. A nice mix of Amy’s auburn hair and Susan’s blonde tresses.

As Ben knew the maître D’ at the door to Tryst, he was ushered in and given a prime table location. A bottle of the best champagne was waiting for them. The maître D said, “Compliments of Mr. Colovito.” The girls looked at Ben.

“He is the Manager of the club. He has my company’s titanium rod in his leg. He can golf again.”

“We don’t have to be on the floor until 2:00 pm tomorrow, so let’s party,” Amy said.

And they did. For the next four hours between the flutes of champagne and the dancing, the three of them had a great time. Ben couldn’t believe how sexy Amy danced as she ground her ass into his groin. He was sure she could tell how hard his cock was. Amy didn’t stop him when he moved his hands to her tits as she was grinding against his crotch. If she was wearing panties he was sure they would be soaked. Susan also danced with Ben, but he did not take the liberty of covering her tits with his hands, yet when they danced face-to-face, he knew hot big they were as they got down and dirty on the dance floor. What was even more exciting for Ben was when Amy and Susan danced together. Was something going on between the two of them, he thought, when Susan moved in and gave Amy a sensuous kiss on her lips. They remained in that position for well over a minute, grinding into each other as the music was secondary to their motion.

The music continued as all three of them sat to catch their breath after a steady hour of dancing. Amy sat next to Ben and Susan sat opposite Ben. They liberally drank the champagne and enjoyed some of the complimentary hos d’oeuvres brought over to their table. Amy and Susan’s nipples were poking against their dresses as Ben’s cock was in a constant state of being hard. Clearly, they were enjoying each other’s company with Ben hoping that he would be fucking these girls later. He was that confident in himself around women.

Amy leaned over and said to Ben, “Aren’t Susan’s tits spectacular?”

Susan, just smiled when hearing the compliment.

“They most certainly are,” Ben replied, feeling little pain after all the champagne consumed.

“If you think her tits are good,” Amy eskort şişli continued, “You should see how hairy her cunt is.” She reached over and pulled the hem of Susan’s dress up towards her crotch. Susan scooted forward. That allowed Amy to push the dress higher. Susan’s naturally bond bush came into view. She was clearly aroused as her cunt lips were apart and her slit was glistening. Her entire cunt area was surrounded by a forest of, matted blond hair. She was a natural blond.

Amy reached over and put her index finger along Susan’s slit. “And she is soaking wet,” Amy said, pulling her finger away from Susan’s cunt offering it to Ben’s lips.

Ben, never one to be shy, said to Amy, “I bet your cunt is equally as wet as Susan’s.”

“Only one way to find out,” Amy replied. With that she gradually lifted the hem of her dress to expose the large auburn bush.

“I like that both of you don’t shave,” Ben said as he reached over and rubbed his finger along Amy’s slit. “Just as I thought. You are just as wet as Susan. Say, why don’t we get out of here and have a night cap in my suite?”

“Sounds good to me,” both chimed in.

They arrived at Ben’s suite at the Venetian when Amy said, “I want you to fuck me first. Besides, Susan likes to watch when I fuck.”

Ben wasn’t about to argue as the girls shimmied out of their dresses with Ben quickly removing his clothes. The three of them were standing naked, looking at each other. Ben’s erection, which was constant throughout the night, looked as though it was ready to burst. His cock, 6 ½” in length and 2 inches thick was jutting from his groin. He had been hard almost the entire evening.

In the bedroom, with its king-sized bed, Ben grabbed Amy, put her on her back and wasting little time, separated her legs and began to lick her cunt through her thick bush, finding her erect clit prominently displayed. Amy was more than ready to explode and it took less than a minute before she was crying out in orgasm. Giving her little time to relax, Ben turned Amy onto her knees and entered her furried entrance and with little resistance.

He too was more than ready to explode, but he had a good teacher, his step-mom, who taught him how to forestall his pleasure so he could pleasure his partner. He grabbed onto Amy’s rump and continued to drive deeper into her cunt. In this position, he was also able to reach around andrub Amy’s clit with his fingers. It didn’t take long for Amy to start crying out in pleasure.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder. Feels so good, so good. Oh…, Oh…, Give me your cock, deeper, deeper…Yes, yes oh, God I’m cumming, cumming…”

Ben glanced at Susan who was sitting in the club chair, her legs obscenely spread across each arm, feverishly working one hand inside her cunt with the other rolling one of her nipples. Nipples that stood out a good inch.

“Fuck her Ben. Fuck her good. Shove your cock hard into her cunt,” Susan was yelling as she was struggling to keep her fingers in her cunt as her hips were bouncing up and down in the chair. “Cumming, oh, ah, ah…I’m cumming,” Susan wailed.

Amy sensed that Ben was ready to explode. She called out, “Cum in me, cum in me. I want to feel your cum. Now, now, cum in me.” And he did and that triggered another massive orgasm for Amy.

In the aftermath of this sexual encounter, each participant had a fine sheen of perspiration covering their body. No one spoke but after a few minutes Ben left the bed to pee and wash up. When he returned to the bedroom he found Amy and Susan locked in a sexy embrace.

Amy gave very specific instructions. “Ben, you are not to come into the bed. Sit in the chair and watch, but under no circumstances join in.”

Ben moved quietly to the club chair and watched as Amy turned Susan on her back and began kissing her staring on her mouth and moving on to her massive tits. “She loves her tits rubbed and her nipples pinched,” she said.

Ben moved the chair closed to the bed to get a better look at the activity going on. Amy continued her journey using her mouth to bring Susan’s nipples to bullet points. With her mouth on one nipple, she used her hand to play with the other. A low moan escaped Susan’s mouth. She continued downward on Susan’s body, holding Susan’s hands so Susan could not touch her own tits. As Amy approached Susan’s delta, Susan willingly spread her legs, exposing the dense forest of blond pubic hair.

Amy released Susan’s hands, which went immediately to her tits, as Amy settled between Susan’s exposed cunt. Ben pushed the chair away from the bed to get a better angle to view the eroticism going on in front of him. Amy turned Susan onto her side for the express purpose of showing off Susan’s cunt to Ben. The desired effect was evident as Ben’s cock was hard as a rock. Keeping Susan in the position, Amy ran her fingers through the coarse hair, every once in a while sticking a finger or two into the wet channel. Amy managed to rub Susan’s clit with her other hand and soon Susan’s body was moving in time escort sisli to the pleasure Amy’s fingers were giving her.

Ben began to rub his own cock, seeing the erotic picture in front of him.

“Feels so fucking good. Oh…so good. I’m so fucking horny. Use your tongue. Please use your tongue,” Susan screamed loud enough to wake the dead.

Amy did her best to oblige Susan as she turned her on her back and started to flick her tongue on Susan’s pearl, at the same time maintaining her finger fucking of her roommate.

Amy reached between her own legs and started to rub her own cunt as she continued to play with the center of Susan’s sex. Both women started to chant, words that no one could understand, as they both approached their climax.

Susan came first, crying out loud as her hips continued to move up and down, grabbing onto Amy’s fingers. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, Oh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, cumming, I’m cumming, Oh yes…”

Even after Susan came, Amy continued to finger fuck her, rapidly moving her fingers in and out of her cunt and with her other hand working her own cunt. She too was now approaching her peak and finally, pulling her fingers out of Susan’s cunt, she continued to play with her own clit as she came, yelling out her release. Ben’s cock also exploded, sending ropes of cum in the air, falling on both of the girls.

It was close to 3:00 am when they all fell asleep in the same king size bed, with Ben sandwiched between the two naked girls. A few hours later he felt a hand on his cock. Amy was bringing it back to life. She whispered something in his ear, “Fuck her, go ahead and fuck Susan. She wants it and I want it too.”

By this time Susan was awake and Ben swiftly moved over her. Susan opened her legs and Ben teased her clit with the tip of his cock before sliding it in.

“Fuck her good Ben,” Amy said.

Ben did just that until he pulled out and got Susan on her knees.

“Get over here, Amy,” Ben said. “Lie down and spread your legs.”

Amy did that and Ben said to Susan, “Now eat some pussy while I fuck you. Make Amy cum and I’ll make you cum.”

The three-way adventure lasted all of ten minutes as all of them were moving in perfect harmony, each climaxing within seconds of each other, with Ben unloading what felt like a bucket of cum, even if it was the second time he came within an hour, into Susan’s cunt. The benefit of being 30 years old.

The girls were glad that they had the late shift at the convention. Ben ordered room service and the girls with Amy going first, used the large bathroom to shower. The girls were glad that their colleagues would be at the convention so they could return to their room without being seen.

Although Ben enjoyed his time with both girls, he clearly had developed a thing for Amy. Later that day, when he went to the convention, he made plans to see her when they both returned to New York. That was ten years and two children ago.

Their courtship went on for two years before they were married. During that time, Amy confided to Ben that she liked, at times, to get together with women and that she liked it when he was there to watch and eventually become part of the fun. She promised never to cheat on him and that they would agree together on the women she wanted to bring home. She was not interested in having another man enter her life. For that Ben was thankful. And during the time they were married, there were a few times they acted on Amy’s wishes. There wasn’t a steady diet of female lovers for Amy, shared by Ben, but just enough to spice up their sex life.

That brings us back to the present and the lovely Dr. Barbara Morgan. Dr. Morgan was about 15 years older than Ben and Amy, probably close to 55 years old. She was an elegant woman, about the same height as Amy. She had short red hair and a great figure. She had been married, but the toll of being one of the leading orthopedic surgeons had taken its toll on her marriage. There was no one special in her life and one night stands were far and few between. She had hoped that her business relationship with Ben Roth would lead to something more, on a personal level, even though she was older than he was. So far, he had rejected all of her signals.

Ben had developed a good professional relationship with her thanks to the work being done by the local representative, Justin. He had hoped that between this social event and the meeting they had set up for the following week, he would be able to gain agreement to bring his company’s products on board.

Amy stepped out of the dressing area wearing a very sexy, short black cocktail dress. She had designer black shoes with modest 3″ heels. Gold hoop earrings and a single gold bracelet completed her outfit. Ben wore designer jeans with a blue sports jacket. “California casual” he called it.

“I’m afraid to ask,” Ben said to Amy.

Amy flipped up the hem of her skirt to reveal that she was not wearing any panties.

“I thought so. Be careful,” he said laughing.

They caught a cab for the short ride to 230 Park Avenue and took the elevator up to the roof. The place was filling up and Ben recognized many of the local representatives. A few of them recognized Amy as she usually attended the company’s Awards meetings.

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