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My smartphone is still clutched in my fingers, if it were a living being it would have died from asphyxiation.

“So… are you going to continue to choke your phone or, are you going to tell me what your guidance counselor said?”

“Uh… She said I have 25 minutes to be at work.” I said tossing my phone on the couch and making my way to my bedroom. My sanctuary, if Kayen hadn’t come over for a frappe this morning, I would still be in here, sleep, dreaming about Noa. Not actually meeting Noa in 25 minutes. If I was truly petulant I would totally blame everything that has happened in the last 5 minutes on her. I digress; I need to find clean underwear, Jeans and a t-shirt to put on to meet with Noa. “Oh, and she punishes.” I say over my shoulder.

“Sounds kinky.” No air quotes. Just an evil cackle.

I could give you the run down on what my room looks like but, there would be no point. Here is what you need to know. I have a bed and, more clothes on my floor then in the closet. Dirty or otherwise, sniff test are done to be sure.

10 minutes later I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be, about everything. I kick Kayen out on my way out the door and tell her in no uncertain terms is she too call or text me until I call or text her first, she has a habit of ‘rescuing’ me when I really don’t want to be saved, plus — I don’t want to be punished for her actions.

I have 15 minutes to make it to my building, park, and find Noa. Easy. Except, I forgot why I took off today, the Franklin Parade, Franklin was a man who believed in all equals and in Aurora, Colorado — he was a big deal. He was the reason gay marriage was allowed in Colorado. It was like pre-gay pride, and the lack of parking showed. I found a parking space at least 10 blocks from my job, and prayed that my converse wouldn’t stay mad at me for too long after the mad dash. I reached the doors of my building and pulled out my phone to check the time. 1:50. Shit! I was late. I mean I was at the building on time but I was late. I found myself, excited and nervous at the chance of being punished. I mean as long as this punishment wasn’t job related I was ok. I need it for rent, and besides I was still paying off the car detail company after I got in a car wreck that involved a shopping cart and a McDonald’s pole. I thought it was a person.

Anyway, I considered praying to the sneaker gods again to see if I could make it up 14 flights of stairs, and quickly retracted my prayer, with a forgive me Jordan & Nike to push the elevator button.

By the time I made it up the stairs, I was ready for this. As the Anadolu Yakası Escort corny Music version of some Brittany Spears plays, I stare at my feet and fantasize about the punishment. I mean, would she tell me I couldn’t do something, tell me to do something to and for her. What? I was zoning by the time the elevator had opened its doors to reveal a very disgruntled Noa.

You’re late.” She snapped.

I was rendered speechless at her harsh tone. My fantasy replace by fear and nervousness.

“I know, but the parking, and the parade and sneaker god, and stairs, and running.” I stopped babbling long enough to pull air into my lungs. “I know –“She cut me off by turning around to face me. She had a perplexed look on her face, like she couldn’t figure out what I was talking about.

“A shoe god? Look I don’t care if you have to run over Kayen’s dog to get here. I told you what I wanted and you disobeyed. Follow me Loyal.”

“Yes sir.”

I followed Noa into her office; it was the size of a loft. The space was decorated in black in whites. Even the pictures decorating her desk were in monotone clors.

“Face the window Loyal.”

I turned to face the window out looking the parking garage. I feel her warm body behind me as

I watch luxury car after luxury car pass underneath me.

I feel the urge to push my body back into hers, to make us become as one. Have her heat and my heat come together & turn her office into ash.

“What do you want Loyal? Hmm, do you want to be pushed up on the glass and fucked for everyone to see? So I can show the world just how to treat people who disobey.”

My breath catches in my throat as she finishes her sentence. Other than the sound of blood rushing in my ears and my heart beating in my chest, its quiet. I’m quiet.

“Do you want this to be a onetime thing? Do you want me to only punish you in personal matters? Do you want me to punish you at work, Loyal? Do you want to be exclusive or not? How deeply invested are you in this Loyal?” She says all of this is a soft whisper in my ear causing shivers to run. I try to catch myself from flinching and fail. I’m unaware if I’m allowed to talk, and I’m way too afraid to.

“I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to answer me in a Yes or No sir manner. Understood Loyal?”

“Yes sir. Is that the question?

She chuckles and gathers the lower ends of my bob in her hands to pull my hair and hold my head back.

“No Loyal. It’s not. Be careful. Your attitude can now do more harm than good. My question Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan is: are you afraid of me?”



Warm breath washes on the back of my neck as small fingers weave their way through my shirt.

“Do you want me to stop?” A husky voice penetrates my ears. The voice sends chills down my spine it’s effeminate and burly at the same time. My breath catches in my throat as my lips part. My heart thuds. I shake my head left in a subtle way signifying that in no uncertain terms should she stop.

The fingers now touching my bare skin stop the soothing motion, and grip themselves in my flesh causing slight pain.

“Speak” It’s the same voice, that same voice from before, except it’s become hard. A soft cold whisper.

I swallow and lick my lips. “No.”

The fingers grip tighter. I gasp in shock.

“No, what?”

“No sir.”

“Good. It’s not a difficult game.” The voice says back to its normal smoky tone. “These are the rules. Rule one: You will do as I say when I say for the next 5 hours. If at all should you feel uncomfortable you will tell me with a soft word. Now pick one.” It’s a solid command.

I rack my brain for a soft word. “Best.”

I feel a small smile form on her lips against my neck. “Best. Good. Now I need you choose a hard word.”

I shift my foot from my left foot to my right and exhale shallow breath thinking about it. I bite my bottom lip picking the skin in between my front teeth. I change my view from the carpet to the nearest window in time to see a bright red car sports car pass by.


“Mercedes. Now I’m going to explain the difference once do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir”

“You are to only use the soft safe word when you feel uncomfortable with any of the following ministrations I am doing. The soft safe word is just a formality in the new relationship. Once boundaries are set and understood, this word is not going to stop me. The hard safe word is only to be used when the feeling of ministrations are too much for you to handle at said time, this includes pain and pleasure.” She whispers in a firm business tone.

She stops talking for a while letting her fingers learn the path of my stomach. The breath on the back is gone, replaced by a warm tongue flicking its way across my pulse, teeth nipping on veins. Lips press against my ear lobe. Words flitting through.

“Let the games begin.” She says and walks away. I turn to see her sit in her white leather chair sitting in the far corner Escort Anadolu Yakası of her office.

“Take off your pants.”

I freeze. I didn’t think I wanted to be fucked up against the window for people to see. At least not yet. I watch through distant eyes as my trembling fingers made their way to the top button of my jeans and lower my zipper I pull down my pants to reveal my white and pink lace thong from Victoria Secret and, look up to see her removing her silk red tie from her clean linen white dress shirt.

“I want you to come over her and lay face down across my knees.”

I make my way to her chair and feel as if my stomach had dropped to my pedicured feet.

“Faster Loyal. You need guidance? Fine, I will give it to you now hurry up.”

I pick up my pace and lay my body across her legs. I’m shaking and whether it’s from fear or from excitement, I’m not sure.

“Put your hands behind your back and cross them at the wrists.”

I hold my breath and do as I’m told. I feel silk on my skin and realize she is using her tie to bind my hands together. I can’t fight back, and slowly I realize I don’t want to. I want to be locked in this… situation. I want this.

“I’m going to spank you Loyal. 25 times, and you’re going to count them out do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

I feel her shift her weight in the chair and prepare for the worst. I feel her skin ski across my ass and shift in her lap. There is a stinging slap to my left cheek.

“That one doesn’t count. That was for moving. Keep still.”

Her fingers are back to flitting across my skin giving me goose bumps. I feel a sharp sting on my left cheek again.


“One.” I whimper

She shifts again and hits my right globe.


She repeats the pattern. Left, Right, Left until she gets to 20. She stops at twenty and rubs my ass causing my thong to rub my clit. I’m wet enough to leak through my thong and cause a small puddle on her lap. My thighs are sticking together and my arousal is now the new air freshener for her office space.

Using one hand she parts my thighs slightly and cups her hand around my sex. I’m trembling. I want to come so bad. She lifts her hand and brings it down slapping the junction between my thighs and ass; she lifts her hand and wipes my juices on my back.

“Twenty — One.” I ground out.

She does this four more times. By then I’m a mass of nerves, and want nothing more than to squirt on her lap. She pulls my underwear down and stuffs two fingers inside of me the friction against my clit as me screaming her name and leaving my mark on her, her carpet and her chair. She unties my hands from my back and pulls me until I’m sitting in her lap.

I feel her lips glide on mine and I’m pressing back with just as much gusto. I feel her small smile curve on my lips and pull back to see her smiling. I smile back and fall on her shoulder.

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