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Part One.Hank and Titch were best buddies. From the age of five, they were inseparable. They first met when Titch’s father was employed by Hank’s dad as the foreman on his farm. Hank’s parents were wealthy farm owners and had a very successful business. The two buddies spent their entire school careers together and at the age of twenty, had completed a further three years at an agricultural college, living in an apartment that Hank’s father rented.They had been born a mere ten days apart, Titch being the older, and both only children. Physically, nevertheless, they could not have been more different. Hank was stocky and Titch lanky, standing six-feet-five-inches tall. Although Hank was six foot tall, he always looked short next to his buddy. Neither of the guys could ever be referred to as good-looking, with poor old Titch the uglier of the two. Being true-blue farm boys, however, their looks and rugged appearance did not bother them at all.In the preceding years, Hank’s dad had bought the two adjoining farms on either side of him. Titch’s folks ran the one farm, and the other was managed by the Walcott family, who Hank’s father had employed two years before. The Walcott’s had a daughter Kelleigh, now sixteen years old. Kelleigh was exquisite, by far the best looking girl in the entire region. She was petite, blond, and beautiful.From the first time Hank had laid eyes on her when she was still fourteen, he had made up his mind; he was going to make Kelleigh his wife! Kelleigh was definitely not interested in Hank and found him and Titch smelly and oafish. What poor Kelleigh, however, did not know was that the fates were already conspiring against her.Both Titch’s dad and Mr. Walcott were on a very good wicket as far as employment was concerned. Hank’s father was a generous man, and the two farm managers earned excellent salaries that included a profit-sharing arrangement.Once the two buddies had graduated, they initially shared the cottage on the main farm, which Titch’s parents had lived in for many years. Hank’s father was already in the process of buying a fourth farm that Hank and Titch would live on, and manage, and a few months later. This eventuality did materialize.After Kelleigh began her final school year, her parent’s subtly started applying pressure on her to be nice to Hank when he began visiting the Walcotts weekly. He and Kelleigh would be served refreshments in the garden, before being left alone in one other’s company.To Kelleigh’s dismay, Titch would also tag along from time to time. As if the two buddies weren’t skanky enough, they had grown full beards while attending college and now looked like total Neanderthals. Disinterested as Kelleigh was, she knew she had to be pleasant because of her dad’s situation.As the months passed, Hank’s visits became more frequent and the pressure from her parents started to mount. After six months, after a huge family row, Kelleigh was left in no doubt that she was going to marry Hank. Kelleigh spent many nights crying herself to sleep.Hank gradually become bolder and insisted she sit next to him during his visits. Hank first began placing his arm around her prior to the odd kiss as he was departing. In as much as she had grown up around farmers, Hank’s sweaty disposition and strong body odour made her sick at the thought of having to eventually share his bed with him.Three months before Kelleigh’s final year at school ended, all the wedding plans had been made and she would become Hank’s wife two weeks after that. In the week preceding the wedding, she felt like she had been handed a death sentence. Recently, Hank had upped his kissing intensity and it felt like she was being smothered by a wet beaver as he clamped onto her face.Even with puffy eyes, Kelleigh looked beautiful at the wedding. Hank loved dancing and danced with every woman in the hall including Kelleigh, on their wedding night. Having started out fresh and clean at the start of the wedding function, well, as clean as Hank could be, he was soon dripping with sweat and ponging like a farm animal.The married couple would not be going on a honeymoon immediately, as it was harvest time on the farms. Having acquired the fourth farm, Hank and Kelleigh would be living in the farmhouse, with Titch living in the large cottage about one hundred yards away from the main house.After entering the master bedroom after the wedding function, Kelleigh excused herself before moving towards the bathroom. Hank knew that this would take some time. He went to the lounge to fix himself a drink. Savouring his brandy, his cock twitched in anticipation of what lay ahead. He had waited three years, three long years, and finally, the moment he had dreamt was almost upon him. She was the one for him and claiming his prize was going to be the highlight of his life.After returning to the bedroom Hank removed his shoes and socks, before throwing his trousers over a chair. Sitting in his underpants with his shirt open, he positioned himself on the sofa next to the bed and waited anxiously.‘Let her take her time,’ he thought, ‘this is the night of my life and I have just been handed the crown jewels. All those women that Titch and I fucked weren’t worth a dog’s turd. Fuck yeah! I have just won a lottery,’ his thoughts concluded.When Kelleigh finally appeared she was wearing a three-quarter, pale blue nightie that her mother had bought for her. Standing a short way beyond the bathroom door, she glanced up at him. Hank sat on the sofa staring at her. Slowly, he arose and seated himself at the foot of the bed. Motioning her over, Kelleigh presently stood before Hank.“Take this thing off,” he uttered with authority. Gingerly she removed the nightdress, before standing naked before him.Hank’s eyes lit up like a pyrotechnics display at a Fourth of July celebration. ‘Perfect… just fucking perfect,’ he thought, as he observed her perky tits and scrumptious pink nipples.“You are the queen of this house,” he announced, before continuing, “Any wall colour, pot or appliance, or any piece of furniture you want, you can have, no problem.” He leisurely scanned her body before resuming, “In this bedroom, however, I am the king. You will do anything I want, when and how I want it. Are we clear on that?”Kelleigh nodded submissively.“Good,” he stated. “You didn’t want to marry me?” he proclaimed glaring at her. Dropping her head she glanced down shyly.“A good wife has two duties; keeping a man’s stomach full, and his balls empty,” Hank concluded. Kelleigh looked forlorn after his comment.“Time to break you in,” Hank announced, before resuming, “you need Escort bodrum to learn your proper place.”Kelleigh then looked up at him quizzically, before Hank pulled her onto his lap as he moved backward on the bed. Clasping both her wrists in his left hand and pushing them firmly down on her back, he began slapping her arse vigorously. Thwack, thwack, thwack, his right hand rained down on her arse. She cried out in protest as the stinging took effect.“Please Hank, stop,” she begged.Ignoring her pleas, his hand kept up its metronomic smacking. After several thwacks, Kelleigh was amazed to find her pussy salivating. The stinging on her butt and the hardness boring into her stomach were driving her wild with lust. The intoxicating masculine smell from Hank was also adding to her horniness.‘Oh god,’ she thought, ‘why is this turning me on?’Her cries soon turned into lusty groans of pleasure. Thwack, thwack, thwack, Hank’s smacks continued on her arse. As she began to howl with pleasure, the slaps stopped. She then felt his coarse fingers forcing her legs apart. Hank’s rough middle finger now found her pussy. Wedging his fat finger between her pussy lips he began massaging her vulva. Virtually convulsing in ecstasy she started whimpering with unabashed pleasure before Hank stuck his finger into her moist cunt.She was ready, her pussy was crying out to be fucked. ‘Cock, I want cock,’ she intoned in her mind.“Fuck me, please daddy fuck me,” she begged Hank.Hank didn’t need a second invitation. After throwing her onto the bed he pulled his shirt and underpants off, before jumping on her body. His fat, rigid, uncut cock was oozing pre-cum as he began oiling her crevice. Hank’s impatient knob now began to seek out her burrow. As his hairy moist mouth slobbered all over her lips, his thick mushroom head found her opening. Hank’s dick then commenced spearing into her fleshy mound.Kelleigh cried out in a primeval defloration screech of as she became a woman. As Hank’s stout smelly body pumped into her, Kelleigh was overcome with pleasure.Overexcited, Hank soon sprayed Kelleigh’s womb with an abundance of hot cum, marking the territory he had so long fantasized about. Hank’s first dream had finally been realized. Part Two.After Hank had completely drained himself into Kelleigh, he rolled off her and instructed her to retrieve a face cloth to clean his cock. She returned moments later and performed her task. Kelleigh then revisited to the bathroom to take care of her own cleaning. Observing her red backside in the mirror a thrill of excitement surged through her.Smiling, she wondered how often she would be disciplined. As she caressed her pussy with the warm facecloth, she hoped that spanking would become a regular part of their sexual routine.Much as she dreaded marrying Hank, their first union had really aroused her. Surprisingly, even Hank’s manly smell had pleased her while they were making love. She had seen pictures of naked men before, and Hank had nothing to be shy about. The girth of his knob particularly delighted her. Hank’s huge balls had thrilled her as they slapped her arse while he was pounding into her. Returning to their bed she wondered if he would want to fuck again.Kelleigh observed Hank lying very still. She could tell from his breathing that he was asleep. ‘I’m not surprised,’ she thought. After all the excitement of the day and all that dancing, it was hardly unexpected. After turning the bedside light off Kelleigh got into bed next to him.Outside, having shot his spunk all over the flowerbed Titch finally made his way back to his cottage. His buddy had not let him down and left the curtains open as promised. It had been a great show and he couldn’t wait for the fun that lay ahead. ‘Just let her settle in for a few days,’ he thought, ‘then my buddy and I will do what we’ve always done… Share.’At around three in the morning, Hank got up to use the toilet. After returning he observed Kelleigh’s naked form in the moonlight. Kneeling on the bottom of the bed he pulled her ankles apart. Kelleigh awoke as his large frame moved over her. As Hank moved upwards she felt him guide his thick cock into her pussy.Once wedged, his body closed on her as his dick once again began to prise her open. Kelleigh gasped as he swiftly entered and began thrusting. Clamping her head in his hands his hairy mouth suctioned onto her lips with his tongue performing a double penetration.Kelleigh’s hands gripped onto Hank’s head as her pleasure started mounting. She had no real knowledge of the various sexual positions, but could not imagine one better than this. What she didn’t know, was that this was the position Hank preferred. Hank thrived on dominance and loved a woman on her back, with him pinning her down. The odd bit of doggy style was okay when he and Titch shared a woman, but for him the missionary style was king.Grunting and humping, he rode Kelleigh firmly. The whimpers and sighs from her were really pleasing him and further fuelled his horniness. Hank had no intention of rushing as before and kept varying his pace.When Kelleigh uttered, “I love your balls slapping my arse,” Hank exaggerated his hip action to please her even more. Using his knees to propel further forward, he pushed for maximum penetration. Her response was immediate as she began to gasp.“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” Hank cried as Kelleigh orgasmed. As howls reverberated in the room his final few thrusts were fierce.The following morning she asked if Hank was going to shower, not wanting to jump the queue. “Nah,” he said in a matter-of-fact way, “I showered yesterday.” Giving her a horny smile he then uttered, “Besides, I like the smell of sex on my body.” Kelleigh laughed.“I’ll get breakfast on the go while you shower,” he concluded.After breakfast, Hank took off for a meeting with his dad. Although it was Sunday there was an urgent matter that had to be seen to and promised to be back in a couple of hours. This gave Kelleigh time to do all her unpacking, and settle in.At lunchtime, Hank helped out in the kitchen. Things just kept getting better. A man who loved cooking? What else could a girl possibly want!After lunch, Hank excused himself for a nap. Hank’s week had been hectic, and with the wedding ceremony thrown in, he was dog tired. Kelleigh elected not to join him so he could get some rest. After taking care of the dishes, she sat outside on their veranda.A short while later she observed Titch standing outside his front door. Waves were exchanged before he began moving in her direction. This was not what she had planned for, Escort Kuşadası but now had no option but to await his arrival. As Titch approached he asked if he could join her.After he was seated she got drinks for them, before they exchanged a few pleasantries about the wedding. Silence followed. The one thing that Kelleigh had come to know about Titch was that he was very comfortable with silence. Eventually, breaking the stillness she asked if he also had plans to marry shortly. “Nah, I’m not the marrying kind,” Titch answered.Another pause followed before she asked him if he missed their college days. “Very much,” he replied. “Hank and I had a lot of fun in our apartment.” After another short lull, he went on to tell her about the good times.Titch was always socially reserved, and Hank was the outgoing member of the duo. Early in their first year, they visited a bar one evening. Hank attracted the attention of a young lady, and soon all three were on their way back to the apartment. Shortly after their arrival as Hank and the girl were about to head for his bedroom, she asked if Titch would also be joining them. The guys were gobsmacked by her request. Figuring, what the hell, the three of them were soon romping in the room.Titch assured Kelleigh that there was no interaction between him and Hank, but stated that their threesomes were awesome. In fact, after that, double tagging became an addiction to them. Titch admitted that they didn’t always succeed, but that seventy per cent of the time they were successful.Kelleigh was flawed after Titch’s revelation and sat opened mouthed looking at him in disbelief. The look in his eyes as he observed her had an almost predictive gaze. After yet another brief respite Titch arose and said he was sure she had things to do and left. Kelleigh’s mind went into a spin. That evening during dinner, she was tempted to ask Hank about the disclosure but decided against it. ‘What was, was,’ she figured. At around eight, they headed for the bedroom.That evening their lovemaking was leisurely and totally magnificent. Lying naked on the bed, Hank began to fondle her breasts. Propped up on one arm he observed her lovingly as his hand moved from one tit to the other, before caressing her torso. Hank was like an art collector, who after purchasing a priceless object was enjoying the tactile affirmation of his investment.As Hank’s mouth moved towards her breast his right hand cupped her pussy. Soon Kelleigh was enjoying the double stimulation of having her tit sucked, and her snatch fondled. After a first, then a second finger entered her, she began to writhe with ecstasy. Hank’s tongue and lip action escalated as his fingers, now three of them, rapidly speared into Kelleigh. Her anxious hands massaged Hank’s head as she panted her contentment.Lifting his body, Hank turned onto his knees and covered Kelleigh’s face with his genitals. With his hands on the back of her thighs, he pushed her legs apart and pulling them up upwards fed on her blossom. Looking up at the window he saw Titch across from him as he gathered her nectar. From the movement of Titch’s upper body, it was clear that Titch was wanking. Hank smiled then winked, before again plunging his head into the honey pot awaiting him.Kelleigh’s introduction to oral sex was very stimulating. The heady smell of Hank’s sweaty crotch completely overwhelmed her. As she licked his balls she simultaneously began tugging on his knob. When Hank’s mouth started lapping her cunt, she thought she was about to convulse. Hank munched on her flower like a swarm of bees gone berserk.Outside, Hank was stimulating himself in his favourite fashion. He held his cock in his left hand, before inserting his right first finger into his foreskin. He then twirled his finger around his moist dick head as stimulated himself. He could do this for hours watching his porn collection. There was porn studio whose videos he particularly loved. The sex was rough and entailed a woman being fucked by four to five guys.‘Six more days,’ he thought. Next Saturday he would be joining the fun.Inside, Hank again changed body position. With Kelleigh’s pussy sopping wet after she had convulsed with orgasm, he reverted back to the missionary position. As he began to hump her frantically his balls again slapped her arse, sustaining her ongoing rapture. With Hank banging into Kelleigh, Titch could no longer hold back outside. Titch’s knob began spewing jizz all over his stimulating finger, as his legs twitched with the release.Inside the room, the finale played itself out as Hank scooted up Kelleigh’s body to feed her his cum. As he unloaded his spunk in spurts he said, “Taste the seed that we will be breeding with one day.” Kelleigh savoured it eagerly, having loved her introduction to oral sex.After returning to his cottage, Titch switched his television on and was soon watching a woman being triple penetrated. With his finger twirling in his dicks hood, he thought, ‘six more days, only six more days!’ Part Three.In the early hours of the following morning, Hank got up to use the toilet. Upon his return, the same procedure from the previous day was followed, as he mounted his wife and began to fuck her. Kelleigh would get used to this daily ritual, and had no objections whatsoever. Propped up on his elbows he kissed her gently, as his dick slid in and out of Kelleigh. After two days of not showering, Hanks body odour had intensified, and Kelleigh was becoming intoxicated by his manly essence. With his thick knob inside her and the hum of his armpits hovering over them, she began to gasp with excitement.“Harder… please fuck me harder,” she begged.Lifting up on straight arms, Hank did as requested and began banging into her. Kelleigh ran her hands up Hank’s torso, finally locating his moist pits. When her fingers started tickling the damp hair under his arms, Hank became overexcited.“Oh fuck… fuck yeah,” he cried as his body shook rapturously. “Take my spunk, take it, fuck yeah… take it in your hot pussy,” he panted as he spewed into her.“Yes… Yesss,” she groaned united in bliss. After Hank fell asleep, she lay next to him with her fingers under her nostrils. Happily, she drifted off to sleep sniffing his masculinity.Kelleigh again showered alone the following morning before joining Hank for breakfast. When Hank left, Kelleigh really began to familiarize herself with her new surroundings. At around eleven o’clock Hank phoned her and asked her to make him sandwiches. He was having a hectic day and wouldn’t be able to join Kelleigh for lunch. Twice that bodrum escort week, however, they did enjoy a lunchtime quickie on Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesday’s, Hank and his dad, Hank senior, always went to town to take care of business. This weekly visit always included a lunch treat, at a steakhouse in town.Throughout the week Kelleigh and Hank had sex at night and in the early hours of the morning. Titch also continued his voyeuristic escapades in the evenings. At dinner on Friday, Kelleigh reversed an earlier decision she had made and told Hank about the conversation she had with Titch.Hank smiled as he confirmed what Titch had told her, before stating, “I’m happy that you brought up the subject.”“Why?” she inquired.“Well… I have invited Titch to dinner tomorrow evening, and want him to join us in the bedroom afterward,” Hank said, matter-of-factly.Kelleigh was stunned, and she sat quietly observing Hank for quite some time. “For sex?” she whispered eventually.“Yes. It’s time to restart our college tradition,” he stated.“But, I’m your wife,” she blurted out, in disbelief.“So? Kelleigh let me remind you of a conversation we had on our wedding night. The bedroom, my domain… what I say, goes. Your role is to comply, and that’s that,” he ordered. “B’sides, you’ll enjoy Titch, he’s very… Talented,” he said, stressing the last word.Kelleigh’s mouth went dry. “But, we’re married,” she whimpered.“Sure, and if I chose to share your with my buddy, you’ll obey,” he said emphatically.“But…” she uttered, before being interrupted.“Kelleigh, I’ve spoken. Tomorrow night Titch is going to fuck you, simple as that. Now, where’s the dessert you promised me?” Hank concluded.In a trance-like state, Kelleigh got up and fetched their dessert. When they headed off to bed, Kelleigh was sulking. After they undressed she turned her head to the side when Hank tried to kiss her. Annoyed, he pulled her chin towards him. “I see you need some more discipline,” he stated.In a flash, he was seated at the end of the bed with her wrists in his left hand, before his right hand began to rain down on her backside. His smacks were a lot more intense than on the former occasion. After several slaps, as her pussy began to moisten Kelleigh groaned loudly.With her cunt sopping wet, Hank forced his hand between her legs and began fingering her. She willingly opened to him gasping with pleasure. One, then two of his fingers pistoned into her as her head heaved up and down in ecstasy. With her pussy suppurating with lust, he placed her over the end of the bed and slammed his dick into her.Watching outside, Titch almost ripped his knob off with excitement as his buddy fucked Kelleigh doggy style. Observing the hot scene before him Titch couldn’t hold back and began spraying his jizz all over the flowerbed. ‘One more day, one more fucking day,’ he thought as he wandered off to his cottage.Hank did not awaken in the early hours of the following morning as usual, but when he finally did he headed for the shower, beckoning Kelleigh to follow him. With her back against the tiles, Hank lifted her right leg and sought entry. Once he got his rhythm going, he cupped her backside in both his hands lifting Kelleigh up. With her arms around his shoulders, he speared into Kelleigh’s pussy. Hank didn’t last too long before unloading.Still pinning her to the wall Hank said, “Sorry, baby, I can’t hold my piss in any longer.” Kelleigh immediately began to feel a warm torrent of liquid spraying inside her. Initial shock gave way to unbelievable pleasure as she received the golden fountain from his discharging bladder. Her gasps aroused Hank once more. Widening his stance, and with his outstretched arms anchoring then against the tiles, Kelleigh tightened her arms around his neck and wrapped around Hank’s body commenced riding his cock.After Hank had cum, he again placed her body against the tiles. As he kissed Kelleigh she again began to feel warm liquid spraying into her once more as Hank discharged the remainder of his bladder. When they began showering and washing one another, Hank looked into Kelleigh’s eyes and asked, “Do you trust me?”“Yes,” she replied.“Tonight will be fun, you’ll see,” he assured her. Kelleigh nodded compliantly.The entire Saturday Kelleigh spent in a stupor. ‘Oh god, how am I going to cope with Titch?’ she thought. This marriage that she was now so thrilled about after her initial misgivings, had just gone south. ‘I’m going to be shared by two men! And what does the word, talented mean? Is he kinky?’ she pondered with her mind in a spin.That afternoon as Kelleigh prepared their meal, Hank had a few beers as he watched sport on the television. After Titch arrived he joined Hank in the lounge, where the two of them drank and smoked. At the dinner table, Hank looked at Titch and said, “Titch, tonight we are going to continue an old college tradition. Kelleigh and I would like you to join us in our bedroom.”Titch, already in the know, did his best to look surprised. Kelleigh just looked down at her food. The guys then continued their chit chat for the remainder of the meal. After dinner, the two men moved through to the lounge as Kelleigh cleared the table and did the dishes. Once done, she shyly joined the men in the sitting room. A short while later Hank said, “Titch, I think that you and Kelleigh should move through to the bedroom first, and get to know each other a little better.”After a short pause, Titch got up and offered his hand to Kelleigh. Once she arose, he placed his arm on her back and led her off in the direction of the bedroom. Standing next to the bed, Titch lifted Kelleigh’s chin to make eye contact with her. “I’ve been watching you and Hank since your wedding night,” he asserted.“What?” she asked.“Through the window… Hank always makes sure the curtains are open,” he answered.Glancing at the window, Kelleigh felt a chill running down her back. Titch then began pulling her dress up and over her head, before tossing it aside. Titch then removed his shirt before undoing his trousers and letting them drop to the floor. Moving closer to Kelleigh Titch enclosed her in his arms before unclasping her bra.As she looked up at him she saw his head closing in on her mouth. Although Kelleigh was used to facial hair with Hank, Titch’s beard and moustache were unkempt, and hair always hung over his lips. Soon she felt his hairy mouth mashing onto her lips.Through a curtain of hair, she felt his tongue prodding, before opening her mouth to him. Having never been this near to Titch before, she was also sampling the much stronger male aroma that he radiated, and was astonished by how much the smell was turning her on. Titch then pushed her panties down before gently turning her body around. As he clamped her from behind his left hand began to fondle her breasts. His right hand first caressed her stomach, before moving ever downwards.

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