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My buddy Jeff just called to let me know he was home from college. He told me I should come over later to his Dad’s house. Jeff’s parents had split up and Jeff was at his Dad’s place for the time being. I drove over that afternoon but I didn’t see Jeff’s car. I went up to the door and Jeff’s dad answered.

“He got delayed for a bit, you might as well come in and wait for him,” Mr. Jefferson told me.

I always liked Jeff’s dad. He was tall and you could tell he worked out. Mr. Jefferson knew I was twenty-one so he offered me a beer and we sat down on the couch together. Mr. Jefferson said that I might as well call him by his first name, Todd. That was fine with me. We clinked bottles and drank our brew. We went through two bottles pretty quickly and I was getting a little lightheaded. I never could drink much beer.

Todd stood up and went to get another round. I told him I better not. Todd walked back over to the couch. He asked me if I would stand up. I thought he maybe wanted to straighten things up on the couch. When I stood up Todd walked over to me and put his hands on my chest. I didn’t know what was going on. Todd pulled me into his body and he kissed me on the mouth. I tried to pull back but I couldn’t free myself.

“You always make me horny when I see you Scott.”

I was never attracted to men before. We were so close I could smell the cologne on Todd’s face. He definitely was horny. He was grinding güvenilir bahis his crotch into mine. I hate to admit it but I sort of gave into him. I opened my mouth to him and our tongues touched. Todd didn’t waste much time. He pulled my shirt up over my head and then he loosened my pants and had me kick them to the side. Off came my shoes and I was totally naked.

I was a little embarrassed. My cock was stiff and then it was Todd’s turn. He stripped all his clothes off and I was soon looking at this giant prick. I am about six inches and my cock is on the thin side. Todd’s prick was much longer than mine and it looked as fat as a thick sausage. Todd’s hands went to my shoulders. He urged me to kneel down. I knew what he wanted but I tried to resist. Todd wouldn’t have any of that.

I was soon kneeling and my face was directly in front of Todd’s thick member. He told me to open my mouth. I didn’t at first and Todd took hold of his dick and slapped my mouth and face with it. I parted my lips to say something and Todd slid his prick into my mouth. I could barely take a few inches he was so long and thick. It didn’t matter to Todd. He place his one hand on the back of my head and urged me to go down on him.

The next thing I knew, I was gagging on Todd’s thick monster. At one point I think I had most of it down my throat. I could feel his balls hitting my chin as he thrust down my throat. Thankfully this didn’t last too long. güvenilir bahis siteleri Todd pulled out and then lifted me up by my arms. He led me back to his bed and he pushed me face down onto the mattress. Todd got in behind me and he pulled up on my hips. I soon felt his big mushroom probing my hole.

I wanted to tell him to stop but there was no stopping Jeff’s dad. I felt a hard pinch and it felt like someone shoved a log up my asshole. It didn’t help that Todd had his bare cock shoved up my hole. I knew that wasn’t a good thing. Todd had me overpowered as he began to pound my ass as hard as he could. I am not ashamed to say I was crying out from all the pain I felt. Todd had to have been over eight inches in length. No doctor’s finger ever felt like this.

Maybe it was a good thing I was slightly drunk. Todd used my ass that afternoon. I was sure he had every inch of his cock buried inside me. I fell his balls slapping against my bottom. Todd took me for close to an hour, I was pretty sure of that. I couldn’t believe how I was moaning and groaning as Todd slid that mammoth pecker past my sphincter. Todd must have been hitting my prostate. I was hard as I could ever remember.

All I know was that he split my ass wide open with his dick. I soon heard some grunting noises and then Todd’s body stiffened up. He grunted one last time and then I felt his hot male cream gushing into my body. I have to say it sent iddaa siteleri a chill up my spine when I felt his hot cum entering me. Todd didn’t stop once. He kept pounding my greedy hole until it seemed he was close to finishing. Todd pushed me down to the bed and his body was on top of mine. I felt him kiss my neck and then he pulled out.

I could barely move. I was panting and on top of that, my hole felt raw from the fucking I just took. Todd got up from the bed and he looked down at my exhausted body.

“You better go and get cleaned up and dressed,” he told me. I somehow got up and gathered up my clothes. I sat down on the toilet and tried to empty out. Todd’s cream came spilling out but there was still plenty inside me after I got dressed. We were both back on the couch when Jeff arrived.

“I hope my Dad told you I was going to be delayed. Of course he had told me no such thing but I said yes, it was no problem waiting around for him. I didn’t stay very much longer. I was spent from the fucking I took. I begged off staying for dinner and Todd walked me to the door.

“I hope to see you again, Scott.”

I smiled weakly and then walked out to my car. I got back to my place and stripped out of my clothes once more. I got onto the bed and I reached down to feel my ass. It felt inflamed. I ran a finger over my hole and some cum came spilling out. I brought it up to my face and then I tasted it with my lips. All I could think about was how Jeff’s dad used my asshole. I never thought I would want a man like that.

As I went over in my mind what happened, I was pretty sure that this wasn’t the last time Todd would use his thick cock to fuck me.

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