Best Since My Brother

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Best Since My Brother

I wasn’t really watching TV. It was just on. One of those detective reruns was playing. It was “Law & Order” or “CSI” or something like that. Out of the corner of my ear (how’s that for a mixed up metaphor?) I heard:

“It was the best sex since my brother right after high school.”

Did I really hear that? I think so.

It brought back memories of my sister – the one I had sex with in high school.

How long ago was that? Fifteen, sixteen, twenty years? It must have been twenty years. I was 18 then, and am 38 now. I have had some pretty good sex since then, but that first time sure has been a favorite memory.

On an impulse I called my sister, AliciaJane. A. J. and I talk on the phone every couple of weeks. We get together only once or twice each year. A birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and maybe the Fourth of July are the favored meeting events.

It’s a seven and a half hour drive between our homes. She lives in Fargo, North Dakota and I have my home near Lincoln, Nebraska. Before you even ask, no, I am not a Husker fan. I don’t even like sports.

“Hello,” a man answered my call.

“Hi, Joe, can I talk with my sister?”

Joe is A. J.’s second husband. They were married about two years after A. J’s first marriage fell apart. She doesn’t talk about it very much, and I have no clue as to what went wrong. Mark, that’s the first husband, moved away before the divorce was final. His company opened a branch office someplace in South Dakota, I guess, and he transferred to it.

Joe seems to be a nice guy, and he appears to be devoted to A. J., but somehow I get some disturbing vibes. I think Joe is what some call a player. A player is a guy who likes to play with a lot of different women. By play, I mean fuck. I have no proof, just suspicions.

For example, Joe and I had a few beers at one Fourth of July picnic. We talked about a lot of bull stuff including women and affairs.

He remarked, “I wouldn’t dare get caught cheating on A. J. She’d bash my head in with a skillet!”

I found that to be suspicious. He didn’t say ‘I wouldn’t dare cheat.’ He said ‘I wouldn’t dare get caught.’ I sure hope Joe isn’t cheating on A. J. It would break my big sister in two.

I heard Joe holler, “Yo, A. J! Your brother’s on the phone.”

“M. J., here she comes. I am going out to the garage to clean some spark plugs. Are you and A. J. gonna plan a Thanksgiving get together? Here she is. Bye now.”

A. J. came on the line “Hi, there, little brother. I was just thinking about you.”

“Good thoughts, I hope.”

“Good memories are more like it. I just heard some woman on TV say something about having the best sex since high school.”

“Wow, A. J., if it was sex with her brother then I heard the same thing. That’s what prompted me to call,” I whispered.

AliciaJane replied, “No need to whisper. Joe’s out in the garage.”

I said, “I have fond memories of that day. I have to confess that I have had some pretty good sex since then, but being with you is still the most special.”

“I can’t believe we are talking about this after so many years,” A. J. added, “I don’t think we ever mentioned it after that. Well, except for the time a few months later when you wanted to do it again.”

“You turned me down that time. You said we should wait awhile because you were having your period,” was my response. “I have been waiting a long while. Tee hee.”

“Hey, brother, are you hinting something?”

“Maybe so, sister, and what do you mean we haven’t mentioned Kars Escort it? What do you call those ‘happy anniversary’ phone calls on June 14th?”

She giggled, “Oh, that’s the anniversary you celebrate! Tee hee. If you didn’t call I would probably still remember Junel 14, and not because it’s Flag Day, either. Obviously you remember the date, too”

“How could any guy not remember being an eightteen year old boy and enjoying his first time, especially with since it was with a special big sister? I noticed you didn’t say ‘no way’ when I hinted about the repeat being way past due!”

Hey, brother, you are tempting me. Maybe I am entitled to some fun, and I can’t think of a better person for it than you. M. J., I don’t have proof, but I think Joe has been getting some fun on the side. He’s probably banging mothers of his taekwondo students. Maybe it’s my turn to step out.”

My little brain, the one I keep in my pants, suddenly became alert. It sprang to attention. Is my sister just teasing me, or is there a chance of another memorable incest session?

She continued, “Actually, M. J., I was getting ready to call you –not about the TV show — but about Thanksgiving Day. Do you have any plans yet?”

“No, but I was thinking of inviting you and Joe to come down to Nebraska, and bring Mom along. I think it’s my turn to host.”

“That would be nice, but Joe is scheduled to work on Black Friday. That would make for a hurried trip. Besides that, Mom doesn’t like riding in the car for so long. So, dear brother, this is an official invitation for you to come here. Joe already said it was OK with him. He said he would even stock up on Samuel Adams Boston Ale, your favorite brew. I suppose we could even put some clean sheets on the bed in the guest room.”

“That would be great, sis, I probably could take off from work early on Wednesday and be in Fargo in time for the late news on TV. Can I stay through Saturday afternoon?”

“You bet.”

Four or so inches of snow fell overnight. Joe shoveled the driveway and the sidewalk on the morning of Thanksgiving while I helped A. J. in the kitchen. She put me in charge of cutting carrots, celery, and stuff for what I liked to call the “Whore – de – vor” plate. Later, I had the fun of mashing up potatoes. Well, OK, I used the mixer instead of a masher. It was fun anyway.

Thanksgiving Day is a family day; duh, we all know that, don’t we? The family at our get together was me, my sister, our mother, Joe, Joe’s sister (Mary), and her husband (William). Joe’s parents became snowbirds and had their Thanksgiving by themselves in Texas. No snow in Texas.

Did we eat too much? Of course we did. Later the women did kitchen duty while the men watched football. The game couldn’t hold my interest; I don’t care much for watching sports. So, I wandered into the kitchen to help with the clean up.

My appearance apparently put a damper on the girl conversation. The chit chat quit as soon as they saw me.

I enjoyed what I saw. Now, my mother is a fine looking woman, but she’s too old for me, and she is my mother. I didn’t look much at her, but the other two were samples of the finest of sexy women folk. I don’t know which is sexier, AliciaJane or Mary. Both have appealing attributes. A. J. at five foot seven was taller and slimmer but the boobs on her had a ‘come caress me’ look about them. Mary, on the other hand, is probably what they call petite because she’s short. Yikes, though, those legs! My mind’s eye unpeeled her pants until nothing but gorgeous firm Kars Escort Bayan leg topped by bikini panty showed. Put A.J.’s top with Mary’s bottom and you would have the perfect ten. Did I lust? Does it snow in the Dakotas? You bet I lusted.

“How can I help?” I offered.

“Too late there, brother-in-law M. J.,” said Mary, “We are just about done.”

“Here,” said A. J. “Take this dishtowel and finish drying. I think Mary wants to go snuggle up to her hubby and watch the rest of the game.”

“Okey, dokey, sister,”

Mom joined in, “M. J., as soon as we are done will you take me home?”

“It would be my pleasure.”

A half hour later Mom and I got our coats. A. J. got hers, too. “I will come along, if it’s OK.”

“You bet.”

“Yo, Joe,” my sister called out; “MartinJohn and I are taking Mom home.

We took Mom to her place on the south side of Fargo. She lives on – believe it or not – 13 1/2 Street. Yes, 13 and a half! What else would you name a street that’s between 13th and 14th?

Being the good son and daughter we shoveled Mom’s sidewalk before heading back to A.J.’s place.

“Well, dear sister, tell me more about Joe’s fooling around.” I commanded after we got into my car.

“I don’t know for sure, but I think he’s been screwing other women. A couple of times when I went to visit him at the karate place he was standing close to one of the moms of his students. He backed away from the woman proto when he saw me. And, here’s the kicker, last week I cleaned the spare bedroom. Joe uses the closet in there for some of his shirts and things. I found a little box hidden in the back.” She stopped.

“Tell me more.” I encouraged.

“It was full of women’s panties! There were a dozen of them. None of them are mine.” A. J. was almost crying now.


“Yes, panties. I think Joe has a collection of souvenirs of the women he fucks.”

I interjected, “Maybe he’s one of those guys with a panty fetish, and they are not really from other women.”

“You might be right. I don’t want to accuse Joe of cheating without better proof. I destroyed my first marriage when I kicked Mark out of the house. He didn’t cheat, but I thought he did. I overreacted in anger. I don’t ever want to do that again.” Now the tears were flowing like Niagara Falls.

My sister was calmed down by the time we got back to her home.

The football game was over, and someone got the idea we should play cards. We debated for a bit and finally settled on Hearts. It’s a game that can be played with five people. That fun lasted for an hour or so. Then, William and Mary announced it was time for them to head back to their home in Grand Forks. It looked like more snow was coming and they wanted to beat the storm.

The three of us drank a bottle of Riesling wine while we watched a bit of nothing TV and then headed to bed. I usually wear pajamas, but I forgot to pack them. I went to bed wearing my underwear. For the perverts out there who care: The briefs I wore were cotton no-fly navy blue low-rise Fruit of the Loom.

I slept very well. I dreamed that I was fucking my sister while Joe fucked his sister in the same bed. I woke up with a hard-on.

The hard-on wasn’t just because of the dream. I felt some cock caressing from soft gentle fingers.

“Good morning, little brother,” a voice whispered to me. “Joe left for work a half hour ago. I am willing to bet that some woman is going to get the benefit of his cock today. I sure didn’t get it last night or this morning.” Escort Kars

A. J. was sitting on my edge of the bed. I didn’t know nightgowns came with such a sheer material. I could see boobs with erect nipples through the fabric.

“Good morning, A. J.” I replied, “Are you thinking about getting some ‘revenge.'”

“Yes and no, I feel like making love with a man I love. Yes, M. J., I love you. I always have, and I want to make love with you.”

The best I could say was, “Wow.”

“And,” continued AliciaJane, “I am sorry I turned you down for that repeat roll in the hay all those years ago. I have dreamed about it for nearly twenty years.”

“We did have a great time when we screwed, didn’t we?” I asked. “I wanted so much to do it again, and when the opportunity finally came up I was crushed by your refusal. I never got up enough nerve to ask again.”

“I really was having my period then.”

“Yes, I know, but …”

She shut me up by kissing me full on the lips.

Upon the release she said, “I am not having a period now, and I want you. Show me what you have in those pants, little brother.” She said that while stroking my cock through the cotton front of my briefs.

I hooked my thumbs in the waistband, lifted my butt, and pulled my underpants off.”

AliciaJane slowly, sensually slip her nightie up over her head.

“Wow, A. J. I didn’t remember they were that big.”

“They weren’t. Boobs grow. I still a teen when you saw them before.”

“May I touch them?”

“Please do.”

I was still on my back. A. J. straddled me. Her bare pussy pressed up against my stomach. I reached up with both hands. My hands are not huge, but I can palm a basketball. Her knockers filled my hands as I palmed them. There’s something erotic about the feel of boobs, about the feel of hard erect nipples pressing on my palms.

My sister scooted own a bit. Soon her pussy was on my erect – hard as lumber – cock. A.J. made a rocking motion as she rubbed her clit against my man pole. We were not fucking because I wasn’t yet inside her. Nevertheless, the sensation of a dripping wet pussy caressing against a cock is an experience every man should enjoy at least once in his life time.

We did not speak. We just stared into one another’s eyes while I fondled her breast and while she used my cock to masturbate.

She wiggled and rubbed against my cock ever faster and then announced “I am ready!”

I reached down to guide my member into A. J. My rod impaled her hot and ready pussy. Still on my back I thrust upwards in time to her gyrations. I have had some good sex over the years, but this doubly forbidden fruit rates as one the best. Forbidden once because of screwing someone else’s wife; forbidden twice because of screwing a sibling. I didn’t care. I loved it.

My cannon exploded and shot hot goo into my sister. Huh? I didn’t go soft. I was still hard. So, I rolled her over onto her back and continued fucking. Soon she was gasping, and she was making a sound that I can’t quite describe…kind of like “woe, woe, woe, whew.”

I felt her pussy muscles gripping and ungripping on my cock as a female climax shuttered. I kept right on pumping in and out.

AliciaJane did a new-to-me thing. She reached a hand round behind my butt. Slowly her fingers moved down my crack and felt for my anus. When she started finger fucking my ass-hole I couldn’t resist anymore. My cock shot out another stream of semen.

Exhausted, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up to beautiful brown eyes gazing into mine. “Best sex since my brother in high school.” She said.

“Best sex since my sister in high school,” I replied. Do I need to wait another twenty years for a repeat?’

“Let’s have some breakfast first,” She giggled, “to build up our energy.”

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