Beth and Jim Part III

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Beth and Jim Part III

Beth and Jim had been together for only four months when they decided to ditch their apartments and find a house to share. After a few weeks of searching, they found a small bungalow and fell in love with it. The yard wasn’t too large, the house was set back behind trees that blocked most of the road noise as well as giving them privacy. A modern kitchen was separated from the living room by a low counter, and two large bedrooms shared a bath with a tile floor and an open shower built for two. The back yard faced west, a patio and a small hot tub were positioned to take full advantage of the sunsets.

They signed the paperwork and made the arrangements to vacate their apartments at the end of the month. The moving went smoothly, Beth’s truck finished unloading just as the truck from Jim’s place was pulling up. By Friday evening the movers were gone, boxes were piled everywhere, a mattress was on the floor in the bedroom, and two happy, tired and filthy people sat on the patio and enjoyed a cold beer.

Too tired for anything else, they turned on the hot tub, and tossing a pan of barbecue chicken in the oven to heat stripped off their dirty clothes and got in the shower. Jim turned on the water just long enough to get them wet and started cleaning Beth with a loofah and body wash. “I like the way your sweat makes patterns in the dirt” he told her as he worked the sponge between her tits and over her stomach. “We should move more often.” Beth pushed him away and gave his penis a slap. “Well, you may like it, but I’ll take a pass, thank you very much. I stink and you stink and I’m hungry. The food won’t take long so get your butt moving and scrub!” They went at each other with vigor until their bodies were covered with suds. Beth grabbed the shampoo and gave Jim’s cock a playful tug. Pointing down she told him “On your knees and bow before me, peasant!” It was a little act they had put on a few times. Jim got on one knee and bent his head between her legs saying, “Your wish is my command.” Her piss was strong that night, but Jim didn’t mind. As his hair got soaked pee ran down his face and into his mouth, the taste and the smell if it were like wine and perfume to him. When he was suitably wet, she massaged shampoo into his hair. Now it was his turn to wet her, he stood back, with his dick almost straight up piss fell gently on head her like a warm rain, and with loving hands he cleaned her hair.

Now they were still hungry but almost clean, they rinsed off, and with towels around their waists set up food and beer on the patio, just in time to enjoy the setting sun in their new home for the first time.

“Jim, there are three things I want you to get” Beth told him. “A shower chair, a detachable shower head with a long hose, and something to kneel on, that tile is hard on the knees.” Jim clinked his beer against hers and bowed his head. “Your wish is my command.” After finishing their meal and soaking in the hot tub for a bit they laid down on the barely made bed and fell asleep almost before they kissed each other good night.

In a week the house was pretty much put together, the boxes were gone, furniture put together and the shower modified. They enjoyed evenings on the deck and settled into life together. They met the neighbors, on one side were an old couple, Tony and Grace, on the other side Kim, a real estate agent who live alone. They were all nice and the first weekend the house was together the couple had them over for cocktails. The weather was pleasant, and everyone enjoyed the cocktails and the company, but it was still early when the older folks thanked their hosts and excused themselves. Beth told Jim to fire up the hot tub. “Kim it’s still early, we’re going to soak and have another drink or two, won’t you join us?”

“Love to” Kim replied. “I’ll be back in ten minutes in my suit.” When she returned, she had on a white bikini that set off her dark bronze skin. While most oriental women had smaller breasts, hers were making the C cups strain to hold them. Though not particularly thin, Kim was a truly beautiful woman.

With fresh drinks they sat in the tub and talked. The couple were surprised to find out Kim almost ten years older than either of them, and complimented her on her youthful looks. She told them she had been in her house for five years, had been a real estate agent for twenty-five, and that she and her boyfriend had split up amicably last year. Beth and Jim talked about how they had known each other for years before connecting at a barbecue. They spent a lovely evening together, splitting time between the tub and the patio. It was after eleven before they said goodnight, already on the way to being close friends.

A week later Jim left for Boston to attend a business seminar. Beth Kissed him at the door as he left for the airport. “I’ll miss you Jim, take care.” Jim kissed her back saying “It’s only four days, and Kim will keep you company. I bet you two have a blast.”

Kim would be stopping by after work, so Beth ordered a pizza, straightened up the house a bit and put two bottles of wine on ice. Kim arrived a little after five and Beth gave her a warm hug at the door. “Did you get a haircut today, it looks fantastic!?” Beth asked. Kim’s hair came almost to her shoulders, the ends curling in and framing her round face. “Just a trim, thanks for noticing. Appearance counts for a lot at work. I came over as soon as I dropped my things at the house, what do you have for a thirsty girl?”

Beth grabbed a bottle and glasses and they headed to the porch. “Kim, you’re over dressed, why don’t you grab a tee from the bedroom and lose the blouse and bra? Your skirt looks breezy enough.” When Kim returned, she had on a thin cotton top and was carrying her shoes. “That’s so much better, thanks. Did Jim get off OK?” “No problems.” Beth said as she handed over a glass of wine. “He said he’d call when he got to his hotel, that should be in an hour or so.” Beth looked at Kim’s breasts through the thin shirt. Her tits were larger, and her nipples were much darker and more compact than her own. Beth really had no problem with her own boobs, but occasionally did wish they were a bit bigger.

The pizza arrived about the time they finished their wine, Kim refilled the glasses while Beth loaded the plates. As they ate their talk got more personal. Beth told how she had felt when Jim told her he was no longer married and how quickly their relationship had taken off. Kim took a sip of wine and explained where she was now in the love department.

“Well, my last boyfriend was a nice guy, maybe too nice, I don’t know. Since we broke up, I’ve been laying low and not looking for a relationship. I don’t really miss going out, and when I get the urge, I have a few little friends to help me out.” ‘Little friends’? Beth wasn’t sure what she meant and asked. “I mean my sex toys, don’t you have any?” Kim asked. “Even when I’m dating someone, they’re nice to have.” Beth wasn’t expecting an admission of something so Denizli Escort personal. “No, I guess I never felt the need.” she said.

Kim put her hand over Beth’s and leaned in. “you should give it a try. You use your hand sometimes, don’t you?” Beth blushed but nodded. “The right toys can add another level to your sex life, alone or with someone else.”

After eating Beth turned on the hot tub to heat while they cleared the table and got the second bottle of wine out. Kim was going to get her suit, but Beth told her “Just take off the top and your skirt, panties will be fine, it’s just us”. Depositing excess clothes on the table the pair sank down into the refreshing water, jets massaging their backs, and a breeze blowing across their nipples.

Beth was curious. “How do you think Jim would feel if I started using sex toys, would he think I wasn’t being satisfied?” Kim laughed. “Let me ask you this, is your sex life good?” Beth told her it was great. “With the right accessories, you can make it even better, and he won’t mind at all.”

Kim stood up. “Gotta pee, be right back.” Beth pointed to the gravel walk that edged the patio. “If you don’t want to go inside, Jim and I usually just pee over there, it’s easier. Kim walked over and dropping her panties relieved herself. Beth was watching her intently as she went, thinking: “that’s what Jim sees when I go.” Kim finished, and as she climbed back into the tub Beth saw the shape of a bare pussy through the wet underwear. Pointing she said “I see that you shave yours, I never have. What’s it feel like?” Kim explained that being hairless helped to keep cool down there in the summer, and sex, especially if your partner was also bare, was fantastic. “Just think about it, the most intimate parts of your bodies are being held apart by that hair. Without it, the skin on skin contact area gets bigger, it intensifies the feeling.” All the talk about sex was getting to Beth. “I am going to do it! I wanted to do something to surprise Jim with when he gets back, and that sounds perfect!”

“That’s a great idea,” Kim told her, “But you should really have someone show you how, it can be tricky. My roommate in college taught me, I’d be happy to help.”. “What do I need” Beth asked. “Just a razor?” Kim shook her head “You’ll need more than a razor. I’ll go get my things and meet you in your bathroom in five minutes.”

True to her word Kim was back in a flash. Beth had grabbed the wine and was waiting in the bathroom. “The shower chair will work great” Kim turned Beth around and sat her in middle of the shower.” “Lift your butt.” When Beth did Kim pulled down her panties and tossed them aside. “First thing we need to do is trim off most of this hair. Now scoot forward some and spread ‘em,” Kim said grinning. Kneeling on one of the pads, she took a small pair of scissors and quickly reduced Beth’s bush to short stubble. “Check this out.” said Kim. Leaning over she blew a long stream of breath over the almost bare pussy. “Feel the difference?” “Yes,” Beth said. “it feel so much better already!” Kim prepared for the next step, working shaving foam into the stubble. “It’s important to get a shaving cream with lotion in it or you’ll wind up being very uncomfortable, razor burn sucks.” Kim drained her glass and refilled it with water to rinse the razor in. “These are new razors, but it’s still your first time and you’ll be sensitive, so I’ll have to be extra careful.”

Kim started, working with the razor from the top down. Beth watched fascinated as she saw her cunt emerging, looking almost like it did before puberty.

“Kim, could you stop for a second? I need to pee.” Beth asked. Kim moved aside. “Just go on the chair, we’re almost done, and I’ve got you in a good position.” Beth shrugged and started peeing, with her eyes closed she reached down to feel what had been done so far. As she ran her fingers over her smooth mound, without thinking she put her hand into the piss and brought it to her mouth, sucking on her fingers. “Well, I wasn’t expecting that” Kim said. Shocked, Beth opened her eyes. “I forgot you were there! Please, it’s just something I do, I hope you’re not freaked out.” Kim leaned over and gave Beth a peck on the mouth. “Not at all. Now relax and I’ll finish.” Kim got back down and continued working, the job was done in ten minutes.

“All done,” she said standing. The handheld shower head quickly rinsed off the remaining foam. She handed Beth a small mirror. “Well, do you like it?” Beth put one leg on the shower chair and examined her bald pussy from every angle. “It’s so beautiful, even my butthole looks nice. “And, it feels so smooth and sexy, this will really knock Jim out, Thank you!” Beth put Kim in a bear hug and lifted her, planting a light kiss on her lips.

Kim kissed her back and took her hand. “Now, let’s go to the bedroom, I want to show you a few things”.

They sat cross legged on the bed and Kim dumped the little bag out between them. “These are a few of my toys. They’ve been used, but trust me, they’re clean so you don’t have to worry about touching them. Keeping them clean is important to staying healthy. Now this one should look familiar” she said holding up a vibrator that was about 8 inches long. “Basically an imitation cock, but better because it vibrates, never gets soft, as is always ready when you are.” Putting that aside she picked up the next item, it was like the vibrator, but smaller with a T shaped handle and bent at the end. “This is meant for anal play, but it’s nice in your pussy too. The handle prevents it from disappearing up your pooper and helps to get it back out. The bent tip will hit your g-spot, or if Jim is using it, his prostrate, trust me he’ll love it. Now this last one is called a butterfly, it doesn’t get inserted anywhere, you just put it over the top of your vulva and strap it in place.” Tossing it to Beth she said “See that bump that looks like a jellybean? It sits on your clit and vibrates, go ahead and try it on.” Beth stepped into the straps and Kim tightened them down, pushing the device around until the bump slid past the outer lips and into place. The smooth plastic seemed to be glued to Beth’s bald sex. Beth ran her hands over it, it only stuck out a little from her pussy. She could wear it under her clothing and no one would even know! “I like it, but how do I turn it on?”

Kim told her “Lie back and spread your legs.” When Beth was set, she picked up a small plastic disc. With a sly grin she waved it in Beth’s face saying: “You don’t turn it on, I do,” and hit the button. Beth was startled as it turned on, the hard rubber tip vibrating and making slow circles on the top of her clit. She let her head fall back on the pillow and closed her eyes, with arms and legs spread she focused entirely on her cunt as her excitement grew.

Kim sat on the edge of the bed and watched Beth’s face, every few minutes turning up the power. When she saw Beth’s eyes scrunch up and her hips start twitching, she blasted it. Beth’s eyes Denizli Escort Bayan flew open, she grabbed a pillow and pressed it over her mouth. Her body thrashed, waves of pleasure blocked any other sensation as she came, her cunt muscles clenching and piss splashing against the butterfly’s plastic and running down over her cunt and ass. Finally, Kim turned off the butterfly and unstrapped it as Beth got her breath back.

Kim jumped on the bed straddling Beth’s stomach and brought her face down until their noses touched. “If you like, tomorrow we can go to a store I like, it’s not in our town so it’s discrete, and maybe you’ll find something you like. Are you interested?” Beth pushed Kim back and sat up, still out of breath. All she could say was “OH, hell yes, I need one of those!”

I’ll pick you up at around ten then, OK? We’ll have lunch and then shop. I’m sorry, but I need to scoot, client meeting first thing in the morning, but before I go I’ll help you with the bedding.”

Beth took her hand and said: “No need to help, it has a rubber sheet.” Kim kissed her a last time before picking up her bag and walking away. Over her shoulder she asked “Why am I not surprised to hear that?”

On the drive the next morning Beth was a bit nervous, so Kim kept the conversation to things other than sex. They had salads at a café then walked across the parking lot to a store called “The Pleasure is all Yours”. The heavily tinted windows looked ominous, but inside the store was bright and cheerful. On one side were racks with magazines and videos, but most of the store was filled with display cases filled with dildos, vibrators, and other implements of pleasure. By the cash register a woman of about seventy sat working on a crossword puzzle. She looked up as they entered and greeting Kim warmly. “Well, hello Honey, nice to see you again! I see you brought a friend today.”

Kim waved and said: “This is my new neighbor, we’re here to get her a ‘starter set’, a few things for her and her boyfriend to try. I’m thinking front door, back door, and maybe a special or two”

“OK, take your time and show her around, let me know when you’re ready.”

Kim took Beth’s hand and led her around pointing out features of the items she was familiar with. First were vibrators, the collection filled several cases. After explaining the basic choices Kim suggested a rabbit style. Beth liked one just because of its swirl design, and Kim agreed it was a good choice. The next case had dildos in various styles, the sizes went from small to ‘Are you kidding!’. “You’d be amazed at what some people will try” said Kim, pulling her along. “But I think we can skip those today.” A few cases down they stopped where anal toys were. Kim pointed out butt plugs, anal beads, enema kits, and other devices meant to stimulate the asshole. In the section with anal vibrators Kim pointed out one. “That’s what I showed you yesterday, I like it, but you may want one a little smaller. I know this is a good brand, it’s a nice size, and it has a wireless remote, that’s a nice feature.” Having ***********ed they moved on to a case where a variety of whips, cushioned handcuffs, and some things that had Beth utterly confused were on display. “I don’t suppose you’re into bondage” Kim teased Beth. “No way,” she replied shaking her head, “I don’t know what most of these thing would even do!” Pointing at some devices hanging on the back wall: “Like, what are those for?”

Kim looked at her and smiled. “Those my dear, are strap-on harnesses. Maybe someday, but not today.”

Kim called out, “Sally, you have anything new that’s interesting?” The woman put down her paper and beckoned them over. “This came in last month.” The device she showed them looked like the butterfly Beth had on last night, but it was thicker and in addition to the vibrating nub there was an appendage about three inches long with a bulbous tip. “It’s what they call articulated, it doesn’t vibrate but the end bounces around wildly. The only bad thing about it is the charge doesn’t last long, but from what I’ve been told it doesn’t really need to.” It was expensive but Beth liked it, and why not?

Kim didn’t want anything for herself but wanted to so something for her friend. “Sally, would you get some nipple clamps please? The screw clamp type, two pairs.” Turning to Beth “A gift from me to you and Jim, I hope you like them.” Sally rang up their purchases and threw in a large bottle of lubricant on the house.

On the drive back Beth was excitedly examining her purchases, reading the packages and feeling the weight and textures of everything. Kim dropped her at the front door. “I have to go to the office for a bit, and those need to charge for a couple of hours. I’ll see you around six, OK?”

Beth said “I’ll get us some take out while I do my grocery shopping. The door will be open for you.”

Beth set everything charging, and went to town for groceries, also picking up Chinese food and more wine. At 5:30 she took a shower, slipped on her bikini, and gave herself a spray of perfume. A little after six Kim arrived and walked up to Beth, giving her a full kiss, holding it for several seconds before pulling away. She was in a bikini also, not the one she wore to the party but an absolutely smashing little number, it was shiny and almost the same color of her skin, the top just covered her nipples, the bottom a thin strip that disappeared into her butt crack. She made sure Beth saw her small velvet bag before dropping it on the counter. “I brought a few more of my own. You didn’t think I’d let you have all the fun, did you?”

They set the table on the patio, besides the wine Kim put out big glasses of water. As they ate, they talked about a few things, including their early sex lives. They both admitted to fooling around with girls as teens, locked up in bedrooms after school, not doing much more than kissing, comparing boobs and sometimes sticking fingers into each other. While they had had about the same number of partners, Kim’s sex life was much more varied. She talked openly about anal sex, quickies at family gatherings, and going shopping with a vibrator in her pussy among other things. Beth told about her experience with Jim and the bidet. “I figured there was something like that,” Kim said. “that’s why I got us water.” That made Beth blush and she picked up their glasses. “I’ll get us some more” In the kitchen she put the glasses down and leaned against the counter. A lot happened in the last two days, even though she felt nervous she wouldn’t change a minute of it. With a deep breath she picked up the water and walked confidently back out. Putting the glasses down she took Kim’s face in her hands and kissed her deeply. They sat and talked some more, drinking slower now, each feeling the pressure in their bellies grow. Finally, Kim stood and said “It’s time,” and hand in hand they walked inside. In the bathroom they were able to get each other’s bikini off barely breaking a kiss. Beth sat on a mat Escort Denizli with her legs straight out and pulled Kim closer until her sex was just inches away from her face and sticking her tongue out between closed lips. As Kim started pissing, she first let it splash over her face, then she leaned in, opened her mouth and pressed it against Kim’s cunt, letting the piss filling her mouth As fast as she swallowed, it still ran down her chin and over her tits. Without letting go she started licking cunt, moving back and forth to circle the clit and push deep into Kim’s vagina. Kim’s hands held her head in place as she was pleasured, but after just a minute of stimulation she pulled back and asked for her turn. She knelt and squatted back on her heels, Beth moved a few feet back and spread her pussy open. Beth was good at controlling her aim now, directing her pee so it first hit Kim’s tits, then increasing her power she sprayed her friend’s face and hair. At first Kim held her mouth shut, but after sticking out the tip of her tongue for a second, she opened it, letting piss fill her mouth, but not swallowing any except a bit at very end. When Beth was finished Kim stood and pulled their pee-soaked bodies together, they stood for a minute, head on each other’s shoulder. Kim finally broke the embrace and with a kiss said: “Let get to the bedroom and try the toys!”

After a quick rinse and dry they got the toys spread out on the bed between them. Along with what Beth had, Kim added a butt plug and a bigger vibrator. “First try the nipple clamps. Watch how I do it. With one hand she pulled her nipple and slipped the clamp over it, tightening it enough to hold it when she let go but not enough to hurt. Beth’s nipples had always stood out, it was easy for her to get the clamps in place, and she gave a few tugs on the chain that connected them. “What do you want to try next?” Kim asked. “Beth picked up her butt toy. “This, I’ve never had anything other than a finger back there.” Kim wrapped her hand around the five inch long vibrator getting a feel for its girth. “You’re going to need some help with this the first time, get on your knees and put your head down.” When she was set Kim picked up the lube and squirted some on her little pink asshole. “Remember with anal, lube is your best friend.” She rubbed her finger in the gel coating it then slowly pushed it all the way in. Beth didn’t clench up, which was a sign she should be able to take the toy comfortably. “If you feel OK I’m going to put two fingers in.” With more lube she pushed a second finger in and worked them in and out for a minute. Beth was thoroughly enjoying herself and wiggled her hips around. The third finger took a little time to get in, but when all three were buried and Beth was still comfortable Kim pulled them out and readied the vibrator. The slender tip slid in easily, as the circumference grew Kim could feel more resistance. She worked it in and out, slowly stretching the asshole and going deeper until the widest part passed, and her sphincter sealed it inside her. “Are you OK?” Kim asked.

“I feel deliciously full. I thought it would hurt, but you were so gentle.” As Beth rolled over she could feel it pushing against different places inside her. Kim handed her the butt plug. “Now you put this in me. I can do it myself, but it’s more fun if someone does it for you.” Kim got on her knees, put her chest down and spread her cheeks apart. Beth stared fascinated at the view of another woman’s sex so close to her face. She lightly rubbed the crinkled brown asshole before applying the lube. Putting her fingertip in the center of the ring, Beth took a deep breath and pushed, her finger slid in, and Beth realized it was first time she had penetrated someone and it felt exhilarating. She soon had three fingers plunging in and out, feeling around the poop chute. When she was done exploring, she removed her hand and replaced it with the prepared butt plug, pushing it steadily deeper. At its widest it was at least two inches across, but Kim had no trouble with it, her asshole closed around the base as it slid home. Kim rolled over and grabbing Beth pulled her down. “You did that very nicely, thank you. How does yours feel?”

It’s feels very naughty, and very nice, but what about the vibrator part?” “We’ll get to that later” Kim assured her, “but now, why don’t you stand up and slip this on” handing her the special toy. When it was in place Kim tightened the straps pushing the bump hard into Beth’s love button and imbedding the little shaft firmly in her vagina. Kim laid down with her head towards the foot of the bed, Beth the opposite way, with a leg over each other’s stomach they looked directly into each other’s crotch. Kim grabbed her big vibrator and pushed it halfway in and waited. Beth got the butterfly remote and turned the clit stimulator to low and watched as Kim started working her toy in and out. With her free hand Beth covered Kim’s pussy, the vibrator sliding between the thumb and first finger. Kim’s hand kept working the big toy in and out as she pulled on the chain connecting her tits. Beth pushed and held the button that turned on the second part of her toy. The weighted end started bouncing around her vagina, her g-spot sent out a bolt of electricity every time it got hit. Once started, the appendage became more active automatically, bouncing harder and faster until Beth’s body couldn’t take any more, she came, riding a peak of bliss, muscles clenching and piss coming out in great spurts, until totally spent she dropped the remote, shutting the toy down. Watching as her friend came took Kim over the top, she pushed Beth’s hand away, replacing it with her own she franticly frigged herself to orgasm.

It was several minutes before either of them moved. Kim disentangled their legs and scooted around to put her head on Beth’s shoulder. “That was very special, thanks for humoring me and my passion for toys.” Beth kissed the top of Kim’s head “I can’t believe we just did that! Oh my god, is Jim is in for a surprise or what?!” “And, I have you to thank for it. And thank you for what you did in the shower, I know that’s not really your thing.”

Kim sat up to look at Beth. “I didn’t mind at all. Yeah, it’s not one of my big turn-ons, but it’s fun, and anyway piss just washes off, right?”

Together they got the wet linen into the wash and remade the bed. Grabbing her things and stuffing her bikini into her bag, Kim kissed Beth goodnight at the front door and walked down the drive starkers. Beth called out out after her “Let me guess, walking down the street naked IS one of your turn-ons, right?” Kim waved over her shoulder as she sashayed to the road. “Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it”

It was still two days before Jim would be back, although they had drinks and dinner each night they stayed out of the bedroom. Beth did experiment with her toys, inserting the anal probe herself and trying the vibrator. It was bigger than anything that had been in her pussy before, but once she got used to it, she loved it.

Jim’s plane was late and by the time he dropped his bag inside the front door he was wiped out. Beth stood on her toes and kissed the tip of his nose. “Honey, do I have a surprise for you!”

End of part III

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