Betrayal at a Party

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Sarah relaxed in to the sofa enjoying a moment of calm. The party was in full swing and she had been dancing with the best of them! She’d escaped for a moment to this side room to take the weight off and text her boyfriend. He hadn’t been able to come with her this evening as he had to entertain his boss back at the town they lived in, and couldn’t make the journey out to the party in time. He’d finished his night now though and Sarah was looking forward to exchanging a few texts with him.

Looking around the room, Sarah continued to be impressed with the luxurious décor of the house. There was a long mirror opposite the sofa and she giggled softly to herself as she looked at her ridiculous outfit. The theme of the party was ‘sport’ so she’d worn a skiing outfit. Seemed like a great idea but she looked a bit silly compared to all the skinny girls out there in skimpy tennis outfits.

No one would ever describe Sarah as skinny. The more commonly used word was ‘curvy.’ In fact this was the word Sarah used herself. She was taller than average, at 5’7″, almost 6′ in heels. Although hard to tell in the bulky garments she was wearing now, her breasts produced an impressive cleavage in almost any – almost any OTHER – outfit. And her arse, her favourite feature, was deliciously rounded.

Of course, what no one at the party knew is that to try and reduce the impact of the temperature, all Sarah was wearing under her big coat and trousers was her bra and knickers. No leggings, no top. Just her bare flesh. Looking around she loosened her coat slightly to get some air in, her breasts swelling in the pink and white bra that struggled to contain them. She got out her phone and text her boyfriend. He replied back almost immediately, he’d had a nice evening but not a huge amount of fun. He missed her. When would she be back? They exchanged a few messages: she missed him too, she’d probably be home in a couple hours, and so on. Sarah smiled most of the time she text him, she was very much in love with him and although she was having fun, knew that it would have been ten times better with him there.

“Mind if I join you?” Sarah was startled at the voice, she’d not heard anyone else enter the room. He closed the door quietly behind him and walked over to sit on the sofa next to her, not waiting for her to respond. Sarah hadn’t seen him around the party earlier, nor at a previous party. He looked young, younger than her 26 years. Maybe 19, or 20, if she had to guess. She knew why he’d been invited though, he was gorgeous in a very ‘obvious’ way. Exactly the kind of guy her best friend who was throwing the party would go for. He sat at an angle, looking down the sofa at her. “I’m TJ,” he said, confidently.

“Ummm, Sarah. Hi.” She knew her response was a little short, but she was enjoying a few moments by herself with her boyfriend, at least electronically. Her phone vibrated in her hand and she turned her attention back to that, quickly typing out a message.

“Hope you don’t mind me disturbing you, I’m just after five minutes of calm! That party’s crazy. And I’m not sure I can tell one tennis outfit from another!” Sarah giggled slightly at that, she’d been thinking the same thing earlier, and she still had plenty of wine in her system to make her a little giggly. She set her phone down as she awaited a reply from her boyfriend.

“Yeah, I thought about the tennis thing but it seems to have been too obvious. Guess some of the girls didn’t get the memo.” She smiled up in to his eyes, deciding he was just a friendly guy who didn’t really know anyone at the party. Harmless. Her Kastamonu Escort phone vibrated and she glanced at it and started idly typing a message.

“You’re popular tonight,” he said, indicating her phone.

“My boyfriend. He couldn’t make it tonight, so I’m just catching up with him. I’m heading home to him soon.”

“Lucky guy! I guess he gets to see more than the glimpse of you you’re giving away tonight.” As he spoke Sarah realised her coat was still loosened and that he could see inside at her cleavage. Like he said he was still only getting a teasing look, but it was more than she’d planned on revealing to anyone at the party!

A blush spread across Sarah’s face, up from her neck and she tried to subtly close the coat. “Oh no please don’t on my account,” he said, smiling in to her eyes, which she found were a really very attractive blue… and he seemed to be sitting closer to her now… and was it warmer in here? Her hands trembled a little as she turned her attention to her phone again.

TJ leaned in towards her, his mouth pausing barely inches from her ear to whisper. Sarah could hear the words, and feel them as warm breath on her. “You’re very sexy Sarah, what say you leave your boyfriend alone for a moment.” His hand rested on her leg now, managing to caress her thigh gently now even through the thick fabric of her trousers.

Sarah tried to ignore him a moment as she finished this text message. “I… I can’t. I mean I d… don’t want to. I’m going to ummm, go back to the party now.” She didn’t move though and felt her breath catch in her throat as his mouth delicately kissed her neck. “P… please stop.” Her phone vibrated but as she reached for it TJ’s hand closed over hers and pulled her closer, resting her hand on his shoulder as he leaned in to kiss her lips.

Feeling her body warming and urging towards this hot young guy, Sarah tried to resist, but her lips parted of their own accord and she moaned slightly as his tongue softly pushed in to her mouth. Her movement on the sofa had pulled her coat open further and her breasts heaved as her breathing deepened. His hand closed over one of them, squeezing and pressing, thumb expertly flicking her nipple in to hardness through her silky bra.

Their kiss deepened and Sarah’s hand held his head close, mussing his hair; her elbow nudged her phone, which had just vibrated again. As her thigh pressed against him, Sarah’s eyes widened as she felt the bulge in his trousers. Evident through his trousers and hers, the bulge was impressive: “Oh God, you’re so big,” she gulped, breaking the kiss for a moment. He just winked at her and kissed down over her neck and let his lips linger on her sensitive collar bone.

Her phone vibrated and she looked at it. Looking at the conversation she suddenly realised she’d accidently turned on voice texting and it had sent her last awed statement to her boyfriend. He was obviously confused and his response was asking her what was going on. She started to reach for the phone to stop it, but didn’t make it before TJ’s lips closed around her hardened nipple, his hands pulling her bra aside. “Oh oh oh, oh fuck,” she moaned, “oh that feels so good.”

The coat was completely undone now and her chest pushed forward against his mouth, her sensitive nipples teased and pulled by his teeth. TJ deftly undid her bra and pushed it off with the coat, leaving her gorgeously naked from the waist up. As her breathing became a little uneven TJ stood up. He could see what was going on with her phone and smiled to himself, but kept eye contact with her. Kastamonu Escort Bayan She lay back on the sofa, wide eyes looking up at him as her breasts sunk only slightly under their impressive weight.

“You want to see this Sarah?” he asked, loudly enough for the phone to transcribe. His hand pulling his trousers tight over his bulge to show how large it was he carried on, “you want me to take my cock out?” Sarah nodded nervously, “Tell me Sarah, tell me you want to see it.”

Sarah knew she shouldn’t, but her body was betraying her: nipples hard and sensitive, a damp patch already forming in her knickers, her body exposed to him like the slut she never thought she’d be. “I… oh, please TJ, show me, show me your cock.” She could barely believe it was her voice saying those words.

He smiled down at her, still keeping eye contact. As her phone vibrated impotently on the arm of the sofa with an incoming call, his hands deftly undid his belt and flies. He undid his shirt but left it on, then pushed down his trousers and pants in one swift move. Standing up he revealed his full 9″, thick, length to her. He was hard; not fully throbbing erect but pointing out impressively at Sarah and swaying slightly.

Her eyes couldn’t leave it, she’d never seen one so large. “Oh God,” she mumbled. He stepped closer, it was only inches from her now. She nervously reached out a hand and wrapped it around his shaft. Her delicate hand went all the way around, but only just. He stepped closer again. She could see the tip glistening slightly with precum and he shuddered as she used her thumb to collect the juice from his sensitive tip and taste it, looking up at him now.

Stepping one last step, TJ knelt on the sofa, knees either side of Sarah and his cock hanging thickly in front of her mouth. Her hand kept stroking him, and she opened her mouth. Letting him lean in to her Sarah took the bulbous cockhead in her mouth, feeling him swell in her as he hardened more, and hearing him moan above her. His salty precum oozed in to her mouth as she sucked and she felt saliva dribble out of her mouth down his shaft as she struggled to swallow.

Sarah closed her eyes and moaned, so aroused at the size of the cock she was worshipping. Her hand wanked his shaft harder now, lubricated with the saliva escaping her mouth. Her lips moved up and down the top of his shaft and her tongue teased his head. He moaned again above her. TJ looked down at her closed eyes and grinning to himself, reached over quickly to accept the incoming call from her boyfriend. “Hmmm Sarah. You’re a real pro. Fuck babe, you really know how to work that cock.”

Looking up at him, Sarah kept eye contact as she sucked, loving the expression of pleasure on his face. She slowed down slightly though, her pussy was soaking and crying out for attention. “I think you want more of this cock don’t you Sarah?” he asked. Not waiting for her to respond, he stood back up, pulling his cock out of her mouth and hand. They both looked at it, it was messy with her saliva and his precum and hung there between them, hard and throbbing.

He sat down on the sofa and looked at her. “Take your trousers off Sarah,” he commanded. Standing, trembling, she did as she was told, revealing a skimpy thong in pink and white that matched the bra that had been discarded earlier. As the trousers fell, they revealed her pale, but muscular legs at which TJ whistled gently. “Wow you are a hottie. Come here and show me those knickers.” He leaned forward on the sofa.

Sarah stepped close to him and felt her body Escort Kastamonu shake slightly as his confident hands caressed her thighs, pushing her legs apart. It was all she could do to stop her hips thrusting forward at him. The white fabric clearly showed a large damp patch in front of TJ’s eyes and his thumbs wasted no time in hooking over the knickers and pulling them down. He pulled them down slowly and watched as a thick strand of her juices stretched and finally broke between her bare pussy lips and the knickers.

Kicking off the knickers Sarah stood there fully exposed, her legs spread showing her swollen and glistening pussy lips. His finger ran up the length of her slit, spreading her wetness up and over her clit, making her moan loudly, steadying herself with a hand on his head. As his finger parted her pussy lips, some of her wetness escaped visibly, running down her thigh.

As his finger touched her, Sarah glanced over and saw her phone sitting there, still active. Her eyes widened as she realised that there was an active call with her boyfriend… that he could hear everything. She tried to stifle the moan that burst through her as TJ’s finger circled around her clit but couldn’t. Her hips now DID press against his hand, bucking and shaking as he expertly touched her.

Leaving his thumb caressing her cilt, his finger pushed back down over her slit and pushed inside her making her knee buckle and nearly collapse “fffuck fuck TJ,” she swore through clenched teeth “I’m so SO wet for you fuck.”

TJ leaned back, spreading his arms as they both looked down at his throbbing, hard, thick cock. “You want this babe?” he asked. Sarah tried to straddle him but he pushed her back with one strong hand. “You need to ask nicely first Sarah,” he said, keeping eye contact with her.

“I… oh… please TJ,” her hand reached out to stroke it. “It’s so… so big I… I really want it. Please. I… I want to feel… to feel it in… inside me.”

Grinning at her, TJ removed his hand and let her straddle over his thick cock. She moaned as his tip pushed against her entrance, positioning herself she slowly slid down over him. Looking in to his eyes with shock as he half-filled her, her hands tightened on his shoulders “Oh oh oh God, you you… fuck I’m going to … CUUUUUUUM” she moaned loudly as her pussy twitched around the thickest cock she’d felt.

TJ just held her there as she came, not moving his cock as she calmed down. Then he cupped her arse with both hands and started to pull her further on to his cock, her unintelligible moans filling his ear. He paused again as she was fully impaled on him. Pausing to let her feel how he filled her. Then she started to move on him and he used his hands to lift her up and back down on to his thick cock.

She moaned loudly again “you… you’re so big fuck I’m so full of you.” He was fucking her hard now, hips bouncing off the sofa to meet her on each stroke, cock pounding in and out of her. Sarah could feel his cock swelling and her pussy shaking again, another orgasm approaching. “Oh oh please, please cum in me” she begged.

They fucked harder and harder, his cock wetly filling her pussy over and over. Sarah’s moans reached a crescendo as another orgasm swept through her body “Oh OH OH TEEEEEEEE JAAAAAAAAAAAY!!” Her tightening pussy pushed TJ over the edge and he grunted loudly, standing up and holding her effortlessly as his cock pumped stream after stream in to her pussy. Sarah bit in to his shoulder as her body kept orgasming around him.

Eventually they both stopped and collapsed back on to the sofa. TJ’s cock, softening now, but still inside Sarah’s pussy, mixed juices dribbling out of her and down her thighs. TJ reached over and picked up her phone, the call still active. “I guess you won’t be home tonight?” he asked her.

“No… no I think I’ll stay here tonight.”

TJ ended the call.

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