Betty Ch. 03

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Once, she found the two maids in the barn with the stableboy.

The stableboy, a handsome young man in his early twenties, was nude and lying back in the hay, moaning with pleasure, his thighs slightly spread and his knees drawn up.
The maids were partially undressed and were lying between the stableboy’s legs. Each of them had their fingertips on a side of his pink anal muscle, gently spreading it while their tongues took turns flicking over it.

“Ahhh.. God, yeah.. Ooh..” the young man moaned, straining to keep his thighs up and apart, anxious not to miss a single twirl of the darting tongues at his entrance.

Zalika and Dalila took a moment to kiss each other’s lips and lick each other’s tongues, while they kept the stableboy’s sphincter eager and waiting.
“Please..” he sighed, his bottom hole glowing with erotic pleasure.
The girls ended their kiss and smiled to each other and turned their eyes back to the young man’s splayed buttocks.

Good fortune saw to it that the girls aligned their faces just so that both their tongues licked at the stableboy’s sphincter at once.
This made his erection twitch as he moaned with pleasure.
Zalika’s fingertips inched closer to the small slit in the centre of his pink wrinkled rosebud and carefully spread it open, exposing the deeper pink inside. He groaned with anticipation, then gasped as the tips of wet girl tongues flicked at his naked hole.
“Aww.. Oh God..” he moaned, feeling the fingertips re-align and spread his hole open in different ways.
He tilted his head back, as moans kept steadily escaping his lips.

The girls sighed with enjoyment, now taking turns licking the man’s anal opening. His hips slowly gyrated up to meet the delicious attentions to his bottom.

Zalika watched the tip of Dalila’s tongue dance across the stableboy’s sphincter, tracing the sensitive rim before dipping slightly inward.
The younger maid wiggled her tongue inside the small muscle, then pulled out again, inviting Zalika to do what she does best: open up.

Zalika’s fingers skillfully spread the stableboy’s anal lips, which made him gasp with anticipation. The fingertips closed in further and pulled, opening up his sphincter muscle, exposing more of the pink flesh inside it.
Dalila bursa escort watched with erotic fascination as the man’s smooth anal muscle blossomed before her eyes.
She slowly brought her mouth down to it, extended her tongue, and touched it with the wet tip.

Zalika’s manipulations continued bringing the fleshy inside of the sphincter to the surface, so that the tip of Dalila’s talented tongue could tease the anal membrane. The youngest maid planted small, soft licks along the tender flesh, then flicked the tip up and down inside the anal opening before swirling it in slow, little circles along the inner rim. Slowly but certainly, she reached deeper inside, Zalika’s fingertips progressively splaying the man’s hole open further. Dalila’s wet tongue tip slowly licked its way into the sphinctorial tunnel, probing and teasing the various sides of the fleshy passage.

The stableboy lay back, his entire being focussed on the agile tongue investigating his hole. His cock lay hard on his stomach, occasionally stirring slightly. If he touched it now, he was sure he would spill his seed on the spot.

Zalika watched how Dalila opened her mouth in order to stick more of her tongue into the stableboy’s anus. The youngest maid licked upwards with the tip, touching the inner wall of the sphincter. It’s a spot that she liked getting touched herself, and she was hoping that the young man would like it too.

A breathless moan was the young man’s answer. The tongue tip probed at his sensitive anal lining, sending a shiver up his spine.
Then, Dalila aimed her tongue down, so the tip could now tease the opposite end of the membrane.
“Oh you little devil..” the young man moaned.

She advanced a little deeper inward, touching the tip to new areas, enticing the depth of his sphinctorial channel with gentle, seductive licks, which made him sigh in ecstacy.
Yet further inward, the tongue licked, slowly swirling in circles, the curious tip deeply probing at the soft pink flesh.

Zalika watched the visible part of her friend’s tongue flex continuously, stirring the first inch of it around in the stableboy’s anal passage.

With a sigh, Dalila released the young man’s hole from her tongue, allowing Zalika to take over.
The older maid admired bursa escort bayan the twitching, pink opening for a few seconds. Then she brought her lips towards it.

Zalika’s tongue was long, thick and wet, and reached deep inside the stableboy’s pink hole, coating the anal membranes with her saliva.
“Oh shoot..” he hissed, waves of pleasure rippling through his ass.
Thrusting far into his anal canal, the thick tongue probed at the sensitive walls, sliding deliciously to and fro within the sphincter.

After a few more minutes of letting the girls’ tongues explore his hole, the young man became hungry for a more thorough kind of penetration.

So he had each of them slide a long finger slowly in and out of his anus. The girls were neatly coordinated with each other: as one finger drew back, the other pushed inside.
The stableboy stroked his erect cock with one hand, occasionally giving them instructions.

“Deeper.” he would sigh. And the maids’ fingers went deeper.

“Slower.” he would groan. And their slim black fingers slowed their pumping motion down to a lazy, sensuous rhythm.

Betty watched from behind the stable doors, her fingers stuck into her panties, rubbing herself to the sight.

The stableboy moaned and sighed, spreading his thighs further and letting the nimble fingers of the two maids slip deeply inside his hole, exploring the sensitive tissues of his rectum.
His cock jerked when the girls teased his prostate, circling the hidden gland with their fingertips.

As their exploration progressed, he gently thrust his buttocks up to meet the invading fingers, which now delved deeply inside his rectal chamber together, touching and teasing his insides.
“Ahh, yes..” the stableboy uttered through gritted teeth, throwing his head back when both of the maids’ fingers traced around his prostate, sending a delicious wave of pleasure rippling through his nethers.

The maids exchanged knowing smiles and playfully took turns stroking the young man’s sweet spot, running their fingertips around and over it. Occasionally, they gave the throbbing gland a brief moment of reprieve. Then, they slowly and sensuously worked their fingers in and out of his sphincter, or simply traced around the rectal walls with escort bursa a probing fingertip.

Eventually, Zalika would mount him, taking his cock into her hand and guiding the head into the folds of her vagina, making him moan as she lowered herself onto him.
Dalila would lie by their side, watching them and letting her fingers play with her nipples.

Every few minutes, the girls would swap places, shedding their remaining clothing as they went along.

Later, the young man got Dalila on her hands and knees, and he pressed his cock up inbetween her bottom cheeks.
He thrust into her, hard and fast, while Zalika stood behind him, spreading his buttocks apart with one hand and working two of her fingers in and out of his hole.

This didn’t last very long, because the young man pulled his penis back out of the maid’s bottom and began stroking it furiously with his hand.
The two black girls knelt before him and continued to probe his back hole with their fingers, reaching underneath him.
He moaned as they pumped their slender fingers into his behind, probing and teasing his rectal walls, fingertips massaging his throbbing prostate.
Zalika slipped in a second finger, further widening the stableboy’s anal opening and increasing his pleasure.

“God, yes..” the young man sighed breathlessly. His eyes lost their focus and his thighs trembled, while his hand kept kneading and working his cock, which copiously spilled his preseminal fluid.
Instinctively, he squatted slightly, allowing the two maids to delve higher up into his bottom, their slender fingers sinking deeper and seeking out virgin areas of his rectal walls.
“Oh God.” he gasped as he felt their fingertips reach a particularly sensitive spot towards the back end of his rectum. The young man’s mouth continued to hang open as the girls rubbed this newly discovered pleasure point, causing waves of ecstacy to begin rippling through his rectal sheath.
“Ohhh.. Right there..” he kept moaning. “Don’t stop..”

A minute of this intense and deep stimulation was enough to bring the stableboy to a powerful orgasm that started inside his bottom and thundered right up his spinal column and back down again to his cock and balls.
He let out a long moan and his spasming erection unleashed hot semen onto the bodies of the two maids.

Young Molly watched with open mouth as the maids licked the stableboy’s sperm off each other’s necks and breasts. He himself sat down in the hay, panting with exertion.

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