Big Bad Blake

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Hey, it’s me Blake again. If you hadn’t read the other stories in this series, I’ll bring you up to par really quick:

My girlfriend-turned-wife Cindy has had the same college roommate since freshman year, a gay cheerleader named Chad who still goes to Ohio state and is a cheerleader. She used to be a cheerleader, too, before we both graduated.

We ended up getting married and searching for work. She got hired first and it’s been an uphill battle for me to find any kind of employment. Because of this, it’s been the three of us living in her college apartment until I can get a job and contribute.

That combined with her getting pregnant and withholding sex from me led to something that shouldn’t have happened. I ended up getting relief from her effeminate twink best friend, Chad.

It’s been about a month since the last time we did anything–the time I basically raped him in the kitchen that day.

Cindy was eventually released from the hospital after complications with our baby, Claire, who was born premature and she ended up moving back home with her parents so they could help with the baby…AND… because things have been rocky with our marriage otherwise.

It’s almost like we stopped having sex once we got married, and she wouldn’t even TOUCH me once she got pregnant.

Being that I don’t cum from masturbating, I’ve essentially bursting at the seams this whole time since she’s been pregnant.

With her out of the house, it’s just been Chad and I at the apartment.

He sleeps on the couch and I sleep in the bed in the bedroom.

For about the last 3 weeks or so, he hasn’t been around the apartment, instead opting to spend the night at the apartment of his new boyfriend who lives closer to campus.

So, I’ve been pretty bored and lonely lately.

My day consists of hitting the gym first thing in the morning, driving uber for a few hours, then hitting the gym again before heading home.

I didn’t realize how much of a role football played in my life until I graduated.

My life used to REVOLVE around drills, practice, games, conditioning, —FOOTBALL.

And when I wasn’t playing or practicing, I was watching pro and other collegiate games.

That’s been the only constant in my life—working out.

…and I haven’t had sex since that time with Chad… I know, I know… how could a guy like me end up sex deprived?

Shit… You tell me…

I’m still married, but my wife is away…. Her parents said it would be fine for me to join, but it just wouldn’t feel right. So, I’ve visited twice, but things are so icy between Cindy and I… and when I bump into her parents, it’s even worse.

Then, I’m not gay, so I can’t keep relying on Chad for relief.

Since he’s been away at his boyfriend’s, I see him even less than before. Probably only twice since the last time when…. Well… you know…

I don’t think he’s told Cindy because she would’ve brought it up… AND… she’d be just as angry at him.

So that brings me to the point we’re at right now.

You might remember Greg—well, I didn’t tell you his name before because I didn’t know it the first time we actually met.

Greg is the older guy that was watching my dick print at the gym that time. If you remember, he caught me in the locker room and asked if I was a personal trainer, once I told him “no”, he still offered to pay me to train him and eluded to some gay shit.

Earlier today I’d gone to the gym to knock out some upper-body and ran once again into Greg.

“Hi Blake,” he said from a distance.

I nodded back to him.

I could see him walking in my direction as I sat on the bench press between sets. As he walked, I looked down and noticed my 8-inch uncut baby maker causing yet another scene.

…and that’s exactly where Greg’s eyes were focused as he walked over.

“I istanbul travesti was serious about paying you for your time,” he said in a really low tone standing in front of me with his arms folded.

“Doing what?” I asked.

“Tell you what, I know a place we can go to get acquainted and I won’t take more than 30 minutes or so of your time, Greg continued.

There he stood, an older white guy about 5’8″ or so, and weighing in at about 300.

It’s clear that he was either just getting into working out, or was instead using Planet Fitness as a voyeurism spot on occasion…

“Give me a call around 9 o’clock if that works for you,” Gregg concluded, passing me a tattered CVS receipt with his name and number scribbled on it before walking away.

That was in an hour since it was about 8p at the time.

As I continued my workout, I couldn’t help thinking about this.

While Greg didn’t necessarily say he was going to pay me to do some gay shit, he surely insinuated it… and I wasn’t gay.

I thought to myself, I’ll go meet him because I’m broke, but I’m not gay.

This shit that happened with Chad was a special case…

Me getting relief from guys was not going to become a regular thing.

If he wants to give me a handjob, I’ll let him… but nothing more than that.

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but it’s hard for me to bring myself to ejaculation with my own hand… but someone else could.

Before we were married, Cindy would give me hand jobs all the time after football games when she was lazy and didn’t want to fuck or give me head. She got to be pretty good at it. After all, I just needed a release sometimes.

By the time I finished my workout it was already 10pm… I’d missed the initial 9pm time he told me to meet him at.

“Blake here…just finished my workout and headed your way,” I texted.

I sat in the car scarfing down the last meal prep container I had left in my bag waiting on a reply.

“See you when you get here,” Greg replied..

My dick was on BRICK as I entered the address into Google Maps on my phone…

My cock was literally throbbing in my joggers begging to be let out of the confines of my pants.

I was so backed up, too…

I’m not sure if I was throbbing because I knew I was probably about to get a handjob, and I’d yearned for the touch of another person for more than a month…

Or, if I’d been hard a lot more these days being sex deprived.

By the time I got close, it was already 10:30pm or so.

I pulled up to the address Greg sent and it was a park with a small parking lot to the rear that you accessed through a small private road adjacent to the park itself.

It was dark, yet there were people—well–there were men walking around.

While there were probably 15 people at the park at the benches, walking around the basketball court, etc, there were only two cars in the parking lot: a big black Cadillac Escalade and a new body style Ford Taurus.

“Here,” I texted Greg waiting on him to reply.

The high-beam headlights flashed on the Black Escalade, so I pulled over toward it.

“You can come get in over here,” he texted.

My heart was beating fast AF as I pushed the gear shift to “P,” turned off the car, and opened the door to get out.

As I approached the passenger door of his SUV, it all just seemed so weird…

Was he waiting here the whole time?

And what the fuck are all these guys doing wondering around the park at 10:30pm.

I opened the door and climbed in…

He was blasting Britney Spears and had a big grin on his face as I climbed in.

As I shut the door, he wasted no time reaching over and putting his right hand on my cock through my joggers as it lay across my left leg.

“I was hoping you’d come” he said as he started rubbing it.

“uhhhh, istanbul travestileri yeah,” I replied nervously.

“$300 right?” he asked as he leaned up so he could reach in his back pocket to get his wallet.

“Ummm yeah, but…” I replied.

Before I could say anything else he’d threw three crisp, folded $100 bills in my lap then reached his hand in my pants.

My heart was racing…

I couldn’t even talk…

He had a hard time reaching my cock because my joggers were tight, and because of the way I was sitting.

I sorta leaned forward so he could get his hands in there.

As his cold hands wrapped around my dong, it sent chills through my body.

I hadn’t been touched by someone in so long…

He rubbed my dick with his hands inside, but it was awkward, so I stood up to pull my pants down a bit to let my python escape.

And when I did, it stood right up….

Damn near a 90-degree angle.

He let it go to reach down into the center console compartment and pulled out some kind of liquid in a bottle…something “Navy.”

He squeezed a little in his hand, then went right back to rubbing my cock with it…

With me being uncut, the bulb or (tip) which is usually under my foreskin is really sensitive…. This guy Greg was really being rough with my cock… it actually kinda hurt a little as he was squeezing it.

Then, without asking, he leaned over and put his mouth on it…

He was so aggressive, unlike Chad when he gave me head….

He started going up and down on it—almost being able to deepthroat it, but his teeth were occasionally scratching my cock.

“I want that cum” Greg said as he continued going up and down on my cock like a madman.

After about 20 minutes, which felt like an eternity, he came up for air and asked if I was close.

“Not really,” I replied.

“Well you on something?” he said angrily.

“Blow? Tina? he asked.

I didn’t even know what was up with dude.

“I think I should go,” I said, as I pulled up my pants and reached up to open the passenger door.

As I walked over to my car and got in, I could feel the mixture of his saliva and the liquid he used sloshing around my cock, balls, and gooch.

It felt so nasty…

And while it wouldn’t have been the best way to get relief, I was actually looking forward to it.

What was wrong with me…

As I drove home, my 8-inch uncut cock continued trying to fight it’s way out of my pants.

I was so horny right now…

I needed relief somehow…

I thought about hitting up this strip club that I heard had a VIP section where you could fuck the girls…

I thought about driving to the other side of town where I heard they had prostitutes… it was that bad.

I wanted to cum in Greg’s mouth so bad, but I just couldn’t…

As I pulled up at home and walked toward the front door, I shook my head thinking how luck I was that it was so late and there was nobody outside to see the evident liquid/spit mixture all over my crotch and my meaty dick pressing forward.

I put the key in the door and unlocked it.

As I walked in, the light from my automatic headlights hadn’t turned off and illuminated Chad’s tight, smooth, sleeping body laying on the sofa.

I shut then locked the door and walked over to him reaching over to turn on the lamp beside the sofa.

I looked down at him…wearing a halter top shirt and briefs that accentuated his smooth bulging thighs and bulbous glutes that looked like two bowling balls together all perky…

I kicked off my shoes and took off my shirt.

I was going to climb on the sofa with him…

I pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees as my cock flipped out….

“Chad,” I said as I leaned down to touch his arm.

I climbed on to the sofa travesti istanbul with my cock now nestled on the soft material of his briefs right between his ass crack.

“Blake?” he answered as he awakened.

“Chad, I need you,” I whispered as I reached my hand down to slide it up one of the legs of his briefs to reach his hole.

As my hand followed his smooth twink thigh up through the underwear to his hole, he shivered.

I rubbed between those two magnificent globes teasing his hole…

Then I lined my middle finger up with his tight hole and pushed it in.

‘Ohhhhhh, Daddy,” he moaned in a way that drove me crazy.

I was about to do this…

I was going to use his hole to get relief.

I wrapped my other hand under him to pull him closer to me…

My left hand now had TWO fingers inside him… my index and middle fingers…

I could feel his sphincter and gushy, warm walls tightening up around my fingers…

He started moaning more and more…

It was driving me wild.

With my other hand I reached up to rub through his hair at the same time…

I reached around to put one of my fingers in his mouth…

The feeling of his moist, warm lips wrapped around my finger sent another shockwave through me.

I pulled my two fingers out of his hole and used that hand to pull his underwear down as he still lay on his side with me lying beside him on the couch.

He moved his legs in an attempt to help me get them down before one of the legs wrapped between all the friction, and the fact that they were that really thin, panty material.

I lined my cock up with his hole with one hand, and with the right that had a finger in Chad’s mouth, I covered his nose and mouth as I RAMMED my throbbing cock directly into him with all my might.

Chad shrieked.

I could feel my big heavy, low-hanging balls pull up into me… almost dancing with anticipation of being emptied soon.

I paused for a second and uncovered his mouth to let him catch his breath… I thought maybe I’d hurt him…

His face was red and tears had welled in his eyes…

“Yes, daddy,” Blake whimpered…

And with that, I rolled over on top of him—mounting that soft, smooth-yet muscled, pale, twink ass of his.

Chad arched his back and raised his ass to engulf the rest of my heavy dong.

It felt so good inside him…

I was fucking him like he was a pocket pussy…

I reached up and grabbed his hair—pulling it back as I continued plowing this tight, athletic ass of his.

It drove crazy to look down and see his smooth globes jiggling as my cock went in and out to the rhythm.

“AAaaahh, You hit my stomach,” he screeched.

I wasn’t TRYING to do that, but I wasn’t going to stop either…

At some point his moaning was getting louder and louder… I reached around and covered his mouth and nose once again as I kicked it into yet another gear…

All that cardio at the gym was paying off because my stamina was through the roof.

Slam, slam, slam, slam into this young twink with all my might…

All of my frustration… I was beating it into him.

It was as if his hole was pulling me in—as if there was a vacuum force milking my deprived cock.

In what couldn’t have been more than 3 minutes of constant jack-hammering, a warmth came over my body…

Usually, when I’m about to cum, there’s a buildup… but this was different.

Without any normal buildup, I roared….collapsing on top of him as I spewed rope after rope of jizz into his gushy insides…

It was as if I’d blacked out for a second…

I layed there, catching my breath with my dong still inside his willing hole slowly softening before falling out to a clear and evident “Plop.”

I looked down as a shot glass worth of cum gurgled out of his hole onto the sofa.

I stared at it for a minute… that’s how I made the baby I’m not able to spend time with now…

the wife I can’t spend time with… that’s the same jizz.

And there was my soft, exhausted cock…

I’d done it again…


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