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Big brotherjen was growing up more every day and was getting so curious about sex. She had read several sex magazines and loved seeing the naked men. She would lay in bed and look at the men’s cocks as she fingered her own pussy. She truly wanted a cock to ram her and fuck her. One day she had the house to herself as her parents went on a trip and her brother was away at school. She stripped naked and layed on the couch and looked at the magazine and dreamed of a man’s cock fucking her as she fingered her pussy. She also played with her tits and twisted her nipples. Just as she was cumming hard and moaning her brother said “Well, s*s. Are you having a good time?” Jen was shocked as she was not expecting him. She said “What are you doing home?” as she tried to cover herself. Her brother grabbed her clothes and threw them across the room. “So little sister, you have sure grown up.” He looked at her tits and pussy and noticed how wet she was. He then sat on the couch beside her and grabbed her hands as he started to rub her tits. She tried to get away but could not get loose from him. Then she realized that she liked the feel of his hands massaging her tits. Before she knew it he was stark naked pulling her over onto his lap. She could feel his cock against her ass cheeks as he kept playing with her tits. Then he began to kiss her nipples and suck them. She really loved this even if it was with her brother. He then told her “Open your legs. Let me see your pussy and rub it for you. Let your big brother teach you to be a woman.” As she spread her legs his mouth kept gaziantep escort sucking her tits as his hand cupped her pussy. She could feel his cock push against her ass as he rubbed her pussy. His fingers played with her clit as he sucked harder on her tits. He could now feel her cunt getting wetter as he stroked her and his fingers then moved to her hole. He slipped them inside her and began to finger fuck her as he kissed and licked her tits. It did not take long for his fingers to be covered with cum as she was cumming fast for him. She also could feel the wetness on her ass cheeks from his precum. He then told her “Move around and straddle me so I can push my cock in your wet hole and fuck you. I bet your cunt will feel so good. I can’t wait to be inside you.”As she turned around he slipped his cock slowly into her cunt. She was tight and warm and so wet. He had to be careful or he would cum fast and he really wanted to fuck her young cunt before he would fill her with cum. He pushed into her deep and then began to fuck her. She felt so good and she started cumming right away and he could feel her wetness cover his thick cock. As he fucked her he kept sucking her tits and soon he unloaded his cum in her. He then pushed her to her back and spread her legs.His face found her wet cunt and he licked her tasting the mixture of their cum covering her pussy. He sucked her clit making her cum more and was amazed how horny his sister was. She kept cumming as he sucked and licked on her pussy. Then he licked down to her cunt and pushed his tongue into her wet hole. She was full of cum from him and herself. As his tongue went inside he heard her moan and tell him “That feels so good.” He tongue fucked her making her cum faster and faster. She proved that she loved sex and loved fucking from either a finger, a tongue or a cock. He was going to fuck her a lot while their parents were gone. He then pushed her down to the floor and between his legs. “Take your hands and rub my cock then lick it.” As she stroked him he got rock hard again. No girl had ever kept him this hard and his little sister had a magic spell on him. He felt he could fuck and never stop. His cock stayed hard and ready. He then pushed her head to his cock and told her “Lick my love stick then take it in your mouth and suck it for me. I want to feel your mouth all over my shaft and then take it deep.” She went right to licking his cock. She was not a pro but doing very good. Then she opened her mouth and took him inside and began sucking him. This felt so good and cum leaked out into her mouth. He pushed on her head and got his cock in deeper and told her to suck harder. Then as she sucked the hard cock he filled her with his cum and watched her swallow it.He then pulled her up on the couch beside him and told her “No one has ever made me feel so good and so horny as you do. I want to fuck you more. You are so warm and wet and such a nymph. Lay beside me naked as we get ready for more hard fucking.” She layed beside him and he put his arms around her and fondled her tits. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass as they cuddled. He loved the feel of her firm tits and kept rubbing them and playing with the nipples. She had really matured since he was at college. They fucked twice more on the couch and he ate her cunt again. She of course sucked his cock and they stayed naked all day. He taught her how to fuck in several different positions. She would cum many times as he touched and licked and fucked her young but sexy body. He was amazed how she could keep him hard and ready to fuck her. He loved spreading her pussy lips and seeing her pink treasure before he would suck her clit till he would have her cumming and screaming. When he sucked her clit and fingered her fuck hole she would go crazy screaming and cumming and covering his hand in cum. She tasted so good he loved licking her pussy and tonguing her cunt. He even fingered her ass as he sucked on her clit. Then he was surprised when she rammed two fingers in his ass and fucked it.As they ate dinner she climbed on his lap and slid his cock into her cunt and fucked him. She rubbed gravy on her tits and he licked it off which made him then rub whip cream on them and suck it off. She covered his cock with chocolate syrup and he fucked her then licked the syrup put of her hole. They played for a long time with different flavors and licking and sucking each other. As she was washing dishes he came behind her and bent her over the sink and fucked her right there. He also fucked her on the table, the counter, the stool, and the shower. He slept in her bed and they fucked almost all night. She woke him twice sucking his cock. He loved fucking his horny little sister and was glad he was home from college. He loved her sexy naked body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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