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Cameltoe Pussy

It was only a temporary summer job before going back to Jr. College in the fall. I was young, eager to please and always horny. At nineteen my dick stood at attention ninety percent of the time. Most of the time there was no reason for it to be hard it just was.

Why I ended up in the boss’s office on the carpet for screwing things up I was not sure at first. The mid-level manager was the one to chew my ass for what happened but today I was standing in the big boss’s office waiting for her to look up and start chewing my ass out.

Mrs. Manduce was a lady of fifty plus. Large both in height and weight she dressed in dresses to help hid her size. But I could easily see she was broad across the ass and tits to match. Much to my surprise she did not have a belly that hung down around her thighs. I stood five ten and she was taller than that. I heard she was never married and had a female live in lover. So as I stood there waiting for her to acknowledge me I got a hard on. It was not my ordinary erection but this one was a hard on of all hard ons. There was absolutely no reason for it. But what the fuck if I was going to get fired I may as well leave showing her I didn’t give a shit. So I rocked back on my heels forcing my cock to really stand out.

Her desk came up to right below my crotch and so I moved closer so my cock rested on top of her desk. She had been writing; the pen stopped in mid stroke and she lifted her eyes just enough to take a closer look at my trousers sticking out on her desk.

She lifted her face to look me in the eye and I could see she was used to getting her way. She was a powerful woman and a strong willed one at that. I think I saw just a trace of a smile on her face. She said “Mr. Walton it has been brought to my attention that you may have done more harm around here than good for the meager wages we pay you. So before we go any farther let me ask you a question. Do you want to continue working here? Do you want to continue earning a living this summer?” Then she paused while she reached across the desk and pressed her palm flat on my erection. “Now on to a new subject. May I ask why you wanted to show me your manly appendage? Did you think in some way me seeing it would other wise influence my decision about your future in my company?”
She waited for my answer to all the questions. So I started with the first. “Yes Mrs. Manduce I would like to keep working here. Second Yes I do need the wages and I want to keep my job. Thirdly If I may be so bold. I can not stop from getting an erection I have a weakness for ladies such as your self. Ladies that are round and tall. I have a weakness for big breasted ladies. And I think you have the largest breasts I have ever seen. Now that is the truth and if you want to fire me for getting aroused in your presents then I guess that is up to you.” I was lying through my teeth but something told me to toss the ball back in her court and see what happened. She had not removed he hand and I had not pulled back.

Her face changed and I do believe she may have blushed. I started to smile and she returned my smile showing me straight bright white teeth. “Mr. Walton either you’re an excellent liar or you are a strange one. Most men let alone young men such as yourself don’t care for large women. May I take it you are a man of the world? She said. Her hand still on my cock.

“If your asking me if I have been laid. The answer is yes. And if I may say so more than a few times.” I smiled proudly flexing my cock muscles which moved her hand up and down.

“I will tell you what I am prepared to do Mr. Walton. I’ll give you a chance to keep your job, get a substantial rise and prove to me you are not a liar. Are you willing to prove to me you are not a liar?” She stood but never moved her hand from my quivering erection.

I was indigent or so I acted. But I was going to accept her challenge and see where this was leading. “Mrs. Manduce it would be my pleasure to prove to you just how much a woman like you can mean to me.” I wanted to say “Sure lady I’ll fuck your big fat ass if that is what it takes to keep my job.” But that is not what came out of my mouth.

Very well Mr. Walton come with me. Releasing my cock from her grip she moved around the desk and pulled me to her side. Taking me by the arm we moved toward a blank wall. Then in a flash the wall twisted and we passed by it with the wall going closed after us. There in the middle of the room was a king size bed. The lights were dim, the music was romantic and she once more had a grip on my cock. There was a glass door on the side wall it lead directly into a shower stall. She pushed me to it and said “Take a shower and then join me on the bed.” I felt she was still trying to control everything and me as well. I had to get us back on a level field.

So I said “Ok but you first. I want to see you naked.”
I could see her thinking but she agreed and said “We will both get undressed together.”

She moved back a few feet almanbahis and facing me she started to unbutton her dress. I pulled my shirt out of my trousers and undid one button at a time. Slowly teasingly I looked her straight in the eye. The dress fell to the floor and my shirt followed. I worked on my belt as she pulled her slip off. I had to stop and gaze at her breasts. The bra was large and yet a lot of meat was pushed up to create cleavage and to show me she had one hell of a pair of tits. She stood shoulders back and those puppies were proud to stand out like the large lovely globs that they were. My cock started to throb.

Her bra dropped to the floor and those globs did not hang down nearly as far as I thought they would. There was a lot of solid meat there and I had to admit they were pretty. My shorts fell and her eyes widened like Owls eyes. She gasped and then smiled from ear to ear. “Oh my Mr. Walton for a young man you’re, well you’re, ah.” She was still stammering so I finished her sentence.

“Yes, I got a big cock. It is almost a foot long and two and a half inches around. “I said but I don’t think she was listening.

When she bent down to remove her panties her tits hung there like great pendulums swing from side to side. “Wow; really great tits Mrs. Manduce.” I said taking my cock in my hand to shake it for her.

“Nice penis Mr. Walton.” She said with a voice not quite as demanding as it had been. She straightened up to show me a partly shaved pussy. There was just a little hair ringing her fat little pussy. I thought it looked very nice.

“Yes; now that is a nice touch, shaving our pussy makes it very pretty. I love to see the crack it looks like a little mouth and I always feel like should kiss it.” I was leaning back to get a better look. “Please turn around so I can get a look at all your charms.” I went on. She did as I requested and I whistled as I saw her hips and ass. I said “Nice fucking ass. You got a really gorgeous ass has it ever been fucked by a cock my size?” I thought I heard he giggle like a school girl. I moved up close and rubbed my cock head up the crack of her ass. Then as an after thought I slapped her on the cheek with it very hard. She let out a little scream.

She turned back around to look at me before she said “My ass as you say is virgin and I believe it will stay that way thank you very much.” She was trying to regain control and be boss again. But I had a feeling once we got started thing would change.
I smiled and took her in my arms she allowed me to kiss her and she responded with a tongue to meet my tongue’s advances. Cupping a breast in one hand I felt her nipples stiffen in my palm. She found my cock her little pudgy fingers circling it best they could. It was kind of thrilling to feel her hand on my cock skin on skin. This old broad was getting to me. Besides she was one hot kisser. Kissing her was very erotic and I liked it.

I said “I guess we should take that shower now?” she did not move or turn loose of my cock. “You do remember we were going to take a shower?”

“Oh, yes you first please”. She said. I took one last look at her naked beauty. Her shoulders were square, her back straight. She walked with a poise and grace of a much smaller woman. Her breasts were full solid and even with age and weight the nipples pointed forward. She had a round belly that tapered into her crotch with out any rolls of fat. The hips were wide with a fair amount of meat on then. But the waist seemed to be inordinately small. Now that she had relaxed and had smiled a few times the face was that of a very pretty lady. I say lady with all the respect due a lady. I was going to fuck her, get my cock sucked and maybe even take her virgin ass. But even so I had respect for this lady.

When I stepped out of the shower there was a chilled bottle of champagne on the table by the bed candles were lighted and the lights were dimmed. She was in repose on large pillows at the top of the bed.

“You’re not going to shower?” I asked.

“There is another shower over there and I already did.” She was naked and completely comfortable with her size. She knew all to well she was a true beauty and her self confidence showed in everything she did.

My cock was rigid and I felt its weight swing as I walked the few steps to the bed. I stood there on the side where she rested. My cock was what she wanted so I thought here it is have your fill. Her smile was wide and her teeth were bright as she smiled. This woman was a delight to the eyes it was easy to see she was one who took pride in her self.

I reached out and caressed her hair. The smell was one I did not know but it was luscious. Our eyes met and all the jockeying for power between us was gone. For now, any how.

“You’re a beautiful woman and you please me.” I said. It was a line from a movie I had seen once.
What ever I said it must have hit the mark. For she let the smallest of tears run down her cheek. I almanbahis giriş touched it with my finger and she touched my cock as if it were a red hot poker. Her fingers barely brushed the soft skin. The tips of her fingers traced around the head and down the shaft. They rubbed through my thick hair and pressed my cock down as the fingers withdrew to the tip end. When she moved her fingers my cock sprang back to an upward pointing position. Again she pushed it down and let it spring back. At the same time I caressed her neck and gently pulled her head down. She looked up at me winked and lowered her head. Her mouth was wet warm and soft as the cock head disappeared from sight.

I cupped her head in both hands and moved my hips letting my cock slowly fuck her mouth. I was only letting the head slip in and out. But she wanted more. She reached around too my ass in both hands and pulled me forward. My cock went to the back of her throat and then she relaxed taking the cock head into her throat. She was a deep throat cocksucker. And a damn good at that.

Cradling my balls in her hands she went about giving me the best cock sucking I had ever had. When I felt I was near to cumming I pulled my cock from her mouth bent down and kissed her.

“My love lie back it is my turn to enjoy you.” I said.

Resting back on her pillows I got up on the bed between her legs spreading them wide. I kissed up the inside of her thighs as I pulled her pussy open with my fingers. There was magic in my kisses she sighed and slowly rolled her hips from side to side. I licked up the narrow opening and when my tongue came to rest on her tiny fat little mound I applied pressure. Her clitoris was just s soft jelly like mound and it was very sensitive. The first time I licked over it she sucked her breath in and held it as if afraid to let it out for fear this was all a dream.

I worked a finger in her pussy as I licked and wiggled it around the narrow passage. She started to gasp just little gasps sucking in air to make little sounds of ooh; ooh and then I tasted her for the first time. She was sweet as nectar juicy as a summer peach and it was thick as honey. I had only read of some thing called the “Nectar of the gods” I never thought it was true. But it was, is, and I was enjoying it. After what seemed an eternity she stopped shivering and I rested my head on her thigh. We were both breathing heavily.

We sat close sipped the champagne smiled and rubbed cheeks after every kiss.
“Mrs. Manduce may I call you by your first name? Don’t you think it would be OK under these conditions? I wished you would call me Tucker. It a family name.” I said.

“Yes; by all means please my name is Rowena and I think Tucker is a very nice name.” she said in a soft clear voice. I leaned over and kissed her letting my mouth stay upon her mouth a few seconds longer than I had been.

“You’re so beautiful I love everything about you.” I laughed and said “I never fucked a Rowena before.”

She took my hard cock in her hand and said “Well Mr. Tucker its time to change all that.”

The glasses were dropped on the floor she slipped down in the bed and I lifted my body above hers. I held my weight on my arms and knees while she reached down between us and pulled my cock to the sweet lips of her pussy. She lifted her legs spreading them as she did. My cock pressed in for the frontal attack. However it met a resistance I was not prepared for. Her pussy was almost child like it was very tight and I was not going any where.

“Darling Tucker, just give me a minute to relax and it will be alright.”

I held my weight on my arms but kept a steady pressure on her pussy. After a few seconds the opening relaxed and the cock head slipped in easily. I worked back and forth several times and after a few more times I went deeper. She took half my cock and wide eyed she said “Oh, God Tucker you’re going to rip me apart.”

“No; my dear you will be OK, I will not hurt you. Your wonderful pussy will stretch I am sure.” She smiled up at me as I slowly worked deeper and deeper. “Reach down between us and rub your clitoris. This will help you get wetter and your lovely cunt will accept me easier.” I told her.

She rolled her ass up under me and I drove in. I fucked her slow and easy for a few minutes. Then she started to whine and cry. I was about to let up when she started that gasping and sucking of air. The ooh; ooh’s came and she cried out she was cumming. I drove to the deepest part of her and pressed in. she jerked and stiffen and yelled “Oh, God Tucker. Fuck me; fuck me now. Oh god. Ooooh” then she shook and took all my cock.
She could not get her breath and I was worried she was going to have a heart attack so I slowed rolling my weight off her. But holding her in my arms. She came down off her high snuggling in my arms. She was am arm full that is for sure but one I would enjoy for a long time if she allowed me.

We fell asleep for how long almanbahis adres I had no idea. But she made no move to get up or move out of my arms. I relaxed and held her close. Here I was a nineteen year old boy by most standards and a man by others yet this fifty year old woman had showed me a thing or two about making love. It was like nothing I had ever experienced and I was sure I wanted her again. She was sound asleep as I teased a nipple to readiness. Then I trace a finger down to the opening of her pussy. I applied pressure to the little mound. She moaned in her sleep. I kissed her on the mouth and she kissed me back. She was still asleep. What did take to wake this woman? I was having fun so I lifted her leg till it was resting on my leg giving me access to her little butt hole.

Wetting my finger tip in her pussy juice I rubbed her tiny rose bud. No reaction. So I repeated the process. Except I applied more pressure. My finger tip slipped into her tiny delight. Reaching with my other hand I rubbed her clitoris as I wiggled my finger in her anal channel.

“Oh, Darling be gentle you’re going into virgin territory.” She said.

“So you are awake.” I said.

“I am now and you’re doing just fine so far. It is feeling exciting but very different. I never knew that part of me could be stimulated and so erotic too” she said.

“Let me suggest we not do that just now. In case you did not notice I have not shot my load yet and my cock is ready as it will ever be. So either I fuck you again or you give me a fucking blow job.” I said with a smile on my face.

“Oh, Tucker even when you talk dirty you set me on fire. I never had anyone talk nasty like that to me.” She squeaked wiggling her ass down on my finger.

I lowered my voice to a deep bass and said “So my dear you want a big fat cock pushed up your fine plump ass. You do know once you get ass fucked you will want it often. Ass fucking is like taking drugs you get addicted.”
She laughed and said “You sound like my doctor. I wonder what he would say if he saw us like this?’

“He would tell you to go for it and have some fun.” I told her.

Wiggling around she sat up and my finger was removed from her tight little ass. She reached for my cock. “Tucker you have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen.” She was stroking it and watching it grow. Then she got serious and asked “Has this wonderful cock been in a lot of women? Do you fuck a lot of girls? How can you want a fat old lady like me with all the young women around? Tucker; don’t fool around with me. If you are just trying to keep our job Ok but don’t tease me. You got your job back with a raise already. So you don’t have to go on with this game.”

I sat up and looked into her sad eyes and kissed her softly on the mouth. “This is what I wanted from the first time I saw you. Now let me show you just how much I want to enjoy you.” No more words. I was on her lifting her legs and aiming my cock at her juicy wet pussy. I had fucked her but now I was going to get serious and fuck her till I cum. I wanted her to feel my hot cum filling her cunt and I was going to make her want my cock more than any thing else.

No quarter given none taken. I screwed her hard fast and deep she yelled cried and wiggled her big ass under me. I bent her legs up above her head and she took all I had to give. Tomorrow she would know she had a foot of hard cock in her but today she was mine to fuck and enjoy. I jerked and pumped her cunt full of my sperm. “Take this Baby, take all my fucking cum.” I screamed at her.

We each once more went to shower. I was back first and dressed. I was ready to leave I had no idea what time it was but it had to be very late well into the night.

She came back dressed and looked like her self once more. She said she would drive me home as I had no car. I accepted her offer and off we went. As we passed the bank down town I notice it was near midnight. “Rowena do you know we fucked he whole day away.”

“Please Mr. Walton don’t talk dirty like that I don’t like it.” She said in a stern tone.

“OK, so its back to Mr. and Mrs. is it. Well I am so sorry I thought we had something special but if I was wrong just set me straight.” I said.
She pulled to the curb turned and said “What we do in our special room stays in there. Once we get back out side it is just as it was before we went in there. Do you understand?” she asked in a loud voice.

“No I don’t understand and I don’t want to. In one afternoon I have more feeling for you as a woman than any younger girl I have ever met and you want me to leave those feeling behind when we are not naked in bed. I am not that good an actor. I can not do that and I will not do it. You’re beautiful, warm, exciting, and the most wonderful lover I have ever known and if I have to play act then I don’t want any of it. I am not made that way. If I can not be part of your life then forget it. Just let me out of this car and I‘ll walk home and you can send me my last check.”

She started to cry. She rested her head on the steering wheel and sobbed. I could not help my self I moved over and hugged her tightly. I forced her to look at me and I kissed her she kissed me back and I started to cry too.

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