Bimbo Beer – Girl’s Night Out

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Juniper pressed her head to the bar’s counter with the force of someone hoping to sink into it. “You know a good psychic? I need to work out which past life committed enough genocide to make karma feel the need to screw me over so hard.”

Mary looked down at her friend from the other side of the bar. “Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad.”

“Really? What could be worse than a boy screaming ‘I ain’t gay’ at the top of his lungs the moment you tell him you weren’t born exactly born a girl?” For Juniper it was especially upsetting as after several years of transitioning she actually felt comfortable with her body. “I was hoping he’d be different. Everything with him felt right.”

“Sweetie, you were dating all of three months. You weren’t even out of the honeymoon phase yet. Granted from what I saw he probably would have been a dick about it later on too.” Juniper shook her head, which only caused her friend to huff. “Look, I get wanting some loving. But that’s the third guy in less than a year you’ve burned through-“

“Because God hates me.” Juniper cut in.

“No… well maybe, but it’s because you always rush in hoping to find ‘The One’ and ignoring every red flag along the way.” Her friend looked doubtful, so Mary added “Remember Jason?”

That caused the trans girl to give an audible groan. Jason was a borderline sociopath, but she put up with him until she caught him stealing her transition money to burn on gambling. Comparatively the last guy and his outburst was nearly charming. “Fair point.” Juniper then raised her head up to finally look at her friend dead in the eye. “But what can I do? Totally give up on a love life? It’s not like swinging for the other team helped much.”

Mary sighed. “That’s easy: have a fling or two. No romance, no soulmate talk, nothing more than a good hard rutting. Once you sleep around you will be de-stressed and it will be easier for you to pick out people like that from people that are actually a good fit for you.”

This caused Juniper to shift in her seat. It was tempting, but… “I don’t think I can do that. I’m not the kind of girl that can just flirt with people.”

Strangely this caused Mary to smile. “Well that’s what friends are for, right? Here.” As she spoke the bartender plopped a tall glass onto the table before filling it with a liquid. By some trick of the light it looked pink for a second, but the moment she took a second look it was the normal golden-brown of beer. “I see a cute group at eight o’clock, so have a bit of this while I get them ready for you.” Before Juniper could say much else her friend vanished into the ever-growing crowd.

Juniper sighed. If her problem was not seeing problems then Mary’s was that she wouldn’t listen to anyone else the moment she got an idea in her head, good or ill. Still… a free bit of alcohol never hurt anyone. At-worst she could get gently tell whoever Mary was bringing that she wasn’t interested and spend the rest of the night getting wasted.

With that she took a sip, and her first surprise was how fruity the drink was. Rather than bun going down it tempted her throat and tongue for more, so before she even realized what was happening Juniper had downed at least half of the glass.

“Whew, hope the proof isn’t too high on this. That could get someone drunk a bit too easily.” Juniper mused to herself. Regardless of her concern she quickly drank the rest of the glass without much trouble. It was with that second round that she noticed it left a very strange aftertaste on the tongue. She turned around to ask Mary about what the drink was called.

It was then that the transformations started to hit.

While Juniper was far from ugly there was a degree of scarring and distracting features, having only started her transition a few years prior and still adjusting. This made it all the more noticeable as her stretch mark and acne marred skin began to soften and turn a pristine pale-white, and from there it seemed to cause her changes to happen. Starting unseen in her stomach area it simply shrank sarışın porno it in exactly enough that she went from being a bit chubby to toned. From there it slowly began to expand outward to cover the rest of her body. As it went over her small but cute breasts they exploded out in size, going from a very modest A-Cup to what would conservatively be considered Double-D’s that somehow remained very perky.

Comparatively when it reached her butt and hips- which Juniper confidently felt was her best feature- only changed enough to help balance out her upper half. Of more note when it went a little lower Juniper had to stifle a moan as a fire was lit down in her insides. Just as quickly as it began the fire ebbed, and with it her surgically crafted vagina had been morphed into a natural and thoroughly soaked pussy.

Undeterred the changes moved along the rest of her body, the main target now being any form of body hair. Anything not already lasered off simply vanished off her skin with no traces to suggest she had ever had hair anywhere but her head. Along with that her black sweatpants and plain red t-shirt had morphed with her new assets into a skirt and tank top that just about covered them enough to be legally considered decent. What she might not have immediately noticed is that while the clothes changed her underwear had simply vanished.

Fittingly it was around this point that the changes reached the woman’s face. Rather than a set of larger changes whatever was in the drink made several smaller alterations that had the cumulative effect of giving her a naturally cute face with full red lips.

The sole exception was that her pixie-cut hair burst forth to become a majestic mane, and the cheap dye she had been using was changed to hair that was a natural fiery red. By this point the changes had also begun working on her nails to make them pristine, but along with her face there were some shifts starting in her mind.

If she could liken it to anything it was as if everything that made up Juniper- her memories, her knowledge, her worries- her had solidified into a pristine canvas that was gradually being blotted a soft pink. It was less that the old stuff in her head was removed as much as it was… covered over with something nicer. Her concerns about passing ended up being overtaken by a list of clothes that best made her tits and ass pop. Years of knowledge for a bachelor’s degree that so far meant jack finding a job became a lifetime’s understanding of the best sex positions to make any men or women she was with scream in pleasure. Then the massive cluster of relationship anxieties slowly was drenched in a deep, borderline primal lust. By the time it was done the girl was lost in a haze of sensation.

“Excuse me?” She turned her head and saw a nervous but otherwise handsome looking man with olive skin. Trailing behind him were a burly red-haired man and slender brunette woman who were clearly an item by the way they held each other. “Thanks for ordering a beer for me. C-Could I have your name?”

“Sure! Its-” She stopped. What was her name? It was on the tip of her tongue, too. Something with a J? Ju- Jupi- Junisomething. Then it clicked. “I’m June. What’s yours?”

“Oh, I’m Michael.” By this point he was blushing, and a short glance down made it clear why. He was popping what looked to be a sizable boner from staring at June. Not that she could blame him.

The large man behind him groaned. “Come on man, we talked about this.” He moved to just behind Michael while the woman hovered behind them. “Evenin’ Miss June. Name’s Robin, the gal’s Lucy, and you just met Mat. Speakin’ of I have a bit of a… request for you.” June stayed silent, so Robin continued “See, it’s Mat’s big 21st and I want him to have a special night. Your friend mentioned you bein’ a sexual type, so would you maybe have a bit of fun with him in a back room? Or we could swing by someplace nicer if you’d rather do that.”

Michael turned his head to the ground and stayed there for a good sert porno minute before talking. “I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but you are really pretty June.”

June smiled. “I mean I would love to but… uhmmm.” Some part of June’s brain was telling her not to do this, but she couldn’t work out why. A cute boy clearly into her seemed like a fun time, especially on his special day.

Behind Matt Lucy chuckled. “Maybe she’s gay. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened, isn’t that right Rob?” She elbowed her boyfriend lightly, and he grinned after a moment.

June shook her head. “It’s not that. I actually like guys and girls a lot. I meant that I had a bit to drink and wouldn’t wanna leave my car here.” Without noticing herself June started to twirl her hair while trying to work out what to do. Luckily at this point her bestie Mary had gotten back behind the bar to cut in.

“The boss has a bedroom connected to this for late-night business, but she is away for a few weeks. Don’t make any mess in there that can’t be bleached out and we should be good.” As she said this Mary set a pair of keys by June. “It’s in the back by the bathrooms. I’ll crank up the music so no one listens in.”

“Oh my gosh. Thanks, Mary.” June said as she leaned over to hug her friend. “Let’s go then.” With that she hopped down off her seat, hitting the ground with a pair of heels that were definitely sandals an hour ago. Despite that- and the fact that she could just about move ten feet without nearly tripping over in them normally- she walked in them with a natural grace as they headed that way. Behind her there was some whispering between Robin and Lucy, but she couldn’t make any of it out. Probably nothing important.

When they made their way over she went in, with Lucy and Matthew behind her as Robin had apparently decided to play “guard duty” as he called it. As she turned around the door slammed shut and Lucy got right in her face.

“Let’s give the birthday boy a show first.” She whispered before slamming her lips onto June’s. Despite the initial shock she adapted quickly and aggressively kissed Lucy back.

In no time at all they were Frenching right in front of Michael, who by that point had started blushing a deep red. More importantly June noticed with a sideways glance that the slight stiffy he had before was by this point a full briefs-stretching boner. After a brief inner struggle whether to keep kissing or go to him ultimately she decided to treat the birthday boy to some fun. With some reluctance she parted from Lucy and peeled off her clothes before standing face-to-face with Michael.

“You’re so tense. Let me help with that.” Pressing her breasts right to his chest June got down to her knees and practically tore Michael’s pants down, only to then sensually use her mouth to slowly drag his now throbbing cock free from his boxers. When it came out it lightly slapped the side of June’s face, which combined with its musk nearly made her gush right there. Instead she just barely kept herself in-line as she made a show of slowly plunging down the whole of his penis until all eight inches were lodged in her throat.

“Ah. Fu-Fudge that’s good.” Even in her airheaded state June had to actively resist rolling her eyes at Michael’s little not-swear as she pulled herself off his now very slick cock.

“No need to hold back, sweetie. Say what you really mean.” Rather than immediately shove his whole cock back in her mouth June decided to have some fun, using her fingers to fiddle with the shaft while her mouth would alternate between licking his balls and the head of his penis. She never quite got him excited enough to cum and instead always stopped just short of it.

After a while he got so squirmy she decided to cut it down to only using her tongue to keep playing with his head until Michael would eventually crack. What stopped her were a set of hands that grabbed the back of her head. Sneaking a glance it was Michael, his hands being guided by a now nude Lucy who sex hattı porno had leaned towards his ear.

“You heard her before. Be honest with us Mikey- what do you really want for your birthday?”

Finally something in Michael snapped into place, and a strange sort of calm began to overtake him. Looking directly down on June he started to pull her towards him. “I want to fuck a slut until she can’t walk.” That quickly got June wet, as did what Lucy said next.

“Then go ahead and take her.” With that she removed her hands from Mickey’s and simply let him work. The moment she did he proceeded to ram June’s head all the way down his crotch. Thankfully whatever had changed the rest of her body had also screwed with her gag reflex, but even without the worry of vomiting she felt herself choke a little as all the air was rammed out of her mouth. Despite that she was also the most turned on she could ever remember. It only got more intense as he continued to jolt her head up and down his cock, even humping a bit for good measure and starting to properly swear.

Sadly she had gotten him so hot and bothered before that in a matter of minutes he gritted his teeth, orgasming hard with one final slam into her mouth. June relished in the sensation of cum oozing its way down her throat. Too spent to do more than stand Michael simply watched as June came back up for air, tongue working to clean off any stray cum and get a proper taste of his gooey load. In her current state she found it to be very fruity, much like the beer Mary had given her before.

“Yummy. Thanks for that.” Michael simply bowed his head and muttered thanks, but in his eyes there was still a huger that was only made more evident that his cock hadn’t softened too much. June smiled. “Now how about we get to your real gift? Get on the bed.” She said with more authority than she intended.

Still it had the desired effect, as Matthew quickly got down on his bed, his cock now back at full mast. Perfect. June walked over to him with the grace of a fashion model. When she got to Michael she smiled while moving her body so that her now drenched pussy was hovering right over his cock.

“Now for my favorite birthday game- a pony ride.” With that she turned around and let h

June allowed herself a moment of pure bliss before giving Michael the wildest reverse-cowgirl she could pull off, which given her new assets was something to behold. Her inner folds practically hugged his cock, meanwhile her butt added just the right amount of bounce to give her some energetic humping without taking away from the pleasure of it all. She also got to enjoy the sounds of Michael groaning in pleasure, which to her was the most soothing of music.

She only stopped when the moans started to sound muffled and Lucy tapped on her shoulder. “Care to make this a bit more fun?” Looking behind she saw that the girl had sat herself right on top of Michael’s face so he could eat her out, which he appeared to be doing with much enthusiasm. “That was some great Frenching before. Want to have another session?”

In the haze of sensations June couldn’t work out a reason why not, and so she briefly exited Michael so that she could turn around and re-enter to ride him with even more gusto, now also making out with a beautiful brunette at the same time.

Back at the bar Mary smiled a little, her bar-trained ears easily picking up the moans of Juniper even among the chaos of a college-town bar really getting into the swing of things. Sneaking a glance from her work she eyed at the bit of liquid courage she had given her friend. It was Bimbo Beer- a special drink that had been frequenting other places all over- but this was her own special variant after spending a few weeks screwing around mixing it with other drinks. While the mental half of the effects would wear off in a couple hours the physical ones would remain.

Sadly that was her only one at the moment: unless precisely mixed the other booze would actually cancel out some of the Bimbo Beer’s effects and Mary was still trying to calculate the exact ratio. It would take a few days for her to make more and start selling it as a “house special,” but her friend seemed to be the ideal candidate.

Going by how fast the humping sounds were getting if nothing else she was having a lot of fun.

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