Birthday Girl

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I pulled up outside Anna’s house at about midday, the excitement of the day finally catching up with me. It was her 18th birthday, which meant it was time for me to deflower her and take her on a ride into the realms of promiscuity. Anna was a small girl. One of the smallest in our grade at school. In contrast, I was the tallest guy in the school, captain of the basketball team, and everyone knew me as either Rubin (my last name) the baller, or just the really tall guy. I had spent most of my schooling life training and working towards a basketball scholarship, and everyone expected I was going to get it.

Anyway, it had become a recent tradition of mine to pay a visit to the hotter girls in my grade on the day they turned 18. I would have flirted with them in the week prior, and cometh the day, cometh the time for a good fuck. So far in all my attempts that year, none had found me rejected. I was a big, hunky athlete with a face chiseled to give me some charm, and I was not the one to stop me from using what I was blessed with.

So as I got out of my jeep, I was once again hopeful of what was about to come. I had known Anna for some time, even going to her house as a friend several times. So when I ran into her parents at the top of their driveway, they greeted me in kind. I told them I had come to give their daughter a present and they thought that was very nice of me. They had to leave to go pick up some things for Anna’s party that night, and I quickly asked them if their older daughter was home. I was happy that they said no, she too was out and Anna would be all alone, and let them go.

Standing outside their front door, I was about to knock when I thought of a new plan. I looked around before pulling the zip of my jeans down, and withdrawing my cock. I had an impressive looking cock, both in its large size and hairless, soft, golden skin from time spent nude sunbathing by my girlfriend’s pool. I left my semi-erect eight inches hanging out of my shorts and knocked on the door. I waited with a grin on my face, ready to shout happy birthday, but was surprised to find someone else open the door.

It was Anna’s sister’s boyfriend, Mike, a guy that used to be on the basketball team a couple of years ago. I knew him, but did not particularly like him. I remembered when he first started going out with Anna’s sister Amy, he had told me how he hoped that maybe he could get in with her little sister. He had described her as a smokin’ little hottie, which really was exactly the truth, so it wasn’t too much of a worry for me. I explained to him how I had come to give the little cock-stirrer a piece of my meat, gesturing down and laughing. It was then that I saw that maybe he had changed his mind about her.

His face went angry, and told me I was a jerk and that nobody was going to get with Anna, especially not me! Obviously he had taken on the big brother role, something I had not foreseen, and I told him to calm down, I was just going to wish her a happy birthday. I pushed past him inside but as I did this, he grabbed my arm, and remained at the door. “Sorry mate, I’m not going to let you go anywhere near her.”

Anna appeared inside and after hearing Mike, asked him what was going on. She looked pleased to see me, but I was facing the other way, and when I turned to face her, her face turned to one of shock. Mike had not settled and now tried harder to pull me to the door. He was a decent sized guy, but I was much taller, and obviously had been hitting the gym a bit more. It was Anna who spoke up, telling Mike that it was not his responsibility to kick me out, and that she was pleased to see me. She told him to let me go and asked me to come with her into her room, but Mike wasn’t letting go. “Sorry Anna, this isn’t for you to decide. This guy’s going home. There’s no way you’re going into the room with Rubin.”

Neither I or Anna liked that he seemed to think he could rule her life, and she let fly saying to let me go, and I also told him to let me go, or else I would make him. He was known as a bit of a hot head, so when I tried to get him started, saying he couldn’t get me out the door in a hundred years, he threw a punch. I was so much taller that his punch wasn’t very accurate and I dodged it, and swung back muratpaşa escort with one of my own. It hit him square in the stomach, and he crumpled to the floor. I then shut the front door and walked over with a big happy birthday to Anna.

The small brunette girl came barely up to my abs, making my big cock swing at an accessible level for her as I walked. She always looked very pretty, with her unique mix of caucasian and greek heritage giving her very dark eyes and hair, and a beautiful tan. In the past week, she had enjoyed the attention I had given her. It was something she had over her friends and her enemies for this week, as the captain of the basketball team was often seen at her side, chatting or giving the suggestive line of innuendo. I knew that by today, she would be ready to fuck, the desire in her eyes backing up a weeks good work.

I walked up close and bent down to give her a hug, my long arms reaching around her tiny waist and resting on the sides of her cute ass. She always wore tight tops and dresses to highlight her amazingly skinny waist, and as usual, her dress today hugged her cute bum tightly. Her thighs were on display, with her soft girlish flesh ready to be kissed and manhandled. As I pulled away from the embrace, I looked her in dark eyes and kissed her fully on the lips. After this broke, there was a moment of nothingness where we both looked over to see Mike still writhing on the floor, before she placed a small hand on my swaying log, and I knew I was in. I swooped down, picking her up easily and cradled her as I walked into her room. As I shut the door, I could see Mike looking in with much anger and embarrassment, before I turned and tossed Anna on the bed and dove on top of her into a heated session of tongue tangling and my big hands wandering over her lithe body.

After stripping her, stimulating her dark nipples atop two perky little tits, and going to work on that little shaved slit of freshness with tongue and fingers, I was stripped and poised above her. She lay on her back, and my long arms reached out and spread her flexible legs apart. I then knelt below her delectable ass, and leant forward so that my huge body towered over her tiny one, and my fully erect nine-inch monster was positioned at her unpenetrated hole. With my muscles in my thighs, I had complete control over my slow descent into the 18-year-old pussy, squeezing my fat member into the clenching realm that was Anna’s pussy. She moaned unashamedly, indistinguishably painful or pleasurable, as her arms were stretched out and her fingers gripping tightly onto the bed covers.

I used my big fingers to wander over her most sensitive areas, helping to increase her pleasure and loosen her vice-like grip on my cock. A few inches in there was the clear breaking of the hymen, and from there on, it was less of a struggle. She began to show more pleasure, experiencing her first screaming orgasm, and I was able to get about six inches inside. With this, I began a gentle pull out with a sold return in-stroke, each time causing gasps of air. I built up the speed and got to a steady rhythm of penetrating the young girl, and brought about another flood of orgasmic release. I usually had more patience, but the image of my big body and cock violating the innocence of my petite classmate was too much, and with this second orgasm, I let go, driving powerfully into her.

All nine inches were hidden as my thighs came to rest on the fleshy warmth of her ass cheeks. She yelped loudly and opened her eyes extremely wide, tilting her head back as far as it would go and rolling her eyes back. I then placed my two big hands around her tiny waist, my fingers and thumbs meeting on both sides, and resumed my assault on her cunt, using all the muscles in my hips and thighs to thump into her snatch at tremendous speed and power. Anna seemed to endure a continuous orgasm over several minutes as my big tool slid in and out of her previously untouched depths.

I manipulated Anna into several different positions, including ones where she was on top, controlling the fucking with the rolling of her hips as she was mounted on my big pole. She had had countless orgasms and as I pushed myself in again in doggy serik escort style, I could feel my own orgasm approaching. Once again I manhandled her little body as I stood on the bed above her, the side of her pretty little face pressed against the bed, and began piledriving my tool down into Anna. I held her hands in each of my own hands, and pulled them up and wide, so that her upper body bent backwards and her ass stuck up ever farther for my use.

All of a sudden the door to her room opened, accompanied with the voice of her sister, “what the fuck happened to …” She was cut off by thus sight of my huge cock disappearing into her little sister with almost unnatural speed and strength. I turned, but Anna was closing her eyes and was facing the other way in any case. I greeted Amy with a smile and casual “how’re you going?” never slowing the pace of my brutal birthday fuck.

As I realised she was completely lost for words and not looking to do anything or say anything, just continuing to watch almost in trance, I carried on. Several minutes later, helped by the erotic nature of fucking Anna in front of her sister, I was ready to burst, and directed Anna to kneel before me. I held her pretty face still as I stuck the head of my cock between her lips just in time, spurting powerfully into the back of her throat. I thrust my cock down her throat for the next spurt before withdrawing and spewing the rest of my jizz all over her face.

Anna fell back onto the bed, her small body covered in sweat, and her face sprayed all over. She lay still, spread-eagled across the bed with lack of energy. It was a sight to behold, and I looked to Amy to find some appreciation for my work. She just looked at me and my cock. Usually, I use my cock’s unwillingness to go down after one spray to fuck the shit out of the birthday girl again, but this time I had scope for another option.

I jumped down from the bed and walked over confidently to Amy. She was much like her sister, only slightly taller despite the two year gap, but with equally small waist and even more delightful curves of her rear. She looked into my eyes with an unresolved fear, stepping back as I approached her, but as she walked out of the room and came into contact with the wall, I continued, and stopped only inches from her, my semi-erect cock touching the tight black tank top covering her tummy, and her big brown eyes looking up into mine.

Mike shouted from across the room, rousing my attention as I had completely forgotten about him. He lay where I left him an hour ago, in obvious pain. But as I looked back to Amy, she kept her gaze fixed on me. I then thumped my palms into the wall on either side of her face and pushed my lips against hers. She seemed almost as though she were going to cry, but the kiss was returned, and she soon slid her tongue into my mouth. I bit it gently as my extra height and forceful kissing pushed her head further and further down.

We broke and I stood up, and consequently, not due to chance, my penis arrived to softly smack her on the cheek. She couldn’t resist it as her hands came up to grab hold of it and after that scared look into my eyes, she slid the head into her mouth. Once in, I saw a new girl, as her two hands helped her to give me a blow/hand job to get me back to full erectness. Despite the fact that both of us had zoned out of our surroundings, Mike’s incessant shouting and complaining from across the room was becoming too much, but the fact that he was there watching increased the eroticism doubly.

So I stood Amy up, yanking down her denim shorts and ripping off her underwear, before picking her up, turning her over and placing my head between her legs. Her legs wrapped around my head, and left her head to fall to my stomach, conveniently where they head of my penis came to. As we got the standing sixty-nine going, I took it further, to the walking 69. I walked us over to the kitchen, and looking through the ass crack of this beautiful petite 20 year old, found some electrical tape.

I then handed it to Amy, and walked over to Mike. He was complaining about his broken rib or something about not being able to move without serious pain, as I walked just out of his reach. ibradi escort Knowing he wouldn’t touch his so called girlfriend, I dangled her over his body while continuing to tongue fuck her, bringing her juices to flow all over my face. I had no view of the event, but several minutes later, and much shouting from Mike, Amy said we could move. I took her to the sofa near us, and threw her down. I admired her use of the tape, as Mike was now mouth covered and hands tied (I have no idea how she did it, probably just asked him to do his girlfriend a favour).

“I’m ready for you big boy,” Amy brought my attention back to her horny body as she pulled her top and bra over her head, and summoned me. I sat on the expensive yet very comfortable felt sofa and pulled her on top of me, as she mounted my prick. Similarly to her sister, she rolled her hips down onto my big prick, and was much faster at being able to take the whole cock 9″ deep. Mike moaned, but not nearly as loudly as his girlfriend, whom I fucked with just as much rigour as the birthday girl, moving into a position on the edge of the sofa where I held her ankles together and pushed them out at my long arms length, presenting her ass in all is soft fleshy glory.

My pounding from earlier resumed and again I had my fuckee screaming with joy. But this wasn’t enough for me and in this position, I found my next objective. Her brown puckered asshole. As I fucked her pussy deep and fast, my thumb worked it’s way into her tightest of holes, and another ten minutes later I found myself lining my big dick up for entry. She made a little protest, and so did Mike, but as I eased my bad boy into her behind, her continuing pleasure helped her overcome any pain, and I was able to commit a lengthy and incredibly tight descent into her bum.

Mike was crying as my cock bottomed out and my ramming of earlier was transposed into an anal assault on the little body beneath me. We were distracted from our trance of heavy fucking when Anna came in naked and lowered her head to her sister’s vag. I orchestrated a change in position wherein Anna lay on her back, with her older sister in doggie above her in sixty-nine. The two began eating each other out even before I got into my position at the rear of Amy. With Anna’s little tongue flickering on Amy’s pussy lips, I squatted above and drove my tool into her anal cavity once more. My big balls flopped down onto Anna’s face and she took up switching between cuntlicking and tea bagging with the biggest tea bag she’d ever seen.

The three of us fucked it out in a sweaty mess, my large body dwarfing the two beneath me, and shaking them violently with my powerful thrusts into Amy’s ass. Just then, a car pulled up in the driveway, and I looked out the front window beside me to see the parents of the two girls I was right then fucking the shit out of arriving home. I had to think quick, as I jumped off Amy, my cock sliding fully out of her hole leaving her gasping with her emptiness, and located my pants and shirt.

I came back into the entry room, and went over to Mike, ripping the tape off his wrists and mouth. I threatened, “if you say a word of this to their parents, I will personally make sure that I fuck your mum and your sister while you watch, just like you did today.” With that I pulled him up and practically carried him out the front door. The two parents were immediately outside, and had they looked in the front window they would have seen their two daughters naked and in an embrace, keenly awaiting the return of their big-dicked fuck master.

I explained to the parents how he had fallen and likely broken a rib, as he could not move. He should be taken to emergency immediately. The plan worked perfectly as the parents got in a fit of responsibility, insisting they take him and that I just go home. I gave Mike a threatening smile through the window of the car as it drove away, barely able to conceal my raging prick within my jeans. As soon as they left the driveway I dashed back inside to my two little fuck toys. “I thought you’ve already fucked his sister, Rubin?” Anna asked, as his sister was in our grade. “Hell yeah, she loved every minute of it while he was in the next room. Oh, and I fucked his milf of a mom too,” I replied.

I then paused in front of them, both sitting seductively with their tight pussies on show, and thought about how I would go about this. Well, plenty of time to try out all the options, I thought, and headed over to Anna. I then said “happy birthdayyyyyy” and plunged my cock in one drive into her virgin asshole.

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