Birthday Kisses Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Thank you to those of you who read my first story (the first part to this one) and left feedback. A lot of you commented on the length, so I took that into account when writing this one. Originally, I intended for the first part to be a stand alone, but when I realize how short it was and also how much potential the story has moving forward, I decided to keep going with it. i hope you enjoy this second part, where Charlie’s dad wishes his a happy birthday and we get a bit more insight into his family’s history. Thanks so much again for all the amazing support 🙂


Charlie lay with his heart still pounding in his chest, replaying the last few minutes over and over in his mind. He could still feel his mother’s hot, wet tongue dragging over his flesh despite the fact that she had already gone downstairs to fix his breakfast. The cooling saliva that still coated his cock counteracted the heat of his body and somehow only served to make him want more. More of his mother. Of her mouth, surrounding him in a warm, wet embrace. More of her curvaceous body that he longed to explore with his hands, his lips and tongue. His nipples tightened at the thought of his mother beneath him, legs spread to allow for thrusting hips to fill her depths and spill his potent seed into her.

One hand, that had been carelessly resting against his stomach, drifted down until his fingers were wrapping his stirring cock against his palm. Eyes closed, he held himself as he thought of his mother’s hums of bliss while she bestowed the most tender love on his body that Charlie had ever experienced. His hand stroked, but was no comparison to the wetness of her mouth and Charlie exhaled, forcing himself to get out of bed. Despite the fact that his father was somewhere in the house, Charlie didn’t bother with trying to cover his naked form. If what his mother said was true, it wouldn’t shock them to find him walking through the house nude and with a newly hardened cock.

He could hear his mother down the hall in the kitchen, humming happily to herself, and the sizzle of a pan that accompanied the scent of waffles. The crinkle of paper added a new sound and Charlie turned the corner at the end of the hall to find his father sitting at the kitchen table with that morning’s newspaper. The older man looked up and smiled, eyes drifting over his naked form.

“Morning Charlie,” he said, arching a brow at his son’s erection. “Heidi, I think our boy needs some more attention.”

Charlie’s mother looked over her shoulder at the sound of her name, grinning at Charlie’s weeping appendage. She looked at her husband and lifted the hand holding a spatula. “Could you finish up the last of these waffles, Steve?”

“Sure, but first…” His father, Steve, set aside the newspaper and stood, walking over to his oldest son and bringing him into a firm hug, seemingly unabashed by the steel-like cock pressed against his hip. “Happy birthday, son.”

“Thanks, dad,” Charlie answered, catching a whiff of his father’s musky cologne. He’d never been interested in men, but something about his dad’s muscled embrace and masculine aroma sent a shiver down his torso, settling on his shaft. Charlie sighed and tightened his hold around the older man, wanting to feel the hard plain of his clothed chest against his a while longer.

“You can stay naked for now, but when we go to your grandmothers, you’ll have to get dressed since Zoey and Bobby are there, okay?” Steve said as he dragged his fingertips over each lumber of Charlie’s spine. “They’re still too young for all this yet.”

“Yeah, dad,” Charlie answered in a shudder. He stifled a whimper as his father pulled away and grinned down at him before walking to where his mother was monitoring their breakfast.

“Did you enjoy mommy’s special kisses?” she asked as she unfastened her silk robe and let it fall to the tiled kitchen floor.

Charlie nodded and gasped at the first sight of his mother’s naked body. She was even more gorgeous than he could’ve imagined; her skin glowed in the natural light from the windows, her breasts were modest and firm with just the slightest sag from having reared three children. Her daily yoga had kept her in pique condition, complete with muscled lines that accentuated her curves and bald pussy that he longed to bathe with his tongue.

“Do you like mommy’s body, Charlie?” she asked with a smirk.

“It’s awesome, mom,” Charlie mumbled as he reached to trail his fingertips over her curvaceous hips. Heidi giggled at her son’s words, biting down on her bottom lip and she ran her hands over his torso and chest.

“I bet you have a lot of questions about our family, huh?” she asked, humming as Charlie grew bolder, his hands rubbing over her ass.


“Don’t worry, slugger, we’ll answer any questions you got,” Steve said as he put the last of the used cooking supplies into the dishwasher. He met eyes with his wife and gestured to the plate of cooked casino oyna waffles. “I’m gonna put these in the microwave so they stay warm longer.”

“Alright,” Heidi replied, a wide smile still on her face. She turned back to Charlie. “Maybe you wanna taste mommy’s pussy, baby.”

Charlie groaned and licked his lips, about to nod when his father spoke. “Aw come on, Heidi, it’s his birthday. You can start his lessons tomorrow.”

Heidi’s hands glided down her son’s hairy chest to his stomach as her eyes drank him in, shamelessly falling over every inch of his skin. She grinned when her sights fell on his cock, already weeping with precum. Bringing her eyes back up to his, she took a step forward so that their bodies were flush against the other.

Charlie swallowed as his mother pressed her lips to his. Kissing his mother felt just as taboo as her blowing him, especially with his father standing not far from them. The softness of her lips pulled a groan from deep within him and Charlie sighed when her tongue playfully flicked against the seam of his mouth, requesting entrance. Tilting his head, he opened his mouth as one hand drifted up between their bodies to cup a soft breast, thumb swiping across the pebbly nipple in the center.

Heidi moaned, tongue intertwining with her son’s as a wetness built in the heat between her thighs. She slowly pulled away, smiling when Charlie’s lips followed, trying to keep contact.

“Do you wanna cum in mommy’s mouth again, baby?” she asked while her hands wandered down his back to his firm ass. She grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him harder against her, moaning when his shaft pushed against her clit. Her lips kissed along his jawline, making a path to his ear as she pressed her breasts against him. “Mommy’s gonna take such good care of your cock from now on.” She pressed a kiss just below his earlobe. “My sweet boy,” she purred, lowering her kisses to his chest and moaned as her hand wrapped around his erection. “So hard for mommy.”

Charlie’s eyes closed in bliss. It was as though he were floating, somewhere in the place between sleep and awake, every synapse in his body bursting into flames where her lips touched his skin. His cock throbbed in her palm with need as her kisses grew wetter the further down his stomach she went and Charlie opened his eyes, determined to have the image of his own mother, on her knees, lovingly kissing his cock burned into his memory forever.

“Today’s your day, son. We promise to make it a good one,” Steve said, his voice lowering until it was somewhere between a purr and a growl.

Charlie’s eyes cut to the older man while his mom dipped her head to leave open-mouthed kisses the swollen, rounded sacks beneath his shaft. While his father was only an inch or two taller than he was, Charlie felt incredibly exposed under the older man’s lustful gaze as thick, calloused fingers deftly unbuttoned his shirt. Mouth watering as his father’s broad chest was exposed, Charlie watched Steve undress and felt another surge of blood fill his cock, making it even harder. His brows furrowed, unsure of why he was feeling this way. Even now as he held his breath, waiting for the older man to expose the bulge he could see beneath cotton briefs, Charlie couldn’t explain the fluttering in his belly or the pounding of his heart.

He blinked and turned to look down at his mother, who was staring with half-mast eyes and a slack jaw at his cock in her hand. Her face inched closer and pressed a tender kiss to the sensitive underside just beneath his head, smiling up at him before her lips encased the tip of his cock. Charlie’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, pointing his mouth towards the ceilings and letting out a shuddered moan as she sucked gently. Her tongue teased him by softly dragging up and down along his slit, gathering his precum as she hummed deep in her throat.

“Your mom’s birthday kisses are something else, aren’t they?” Steve asked. It was then that he realized the older man had moved to stand behind him. He could feel the heat of his father’s strong chest against his back and gasped when the older man’s arms circled his frame. Rough fingers rubbed over his nipples, adding a new sensation while his mother began to rhythmically bob her head on his shaft. His father’s hot breath tickled his ear and Charlie found himself leaning against the bigger, stronger frame. “She loves sucking cock,” his dad purred.

As though it was a cue, Heidi pulled off of her son’s appendage to look up at him, letting the head of his saliva-coated meat resting against her bottom lip. Her warm breath fanned over his cock and Charlie’s hips arched, trying to thrust himself back into his mother’s warm, wet cavern.

“She likes it when you fuck her mouth,” Steve whispered to him, moving one hand to guide Charlie’s to the back of his wife’s head. “Grab her by the hair and fuck her throat. Move her head exactly how you want her to suck on that cock, son.”

As if in a trance, Charlie canlı casino made a fist in Heidi’s hair and pushed her down until he was buried to the hilt. She gagged around him but didn’t resist as he bucked his hips against her face, stimulating the head of his cock as it slid in and out of her tight throat. Thick drips of saliva slid down his balls as his mother greedily choked on her son’s eight inches while his father pinched and twisted his nipples.

Something hard and slightly wet dragged over his taint from behind, adding yet another flurries of sparks that ignited in Charlie’s groin. Letting his head fall back onto his father’s shoulder, Charlie moaned loudly, hips moving faster to push his meat deeper into his mother’s throat.

“That’s it. That’s my boy,” his father whispered, moving his hips faster against Charlie’s hide. It was then that the birthday boy realized that the wet drag along his perineum was the weeping head of his father’s erection and Charlie shivered.

His body acted on pure animal instinct, desperate to be as deep in the tight, wet ring at the back of Heidi’s mouth. A growl vibrated in his chest as he gritted his teeth and thrust himself to the hilt, groaning when his mother gagged and coughed around his throbbing cock. His hips set a firm pace in and out of his mother’s mouth and earning audible gags each time his tip penetrated the tight ring at the back of her throat.

“Ooohh yeah, mom,” Charlie he moaned, eyes still closed and head comfortably rested against Steve’s shoulder.

Heidi’s hands gripped her son’s hips, tears rolling down her face and slopper coating her chin as Charlie mercilessly fucked her face. Her pussy dripped with need as she thought about how later that night she would let her firstborn cum deep inside her and she brought a hand down to her clit to rub quick circles over the bud.

Charlie was lost in a sea of bliss, his focus solely on the wet heat that surrounded his cock. He could barely register the moans coming from his open mouth as he chased the orgasm he could feel beginning to build in the pit of his swollen balls. Not even his best masturbation session with his most vivid fantasy could compare to his own mother’s lips wrapped around his shaft.

“How about you give her a break, buddy, and let your old man finish you off,” Steve mumbled into his oldest son’s ear as one hand slid down the hard plane of the young man’s chest until it fell on the finger wrapped in Heidi’s hair.

Charlie felt his grip slack, allowing his father to pull his hand away from the soft blonde locks belonging to the woman on her knees in front of him. Lifting his head, Charlie look down to meet Heidi’s brown stare as she smiled and hummed around his cock, pulling back to suck on the head as Steve teased one of his nipples with his tongue and teeth and the other with thick, calloused fingers.

“Your uncle Scott taught your dad how to suck cock when they were in in their twenties,” Heidi said as one hand stroked her son’s wet, pulsing shaft.

Charlie’s eyes widened as he cut his gaze to his father, whose mouth was working its way across his chest to tease the nipple that his fingers had been toying with. He would’ve never guessed that his dad was open to sex-oral or otherwise-with other men, but his curiosity as to what it might be like was piqued. It seemed that was becoming a common occurrence the more he learned about his family.

“Our son’s cock is so delicious, Steve,” Heidi continued, wrapping her lips around Charlie’s leaking cock head to suck more precum from her son’s appendage with a moan.

“Is that so?” Steve purred, stroking the young man’s muscled stomach briefly before he sank to his knees. “Well, let me have a taste and give him a proper happy birthday.”

Heidi grinned and let Charlie pop from between her lips and moved to the side to allow her husband the space he needed. The older man took his son’s cock between his lips and flicked his tongue over the weeping slit, humming in satisfaction. Reaching around the young man’s body, he grabbed the firm globes of Charlie’s ass, took a deep breath through his nose and pulled his son’s hips closer, young cock sliding all the way into his mouth.

“Oh my God, dad,” Charlie moaned when he felt his tip pop past his father’s throat and the older man’s lips pressed against his pubic hair. His eyes were glued to the man on his knees before him, with his hot mouth surrounding Charlie’s throbbing meat, breath catching in his throat when he felt the slithery tip of a tongue dragging over the vein on the underside.

“Give me your hand, baby,” Heidi said, reaching for her son’s hand and bringing it to the thick bulge at the front of Steve’s throat. He groaned as he felt the outline of his cock in his dad’s throat. “Feel that?” she whispered, earning a nod from Charlie. “Mommy and daddy love you so much.”

“I love…you guys…too,” Charlie panted, eyes closed as he savored the tightness around his dick.

Steve kaçak casino swallowed around his son, milking the head and earning a shuddered groan from the birthday boy.

“Oh fuck,” Charlie whimpered when his father continued to methodically swallow around him, as though the older man were chugging a beer. His thighs trembled with the intensity of sensations that were coursing through his body and he could feel his knees getting weak as his hips subconsciously rocked against Steve’s face. The hands on his ass gripped tighter and it was then that Charlie realized that the older man’s hands on his backside was all that was holding him upright.

He wasn’t surprised that his father could hold his breath for so long; the older man had been a champion swimmer in college and continued to swim in his spare time. Still Charlie had no idea that his father’s mouth was capable of the magic it was working over his cock in that moment. His entire body began to tremble as his orgasm quickly built and his hand flew to the back of Steve’s head, keeping the older man in place. As if the orgasm were literally being sucked from his body, Charlie curled forward, ribs almost hovering over Steve’s head as he shot his load down his father’s throat.

Heidi grinned as she watched her son’s abs contract, his moans grow louder and closer together until his legs began to shake uncontrollably. The audible gulps that sounded from her husband’s throat sent a fresh tingle to her pussy and she stood up to move behind her son, arms wrapping around him to help hold him up. She watched over Charlie’s shoulder as Steve slowly pulled his mouth off of their son’s cock with a hum.

The older man stood with a grin and placed his hands on Charlie’s shoulders. “Happy birthday, kiddo.”

Charlie felt dizzy as he slowly regained his stability and opened his eyes to give his dad a lazy smile. “Thanks, dad.”

“I’m gonna hop in the shower and take care of this,” Steve said, gesturing to his own erection. “Why don’t you sit and have some breakfast, I have a feeling you’ll need the energy.”

“Come on, baby,” Heidi said, linking her arm through Charlie’s and leading him to the table while Steve padded down the hall towards the master suite.

Charlie sat for a moment, closing his eyes as he tried to catch his breath. His limbs hummed with the aftershock of the most intense orgasm he’d ever had and his body felt as though it here floating. A small noise caused his eyes to open and he found a big plate of waffles sitting in front of him.

“Aren’t you gonna help dad?” he asked his mother with furrowed brows when she didn’t walk towards the hallway.

“Not today, honey. Eighteenth birthdays in our family have certain traditions,” she answered. With a smile, Heidi fetched the maple syrup from the counter and brought it back to pour over her son’s waffles.

“Okay,” Charlie said. “Explain.”

“Well, mine and your father’s families met in the late forties on an island off the coast of Fiji,” Heidi began as she sat beside Charlie.

“Fiji?” Charlie replied. “I thought our family were descendants of the early colony settlers.” He listened intently to his mom as he dug into his waffles.

“They were. In 1942, your great, great grandparents and their son, Daniel, were on their way home from a trip. They boarded the newest, most sought-after cruise ship-the Titanic,” Heidi said. “Papa Dan’s father died when the ship went down, leaving he and his mother all alone. That’s where it all began. Your great, great grandmother was devastated, so was papa Dan. For a long time, it was just the two of them together, and eventually, when papa Dan was around 23, one thing led to another one night and they realized that life was just too short to deny yourself anything that brings pleasure and happiness.”

“So how did they end up in Fiji?” Charlie asked before he put another forkful of waffles into his mouth.

“They were living in New York at the time and realized fairly quickly that society would never accept them as husband and wife. Through a close friend papa Dan heard about a commune that lived off the coast of Fiji. With the last of the money her late husband had left them, they decided to go. They got married and had three daughters and a son together.”

“What about dad’s family?” Charlie inquired.

“They founded the commune on the island, so they were already there,” Heidi answered. “Most of them are still there to this day.”

“Okay…so get back to the tradition you were talking about. Also, how did we end up here, in California?”

“There came a time when the island became overpopulated with families living together. So, there was a new rule implemented when your grandparents were children, that any family who had children would come back to the States and raise the children in the vanilla world until they came of age,” Heidi replied. “There’s another commune in Northern California, and every summer-while the children are at summer camp-we get together for a spell so that we can live freely for a little while. Just so we don’t go crazy in the vanilla world.”

“So that’s the ‘couples retreat’ you guys go on every summer?”

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