Birthday Spankings from Mike

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Birthday Spankings from MikeWell, where to start. I have been getting birthday spankings for the past ten years from a wonderful family friend, Mike Wellby who lives just down the road. My Mom has asked him to give me my birthday spankings every year and every time I get more and more excited to see him come to the house, knowing that I will soon be over his knee feeling his stinging hand on my bare bottom. This year would be different though because this year I turned eighteen and Mike hinted to the fact that since I was a big girl now I should get big girl spankings. I asked my mom what this could mean but she only smiled and said that I would find out soon enough. The only problem was that on my birthday Mike was away on a Business trip and would be home a week late, so I had to wait patiently until the next Sunday. From the time of my party until the next Saturday night it was all I could think of, being bare bottomed over Mikes knee for what I could only assume would be a real spanking. I also could not keep my fingers out of my pussy working it into a wet slippery mess as I fingered myself to countless orgasms. I had such a crush on Mr. Wellby but there was no way I could let him know that, it would be so embarrassing. Late Saturday night I saw Mike’s car driving up the lane to his house, I watched as he carried his bags into the house and in no time the lights were out and he had gone to bed. In the morning I got up early to tell Mom that Mike was home and asked her what I should do, she had this dreamy look on her face and a little grin then told me to take a nice bath, put on her expensive perfume, put on my new short summer dress with the empire waist and then walk over to his house. What she said next took me by surprise because she told me to wear nothing under my dress then she muttered something like, well you won’t need it anyway. After I had done all she asked I presented myself for her inspection, she was very pleased at how I looked and again she had this little grin and dreamy look on her face. She said she had phoned Mike and he was looking forward to seeing me because he had my birthday present.Walking over to Mikes made me very aware that I was naked under my short dress because I could feel the morning breeze blowing under my dress and the wetness that was forming between my pussy lips was becoming noticeable. Mike was standing on the porch of his house admiring me as I came up the driveway, little did I realize that the sun was behind me and He was getting an eye full of my young body under my short thin dress. türbanlı iskenderun escort As I gave him a big hug he took a deep breath of my perfumed hair, immediately recognizing the fragrance. I started to complain that he was a week late and how much I missed him and of course it wasn’t the same without the spanking. He reassured me patting my bottom through the dress that he would make it up to me and that we should go into the house so he could give me my birthday present.He had me sit on a chair in the middle of his living room and laid a nicely wrapped box on my lap. It was beautifully wrapped and seemed a shame to open it but that did not stop me, upon opening it I lifted out a lovely large uniquely shaped and inlaid hairbrush. I exclaimed how lovely it was and how expensive it must have been; Mike interrupted and explained that it had two purposes. First it was made of the finest material to brush my long thick dark brown hair and secondly it was made of the strongest and heaviest material to smack my bare bottom good and hard and never break. I looked up at Mike and he had a big smile on his face, he was also holding out one hand asking me to give him the brush because we needed to make up for missing last week. I now knew why mom told me to wear nothing under my dress and I was beginning to feeling a little vulnerable. I said to Mike, you mean now, right here just the two of us. Mike replied that it would be fine and my mom was aware of what was going to happen. Well that explained the look on her face, but then I said in the past he had only used his hand and now he was going to use this heavy brush. Mike went on to tell me that when he suggested that it would be time for me to receive big girl spankings, this is what he had in mind. Mike stood there unmoving while I processed this new information and it is strange how the visual images of the two of us alone and me over mikes knee getting a real spanking began to arouse me like I have never felt before. I was certain that he could read my mind and knew all my lustful thoughts so I placed the heavy hairbrush into his hand and stood up to face him. Mike took my place in the chair then taking me gently by the hand leads me around to his right side. He said that in the past he would lift my dress after I was over his knee to preserve my modesty somewhat but now that I was a big girl I should completely remove my clothes before. I thought can this get any better; I was going to strip naked for this wonderful man who I türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan am extremely attracted to and give myself over to him so he can punish me as he sees fit. For a second I felt as though I was going to faint, my legs started to tremble, Mike was running his up and down the backs of my legs then under my dress and around my bare bottom. I took hold of the hem of my dress and eased it up over my head, then throwing it aside I stood naked beside him. Mike took my arm and slowly lowered me face down over his lap, as he did he took both my hands and moved them into my lower back pinning them with his left hand. He was wearing thin summer trousers and no shorts so I could easily feel his large stiff cock pressing up against my tummy, I knew then that I was in for more than just a spanking.Mike sat holding Jennifer like this for some time, admiring the perfect bottom that he had watched maturing for the last ten years. He ran his hand up and down the delicate ivory flesh as lustful thoughts coursed through his mind. Mike wanted to take her right there and then, hold her over the back of a chair legs spread pounding his cock into her, virtually r@ping her, he had waited this long he could wait a few more minutes. Jennifer on the other hand sensed that she needed to show Mike her willingness to take this further so taking a chance she spread her legs a little to show Mike her young virginal sex which was dripping and leaving a wet stain on his trousers. Upon seeing this beautiful site Mike set about spanking young Jennifer immediately. He lifted the heavy paddle like hairbrush high over his head and brought it down hard making a loud pop and extracting a squeal from Jennifer. I had only begun to feel the first spank when the next dozen came smacking down at full f0rce upon my tender upturned bottom. Mike was beginning to have trouble holding Jenny in place so taking his right leg out from under her he placed it over the backs of her legs, rendering her helpless and securing her quite well. Adjusting her over his left knee made her bend more and presented her now red bottom and thighs more prominently making a more attractive target. Mikes mind was becoming clouded with lust as he smacked Jennifer’s gorgeous unprotected bottom harder and harder. Her cries were steady now as Mike continued to spank Jenny as hard as he could, savouring the meaty thud as the heavy brush bounced off her firm young bottom and her wailing bounced off the walls. I finally went türbanlı escort iskenderun limp across Mike’s knee and after a while he sat me up cradling me in his lap and gently stroking my swollen inflamed bottom.Mike quietly suggested that we go upstairs so he could apply some soothing lotion to my hind quarters. I told him that this sounded wonderful so still cradling me in his arms he carried me upstairs to his bedroom then laying me down on his bed and rolling me onto my tummy. He reached for the lotion that was on the night stand then as he lay down beside me applied a generous amount to my bottom and thighs. As he massaged in the lotion from my calves to my lower back I was in heaven, completely relaxed, purring like a kitten and my sex soaking wet. The lotion stung the welts on my soft flesh but it was a nice sort of sting and I couldn’t help spreading my legs a little to invite him to massage else ware. I wanted Mike’s hard cock in me so bad I needed to show Mike that I was ready and willing for him. I rolled over on my side facing him, hooked my one arm around his neck and pulling him into me gave him a big long wet kiss. Mike took it from there, quickly removing his trousers and moving me onto my back, in one quick learned move he spread my legs with his legs and pinned my hands over my head completely immobilizing me as he plunged his massive swollen cock deep into my open wet hungry pussy. He didn’t move for a bit just looked down at me with his cock buried to the hilt and feeling my vaginal muscles gripping his manhood. As he started to slowly work his massive member in and out of my tight virgin pussy he watched my reactions to ensure he was giving me pleasure and not pain. My gasps and grunts were absolutely expressions of pleasure and ecstasy, I have masturbated many times but this was far better. I threw my head back as the first powerful orgasm swept over me the only sounds I could make were gurgles and strained grunts. He had me pinned down so well I could not move under him as he methodically drove his muscular python into my defenseless love tunnel. The orgasms came so quickly that I could not count them or tell when one stopped and another one started. Mikes movements began to quicken and soon I felt the beautiful flood of hot cum erupt and fill my insides. He continued his methodical stroking until I was spent making sure that all my orgasms were used up. We lay together for quite a while, Mike’s cock inside me the whole time and every so often give a little stroke just to let me know it was there. He finally said it was time to get dressed and head for home. I asked him again what he meant when he said my Mom knew what was going to happen. He smiled and said like mother like daughter and then added that I should remind her not to bet tardy for her visit on Wednesday afternoon or she would get double. I was stunned I could not believe that Mike had been doing the same to my Mom all theses years.

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