Blackshaft – 1-02 – Whatever Happened To Officer Kellerman

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Blackshaft – 1-02 – Whatever Happened To Officer Kellerman
(Adults Only. Copyright@Rama. 2013)

Beach Mansion. Morning.

The morning birdsong filled the air and the wind gently rocked the trees as Alison Beach stood in the large doorway entrance of the mansion. Kacey Sutton came up behind her and stopped. They were both dressed in robes as they watched the ambulance’s rear doors close and heard the engine start up. The police had left a few minutes before, full of condolences and apologies. They were satisfied it was all very natural and inevitable. It was a heart attack the paramedics had explained before the doctor arrived and agreed with them. In her hand Alison had a piece of paper that stated where the body was being taken.
Carl was dead.
They had arrived back and went to bed quietly, trying not to wake him. He wasn’t just a butler or servant. Carl was the one steady influence in her whole life. The man who had taken up the role of father to her after what happened to her own parents. Alison remembered that look he could give when she went too far, both as a child then as an adult. She might have grown but it was the same look. A father’s look that said ‘enough’. He could have left her parents had gone but he didn’t. Carl chose to stay. He had listened to her and gave her advice Alison could depend on him to be there. To pick her up when she needed, to keep her sane and tend to her wounds after a bad night or…
Carl was dead.
“Should’ve woke him.” Alison muttered to herself, then started sobbing.

Lexington Building. Morning.

“Just said a personal issue. They’ll be in touch to reschedule.” Samantha White told her boss, Adrian Lime who was still walking around the penthouse apartment naked. He liked walking around naked, letting the air caress every bit of his taut black body. He poured himself another coffee and looked at the business suit that he wouldn’t need now. Samantha had dressed in her usual white power suit look, to go with her white skin. “Though the rumour mill says there was a death.”
“A death?” Adrian looked up.
“The butler.” Samantha explained. “Heart attack, it seems.”
“Ah, the old man.” he nodded.
“Yes.” she said.
“Happens to us all in the end.” Adrian said quietly.
He looked through the door of the bedroom. The two white women were still sleeping. He loved white women. They were so eager to please. “See about rearranging the meeting, whenever suits them of course.” he told Samantha and quietly walked into the bedroom.
“Yes, sir.” she smiled, watching his firm buttocks and thighs and thought of that huge, black cock throbbing deep inside her…


“FUCK MY FUCKING ASS, YOU BIG BLACK BASTARD!!!” Patty Hienrich’s voice blasted in both her ears…
Carol Kellerman was panting. Hard. Her cunt was on fire. She was on fire. She strained against the handcuffs that kept her hands locked behind her and the ropes that held her legs apart. How long had it been? Hours? Days? Weeks? Fucking years, even? She needed to cum! Not just the slight teasing sensations she’d felt up to now but properly. She needed a fucking good orgasm. And now! How many times had she either watched and heard her partner taking those black bastards up her ass or her pussy or in her mouth. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” she screamed out loud again….
Carol opened her eyes and saw, yet again, Patty bent over the table in front of Carol right now and gripping the sides. The big, black fucker behind her slowly and gently eased his thick black shaft into her partner’s willing asshole. “Ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuck!” Carol moaned as she heard Patty’s orgasm in both ears. Loud and long and… “Youuuuhhh… Bitchhhhhh….” she gasped, feeling the potential earthquake between her own thighs still being kept back. As she watched the black man slam his cock into Patty’s asshole, she could still smell them. That strong, manly smell that seemed to inflame her sexual senses. She gasped as she saw him sinking his long shaft into Patty all the way. “Fuck that bitch, you motherfucker!” she said out loud. “FUCK HER!!!”

A warehouse. Industrial Unit. Day

“Come on. Come on. COME ON!” Carol Kellerman yelled on the TV screen and Patty Heinrich gulped as she felt the thick finger of the black man pressing against her back while she watched. She pressed her now naked, white body against his. Patty felt his lips kissing her neck. On one side of the warehouse she saw Holly getting her reward for a job well done. She was straddling one of the other black men and riding his big cock while the third was easing his shaft up her ass. Holly was reveling in the double penetration….
“We are Blackshaft,” the man had told her and Tiffany Storme.
“Blackshaft?” Patty repeated, confused.
He smiled. “Blackshaft.” he said. “My name is IronRod.”
“Steel,” the man on his right introduced himself.
“Black Diamond.” the other one added.
“Black power.” IronRod said. “Once upon a time there was a group of fools called the Black Panthers. They thought they could get power through politics. Community power etc, etc.”
“Fuck that. We’ll take it through the pussy.” Black Diamond told them.
“Know what scares the shit out of the white man?” the first man asked and Patty shook her head. “Not this holding a gun.” he replied holding up his fist. “This does.” he smiled and grabbed his crotch. “And you know why now, don’t you?”
“Ooh.” Patty smiled.
“Black power…” Tiffany gasped in awe, looking between his legs.
“True black power.” he told them as Holly was led off to one side. “She knows it. That sweet little slut was just a doll to Smiler. Something to play with.” He took Patty’s hand and placed it on his crotch. She squeezed his cock through the denim material. “He treated her like a girl. Now that bitch is a woman.” Patty and Tiffany looked at Holly as she stroked the black men’s cocks. “Like you both.” he continued. “Because don’t tell me you will fuck a white man and feel the same way.”
“I…” Patty started as she thought of her husband, then thought of the nights of quick, wasted sex. It wasn’t the same as when these black gods had taken her. Taken and opened her up and filled her with real pleasure. Real orgasms. Again and again. She smiled and squeezed him harder, starting to rub his length.
“You gave an oath.” he said, looking Patty hard in eye. “Do you stand by that oath?”
“Fuck, yes!” Patty replied and moved into the black man’s arms. She let him kiss her hard. Suddenly she found him pushing her away and saw why. Tiffany was being brought in. Only he was putting them together. Patty knew why. She took the young woman in her arms and felt the small breasts rub against her own. It felt so right as she opened her mouth and accepted Tiffany’s lips against hers…
Tiffany was sent away. Before she was ‘missed’. Before she went Iron Rod put them through the oath again. Both white women promising to serve the black man. Then, as an invigorated Tiffany Storme skipped out of the building, IronRod showed Patty the TV and turned it on. She saw the drooling, panting, bound figure of her ex-police partner, Carol Kellerman.
“How long…” Patty asked feeling him grind his crotch against her naked ass. She couldn’t take her yes from the screen. She had never seen her partner like that ever before. “How long has she…”
“Six hours.” IronRod said. “You think she’s ready?”
“For what?”
IronRod bumped his groin against her in reply.
Patty grinned. “Was that how I looked?”
“That was you after four hours.”
She turned and put her arms around his thick neck. Looking deep onto his eyes, Patty smiled. “She’s ready.”


“Black power!” Patty breathed….
Carol was lifting her hips from the seat, moving them in time to the deep, penetrating rythym she was watching on the screen. Patty was in close-up as those three big, black motherfuckers were taking turns to fuck her.
“Black power!” Patty breathed again into the screen.
And as each strong male pushed into her she was LOVING it. Carol remembered how Patty was in the cell. How good she had said it was. Carol thought she was under some kind of drug but now she saw it she understood. Patty Heinrich was simply telling bursa otele gelen escort bayan the truth.
“What d’you say?” one of the black males off-screen asked.
“Black power!” Patty said louder.
“This is black power, bitch!” another voice said and the camera moved quickly. Carol knew what was coming next and groaned as her pussy dripped juices. She watched as a second black male stepped in front of Patty and shoved his huge, black cock into her mouth…
Carol watched as her white, female partner was then drilled at each end by two big, black cocks. Again….
“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh….” Carol moaned. She needed some cock badly then felt the earphones being pulled off.
“I told you.” she heard Patty say and realised the voice was coming from behind her.
“Pat!” Carol cried out, twisting round only to find the handcuffs were stopping her from turning properly. “Pat, I’m–”
“You’re horny.” Patty beamed and walked into her partner’s view. “You like?” she asked, turning around to show off her new ‘uniform’.
Carol saw the costume. More like something a Halloween store would sell as a police uniform than a real one. Blue hot pants instead of trousers and a short-sleeve shirt that was a size too small so that Patty’s cleavage was squeezing out. Patty was wearing black leather boots with heels that would be useless. She saw the belt was real. So was the badge. and ID that hung from the tight shirt.
Suddenly Patty sat down on Carol’s lap, putting her tits in her face. “I can smell it.” Patty breathed. “You seen what happened to me and right now you are fucking wet! You want it.”
Carol felt herself blush. “Patty–”
Patty silenced her partner with a finger. “Shhh.” she hushed, running her finger around the full lips. “You saw those big, black, niggers fuck my white cunt and you want it, don’t you?”
Carol felt herself go dizzy as she heard Patty’s voice, remembering how it had moaned and groaned as those thick, black shafts had pounded and slammed into her.
“Say it.” Patty said, gently. “You want those black fuckers to make you cum like that, too.”
“Big. Black. Cocks. Riding you hard…” Patty breathed into Carol’s ear.
Carol was rocking back and forth, remembering the video. Remembering how Patty had begged…
“Yes.” Carol breathed.
“Louder.” Patty smiled and moving her hips against Carol’s lap.
“Yes.” Carol said a little louder.
Patty moved in closer to her partner, letting her lips brush against Carol’s, then moved them quickly to her ear instead. “Louder, honey.” she whispered.
“YES!” Carol shouted
“Again.” her partner said.
“You want big black cock inside you?” Patty teased.
“Sweet fuck YES!” Carol yelled again. “YES! YES !YES! YES!”
“You want this big black cock inside you?” a deep male voice said and carol felt a hand grab her hair. She found herself being turn towards a HUGE, BLACK, SHAFT! It was still limp but giant in length and thickness. She could smell it. It was ready to fill out and raise up.
“Jesus…” she muttered then felt the hand release her and back off. Carol couldn’t take her eyes from the mighty organ as it swung back and forth. “Yes….”
“You want this?” the man said again and she nodded, licking her lips. “”You got to work to get this, bitch. You got to show you’re worthy of the black man’s seed.”
“I’m worthy.” she gasped, not realising Patty had climb off her and was stepping away from her as well. “I’ll do anything…”
“Anything’s a lot of things.” the man said.
“I need to cum so much…” Carol pleaded.
“I’ll bet you do.” he laughed and the cock swung a little more. “Watching your white girlfriend’s cunt being fed black meat gets you so hungry, huh?”
“Please!” carol said and looked up for the first time. She found herself looking into his dark eyes. One of the men she had hated just hours before, now she was begging him to…
“You want to see this fucker hard, for real?” he grinned.
“Yes.” Carol said.
“Told you you had to work for it.” he told her.
“How?” carol asked and felt the handcuffs fall away as they were unlocked, then her legs were freed from the chair. She looked round and saw Patty standing up. She was naked from the waist down as she walked towards the desk, turned and then sat up on it. Carol watched as Patty spread her legs and showed off the shaven slit between her legs. Patty eased the plump, pink lips apart and smiled.
“Make me cum,” she said. “Make me cum good, Partner.”

Eglin Police Dept. Commissioner Gregg’s Office. Day.

“Just fucking walked out!” Jane Gregg said again as the young black officer left her office. Sitting against the windowsill was her deputy, Martin Pello. He was a forty year veteran, who Jane knew was just waiting for his pension. He was a capable officer and had respect in the department.
“Paperwork does look legal.” he noted pointing to the ‘release forms’ that had allowed Patty Hienrich to be wheeled right of under their noses.
Jane looked at the sheets of printed paper again. She didn’t want to admit it but he was right.


Carol hesitated. He nose was inches from the shaven pussy of her partner. All she could think of was that magnificent black cock behind her. Patty was wet. The cunt juices glistened on the plump pussy lips. “I’ve never…” she started.
“First time for everything, partner.” Patty breathed eagerly. “You want that nigger cock?”
“Yes.” carol said.
“How badly?” Patty grinned, leaning back on her elbow as she ran her other hand through Carol’s hair.
“I want it!” Carol said loudly.
“Prove it, bitch!” the deep, black voice said from behind her.
Carol plunged her open mouth around the glistening wet slit in front of her.

Beach Mansion. Day.

The room felt empty. Alison sat on the bed and looked around her. It was plain and simple. There was one picture in the room of her, her and her parents. They really were family. What the fuck was she going to do now? After her parents Carl was the sole figure who really brought her up. Carl was the one who picked her up.
“Alison?” Kacey said from the door.
Alison didn’t look up, just reached for the picture and looked at happier times.
Kacey Sutton didn’t ask again. She just closed the door.


“UUUh, Ghhod!” Patty gasped as Carol’s tongue slid inside her. She lay back, cupping both hands around her partner’s head.
IronRod smiled as he watched the two white bitches. Hienrich suddenly lifted her legs and hooked them over the other cops’s shoulders. The sight of two hot, white, whore cops eating pussy got him hot. His cock was slowly starting to harden. He walked up to them and shoved patty’s hands away before grabbing Carol’s hair. He pulled her head back and saw the juices smeared across her mouth. His cock was at half-mast and she was staring at it. “That taste good?”
“Yes,” she panted.
He suddenly bent down and kissed her hard on the mouth. She was startled but responded hungrily. He stood up and licked his lips, tasting the pussy juice from her lips. “That does taste good.” he smiled and pushed a finger inside Patty, then slowly withdrew it and held it to Carol’s lips. “Clean it.” he told her.
Carol smiled as she slowly slid her lips around the thick, black finger and sucked on it hard. “Mmmmmmm….”
“Remember telling me you weren’t her girlfriend?” IronRod asked, as he slowly started to fuck those lips with his finger.
“Mmm-mmm…” Carol nodded.
“You still saying that?” he said.
Carol looked towards Patty who blew a kiss towards her. She turned back to him and shook her head.
“You sure?” he said.
She nodded again.
IronRod pulled his finger from her hungry mouth. He moved to the door and opened it. Carol looked at the bed in the other room. “I want to watch you fuck your girlfriend.”
Carol swallowed as Patty slid off the desk and stood next to her. He watched as she took Patty’s hand and allowed herself to be led through to the bedroom. White women were so fucking easy…

Eglin Police Dept. Commissioner Gregg’s Office. Day.

Jane stood at the window and looked across the city. Not one but two bursa ucuz escort bayan officers had just vanished. Just seemed to have walked into… what? Turned down some dark alley and were gone. The phone on her desk rang and she picked it up. “Gregg,” she said and listened. “And you’re sure? That family is connected. We fuck this up and they’ll sue us for everything the city has got. Double check and call back.”
Jane replaced the phone and smiled. It was something.


They were naked. Carol let Patty kiss her softly then enjoyed the feeling of those soft lips kiss down her body, over her breasts, down her stomach, before stopping between her thighs. Patty stopped and looked up at her now naked, panting partner. “You want me to stop?” she smiled.
Carol looked down then at the huge, muscular black man by the door. he was stroking that big, wonderful black cock gently. Getting it good and hard. As hard as it had been when it had pushed inside Patty’s willing body. A matter of hours ago she had been convinced it was rape. That the sexualized woman in the police cell who was her partner had been changed by force. but now she saw the truth. It was nature. the biggest and strongest animal gets the females. She had seen what this black king of the herd could do, had seen the joy and pleasure on Patty’s face. She glanced up from his mighty cock to his beautiful, black face. he shook his head once. Carol put her hand on her partner’s head and pushed her face down, gasping as she felt the hot breath on her pussy lips….

Tiffany Storme’s Apartment. Day

“Does look like me, doesn’t it?” Tiffany Storme said. She was sitting on the expensive couch looking at the two detectives in the chairs opposite. She was wearing a robe and not much else. Tiffany put the security camera picture on the table between them. “But, eh, I would never wear that outfit.” she grinned. “Just the wrong colour entirely.”
“Right,” Detective John Allen nodded slowly. She was lying. He knew it.
“So where were you?” Detective Howard Poulson asked.
“Hm?” Tiffany asked, smiling at the nice black man. The other one, Allen, could go go fuck his white ass but this one…
“Where were you this morning? Early.” Detective Poulson clarified.
Tiffany crossed her legs and allowed her robe to open slightly. Not too much but just enough. She saw the detectives eyes drift down then quickly look up again. “This morning,” she repeated lazily. “Early. I was enjoying one of the neighbours. All night…” Tiffany looked them in the eye as she licked her lips.
Fucking lying slut, Detective Allen thought again, trying to ignore the beginnings of a hard-on.
“This neighbour got a name?” Detective Poulson asked.
“Of course.” she purred and wrote the name and address down before sliding it next to the picture.
“Thank you, Miss Storme,” Poulson said, taking the picture and piece of paper. He looked at it then showed it to his partner. “We’ll have to check it out.” he said standing up. Allen stood up next and shifted his trousers.
“Of course.” Tiffany stood up and saw them to the door. As it closed she realised that a little bit more of her breasts were exposed than she thought. Tiffany Storme simply smiled.


“Oh, God – Oh, God – Oh, God…” Carol gasped as she arched her back and rode out the hard orgasm that crashed through her body and clawed at the bed. “FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!”
As the pleasure finally subsided she looked down, panting hard. Her Partner – no, her lover – Patricia Heinrich stared back at her from between her legs, the juices dripping down her face. Carol blinked, realising her secret was out. “God Damn, bitch!” the black man grinned, his cock looking huge. “You a fuckin’ squirt queen!”
“I…” Carol felt the shame rise up in her. It was something she always did. It seemed to put off any boyfriend she hoped for more from. “I…” she tried again, looking down at Patricia. And saw the dirty grin on her face. Patricia suddenly stuck her tongue out and licked up the whole length of Carol pussy sending another shiver of pleasure through her. Her dirty little habit seemed to turn them on!
“Mmmmmm,” Patricia moaned as she licked up every drop of pussy juice from Carol and then began sucking up the stains on the bed.
Carol blinked in surprise as Patricia went back to sucking up what juices there was from her thighs.
The negro just stared at her. “She ready?” he said.
Patricia smiled up at Carol. “Oh, she is ready.” she replied.
“But I…” Carol started again, feeling weird.
“You two learning a lot about each other today,” he said. “You know she was a squirt queen?”
“Nope,” Patricia shook her head.
“She never tell you?” he asked.
“No,” she said.
Carol interrupted. “I was embarrassed.” she said.
“’Bout what?” the black man said, walking next to her, his magnificent dark cock so close. “Just means this big, black cock is gonna slip inside you even easier.”
Carol flushed as the black man pulled Patricia from between her legs. He grabbed her ankles and yanked her down the bed a little. Patricia crawled up beside Carol, smiling. “You gonna love this, honey.” she purred as the big, strong, black male knelt between Carol’s spread thighs, his huge thick shaft bobbing up and down, and to and fro. She saw him pull the foreskin all the way back. Protection, a distant voice said to her.
“Protection…” she said weakly, her eyes not leaving the might shaft.
“What was that?” he smiled.
Patricia put a finger on her new lover’s lips. “I know you’re on the pill.” she said and put her lips to carol’s ear. “It’s sooooo much better this way. More… natural.
“But–” carol said and was cut off by Patricia’s voice in her ear again.
“You want that big, black cock inside you?”
“…Yes,” she breathed.
“Say it.” Patricia told her.
“I want that big, black cock inside me.” carol repeated and gasped as she felt it touch her belly. So big…. thick….
Suddenly the black man stepped back and Patricia flipped Carol over. “What-!” she yelped as Patricia pulled her arms back and Carol felt the cold metal cuffs snap onto her wrists! “What the fuck-!” she finished.
Patricia pulled Carol back and suddenly kissed her new lover on the lips. Carol responded, kissing back as she heard the man laughing. She looked into Patricia’s eyes. “Please…” Carol breathed.
“Please what?” Patricia smiled as she cupped both Carol’s breasts in her hands and gently began to caress them.
“I…” Carol pleaded. “I need it.”
“Need what?” the black man asked.
Carol couldn’t take her eyes from the Patricia’s. “I need you…I need you inside me.” she muttered.
Patrica suddenly moved aside and carol found herself looking at the naked black Adonis. His dark cock looked even bigger. She clawed at the bed under her where her hands were cuffed together as her pussy burned for that big, black shaft! “You need this,” the black God said, pulling his foreskin all the way back. “Inside you?”
“Yes!” Carol demanded. Carol watched her partner walk up next to the man and stroked his beautiful cock with her fingers. She looked at him again. “I want you to stick that thing inside inside me and FUCK me with it HARD!” she yelled.
“No condom?” Patricia teased as she cupped the black man’s balls and seemed to weigh them in her palm.
“No. Fucking. Condom!” Carol said. “Just FUCK my white pussy!”
The man just smiled, enjoying the game being played on her. He slowly knelt between her open thighs then ran the huge tip down her pussy lips. Carol shivered as she felt it finally touch her. She felt it slowly run up and down her throbbing slit.
“Please…” she begged. “Put it in…”
“There are rules, bitch.” he told her, finally sinking the head just inside her and no more. Carol pushed her hips up to pull more of that glorious black cock in but felt him pull back.
“Anything,” she said. “Whatever you want.”
The black man smiled again. “Your girlfriend is now part of Blackshaft. And she gets this,” he paused and thrust his cock into Carol a little deeper, enjoying seeing her gasp as the thickness pushing her pussy lips apart. “She’s gonna get THIS,” He sank inside bursa merkez escort bayan the white woman a bit more. “A lot more now. You know why?”
Carol moaned feeling that big, black thickness inside her throb. “Uuuh… why?” she panted.
“’Cause she knows how to respect the black man.” he told her. “She knows who the superior race is. Do you?”
Carol just wanted to feel that big cock start pounding into her. “Yes!” she said.
“Who is it?” he asked.
“You!” she stated.
“Just me?” he smiled.
“The black race!” Carol said.
He put his dark lips close to her face. “The black race are what?” he teased again, pulling back as he felt Carol try to pull him inside her again. He lowered his head so he was next to her ear. “You want this big nigger cock in you, you say it.” he whispered.
“The black race are superior!” Carol yelled. “Now SLAM that FUCKIN’ NIGGER COCK inside me!”
“You one nasty white bitch…” he grinned, still whispering in her ear, and plunged his cock inside Carol.
As Carol started screaming with pleasure, Patricia leant back against the wall and watched the firm black buttock pistoning up and down between her lover’s thighs….

Eglin Police Dept. Commissioner Gregg’s Office. Day.

Jane Gregg looked out the window at the city. She leant on the frame and took in the buildings. A hundred years of history was out there. The slow building of a society, sometimes violent, sometimes hopeful. All of it very, very human. And somewhere out there….
She took her glasses off and rubbed her eyes.


Patricia sank two of her fingers into herself as she watch IronRod plunge all the way inside Carol. “UUUHHHHHFFUCK!” Carol yelled as she wrapped her legs around his hips and locked her ankles together. “YOU ARE SO FUCKIN’ BIG, YOU BIG, BLACK FUCKER!”
Amen, sister, Patricia thought and began rubbing herself hard…

Tiffany Storme’s Apartment. Day

Tiffany quickly pulled the robe closed as she answered the door. She looked surprised as she opened it. “Detective?” she asked trying to remember the name.
“Poulson.” the black man smiled pushing her back into the apartment. He closed the door behind him.
“What can I do for you?” Tiffany smiled, fingering the belt of the robe.
“I’m here abut you lying.” he looked back at her.
“I…” Tiffany felt fear. She couldn’t go to jail, she’d never survive. “I want a lawyer!” she demanded.
“Fuck the lawyer shit, girl.” Detective Poulson told her and turned. Tiffany gasped as she saw his long, black cock hanging out of his trousers. “Only question I got is how much cock can you get down your throat?”
Tiffany felt the fear drain away as she stepped forward, smiling and undoing the robe. She lowered herself to her knees in front of the black detective. “ Are you…?”
“We are everywhere.” Poulson smiled, grabbing his slowly hardening cock and pushing the white society slut’s head back “Every-fucking-where.” the black man repeated as he pushed his cock into her open mouth…


Carol was disappointed as the black God pulled out of her. “How nasty are you, bitch?” he asked.
“Very Nasty!” Carol told him. “Now stick that fucking thing in me again!”
The black man moved round to the side and grabbed Carol by the hair. “You don’t give orders,” he said. “Open you mouth!” Carol thought she knew where he was going with this. She did as she was told and opened her mouth good and wide. “Good, slut.” he told her. “Don’t you dare swallow.”
Carol saw the fat, thick head of the cock come at her and felt it push into her mouth. She closed her lips automatically, sealing around the shaft as he began pumping it hard. He gasped and she felt the hot, thick. salty seed fill her mouth. “Mmmmm….” she moaned.
“Not one drop, bitch.” the black man warned her.
“God…” Patricia groaned as she came…
He pulled his cock from her mouth and smiled as the long string of cum and saliva came with it. “Let me see.” he ordered his new white bitch. Carol opened her mouth and let him see the thick, bubbly soup of warm cum and spit. “Give your girlfriend a kiss,” he grinned and watched as Patricia licked her lips. The brunette walked around the bed, crawled onto it and put her lips on Carol’s.
The black man stepped back and watched the two white sluts kissing hard. Then Patricia lifted her head and eased Carol’s mouth open. She opened her mouth open and let the cum mix slowly drop back into the blonde’s mouth. White bitches, nasty fucking ‘hoes, all of them, he thought….

Eglin Police Dept. Day.

Jane was walking through the Detective Room. Keys clicked as reports were being written up and phone rang until they were answered. She remembered her days here for a moment then saw Detectives Poulson and Allen walk in. She stopped them. “Anything?” she asked.
Poulson nodded to a cop that was passing as his partner answered. “Nah, she said was with someone. That checked out.” Allen said.
“You sure?” Jane looked at Poulson.
“We’re sure. This bimbo’s every bit the airhead the newspapers make out.”
“Okay.” Jane nodded.
“Boss!” a female voice called out and Jane turned to see a female detective come up to her holding a piece of paper. “Boss, this was sent.”
Jane took the paper and saw it was an email. The message simply had the names ‘Kellerman’, ‘Hienrich’ and an address.

Southside. Housing Block. Evening.

“We searched here,” Detective Allen said as the front door was opened and Jane Gregg led the small army of cops back into a building they’d searched numerous times. She walked down the corridor and stopped.
“We missed it.” Jane said bitterly as they saw the opening under the stairs. “Lights!” she shouted and watched as the SWAT unit went first and looked at Allen and Poulson. “We fucking missed it!”
Soon enough the call of ‘CLEAR’ came back and Jane pointed her own flashlight and followed the hidden stairs down. It seemed to lead into a cellar where the SWAT team was standing by an open door. She walked through and stopped. There was a small table at one end with a laptop and a DVD in a clear plastic case. Jane looked at the writing on the DVD. Two simple words – play me. There seemed to be plenty of light and Jane switched off her light as she looked through a second door. it was a makeshift bedroom. The bed had obviously been used.

Eglin Police Dept. Commissioner Gregg’s Office. Night.

The laptop was wiped but for one text file. ‘Upload at 10.30pm.’ it said. And sure enough they were as good as their word. Jane had seen it on the DVD. Every porn video site had it. Officers Heinrich and Kellerman, naked and on their knees in front of three black males with, it had to said, massive cocks. the males’ faces were unseen but the officers were perfectly clear as they raised their right hands.
You swear to uphold the truth,” the man in the centre of the three said.
“I swear to uphold the truth,” the white women repeated as one.
“That the black man is superior.”
“That the black man is superior.” the two police officers said proudly.
“His cock is greater,”
“His cock greater,” they copied and Jane looked at those cocks.
“His seed is purer.”
“His seed is purer.” the white women said
“That you will NEVER say no to the black man!”
“That I will NEVER say no to the black man!” Jane heard Kellerman and Heinrich repeat..
“That you will give yourself, body and soul, to the black man.”
“That I will give myself, body and soul, to the black man.” They were grinning as they said it, Jane saw.
“Until the day you die,”
“Until the day I die,” they said.
“You renounce any relationship outside of the black man.”
“I renounce any relationship outside of the black man.” Jane knew Heinrich was married. Christ, what was she meant to say to her husband.
“So help you God.” the black man smiled.
“So help me God.” the two female officers repeated.
Jane Gregg switched the screen off. She’d seen the ‘uniforms’ they would wear. All flesh and nothing else. She’d seen them renounce their names and take on the new badges with the names of ‘Nasty’ and ‘Slut’. She’d watched them say to the camera how they were resigning, all the while the black men took turns with each of them.
The intercom buzzed and Jane pressed the open button. “Yeah,” she said.
“Commissioner?” she heard the voice of her secretary, Danielle Holmes. “Officer Heinrich’s husband is on the phone for you.”
Jane sat back. “Shit,” she muttered.


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