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BOBBob drove Sadie out to the barn on his ranch. He had been bringing her here every Saturday for six months. He got out of the truck and pulled her out and walked her to the barn and he shut the door and took her to the stall in the back of the barn. He laid down a blanket and quickly removed her clothes. When he had her naked he kissed her mouth and she gave him her tongue to suck. As he tongue kissed her his hands went to her small tits and rubbed them then down to her pussy. He played with her clit as his mouth left her lips and found her nipples. He then put a finger in her fuck hole as he sucked on the tiny nipples. His cock was hard and pressing against his jeans and he laid her down on the blanker and spread her legs and got naked. His big fat cock popped out and was rock hard sticking straight up. He had taught her to be a great lover and please him and let him please her. He had taken her virginity here in this old barn and fucked her many times here. She gave him what his cold wife would not. Every Saturday he picked her up at nine and drove to the barn which was 30 minutes away and then took her back home at 6 in the evening. They spent the whole day naked on the blanket in the stall.He had taught her to be a türbanlı antalya escort great lover. He loved her small tits and and her young tight pussy. She sucked cock like a street whore swallowing his cum and fucked as many times as he wanted. He loved eating her pussy and tongue fucking her cunt and her cum was thick and so tasty. He loved fucking her and then sucking the mixture of their cum out of her cunt. She was so lovely but also a lot nasty when it came to sex. He put his face in her pussy and began licking on her clit then sucking it. His finger found her cunt and he then began finger fucking her as he felt her cum several times. He kept her cumming as he worked her over good and hard. Then he moved his tongue to her cunt and began to tongue fuck her tasting the flow of her cum. His fingers rubbed her clit and he could feel it getting very hard and as he squeezed it he felt it pulse along with her cunt muscles. She loved oral sex and loved his tongue in her cunt and he could make her cum for a long long time. With his tongue in her cunt and his fingers squeezing her clit he took his other hand and began to rub her asshole. Then he shoved a finger in it and fucked türbanlı antalya escort bayan it. He now had her cum running down his face as she began arching and humping his tongue.His cock was rock hard so he rolled on his back and as his cock stuck up he spread her legs and mounted her over his hard throbbing shaft. He then pushed her down to get every inch of his fat cock in her tiny cunt and he then began fucking her hard. He loved his cock in her tight hole and loved feeling her cum against his big meat. His hands reached up and began rubbing her tits as he fucked her hard and deep. She grabbed one of his hands and moved it to her clit and he knew she wanted it nasty. He gave her clit and two finger rub and pulled on it and watched her move her hips on his cock. It was a short but rough fuck till he filled her with cum. He then grabbed her and pulled her pussy up to his face and he sucked the mixture of cum out of her fucked hole. She grabbed his hair and pushed his mouth tight to her cunt loving his tongue sucking the cum out of her. He then turned her and pushed her down to his cock and she began sucking him as he continued tongue fucking her wet cunt. türbanlı escort antalya He then bent his legs and spread them and pushed her mouth all the way down his cock then squeezed his legs tight holding her there while he tongue fucked her cunt and finger fucked her ass. He felt her suck on his cum soaked cock and her hand grabbed and squeezed his big fat balls. Now they were going to get dirty and nasty just how she liked it. She was rocking her cunt back and forth over his tongue as she sucked his cock hard as she was trapped with his legs tight to her head. Cum was running out her cunt on his tongue as he finger fucked her sexy ass deep and hard.After a long while he pulled her to her hands and knees and got behind her and rammed his huge cock into her asshole and began fucking her as hard as he could. He watched as his thick meat stretched that sweet ass. The first time he fucked her ass it had taken a long time to get her to be able to accept his big rod. Now she took it and loved it deep and hard. He always cock fucked her ass then shoved his cock in her mouth and let her clean his ass covered cock. It was a nasty thing his sexy dirty slut loved. They sucked and fucked all day and he then had to drive her home. She sucked his cock most of the way and he stopped far away from her house to let her get dressed and to finger fuck her one last time before he took her to her house. He was going to buy some sex toys this week because it was time to play some nasty sex games with her. If she was going to fuck like a whore he wanted to treat her like one. She was his sexy fuck toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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