Body Corporate Chapter 3

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Body Corporate Chapter 33509 w – 1.75Chapter 3The MeetingThe morning began for Cindi when the winch started lifting her above the bed. It lifted her about two feet above the sheets and stopped, as it had done for the last few days. She was expecting another dreaded whipping to begin. Her master was very careful with the whipping the last few days only causing redness to her skin and not welts. It was a half a hour before George appeared in the room. He announced that she would not be whipped to day as it was the day of the monthly meeting for The Corporation and all the members would be attending. Since she was the new corporate slave she was to appear in prime condition. It was now apparent why she had been treated so differently in the last few days. He said her body was to be groomed to perfection prior to the meeting, as her body was to be the snack and drink dispenser. She had no idea what that meant. The first order of business was her shower, which George in this case supervised. He washed her all over. He continually put his fingers up her cunt and asshole. Cindi wasn’t sure if the master had given him permission for this but since she was still very horny and enjoying her cunt being played with she wasn’t going to complain. George couldn’t get enough of her touching her everywhere soaping her down continually and forcing the soap up her cunt and in her ass. The soap was shaped for just this purpose it appeared. This went on for sometime until it was evident that Cindi was enjoying it too much and George was not going to be the one to give her the first corporate orgasm. That was his Masters pleasure and that wouldn’t happen until later. It was only his job to prepare her for this event.From the shower Cindi was led to a surgical looking chair. It looked like the chair that they would use to deliver babies. She sat high, with her legs wide apart and arms by her side. George put a chair in front of her cunt. He then locked her legs in place and tied her wrists to the arms of the chair. Cindi’s heart started to pound as she was going into the unknown again. With that George left the room leaving her there to stew. It was just another part of their control that she was continually being reminded of. When he came back he sat in the chair facing her cunt at about arms level. He carried with him shaving cream and a straight razor and other utensils leaving Cindi in no doubt what he was going to do. George was in no hurry, he wanted to play first. Out came a brush and he started to play in her bush admiring it from every angle. He couldn’t resist, he had to put his mouth up to her cunt lips and lick. He pulled the lips apart and went into her opening, which was opening on its own from the touch of his lips and tongue. She was now producing juices that George hadn’t tasted before and he was lapping it up. He then went at her clit licking and sucking which only produced more cream, which he swallowed leaving some on his face. He was starting to get a little out of control almost climbing into her love canal. His nose went in then his tongue and fingers. Cindi was only hoping with all her body that he couldn’t stop and she could get off. She started pushing her cunt into his face trying for the big prize. It was not to be, as he seemed to catch himself and sat back in a little surprise, he had to be careful. At that, he changed plans putting the handle of the razor up her hole and played inside driving Cindi even crazier. The problem for Cindi was he knew how far he could take her and he stopped right there.He had two jobs to do. His Master wanted his slave marked in such a way as to show ownership but as per the agreement the slave could not be permanently scared. Cindi’s Master decided that she would have her pubic hairs cut in such a way so it would be obvious whom she belonged to. George went to work carving out a two-headed snake in her large full bush that appeared to arise from Cindi’s cunt. Cindi wondered about the significance of this, although she had seen his pet snakes earlier in the week.His next duty was to enlarge Cindi’s cunt, a job that George relished.He first greased his fingers hand and arm in front of a very wary Cindi. She again guessed what he was going to do to her and started to protest. This resulted in having her mouth plugged and tits slapped. She could only shake her head, being completely locked in the chair. He said to her, “how could you be a drink dispenser if your tank is too small”. She couldn’t even guess what that meant. He proceeded to open her cunt as wide as he could with one hand and push his fingers ankara escort in one by one until they were all partially inserted. He continued forcing his hand into the cunt entrance. Cindi was squirming and squirming trying to pull back from the hand but she couldn’t move. George’s hand now slipped in with a great deal of pressure. He could see in Cindi’s eyes she was in pain. She never had a baby and if this is what it felt like she wouldn’t. He didn’t stop he now wanted his wrist buried inside her. He could feel his hand spreading the inside of Cindi’s virginal canal as he pushed and pushed. After getting too the end George started turning his hand, now in a fist, to spread the area even more. He loved the feel of the wet, soft, smooth skin inside her. While he was thinking of how nice it was, Cindi was trying to scream without success. Tears were rolling out of her eyes; she hated George at that moment. When he pulled out, his hand was covered in blood. George only assured her that it was normal and will stop, with little concern in his voice. You will come to enjoy this, mark my words, Cindi only wanted to mark him, anyway she could.When she was released she just sat there crying until George pulled her off the chair by her tits and told her to stop the noise. She was told she only had two hours to prepare herself for the meeting. She must look the best she has ever looked and he would be back later to inspect the Corporate property. While she was getting dressed she heard several cars coming and going at the front of the house. When she took time to look she saw several vehicles stopping at the gate. They all let out one woman and one man and pulled away. The women were dressed as she was when she was let off at the gate. They were naked for the most part. Some of them were made to crawl on their hands and knees like dogs, with chains attached to there necks and cunts, while the men used whips to speed them along. Others dressed like horses with the man pulling them along by their mouths. Another was dressed in chains with the man using a small link chain as a whip, hitting her constantly while walking up the driveway.Cindi couldn’t take her eyes off these women. Who were they and who were the men? They were all beautiful women without exception they were all beautifully groomed without exception. She was just about to pull away from the window when she noticed a very classic looking blond emerge from a very expensive vehicle, although they all were. She was very tall and wore only two belts but what belts. It appeared as they were spiked belts one across her bare chest and the other went from her chest down under her cunt and up her back. She was stunning and walked with an air of confidence. When Cindy looked closer she could see that every step she took she was in pain but for some reason the belts didn’t draw blood. With that Cindi went back to her own body. Her body was to look absolutely perfect with all imperfections to be covered. It wasn’t a chore for Cindi as she had near perfect skin.George showed up right on time for the inspection and to bring her to the meeting. When he walked into the bedroom he almost swallowed his tongue. This girl in front of him was a goddess and without saying so wondered why in heavens name she chose to be a slave. Mind you he didn’t care he was just enjoying his job. After the initial shock he lead Cindi out of the room. She was blindfolded with her hands chained behind her and wrapped in a cloak, with the initials “CB” on the shoulder. This was the first time she had been covered since coming to her Master. She was lead downstairs and into the dining room. There, Cindi was told to watch her step as she walked up several stairs. Once on top she thought, she was told to step up once more and not to move. This was all done in complete silence and in her case darkness.The next voice she heard was her Masters who stated in a loud voice, “gentlemen of the Body Corporate I present to you the newest member of our harem of slaves, Cindi”. With that her cloak and blindfold were removed. She found herself standing on a small platform in the middle of the dining room table, which suddenly started to turn and move down the table on some sort of track. It was apparent she would rotate and travel up and down the table at the same time. Applause broke out as the cloak hit the table. She was on display, completely naked, for all the room to see and it was full. She was humiliated standing on top of a table, naked in full view of a room full of complete strangers. At least in the bars she had some ankara escort bayan cover behind chairs and tables. Cindi could not believe her eyes when she looked around. Above her were three girls hanging above the table. One was hanging from her ankles, naked wrapped in white Christmas type lights. In her chained hands, which were extended down over her head, was a floodlight that lit up the end of the table. Hanging above the other end of the table was another slave hanging by her wrist and her chained legs held a floodlight. Directly above the centre of the table was a slave chained to an “x” frame with floodlights at her feet, cunt and hands. She was also turning, slowly like Cindi. Other naked slaves lit the remaining of the room as they cruelly hung on the walls. She counted eleven women; three hanging above her and seven on the walls and one spread eagle on the back wall, lit up by a spot light. It was a scene played out once a month as she later found out. She couldn’t help but stare at the girls on the walls. They also were ringed in lights. One girl was hanging on a cross with branches of a red rose bush wrapping her ample chest and thin waste. Streams of blood were rolling down from her tits and waist. It was a cruel religious joke. But it went on; another slave was hung similarly only upside down with blood over her upper body and dripping to the floor. Neither of the girls made a sound, they were well trained. Red lights outlined the cross. Next to her was a girl clamped and spread eagle against the wall with the lights outlining her beautiful body. In her cunt was a large light that was going off and on so as not to burn her. The girl she saw from the window who was wearing the spike belt was also hung in the room with the lights outlining her belt. Another was free hanging by one arm and one leg. Her body was circled in lights. She had no support, causing a lot of discomfort. Electric lights were not the only way the girls lit the room, a couple had candles suck to them. As she watched, the girls were being covered in candle wax, showing signs of pain with every drip. Their bodies were slowly being coated in different coloured waxes. Many of the slaves had candles inserted in their cunts, hanging from their pierced tits and cunt lips. At the end of the room a slave was chained to a wheel that was continually rotating with lights going off and on. The lights were in her cunt in her mouth and stuck to her hanging bosoms. Just as Cindi thought she saw enough she heard a slave call out in agony. She turned to see her receive a whipping for the cry. She could see that the girl was covered in lights, hanging only by her tits, which were extremely red. She was swinging freely with her hands and feet tied together behind her back. She also witnessed the handle of the whip being pushed up into her cunt, which had just been used on her, and left there. Cindi could almost feel the girl’s pain. The room was a sight she will never forget. She didn’t realize at the time but she would also be on that wall of pain.When Cindi finally pulled her eyes off the wall she looked down to see twelve well dressed men each sitting in front of papers, files, laptops, pens etc. You would think by this scene it was a normal business meeting. Actually to these men it was just that, a corporate business meeting. The fun was not until that evening and the next day.While the men were working Cindi was going to be their drink dispenser and snack provider. She was told to lie down on her back put her arms by her sides, which had been released from the chains. She was then instructed to pull her legs up putting the bottom of her feet together exposing her newly shaved cunt, for all to view. She was then clamped down in this position. It was not comfortable. George then left, only to re entered the room with a pot of hot wax and a mouth spreader. He started with clamping Cindi’s mouth open and putting a plastic cup of pretzels and peanuts in it. He next covered Cindi’s twins with wax and stuck plastic cups with a small hole in the bottom allowing her nipples to come through. In one container he poured a veggie dip and in the other a chip dip. From her tits to her cunt George formed two ledges so as to hold the chips, peanuts, vegetables etc on her body that would be available to the men during the meeting. Now it was time to make the drink dispenser. The corporation had a very special cocktail for its members. George took a utensil that looked like it would be used to baste a turkey and put it up into Cindi’s cunt. He then put a very large escort ankara straw deep into her virginal canal. As he held them in place he poured hot wax over her cunt and waited for it to harden. He had to do this several times as Cindi moved in pain but stayed silent. He had to be sure that her cunt was sealed. She now had two tubes sticking out of her cunt. Alongside Cindi on the platform were placed every kind of liquor imaginable. She was loaded up with the snacks and the platform now started to rotate and move down the table as the meeting began. The master was first to try the cocktail. He stopped the platform and swung Cindi around. He took off the rubber bulb from the large tube filled it with scotch put it back on the tube and squeezed the alcohol into Cindi’s cunt. She felt the cool liquid fill her canal, not an unpleasant feeling as it turned out. The Master after a minute took the straw in his mouth and emptied her cunt. He enjoyed a scotch and cunt juice. He took a few chips dipped them on Cindi’s twins, played with her nipples and released the platform. Other members were more creative filling Cindi’s cunt with a mixture of drinks before sucking them out. The longer this went on the more of Cindi’s juices were being mixed with the alcohol, she was enjoying the experience with exception of the sore legs. She had dealt with her humiliation.The meeting was to deal with several subjects, the inspection, the finances, the auction, the hunting/fishing resort in Canada, Sheila who was at the end of her contract and other minor issues. The girls were allowed to hear everything with the exception of finances and the location of the hunting /fishing resort.The meeting started with the inspection of the slaves. Two inspectors were appointed by the board of directors and it was their duty to inspect each slave for permanent injuries or marks, which was forbidden by the contract and bylaws. This they did while all the members sat back and watch the pain of the women hanging about six feet off the floor. They continued to enjoy drinks from Cindi’s cunt. It was spectacle that they all enjoyed each month. After the inspection, which took some time, the agenda continued. Sheila was up next. She now had the option to leave the corporation and return to her normal life or stay and be auctioned off to the highest bidder. She was the slave spread eagled on the back wall lit by a very hot spot light. You could see the sweat pouring off her body and glistened in the light.The men at the meeting were told that she wished to go to the auction and remain as a slave for life. Sheila had fallen in love with one of her masters and wanted him to buy her outright for life. As no one had objections Sheila’s request was granted. Any money that was raised at the auction went to the support of the corporation. Any master that chose to buy and keep a contract free slave had to leave the company for life as well. It was a big decision for both. If Sheila were auctioned off she would have to be branded with the corporate logo as a used slave. This was a very painful exercise. She was asked again and she still wished to go to auction. Love is a very powerful emotion. Sheila was taking a big chance as if someone other then her favourite master put in the highest bid she would be his for life with no turning back. At this same auction all the slaves would be up for grabs by the corporate members as the slaves changed masters every month. As the meeting dragged on Cindi learned all she needed to know about the Body Corporate. Not only that, all the members took advantage of drinking from her cunt.On occasion she noticed a member get up from the table and go over to the corner of the room and stand there like he was relieving himself. This was exactly what he was doing. In a marble fountain sat a slave with her hands and arms tied behind her and her head tied back so that she looked to the ceiling. With her mouth wide open she was the recipient of the members golden shower, drinking as much as she was able with the rest rolling down her body into the base of the fountain. When he had finished the slave thanked him the best she could for allowing her to drink his waste. He then turned on the water and washed both the girl and the fountain bowl. Odour was a concern.The meeting finally came to an end and the men filed out of the room, retiring to the study for cigars and more drinks. During the meeting the slaves were very quiet knowing that if they made any noise they would only suffer more at the end of a whip. Now that the men were gone they were free to show their pain, which they did, with crying, yelling, moaning and screaming. George finally came into the room and one by one he released the bodies off the wall and instructed them to clean up as tonight the boys wanted to play and they were the toys.

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