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Subject: Book what does that mean?” he asked Bray. “What I mean by that Alex is, just because you were blessed with good looks, don’t think you’re better than everybody else. You will undoubtedly notice as you get older that people will probably treat you a little different because of your appearance. Doors of opportunity will often open easier and quicker for pretty people. It’s not fair, none-the-less, that’s just the way it is. Don’t let it go to your head or take advantage of it inappropriately.” “Bray, what are you talking about?” Alex asked confused. Book stood up from the bed and approached Alex. He placed his hands on Alex’s shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “What Brayson is trying to say Alex is, you are beautiful. Because you are beautiful, people in general will most-likely treat you differently. They may treat you better than someone else just because of your appearance. You may have an advantage over the next guy. You will understand eventually what we are saying as you experience it; and you will experience it. It’s just a matter of time. In short, just because you’re beautiful doesn’t make you better than anyone else on the planet. That’s what Bray meant when he said, `Don’t let it go to your head,’ and don’t use it inappropriately. It can be kind of like having a super-power.” “So, what you’re saying is, don’t be stuck-up about it and don’t be a dick?” “Yes. That’s one way to look at it.” Book said. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book walked out into the kitchen for his morning coffee. Brayson was already sitting at the table having his coffee. “Coffee is ready, baby” he said quietly to Book so he didn’t wake Tommy. Book walked over, grabbed a mug, and poured his coffee. “Patio?” Book whispered questionably. Bray nodded his head and stood up from the table. “You’re up early, Bray. What’s up?” Book asked as they sat down at the patio table. “I wanted to be ready by the time Kinsey arrives. Remember? We’re going to the outlets today. She’s picking me up here this morning,” Brayson said with a big smile. “Oh, gosh. I completely forgot about that. I hope you guys have a nice time, Bray.” “We will; I’ll make sure of it. It’s been a while since I have had the opportunity to spend some time with Kins. I’m really looking forward to it. ” “I’m really glad that you guys have become friends, Bray.” Book smiled. Bray’s watch suddenly chimed. “Speaking of, Kins. There she is.” Brayson said looking at the text on his watch. “She’ll be here in two minutes.” “Maybe you should meet Kins in the parking lot, Bray. Tommy just might walk out naked with a morning hardon. That wouldn’t be so easy to explain.” Book said making an awkward face. “Good thinking. Why should today be any different? He will definitely do that when he wakes up.” Bray said with a laugh. Bray jumped up and went into the house to get his phone. He came back out on the patio, leaned down, and kissed Book. “See you later sexy.” He said, and headed across the courtyard. Book got up and poured himself another mug of coffee. He glanced at the clock on the stove and noticed that it was almost eight o’clock. He had no sooner sat back down at the patio table and he heard the squeak of the gate across the courtyard. In just a few seconds, he saw Alex making his way down the sidewalk. Good morning you sexy thing, Book addressed him as he stepped onto the patio. Alex looked at him and smiled, “Good morning, Book” he said as he stared down at Book’s crotch. Book smiled back at him and turned his chair slightly to face him. He spread his legs and leaned back in the chair. “Is that better?” he asked Alex. “Yeah; much better,” he responded with a smile. “Have a seat, Alex. Can I get you anything before breakfast?” Book asked. Alex shook his head and pulled the chair over closer to Book. “No, but can I ask you a question, Book?” He sat down, kicked off his sandal and rested his left leg on Book’s knee. Book reached out and ran his hand over Alex’s foot. “So, what’s on your mind, Alex. How can I help you?” Book asked. “I have been thinking about what you and Bray said yesterday; you know, about my looks.” “And?” Book responded. “Were you guys serious? I mean, do you really think I’m handsome?” Alex said almost embarrassingly as he looked at Book. “Every word, beautiful; every word. You are extremely handsome Alex. Has no one ever told you that before?” Book asked. Alex shook his head and said softly, “Just you guys.” “Not only are you handsome, you are very sexy. I know you’re only 13, but it’s the truth. You have a really nice body and gorgeous, smooth skin. You are beautiful, Alex. Trust me on that. “Did you have a good night?” Book asked as he continued massaging Alex’s foot. “It was OK. Dad wasn’t home when I got there, so I just went to my room and closed the door. I turned my radio on so he knew I was home. I woke up early this morning and caught the 7:15. Am I too early?” Alex asked. “Not for you, Alex.” Book smiled giving him a wink. Book took Alex’s foot in both hands and started rubbing harder. He leaned down, and kissed the top of the boy’s foot, and then kissed the inside arch. Alex let out a little moan. “That feels really good,” he said softly. Book held the weight of Alex’s leg in one hand, and with the other, caressed all the way up his leg and under his shorts. Alex was wearing boxers. Book slipped his hand under the boxers and went all of the way up to the promised land. He grabbed Alex’s cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. Alex responded by spreading his legs wider. Book fondled Alex’s cock eliciting a low moan from Alex. He ran his finger under his balls and over the boy’s taint. “That tickles, but it feels so good.” Alex said with bated breath. Book cupped his balls and fondled them gently. Alex attempted to widen the span of his legs but his shorts didn’t permit it. Book withdrew his hand from the boy’s shorts. “Unbutton your shorts and pull the zipper down,” Book said lowly. “I want to see that pretty cock of yours.” Alex looked at Book, and then tried to survey the courtyard behind him. “Don’t worry, Alex. Nobody is around yet. It’s OK.” Alex blindly accepted Book’s word and complied with his instructions. He unbuttoned his shorts and then unzipped. “Good man.” Book whispered, “Now, pull the front of your boxers down, sexy-boy.” Alex pulled down the front of his boxers and his cock sprang up like a jack-in-the-box. “Just look at the pretty hard dick,” Book said. “Just beautiful!” Book bent forward, reached over and grabbed Alex’s cock. He gasped loudly. Book gently pulled down the foreskin exposing the remainder of Alex’s cock knob. His cock was so hard, the knob was ruby-red and super shiny. Book just couldn’t resist. He looked around the courtyard quickly and feeling it was safe, took Alex’s cock in his mouth. Book ran his tongue across Alex’s piss slit and tasted a single pearl of precum. Book moaned softly and swallowed all of Alex’s cock. Instinctively, Alex thrusted upward, groaning between his clenched teeth. Book started to suck Alex’s dick. On the third downward motion, Alex’s legs went stiff, he grabbed and squeezed the chair arms tightly, threw his head back, and shot his cock-juice in Book’s mouth. Book felt the boy’s cock shooting off in his mouth. He groaned softly as he received his reward of sweet, young, boy-milk. Again, he savored the yummy cream before swallowing. He gave Alex’s cock one last suck before he released it and sat back in his chair. Book looked over at Alex. His head leaned back, eyes closed, legs straight out, his hands still clasped onto the arms of the chair, and his dick, still hard and standing proud. He fought the urge to go back down on the beautiful teen-cock gain. “Feel good, Alex?” Book asked softly. “Man, my body feels like it weighs 1,000 pounds. You made me cum so fast; just like yesterday in the shower. Even Tito doesn’t make me cum that fast. You like my cum, huh? You always swallow it.” “I never let a good thing go to waste, Alex.” Book said with a smile. “So does Tito; he loves it when I cum in his mouth. But, you’re his favorite. He told me yesterday after our shower.” “What’s it taste like, Book? “You have never tasted your own cum?” “No, I usually just wipe if off and toss it in the toilet.” Alex answered, as he started to put himself back together and zip up his shorts. “Well, that’s a total waste,” Book said. “Next time, taste it.” “Taste what, dad?” Tommy asked as he walked out the door. “Good morning little man.” Book said as he reached out for Tommy to join him. “Good morning, dad. Taste what?” Tommy asked again as he climbed up on his dad’s lap. “Alex’s cum” Book whispered. şişli travesti “It’s so good, dad. Don’t you think so?” “Yes, I certainly do indeed.” Book said. “Now, we just need to convince Alex to taste it. He’s never tasted his own cum before. I told him to try it next time.” “Where’s Bray, dad?” Tommy asked as he wiped the sleep from his eyes. “He went shopping with your mom. That means today is going to be just the three of us. What do you guys want to do today?” Book asked. “I vote we just hang out around the pool. Is that OK with you Tito?” Alex asked. “Sure, that’s fine with me.” Tommy answered. “OK, whatever you two studs want. I’ll go pee and the get breakfast started.” Tommy slid off Book’s lap and Book stood up, adjusting his cock in silk boxers. “Dad, you’re leaking again.” Tommy said. “That’s your boyfriend’s fault,” Book laughed. Tommy looked over at Alex. Alex smiled at Tommy and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “Hey, don’t blame it on me; he started it.” “Got it,” Tommy said, understanding the non-articulated communication between him and Alex. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * As Kinsey and Brayson took the offramp to the Outlet Stores, Bray turned down the volume on the stereo. Shortly after they started their twenty-five-minute journey, Kinsey queued up her favorite ABBA song list and off they went. She knew that Bray was an ABBA fan too. There was no conversation because they sang along with the music the entire drive. They pulled off the freeway and found a parking spot. Bray hopped out of the car and ran around to Kinsey’s side. He opened the door and bowed, “after you my fair lady.” “Thank you, kind Sir.” Kinsey said with a smile as she exited the vehicle. “Since you need work suits, where should we go first? St. John?” Bray asked. Kinsey looked at him with a smirk on her face. “Are you crazy? I’m not spending that kind of money!” “Oh, come on. Let’s just go look and see what they have. We don’t have to buy anything.” Brayson said. Kinsey looked at him, a huge smile on her face, and shook her head yes aggressively and started to giggle. “Come on!” she said and off they went.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * As Book and the boys were finishing breakfast, Book’s phone rang. “Alex, will you grab my phone please?” Book asked. Alex jumped up and hurried into the bedroom to retrieve Book’s phone. Alex walked up to Book and handed him the phone. Book reached out and wrapped his right arm around Alex’s waist and pulled him towards him. “Thanks Alex” he said and kissed him on the belly. Book held onto Alex’s waist and with his left hand, answered the phone. “This is Book.” As Book listed to the individual on the other end of the phone, he softly ran his hand over Alex’s bum and down his right leg. Alex kind of leaned into Book and placed his left arm around Book’s shoulder. “Thanks for calling me back so quickly Thomas; I appreciate it. You came highly recommended by Graham Harvey, my next-door neighbor.” “I gotta pee,” Alex whispered and extracted himself from Book’s arm. Tommy looked up at Alex and got up from the table. The boys met at the end of the table and made their way to the bathroom. By now, Alex was very used to peeing with the guys. He did not think anything unusual when Tommy walked into the bathroom with him and stepped up to the toilet. They did their usual pee-play together crossing streams and the like. As Tommy’s stream came to and end, he leaned down and stuck his tongue into Alex’s diminishing stream. Alex immediately stopped peeing. “Tito, what are you doing?” he shockingly asked Tommy. I wanted to taste you, Alex. I have not tasted you yet.” “But, it’s piss! You wanted to taste my piss? Why?” Alex asked almost in horror. “Why not, Alex. It’s not as bad as you think? You’re healthy; it’s clean, filtered water. I think it’s sexy and fun. I really like it.” “Have you done this before?” Alex asked. Tommy shook his head yes. “Just with my dad and Bray,” answered Tommy. “Does dad, I mean, does your dad and Bray like it?” Alex asked not believing his ears. “It took a little experimentation on my dad’s part, but he does now. I surprised my dad in the shower one morning. He reacted kind of like you just did. It was not new for Bray. You should surprise both of them sometime when they’re not expecting it. That would be a hoot!” Tommy said laughing. Alex struggled trying to understand what Tommy was telling him. “All three of you like it? Even Book?” Alex asked again. “Yes, Alex; all three of us. We don’t do it all the time; just once in a while. You are seeing this as something disgusting or repulsive. I understand that you see this as “abnormal” but it does exist. It’s a fetish that has been around forever. It’s just a fetish, just like feet can be a fetish for some people. A fetish is a fetish.” “I don’t know about this, Tito. It’s so freakin’ weird. I don’t think I can let someone, even you, or even the guys, piss in my mouth. I don’t think I can do that.” “Alex, you don’t have to. Remember, dad said that you will never have to do anything that you don’t want to do. Don’t think that this is something you have to do because we like it. If you want to one day, fine, but you don’t have to do it.” Alex’s body language immediately relaxed hearing Tommy’s words and remembering what Book told him. “Did you like it? I mean did you like tasting my piss?” Alex asked shyly. Tommy smiled at him. “Well, honestly, I did not get much of a taste because you stopped peeing immediately. I will say this, the quick taste that I did get, I liked. Would you like to try again, Alex?” Alex looked at Tommy and nodded his head bashfully. Tommy sat down on the toilet and reached out for Alex. Alex stepped up to him. Tommy grabbed Alex by the hips and pulled him in. “Just try to relax, Alex, and let yourself pee.” Tommy took Alex’s dick in his mouth and waited patiently. It took about thirty seconds and Tommy felt the fluid hit his tongue. He tightened his lips around Alex’s appendage as his mouth slowly began to fill. Book looked over at Alex and Tommy as they walked back into the dining area. That was a very long pee guys; I was about to send in the calvary. Have a seat guys. That was Thomas Krill on the phone. Tom is a professional “party planner.” He came highly recommended by Graham. Since your party is this Saturday, Tom is going to give me a hand putting it all together. So, this week, I need you guys to give me a head-count.” “What do you mean, Book; a head count?” Alex asked. “I need to know how many people you guys have invited to the party. I also need to know what kind of music you guys want and what kind of food you guys want. Once I know how many people will be at the party, Tom and I can make all of the necessary arrangements.” Book looked over at Alex. He could feel his internal stress. He walked over to Alex and wrapped his arms around him. “What’s wrong baby?” Book asked softly. “I’m just nervous about this, Book. I mean, I have never done this before. I don’t like being the center of attention and I don’t want people giving me stuff.” Alex said as he took a deep breathe. Book released him and stepped back a little. “Do you mean that you don’t want any gifts?” Book asked. “Yeah” Alex said softly. “May I ask why, Alex?” Book asked softly. “I’m just not comfortable with that, Book. In my experience, when people give you shit, you owe them something in return. Somehow, someday, somewhere, they always expect something in return. I don’t play that; I don’t want to owe anyone anything.” Book could tell that Alex was really struggling with this. He thought to himself for a second. “Tommy, would it be OK with you if we told everyone to not bring a gift? What do you think about that, son?” Book asked. Immediately, Tommy said, “That’s perfectly fine with me, dad. I really don’t want something for which I have no use for or interest in. That actually sounds preferable to me, dad.” “Perfect, that takes care of that. We will tell everyone no gifts. However, Bray and I are the exception. You are family, Alex.” Book said as he gently held Alex by the shoulders. Alex looked at Book and shook his head. “With regard to being the center of attention, Alex. You are worrying yourself over nothing. There will not be a spotlight on you. You will not be on stage for everyone to gawk at. Your imagination is getting the better of you, sexy. I promise, no spotlight. You have my word.” Book leaned in, grabbed Alex’s crotch, and whispered in his ear. Alex started to laugh and gave Book a hug. “OK then,” Book said stepping back. “Is there anything else we need to talk about for beylikdüzü travesti Saturday’s party?” Tommy and Alex looked at each other and shook their head, no. “Good, that’s sorted then. Just let me know about the music and the food as soon as you guys decide what you want. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Brayson stepped out of Marc Jacobs behind Kinsey. They paused in the center of the courtyard, sat their bags down on the pavement, and looked at each other. “What’s next girlfriend?”, Bray asked. “I’m getting a little hungry, Bray. How about you? Should we grab a little lunch first?” Kinsey asked. “Sure, sounds good. I don’t remember what they have at the food court but I’m sure we can both find something if we try hard enough,” Brayson said. On the way to the food court, they saw a DSW shoe store. “Bray, that’s next, after lunch,” Kinsey said excitedly pointing to the shoe store. They could smell the aromas from the food court before they arrived. “Um, that smells good. Now I’m really hungry!” Kinsey said. They walked into the lobby of the food court and stepped to the side to take a look around to see what their options were. “There” Kinsey pointed, “Five Guys Burgers. That works for me,” she said turning her attention to Brayson. “Wow, I do not remember the last time I had a cheeseburger. Since Book and I have been together, I don’t eat a lot of meat. It sounds really good.” “Come on then. Splurge a little and treat yourself. You deserve it.” Kinsey coaxed him. Brayson looked at Kinsey, a huge smile on his face. “Let’s do it!” he said excitedly. They queued up at the counter to place their order. They decided to split an order of fries since the French fry portions are just obscene. As they were standing in line, Kinsey looked at Bray and asked, “How is everything working out for the three, no, four of you guys now that Book has adopted Alex?” Kinsey asked. “Everything is really good, Kins. When I initially met Alex, I must admit, I had some reservations. I didn’t know Alex, and I was concerned about Tommy; both his feelings and rumors getting around school. It was very obvious to me and Book that Tommy was very, very smitten with Alex. The fact that Alex is a bit older than Tommy, and let’s be honest, in comparison to Tommy, Alex is very rough around the edges. I was a little surprised that Tommy was so taken with him, other than Alex’s physical appearance I mean.” “Yes, Alex is a very handsome boy,” Kinsey admitted. “I was also a little concerned about Book,” Brayson continued. “He bonded with Alex so quickly. You know how Book is; he’s such a big dad. He has a huge parent inside of him. He just took Alex under his wing and extended that paternal shield over him. I’m not even sure, to tell you the truth, that he was aware that he was doing it. I think it’s something that Book just does automatically without thinking.” “So, you said, initially, Bray. Are you saying that you feel differently now?” Kinsey asked. Brayson started to answer her question just as their turn to order came up. Kinsey held up her finger, “Hold that thought, Bray.” Kinsey said and stepped up to the counter. She ordered first, including the fries, and then let Brayson order. Kinsey paid the tab, took the ticket and turned back to face Brayson, handing him his drink cup. “Let’s try to find a table Bray. Preferably one where we can talk.” They looked around for few seconds and spotted a table almost in the center of the food court. “There” she said, pointing the way. They hurried over to the table and placed their bags down between the chairs. “I’ll go get our drinks, Kins. What would you like?” Bray asked. “Oh, just a diet whatever,” Kinsey said. Brayson started to laugh, “Really, Kins? The burger alone must be about 3,000 calories, and then you have the French fries on top of that, and you want a diet soda.” Kinsey looked up at him. “Oh, shush! It makes be feel better. I know its illogical, just do it.” Kinsey said as she stuck her tongue out at Bray. Brayson returned to the table with the drinks. He sat the sodas down on the table. “I’m going to go back to the counter and wait for our order. We will never hear them call us from here,” Bray said to Kinsey. As Kinsey waited for Brayson to return with their lunch, she decided to drop Book a text. “Bray and I are having lunch,” she texted. “I’m so glad that Bray came with me. We are having a really nice time.” She did not wait for a response from Book and simply put her phone back in her purse. “Lunch is served, Fair Lady.” Brayson said as he placed the tray on the table. He removed his burger and placed the tray in front of Kinsey. “What did you get on your burger,” Kinsey asked Bray. “Fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, and grilled jalapenos,” Brayson answered. “Book and Tommy love spicy food. Did they convert you?” Kinsey asked. “I can’t say they converted me, no; however, I find myself eating more spicy food now than I have ever in the past. I guess I am a convert; I prefer it now,” he said as he took a bite of his burger. “Um! I forgot how good these can be. It’s been such a long time,” Brayson said thoroughly enjoying the first bite of his cheeseburger. “So, Bray. You were explaining how you initially felt when Alex came into the picture. Please continue; I’m gleaning that has changed now.” Kinsey asked. “Yes, I am no longer worried about Book or Tommy when it comes to Alex. Alex and Book have this special connection. I get that because Book and I have a special connection. My connection with Book is obviously very different than the connection he and Alex have. In the time that Book and I have been together, I have learned to trust Book’s ability to sense things about people and in people. The morning that you told Book that you were concerned for him regarding Alex, I was leaving to go to work. Before I left for work, Book gave me a brief synopsis of what your conversation was about. No details, just a very broad overview about your concern. That night when I got home from work, Book and I had a long talk about it and Alex. After my talk with Book, all of my concerns or more aptly, my fears, vanished. There is no question in my mind that Book loves Alex. He wants the best for the boy and does everything in his power to make Alex feel safe and wanted. However, having said that, I feel that Book has everything including his feelings for and about Alex in perspective. Although Alex is very, very different than Tommy. Tommy, as you know is, unique. He’s not emotional like Alex is. Tommy is so cerebral; his intellect is different than Alex. Now, having said that, Alex is a really good kid. I have to admit, I too have become very fond of Alex. I will go so far as to say that I even miss him sometimes when he’s not with us. He has had a rough time of it. He barely speaks with his mom. She has been out of the picture since he was two years old. I have no idea how that came about. His biological dad is just that; his biological dad. As I understand it from Book, and reading between the lines based on what Alex has said to me, his dad is just a sour-pill to put it nicely. Alex is actually afraid of him. He ignores Alex. He’s angry much of the time. He takes no interest in Alex whatsoever. If he says anything to Alex at all, it’s negative and unpleasant. Again, based on information from Book, Alex had to learn to fend for himself at an early age. I know Alex is a good kid; I feel it in my heart. When he is with us, Alex is calm, relaxed and seemingly happy. I know for a fact that he watches out for Tommy. I’m sure Book told you about the story in the cafeteria when Alex stood up for Tommy.” “Yes, I heard about that. Not only did Book tell me what Alex did for Tommy; Tommy told me himself.” “Do you not approve of Alex, Kins? Brayson asked. “No, it’s not that at all. I like Alex. I really do. I admit that I initially struggled with the idea of Alex and Tommy. I struggled with the age difference between them and then it was hard for me to accept the fact that they were having sex. That was really difficult for me to wrap my head around, but Book helped me through it. Honestly, sometimes I still can’t believe that my little boy is having sex; it blows my mind.” “Trust me; I get it, Kins. At least you handled the situation much better than I did when I first met Tommy. I nearly had a stroke when Book gave me a simple kiss in front of Tommy.” Alex giggled. Kinsey started to laugh hard. “I remember Book telling me about that,” Kinsey said trying to catch her breath. “From what Book told me, I think maybe you did have a mini-stroke. Book told me he thought you were going to jump out of istanbul travesti your skin.” They sat at the table and just laughed for several minutes before they regained control. Kinsey had tears rolling down her face from laughter. Kinsey reached out and hugged Brayson tight. “I love you, Bray! I’m so glad that Book has you.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Alex and Tommy stepped out of the shower and toweled off. Alex peeked around the corner to see where Book was. “Tito, he’s standing at the kitchen sink,” Alex whispered. Tommy nodded his head. “Let’s go,” he whispered back to Alex. They snuck quietly out of the bedroom and approached Book from behind. Together, they each grabbed a leg of Book’s silk boxers and pulled straight down. They started laughing hysterically, smacked Book on each ass cheek, and ran back into the bedroom. Book turned around quickly seeing the boys running away. “You sneaky, sexy, little shits!” Book bellowed out across the room. “Boy are you guys going to get it now!” Leaving his boxers on the kitchen floor, he hurried in after the boys. As soon as he entered the bedroom, the boys were ready. Alex jumped on his back wrapping himself around Book’s body. Tommy grabbed him by the waist and wrapped his legs around his dad. Book not expecting the sneak attack was caught off-guard and stumbled to the foot of the bed. Alex and Tommy were laughing so hard they could barely hold onto Book’s body. Book collapsed on the bed as both boys struggled to hold on. “Two against one! Not fair!” Book said laughing. He pretended to struggle as he let the boys overpower him. Alex was sitting on his shoulder blades and Tommy was straddling his ass. “Uncle, Uncle,” Book called. “You got me. I give up. You win; but I’m filing an official protest with the wrestling council.” Alex started to lightly tickle Book. “Hey! Hey! No tickling allowed.” Book laughed. As soon as Alex heard Book start to giggle, he tickled him more. Tommy reached behind him and started to tickle Book’s feet. “Hey! Hey! None of that you two! I said no tickling.” Book protested as he started to squirm under the boys. The more Book protested, the more the boys tickled him. Book loved the feeling of the boys on him; however, he wasn’t too sure how long he could tolerate the tickling. Suddenly, the boys in unison, started tickling him non-stop. He couldn’t take anymore and turned over onto his back facing them. He reached up and grabbed Alex’s arms and said, “Now it’s my turn!” with an evil laugh. Alex tried to get away from Book but Book overpowered him holding him in place as he started to tickle him. “Tito, help me” Alex called out. Tommy came up and tried to pull Alex away. Book sat straight up in bed, Alex in one arm, and Tommy in the other. “You guys think you are so clever, don’t you? Ganging up on your old man like that! Now you two are going to pay for that big time!” Book started to growl like a tiger and took turns pretending to eat their flesh starting at their necks. The boys were just howling with laughter. “Um, Yum! You two boys taste better than little red riding hood. So soft and sweet!” Book growled as he continued to pretend he was eating them. After a few moments, he pulled the boys into his body and let himself fall back on the bed. The boys were breathing hard and still laughing as Book held them tight in each arm. “You guys tired me out. Geez. So, whose idea was it to beat up on your old man like that?” The boys looked at Book, pointed the finger at each other, and in unison, said “His!” Alex rolled over on top of Book. “It was all Tommy’s idea. Scouts honor.” Alex said with a giggle. Tommy jumped up on Alex and said, “Don’t believe him, dad. It was Alex. It was his idea. Scouts honor.” “Oh, so you guys are going to blame it on each other; is that it. It’s his fault, no it’s his fault. Tell me Alex, were you ever in the Boy Scouts?” Book asked looking into the boy’s beautiful eyes. “Ah, no,” Alex said with a sly smile. “That’s what I thought. I know for a fact that Tommy was never in the Boy Scouts. So, that means that you both lied to me. Now, lying is a punishable offense. Since you both lied to me, I have to think of an appropriate punishment for you boys. Alex looked at Book and smiled. He felt Alex thrust down against him. Book moaned softly and Alex did it again. Book could feel the boy’s growing cock against his own. Book grabbed Alex’s ass and thrusted up lightly against him. “Kiss me Alex,” Book said softly. Alex leaned his weight on his forearms on either side of Book and kissed him. Book could feel Alex’s cock twitching between them. Tommy scooted up and slid his growing dick between Alex’s smooth globes. Feeling Tommy’s boner on his ass, Alex moaned and continued kissing Book. “Make me cum, Book.” Alex said softly. “I wanna cum on your cock.” Book grabbed Alex’s head and kissed him hard. He released Alex just long enough to say, “Cum on me baby. Shoot your sweet load on my hard cock! I want to feel you cum on me! Tommy, cum on Alex’s pretty ass!” Book became so aroused hearing Alex’s words that his dick immediately became rock hard. Here was this beautiful, young teen asking him to make him cum. He grabbed Alex’s ass, spread the boy’s cheeks, and thrusted up against him. As Book thrusted up against Alex, Tommy thrusted down into Alex’s spread cheeks. In short order, Book’s cock began leaking profusely. “I can feel your precum on my cock, Book,” Alex said. Book reached down and scooped up some of his leakage and spread it between Alex’s butt cheeks and then on Tommy’s cock. Tommy entered Alex’s ass on the down thrust. Alex moaned loudly in Book’s mouth when he felt Tommy’s cock enter him. He lifted his head, “Fuck my ass, Tito” Alex hissed and went back to kissing Book passionately. Book was leaking so much he could easily slide Alex around on his cock. He could feel Alex’s dick get harder and knew he was approaching orgasm. “Fuck his ass, Tommy. Fuck him harder! Book called out.” Tommy plunged as deep as he could. Alex lifted up on his arms, arched his back and shot his teen milk all over Book’s cock. Tommy felt Alex’s pucker gripping his boy-cock and he too, was overcome with orgasm. Alex collapsed on Book, and Tommy on Alex. Book ran his hands softly over Alex’s shoulders and kissed him repeatedly on his forehead. Alex would periodically flex his butt cheeks for Tommy’s benefit. They laid there together for several minutes. Tommy slid down off of Alex and cuddled up next to Book, Alex still laying on top of him. Alex finally propped himself up on his forearms. He slowly rose up to a sitting position straddling Book. “Man, that was freakin’ awesome” Alex smiled. Book looked up at Alex. They boy was covered in precum; his dick still hard and pointing north. “Does that pretty cock of yours ever go down, Alex?” Book asked, taking the boy’s erection in his hand. Alex looked down at Book holding his cock. It will go down after I pee,” he answered proudly with a big smile. “Don’t let me stop you,” Book said. Alex looked down at Book, a little confused. Suddenly he remembered what he and Tommy talked about just a few hours earlier in the bathroom and immediately understood what Book meant. He looked over to Tommy for guidance. Tommy just gave him a smile. He instinctively knew that Tommy was saying, “do it if you want to.” He really needed to pee and looked back at Book. He said nothing and released a small stream of piss into Book’s hand before he cut off the flow. Book immediately gasped. “Yeah, baby! That’s my boy!” Book praised him. “Pee in his mouth, Alex!” Tommy encouraged him. Alex looked over at Tommy and then at Book questionably. “Give it to me, baby. Book said softly.” Alex scooted forward on his knees and offered Book his dick. Book reached up and cupped Alex’s ass in his hands. He took the teen member into his mouth as Alex sort of folded over onto Book’s head. “Just relax, Alex and let it go,” Tommy whispered to him. Alex let out a deep moan as he felt his cock enveloped in Book’s hot, wet, mouth. Alex fought the urge to thrust in and out of Book’s mouth it felt so good. He forced himself to remain stationary. It was a few seconds before Alex was able to let go. Suddenly, Book felt the stream splash against his tongue. He had to swallow quickly because the stream quickly became strong and fast. Tommy leaned in and kissed Alex as he gave up his piss to Book. Alex grabbed Book’s head and held on as Tommy kissed him. Book felt the stream begin to lighten until it stopped completely. After a few seconds, Alex started to pull out but Book held him in position. “Tito, he won’t let go and I’m getting hard again fast.” Alex confessed. Book worked Alex’s cock with his tongue until Alex was rock hard. Alex started to moan. “Ahh! You’re gonna make me cum!” Alex threw his head back and came again; this time in Book’s mouth. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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