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(I really had fun with this one. I almost lost it, I was lucky the friend I sent it to orignally still had it. Anyhow – enjoy! A slight deviation from the usual)

Jane and Chris found themselves in a bit of a predicament. Jane had planned on staying over at Chris’ apartment on the weekend because her parent’s house was getting fumigated – her dad’s last business trip had brought back bedbugs to their house so she needed a place to stay. Chris offered, naturally, and Jane, just as naturally accepted. They had a tacit understanding that the weekend this was happening was going to just be a brutal sex romp. They had both taken the weekend off work, and Jane packed some of her favourite sex toys. Her vibrator was in her purse, and her overnight bag had a few other goodies that she knew Chris was going to enjoy – garters, which she almost never wore, her buttplug (the one with the jewel in it that Chris bought for her), her paddle just in case Chris was a bad boy, and handcuffs in case she was a bad girl. She wanted to be tied to his bed so she could feel helpless – so he could strip her not just of her clothes but her agency – she didn’t want to have to make any decisions sexually – she wanted to please him, she wanted him to own her.

In a time-limited way, she corrected herself, and only in the bedroom. Or basement at work.

Much to Jane’s dismay she found Chris standing outside his apartment when she got there.

“My place flooded,” he looked sheepishly at the ground. “My upstairs neighbor left her tap on in the sink and it flooded and just wrecked my bedroom. The landlord is in there now tearing out drywall. It’s a total fucking mess.”

“So what are we going to do?” Jane protested. She could hear the landlord inside ripping down walls. “We can’t stay at my place!”

“I know… my dad… kind of invited us over? I told him and he insisted and.. yeah, I warned him a friend was staying with me and he didn’t care. His house is empty with everyone gone. I mean, he’ll leave us alone. I know this isn’t the weekend you’d hoped for. He’s leaving tomorrow anyhow for a couple days so it won’t be so bad.”

Jane pouted. But if they had the rest of the weekend together that could be fun. Also she could snoop on his old bedroom and see what kind of weird kid he was. This wasn’t so bad after all.

Jane shouldered her bag and shrugged.

“Hey,” Chris said unlocking his car doors, “undo your pants and I’ll finger you on the way over. It’s the least I can do.” He winked. Jane rolled her eyes (and undid her pants when she got in the car).


It wasn’t a long drive to Chris’ parent’s house, and they drove around the block a few times until Jane was soaking through her panties, cursing Chris that he hadn’t brought her to orgasm. So like him, to leave her hanging like that. She zipped up her fly, but Chris was nice and took her bag.

“Don’t worry I wont let you suffer long. My dad’s car isn’t here so we’ll be alone for a little bit.”

Chris unlocked his dad’s house and let her in. Jane wasn’t too sure what to expect – she knew her dad and mom split up when he was much younger and was pleasantly surprised by his tastefully appointed house. It wasn’t too fancy but it was comfortable to be sure. A large L-shaped couch dominated the living room and there were a few photos hung here and there- some of a younger Chris, some of his siblings, pets. It was cute. Chris led her upstairs to the top floor. There was a bathroom directly in front of them and two doors on either wall.

“My bedroom is on the right,” he said opening the door.

Chris’ room looked about exactly as Jane would have imagined it – books, obviously, models and other weird collectible stuff that probably had meaning at some point in his life. A few movie posters, nothing overtly crude like she would have expected Amazon prime izle from a young Chris.

As though he could tell what she was thinking Chris said, “I wasn’t allowed to have girls in my room when I lived here – I didn’t really start having fun until after I moved out.”

“You made up for lost time,” Jane said and winked.

Chris tossed Jane’s bag on his bed and stood close. He grabbed her ass and drew her in closer. She could feel the heat of his body, and more than that, she could feel his cock pressed against her, straining against his pants.

“Want to finish what you started?”

Chris pushed her back on to the bed and Jane laughed, undoing her pants again and shimmying them down her legs.

Chris knelt in front of her and pulled her panties aside. He loved the look of her pussy- the neat patch of hair at the top and the smooth sides. He kissed her lips, then slid his tongue between them, tasting her. She was still so wet from earlier he could have pushed his cock in and gotten virtually no resistance at all. His tongue licked her up and down, up to her swollen little clit and back down, almost to her asshole. She arched her back, encouraging him to go lower (she wanted him to eat her ass so bad, she dreamed about it a few nights before and in her idealized weekend Chris would spend hours tongue-fucking her until she drenched his face) but he resisted, slipping his tongue instead into her pussy and tasting her wetness. Almost annoyed, but more horny than anything, Jane moaned and put her hand on Chris’ head.

Just then, they heard the front door open.

“Fuck! It’s my dad,” Chris said. “This is why I didnt have girls over before I moved out – my dad always fucking does this!”

Chris got up and ran to the bathroom and washed his face quickly – Jane always liked it when he smelled like her but admitted to herself now might not be the best time. She put her pants back on with a sigh. Was she ever going to get off?

“Chris?” His dad called, “You home?”

“Yeah just up here,” he came out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth. “I’ll be down in a sec.”

He spat out the toothpaste and went back to Jane. “Right in case I forgot to say, my dad’s name is Richard. Just call him that, no mister anything he’s cool with it.”

They went downstairs to the kitchen where Richard was putting some groceries away in the fridge.

“Hey you two,” he said, extending a hand to Jane. “I’m Richard. I heard your place is getting bug-bombed, that’s awful. We had them here once, too, but I dragged my feet getting it looked at. Wrong move.”

“The timing wasn’t great, no, though I guess there’s never a good time for that, right? I’m Jane, by the way.”

“Chris has told me a little about you. You two work together right? That’s a nice thing to do for a coworker.”


“Alright I wont say anything – your mother would ask a million questions I’ll restrain myself. She’ll ask though so I’ll be sure to chat later. Make yourself comfortable, kids, I’ll get dinner going soon.”


Jane and Chris retreated back to his room for a while. In the meantime, they could hear and then smell the workings of dinner. Jane couldn’t help but see the resemblance between father and son – both of them were good-looking to be sure, Richard looked like… I guess the term she was looking for was ‘cool dad’- one of those dad’s who managed to keep not the dad bod per se, but like, memories of a man who had been in shape but wasn’t anymore… there were still visible muscles but the lines had softened over time. His face, too, was older but not wrinkled. He could be 40, or he could be 60, and she wouldn’t know. Or care. Jane caught her mind wandering and looked back at Chris. She could see him looking like that in 20 years. Maybe not cool blutv izle dad but… hot dad?


Richard called them down to dinner – steak with potatoes and green beans. Dinner was nice – the food was great – Richard told them he’d always been a cook but really took to it in the last few years. He said it was a great skill to have as an older bachelor. Chris rolled his eyes and told Jane his dad talked a big game but hadn’t been on a date in five years. Richard nodded – he hadn’t been looking because he’d been enjoying his me time. After dinner was dessert – there was an assortment of flavors of ice cream but Jane went for the classic chocolate. After dessert were drinks. And then some more drinks. Jane found herself quite enjoying how this evening was going. She felt herself blush sometimes when Richard spoke to her. She thought she could feel his eyes lingering on her – or maybe her eyes were lingering on him?

Or maybe that was just wishful thinking on her part.


Chris, the dumb idoit, had too much to drink. It was late, and they had been having a good time but when Richard saw Chris nodding off he figured it was time to call it a night. Richard said he would clean up, so Jane and Chris could go to bed.

Jane changed into her pajamas – really just an oversized tee-shirt. Chris stripped to his boxers and practically fell face-first onto the bed. Jane shook her head. She’d been so worked up all day and now Chris wasn’t going to be able to help her out. Fuck. She looked for her purse, but didnt see it in the bedroom. Fuck, she thought again, and remembered it must still be downstairs. She tip-toed back down to the foyer but didn’t see it there. Then she remembered she took it to the living room because she had wanted her chapstick. It must still be on the couch.

It was dark, but she could see the faint glow of the tv, and could hear distant voices. She peeked around the corner, half hoping to see Richard, half afraid of running into him. She didn’t see him on the couch – maybe he’d gone to bed already? She went quietly to the dark lump on the couch that was her purse and picked it up. She turned to go back upstairs and let out a little gasp when she saw someone enter from the kitchen.

“Oh my god, Richard! You scared me!”

Richard smiled, “I thought you had gone to bed already?”

“I forgot my purse and came down looking for it. I didn’t mean to intrude – I would have asked Chris but he’s asleep.”

“Its no problem, Jane. It was nice meeting you. I’ll probably miss you in the morning – I’m heading out early. Going up north to the cottage.”

“Oh that’s too bad I won’t be able to say goodbye. Dinner really was delicious you’re a great cook.”

“I’m alright. Are you okay?”

Jane hadn’t realized it but she was standing now very close to Richard. She could smell his.. older man musk. She wasn’t looking at him, not really. She felt embarrassed for intruding on his weekend, on being an unexpected guest. She felt hot. She bit her lower lip.

“I… I just want to say thank you for dinner, and for letting me stay here for the weekend.”

“Its really no trouble. Hey you should be getting to bed. Hell, I need to be if I want to get out before traffic picks up.” Richard said that, but didn’t go anywhere. He was looking at her. She was looking at him. She was close enough she could reach out and touch his arm, and without realizing what she was doing she had. She could feel the muscles in his arm. She put her other hand on his cheek. She felt his stubble, she wanted to feel more.

Jane guided Richard to the couch and he sat down. She straddled him and put her arms around him and drew close and kissed him on the lips.

“It has been a long time since anyone has done that,” he said. “What about Chris?”

Jane kissed him again, she beIN CONNECT izle could feel his cock, hard, through his jeans. She wasn’t wearing any panties – just the t-shirt, she was soaking and wanted desperately to feel him inside her.

Richard ran his hands up under her shirt, she loved his rough hands on her skin, running up her back, and down it. When his hand got to her hip and then her ass she felt his cock swell in his pants – she realized he probably wasn’t expecting her to be virtually naked. His fingers dug into her asscheecks and gave them a good squeeze.

“Oh fuck,” he said, and ran one of his hands up her stomach to her breast. He gave it a squeeze and then his finger circled her nipple. He gave that a playful pinch, his other hand still gripping her ass, guiding her.

Jane put her hands between her legs and found Richard’s fly – she unbuttoned it and then unzipped it. She reached inside his boxers and felt his large, throbbing cock. She felt so naughty, so bad, she was going to fuck Chris’ dad. Her pussy fairly pulsed with sexual energy. She pulled his cock out and stroked it slowly, then slid off his lap and knelt in front of him. Richard looked stunned, like he couldn’t move or couldn’t believe his eyes. Jane kissed the head of his cock and then slowly moved her mouth down his shaft, then pulled up a little before plunging down again, taking in a little more each time until she had taken his whole length. She could feel it hitting the back of her throat and then she pushed past it, nearly choking on it. Richard ran his hand through her hair, cupping her face, then back to her hair. He grabbed a handful by the roots, and when she took his cock deep in her throat again he held her there. Her eyes watered, and for a second Jane thought she was going to pass out, but with a rush of air he had released her and she gasped, spit hanging from her mouth to his cock in long, wet strands.

“I’m sorry! I – the last time a girl has done that to me I was your age. I just lost…”

Jane shushed him with a finger to his lips. She climbed back on his lap, grinding her hips on his lap, her pussy sliding up and down the length of his cock, but not penetrating, just teasing him like Chris had teased her. She knew it wasn’t enough for her though. She slid forwards and reached her hand behind her and gripped his cock. She sat up slightly and lowered herself onto him. She bit her lower lip as his cockhead pressed against her asshole.

Jane forced herself to relax, and felt it push its way in. Richard’s eyes went wide as her ass swallowed his cock. He was about to let out a moan when Jane put her hand over his mouth to silence him. She rode him, his cock stretching her ass, filling her up. He gripped her hips hard, his fingers digging into her hard like he was afraid of letting go and waking up to discover this was all a dream. She felt a warmth inside her that spread, slowly but uncontrollably, she started bucking on his lap, squeezing his cock tight, her mouth letting out a low, primal moan as her orgasm wracked her body. It was different, slow, intense.

Another kind of warmth filled her moments later – Richard grabbed her hips hard and pulled her down deep onto his throbbing dick as he came and came and came, filling her up, oozing down his cock. She kept riding him after he came – he was panting and sweating but his cock was still rigid inside her and she milked his cock for every last drop, until she felt it getting soft inside her, then, at last, she clamored off. Richard was too stunned to move right away – Jane awkwardly smiled and pulled her t-shirt down and straightened her hair a little.

“I haven’t done that… well until today.” Richard finally stammered.

“Goodnight, Richard, and thank you again. You’re a wonderful host.”

Jane scampered back up the stairs to Chris’ bedroom again. Once inside she locked the door and crept over to the bed. She climbed in next to Chris and nudged him gently.

“Psst, hey Chris?”


“I want to be really naughty,” she reached around and grabbed his cock, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

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