Bouncing the Bully

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Thinking that Emma was not being serious about choking her, Carla turned around, giving her back to the tomboy that pounced on her. It did not take Emma long to lock in a tight choke-hold. Carla, taken by surprise and not used to anyone attacking her, gave up. Carla’s arms had gone limp and hung useless in front of her body — she was defenseless. I was as surprised as the people watching intently — some of them victims of Carla’s bullying at one time or another through our school years.

As we gathered for senior-skip-day, enjoying some time at a local park, we did not expect it to get out of hand so early. I looked at Carla’s eyes and saw a mixture of fear, embarrassment, and surrender. She had been nice to me since the day I helped her with a school project, but I knew and respected that she was sometimes cruel to others. It was just understood that she could fight and was not afraid to, and people feared her reputation. Now, though, Emma — who was known as being tough but not a bully — had her in a vice-grip that was both humiliating and well-deserved.

Carla was a Latina with a thick body and golden skin. Emma was also a Latina but had a lanky body and light-skin. Coupled now, in this display of animosity, they looked good pitted against each other. The only problem was that there was only one aggressor doing all the work.

“Let her go, Emma; she’s done,” a girl yelled.

“Choke her out,” a guy filming them with his camera said.

Unbelievably, I thought, the bully had no fight in her, submitting to whatever Emma was going to dole out. Emma, who always seemed to have a sense of fair-play, was relentless with the hold and did not want to give it up that easily.

However, Carla looked close to passing out, forcing Emma to release the hold. Taking pity on the defeated bully, Emma walked Carla over to the nearest bench and sat her down.

“She doesn’t look well,” I said, looking at Carla’s glazed eyes.

The crowd that had watched dispersed when they saw Emma showing concern for Carla. A few congratulations were given to Emma who seemed to take no joy in what had happened. She appeared attentive and comforting to Carla. I sat down on the bench next to Carla, placing the beaten girl between Emma and me.

Another senior, George, walked up to us and said, “why didn’t you do that sooner, Emma. She’s terrorized me for years.”

Emma looked sternly at him and said, “I am sorry you suffered because of her, but what’s done is done. Leave us alone, now.”

“I will never forget the sight of Carla helpless like that. You destroyed her reputation today. Thank you,” George said, nodding to Emma before walking away.

Carla put her head on Emma’s shoulder and said, “why did you do that to me? I thought we were friends.”

“Carla, I told you to leave Lorena alone. You made her leave in tears,” Emma said.

“I’m sorry,” Carla said, saying something I never expected to hear from her.

Watching us from about a 100 feet away was Lorena. She was very petite and prone to long periods of contemplation, seemingly disengaged from all activity but her studies. There could not have been a reason for Carla to pick on her other than just bullying an easy target. Carla stood up and walked over to Lorena who looked frightened by the approaching girl. Carla walked with her arms open as if offering a hug.

“Be nice,” Emma shouted.

Carla turned around and showed us that she was crying as she approached the honor student.

“What just happened? Carla is cool with me, now, but she gave me a wedgie in the third grade that I will never forget. I get Long with her but still fear her,” I said, needing to know how Emma was suddenly in charge.

“She isn’t as tough as everyone thinks,” Emma said.

“Obviously! But how did you know that?” I said.

“I saved her from what was already a bad beating over the Christmas break,” Emma said.

“Wow! Who was giving Carla the beating?”

“Some girl who goes to school in the suburbs but lives near Carla. She can’t help herself sometimes and starts trouble for no reason. Like today. We were at the mall, then, and things got ugly for her. “

“What happened?” I said, curiously.

“That girl started slapping Carla and Carla just froze. She must have slapped Carla ten times with no response. I stepped in and let the girl know I wasn’t going to just stand there and be slapped like a bitch.”

“How did you do that?”

“I punched her in the nose, and she backed off. Carla lost a lot of her confidence that day and is really a different person now.”

“So, you saving her kind of gives you power over her?” I said, staring at Emma’s dark eyes that contrasted with her pale face.

“I guess. She was grateful I did it. We ended up making out,” Emma said, keeping her eyes on Etlik Escort Carla and Lorena.

“You’re a stud! Is that all you did?” I said.

“I got her top off and fingered her,” Emma said.

“I would have liked to see that.”

Emma shook her head and laughed. We watched as Carla kept hugging Lorena, crying as she did so. I thought Carla was lucky that this had happened so late in the school year. If it had occurred earlier, she would have surely been bullied by her former victims out for blood.

“Maybe being a bully was not who she really was,” I said.

“Tell that to those she bullied,” Emma said.

“Either way, you own her.”

“You think so?” Emma said, looking at me.

“It seems that way.”

The skip-day was not organized at all; people were leaving, and no one else was showing up. The guys I had come with had left, and I was thinking of hitting a pool party given by the cheerleaders. I knew some girls there would definitely make it easy to have some fun. Part of me wanted to see where things might go with Emma and Carla. There was no doubt that Emma was a lesbian, but I wasn’t exactly sure where Carla fit in.

“I should get her home. I feel responsible for her after that,” Emma said.

“After that ass-kicking?” I said.

“That wasn’t an ass-kicking. I let Carla off easy.”

“Yeah, you could have really made it worse for her.”

“Did you drive here,” Emma said, expectantly.

“Yes,” I said, I intrigued by her question.

I knew that Carla lived behind a gated house in a very tough neighborhood.

“Can we ride with you?” Emma said.

“On one condition,” I said.


“You show me Carla’s tits.”

Emma smiled and said, “sure. They’re not as big as you think.”

“Really?” I said, incredulously.

“She pads them. They look like D cups but are really C cups. Still, they’re nice.”

“Why does she want to seem bigger than what is already a nice size? I said, wanting to know more.

“I guess it’s because everything about her stopped growing in middle school. She was an early bloomer, but she is the same height and her body is the same as then.”

“And her fighting skills peaked then,” I said, looking over to Carla who was saying goodbye to Lorena.

“Good point,” Emma said.

Carla walked over to us with tears still in her eyes, looking awkwardly at me and looking submissively at Emma. It all was strange to me, finishing off the school year with something no one could have imagined.


It was not long before Carla and Emma were in the backseat of my SUV, getting comfortable and decompressing from the drama of earlier. I looked in the rear-view mirror, watching as Carla rested her head on Emma’s shoulder, passively giving her conqueror control. Emma smiled at me and stuck out her tongue and licked her lips.

They relaxed enough to start kissing, slowly moving hands on their bodies. I waited for Emma’s hands to make contact with Carla’s boobs, but she was slow to get there, preferring to gently caress Carla’s face.

Little moans escaped from Carla when Emma slipped her hand under her blouse. Emma caressed Carla’s belly, causing louder moans. I had to watch the road closely because traffic was moving quickly. I decided to head back to school and park behind the softball field in an area with lots of foliage for cover. They didn’t say anything when I parked, continuing to kiss.

Emma, in a sudden move, removed the red blouse Carla was wearing, exposing a purple bra. I had turned to watch them; neither girl seemed to object as we shared the skip-day together. There was a sense of pleasure distributed equally for the three of us. They were hands-on, and I was content to watch them.

“Parking here was a good choice,” Emma said, placing a hand on Carla’s right boob.

“Mmhmm,” Carla said, nodding her head.

Emma started to make small circles around a protruding nipple, pinching it rather hard. With her free hand, Emma reached behind Carla and unclasped the purple bra. I was ready to see just how big and wonderful they were, needing to seem unbound and free.

“Are you ready?” Emma said to me, kissing Carla on the lips.

“Yes!” I said, enthusiastically.

“Do you mind if I show him your boobs, Carla. He really wants to see how beautiful they are,” Emma said, licking the side of Carla’s face.

“Show him,” Carla said.

The reveal was amazing. Carla’s tits were symmetrical and full. Emma was right that their size was smaller than Carla advertised, but they more than made up for it aesthetically. It surprised me that the former bully had such perfect boobs.

“Wow! Carla, they’re amazing,” I said, making her blush.

Emma used her index finger to trace both nipples, then she extended the finger for me Keçiören Escort to suck on. I opened my mouth and took in Emma’s finger, sucking on it.

“She tastes so sweet,” I said.

“She does,” Emma said, licking her own finger.

Carla turned to Emma with her lips open, wanting another kiss. Emma smiled at her and swiped her fingers across Carla’s lips, touching her face gently. Carla lowered her head and nuzzled her head on Emma’s chest, forgetting about the kiss she wanted.

“Do you want to show our driver what’s under these leggings?” Emma said, brushing Carla’s hair away from her face.

“If you want to,” Carla said.

“Would you like that?” Emma said to me.

“Yes, I would,” I said.

“Let’s get these off,” Emma said, tugging on the waistband and pulling down the leggings. Carla moved around in the seat to make it easier for Emma.

I could see her panties were purple, matching the bra. Her thighs looked athletic and had some muscle to them. Emma had Carla remove her sandals, so she could get the leggings off completely. Carla obeyed did as instructed.

Without saying a word, instinctively inserting myself into their coupling, I exited the front seat and got into the backseat, sitting down next to the topless Carla who was still pressed against Emma.

When I finally touched Carla, moving my hand across her nipples, she turned to me as if just realizing I was there. She smiled and leaned in for a kiss. I met her lips, and we kissed with our tongues searching each other out. Her eyes were open, nervously detached from what was going on with our mouths.

“Are you okay. I hated seeing that earlier,” I said.

“I’m okay. I guess I deserved that,” Carla said.

“Don’t say that,” I said, looking over to Emma who was watching us closely.

“I have been such a bully to so many people,” Carla said, sliding her tongue in my mouth.

“I loved that you were so dominant,” I said kissing her cheek and top of her head.

“That reputation is destroyed,” Carla said, reaching for my face with her hand, gently swiping it across my cheek a few times.

Emma just watched us quietly. I wondered if she was enjoying my interaction with Carla because her face gave nothing away.

“I feel safe sitting here between the two of you,” Carla said, turning to Emma who kissed her while squeezing a nipple.

With her body seemingly on display for Emma and me, I went in for the other nipple but was not as rough as Emma. Carla moaned as I did so. After a few tugs, I decided to suck on her nipple, imaging her still potent and at the top of the food chain — not the vanquished and remorseful Carla.

“Do you want our driver to take your virginity?” Emma said.

“I do,” Carla said, turning to me.

Emma put her hand over mine and said, “I know you wish she was still the toughest girl in school. I’m sorry I took that away, but after what happened at the mall, I couldn’t resist.”

“It was hard for me to see. I have known her so long,” I said.

“Carla, do you want to tell him why you didn’t fight back at the mall or with me?” Emma said, moving my hand to Carla’s panties.

Carla looked down and nodded her head, resting it on Emma’s shoulder.

“Tell him,” Emma said with some authority in her voice.

“I liked being punished,” Carla said.

Emma started to remove Carla’s purple panties, revealing a trimmed but full bush. It gave Carla a primal look and seemed almost warrior-like in spite of her masochistic leanings. Both Emma and I rested our hands on Carla’s pubic prize with a sense of ownership. Emma parted the lips with her middle finger and inserted it all the way. I explored with my middle finger under Emma’s and playfully moved it around.

Carla kissed Emma for a short moment and then offered me her lips. I accepted her lips and tongue, continuing to finger her in unison with Emma, who was pulling the panties off Carla’s body. Completely naked, Carla looked comfortable and awaited our next move. She resigned herself to this new role of compliance, willingly giving of herself to others.

“She’s all yours,” Emma said to me.

“I’m all yours,” Carla said.

My erection was bulging through my pants and I worked to free it. In no time my dick was twitching proudly for Carla and Emma to see. They stared at it closely then looked at me curiously. I jerked myself a little, feeling for the length and girth.

I was not sure what position was best in the crowded backseat, but Emma decided that for us, taking hold of Carla’s hips and guiding her to get on top of me cowgirl style.

“Be gentle with our girl here. It’s her first time,” Emma said.

“I will,” I said, looking at her ass just before she lowered herself onto me, noticing a pimple on one of her cheeks, Kızılay Escort that I thought looked cute.

Putting my hands on her hips, I could feel her power, and thought she was just acting submissive as a joke. I kissed her back and whispered into her ear, “you’re still my top girl no matter what.”

She cried out when she started to slide my cock into her vagina. It was a sweet reaction from her, I thought, letting me know that she still had part of her that was innocent and inexperienced. I kissed her on her strong shoulder, licking some of the flavor that she gave off.

“I’m so glad it’s you riding me,” I said into her ear.

“You’re so big,” Carla said, grabbing Emma’s hand tightly.

Still holding her hips, I was able to control her movements, keeping her safe her first time. I kissed her back again, fascinated with tasting her aroma and by the canvas her clear, golden skin was. She did not object when I gently bit her upper back, careful not to pierce her beautiful skin.

Naturally creating more space, Carla went down a little deeper on my cock. I reached around and felt for her bouncing boobs, feeling her erect nipples. There was so much of Carla to enjoy, and there was so much of Carla to appreciate. When I turned to Emma, I noticed she was looking at me with jealousy almost. Did she see herself in my place, giving a meaty strap-on pounding to Carla’s pussy?

“You’re amazing!” I said, loudly.

“I didn’t think you liked Carla this much,” Emma said.

“What’s not to like,” I said, bouncing the bully on my dick, kissing her back and imagining Carla as my girlfriend.

“How long have you felt this way?” Emma said.

“I have been crushing on her ever since she gave me a wedgie so long ago. I will do anything to help her get her confidence back,” I said

I listened to the sounds our bodies made when they worked together, ending as one. Her verbal noises vacillated between uncomfortable moans and sheer pleasure. Emma, caressing Carla’s body helped her friend get through her first time. I could not help but squeeze her hips harder, wanting to make every thrust count. More biting and more pinching got me closer to finishing.

Emma, sensing that I was close, whispered something into Carla’s ear that made her bounce a little faster and grunt a little louder. I could feel myself arrive at the edge of my orgasm, knowing it was moments away.

“I’m cumming!” I shouted, spilling my load into Carla, feeling the aftershocks and slowing her down.

“Carla is no longer a virgin!” Emma said.

Emma grabbed Carla by the calves and maneuvered her off me, angling her so that I was now cradling her. I could see my juices oozing out of her tight cunt and then getting trapped in her bush.

For the first time that I could see, Carla looked frightened when Emma began inserting two fingers all the way into her pussy. She must have known that Emma planned on fisting her. I was more fascinated by the scared look on Carla’s face than by what Emma was doing to her.

“Don’t be afraid,” I said, kissing Carla on the lips — a kiss she did not return.

“She’s okay,” Emma said.

“She looks scared,” I said.

“You had your fun. It’s my turn,” Emma said, using three fingers now.

“Be gentle,” I said, seeing Carla trying to relax.

Emma was working her hand slowly, giving Carla time to open up more. Emma’s hands were slender but long, stealthily finding entry and going deeper inside of Carla.

More and more of the hand was disappearing, reaching more than just the physicality and space of the orifice, but getting into the mind of Carla, who looked to me for comfort. I offered all that I could, giving her gentle words and proclamations of my concern for her. I wanted to tell her that I loved her but feared wasting the words while Emma held sway over her.

“Please, stop!” Carla said.

“Almost in. Just a little more,” Emma said.

I was going to object and come to the defense of my Mexican queen, but I could see that Emma was almost wrist deep.

“She’s almost in,” I said, kissing Carla on the cheek.

Carla’s nipples presented a perfect target and I started to nibble on them, while Emma had her way with her. Once again, Carla was defenseless and took what was given to her. She rested her head on my shoulder and said, “thank you for caring about me. I really like you so much.”

I thought the fisting was only about ceding control to another girl, the girl who had defeated her earlier, and maybe it was about that, but it was also about sex. Unexpectedly for me, the fisting led to an orgasm — one that I did not deliver with my cock.

Carla screamed in pleasure from Emma’s handiwork, looking down with surprise, relief, and joy when Emma took her hand out of her vagina. Emma waved the hand, showing off how wet it had become.

“Wow! That was something,” I said.

“I never felt that before,” Carla said.

“You deserved it after what happened earlier,” Emma said.

Both girls looked satisfied with themselves, showing wide smiles. Carla and Emma instinctively moved towards each other and embraced tightly, ignoring me.

“I own her,” Emma mouthed to me.

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