Bound Ch. 01: Bound for Fun

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‘Ten years’ I thought, my hands caressing the hard leather case. My fingers ran over the raised metallic emblem in the center of the top, light refracting from the gem in its center. That strange symbol, was it another language? Or perhaps the craftsman’s signature? Was it maybe a magical rune which had bestowed its power on the garment contained within? At this point it hardly matters but how it came to be in my possession and what happened next is quite a story. As I said it was ten years ago…

“So what are going to wear to the Halloween party?” my girlfriend Jennifer asked as we laid there basking in the afterglow, her fingers running through the small patch of hair on my chest. “You don’t know yet do you?” she teased when I didn’t answer right away.

“No, I know what I’m going to be. I just want it to be a surprise that’s all,” I replied skirting the issue.

“Fine then, keep your secrets. So do you wanna ride together or do you just want to meet there?” she asked re-positioning herself to look into my eyes.

“I think I’ll just meet you there. I’ll probably just get a ride with Mike and Jim. That makes more sense anyway because they live closer. Plus that way you don’t have to trek all over town just to get me. And then we would have only one car at the end of the night.” I said kissing her soft face.

“Mike and Jim? Seriously?” she said rolling her eyes. “What do you see in them? I mean seriously, those two just creep me out.”

“Why? Whats the matter with them? They’ve always been nice to you.” I asked as I gazed at her perfectly formed body snuggled up next to mine. Her skin still had the slight sheen of perspiration from our love making.

“I don’t like they way they look at me.” she said. “Especially when you’re not in the room. I just get the feeling like I wouldn’t be safe alone with either of them but especially Jim. He’s just so creepy!”

This concerned me a bit. Mike and Jim were my two best friends. I had known them for years and yeah, they had the tendency to turn some people off with their sense of humor but they were good friends. “you feel safe with me though, right?” I inquired not knowing what else to say.

“I feel very safe with you sweetheart” she said as she snuggled in closer and draped her leg over mine. I could feel the heat radiating from he sweet pussy and she let out a long “SIGH”.

Just as we were both getting comfortable her phone started ringing. I could tell by the ring tone it was her mother calling.

The phone beeped as she picked up the call. She flashed me a warning glance “Hey mom.” “No I did not forget” “Yup, I will see you there.” “OK!” “Love you too. Bye.” she grimaced as she ended the call. “OK I wanna start with I’m sorry. My mom called earlier and wanted to do dinner tonight and I couldn’t say no.”

“Ah ha!”

“No seriously, I was!” she pleaded.

“It’s fine darling, you don’t need to explain. I understand. Besides its not like I had reservations anywhere. So when were you planning on letting me know.” I asked.

“I WAS going to let you know as soon as I got here.”

“ah ha”

“In my defense” she said “I didn’t make it ten steps into your apartment before you were all over me. Ten minutes later you were inside me.” she said smiling.

“I didn’t hear you complaining when I started kissing you.” I said placing my free arm behind my head.

“Because I couldn’t talk with two tongues in my mouth” she giggled.

“or when I bent you over the counter and slid my cock into your VERY wet pussy.” I said remembering watching my cock disappearing into her.

“Because you took my breath away, as always. You know how thick you are.” Jennifer smiled as she said it. “I also wanted to tell you that I am going to be busy the next few days with work. They have some big shot suits from Corporate coming in so we will be in meetings all weekend and into next week”

“Wait, what?” I exclaimed “ALL weekend! So when am I going to see you again?”

“Probably not until the costume party next Friday” she said “and I really don’t want to be alone with your creepy friends so please don’t stand me up.”

“I won’t baby.” I promised.

“Well! Since I had to change our plans at the last minute AND because I won’t be seeing you for a few days let me give you a little something to remember me by.” she said as her fingers began tracing down my chest, her soft lips trailing kisses behind. My spent cock began stirring with her gentle loving attention.

“Sweetheart, I don’t know if that is going to do anything. You did just give him quite a workout.” I said, remembering her pressing back against me as I thrust into her when she was bent over my kitchen counter and then of her sexy body laid out in my bed my cock thrusting into her trimmed pussy, and then of her beautiful naked body riding my cock, her amazing C cup breasts jiggling with each thrust onto my hard shaft. I could feel the beginning effects of her ministrations.

“Let me see if I can persuade him” she replied as her hand closed around my semi-hard shaft. My cock was slowly merter escort coming to life as she gently stroked and moved in to give it a kiss. “maybe if I do this” she said as she teased and kissed the tip of the head. “or maybe this” as she began kissing the sensitive spot on the underside of the shaft. “or maybe even this” as she brought her tongue into the mix. She began french kissing the sensitive spot she knew got the most attention. “Oh my, I think he likes me!” she was right, my cock was getting more firm with each and every kiss and stroke from her hand, my breathing was also getting longer and more desperate. I looked into her face, her long straight golden hair falling over one shoulder so I could see everything she was doing. When had she put her hair up I wondered as she said “Mmmmm, I wonder what would happen if I did this. She opened her mouth and slowly slid my cock in, her tongue swirling around the head as she exhaled her hot breath around my now rock hard shaft.

Now that she had me hard I expected her to mount my shaft like she had done earlier, instead she kept on licking, sucking and stroking. While it was not uncommon for her to go down on me today she was using every bit skill she had. Jennifer did not deep throat like so many people thought was the ultimate goal but she didn’t need to and it was not long before my labored breathing and grunting let her know I was about to cum. My legs tensed and my toes curled as she continued nursing my cock with her mouth. My orgasm was intense as I shot a massive amount of cum into her welcoming mouth. Jennifer continued sucking long after the initial jet of cum hit her in the back of the throat, feeling every twitching response to the attention from her full lips and tongue.

I was spent, again. I lay there trying to catch my breath, too numb to move. Jennifer got up off the bed slowly.

“I really hate to suck and run” she said wiping off some cum from the corner of her mouth. “but I don’t want to be late meeting my mom” she said as she licked the cum off her finger. “When you think about me later, remember that you sent me to my mom with your cum in both my mouth and my pussy.” she winked as she said it and leaned over and gave me a kiss.

Finding all of her clothes took some time as our lovemaking had started at the front door and ended in the bedroom. Jennifer dressed in front of me making a show of it, like a strip tease but in reverse. First she drew the black g-string panties up her legs, straightening the straps when they got to her waist so that everything fell nicely. Next was her matching black push-up bra, that her 36 C cup breasts really didn’t need. She bent over and settled her breasts into the cups before standing up and fastening the strap behind he back. It amazed me that she could do that easier than I could take it off. She did a slow turn stopping as her back was facing me. She gave me a sultry look over her shoulder, one knee cocked and blew me a kiss. Her skin tight denim jeans followed. My eyes her willing prisoner as they followed the waist band of her pants as she slowly pulled them up her long toned legs. She wiggled her hips to get her perfect heart shaped ass into her jeans and fastened them. She turned and started walking toward me as she pulled her cami on over her head being careful not to get any deodorant on the fabric. The cami only achieved covering her tummy as her cleavage still spilled out over the top. “Again” she said “I am SO sorry that I have to leave like this. I really wanted to spend the night with you tonight.”

“It’s OK Jen, I really do understand.” and I really did. Mom’s are very important. If you can’t treat your own mom with respect what does say about you. “You know you CAN take a shower before you go meet your mom?”

“I know” she said as she sat on the edge of the bed “but I used that time to give you head instead.” Jennifer leaned over putting her ample bosom on display and gave me a deep kiss, her tongue teasing mine to come out and play. “God, I love the way you kiss Daniel” she said as we broke, finger caressing my face as she gave me a few smaller intimate kisses.

Getting up from the bed she grabbed her blazer and pulled it over her shoulders as she slipped her french tipped toenails into the black 4″ strappy high heels that I loved so much. “See you at the party. Remember, DO NOT leave me alone with your creepy friends! Love you!”

“You too, Jen. See you at the party. If you have time and you wanna talk before then, just give me a call.” I said as she used her hands to pull her long blonde hair out of her blazer before putting it up in a quick ponytail. She always wore her hair up, either a ponytail or a braid of some sort. Having stick straight hair Jennifer always felt she needed to do something to jazz it up.

She blew me a kiss from the doorway and in short order I was asleep.

I started awake some time later “RING RING” came the ring tone from my cell phone. “RING RING” it called again before I found and picked it up. I knew from the caller id that it was Jim.

“Hey Jim.” I said as bayrampaşa escort I picked up the call

“Daniel! Sup dude?” he asked “Hey, you didn’t forget the bet did you?”

“No Jim, I did not forget the bet.” I was afraid that was why he was calling and also why I didn’t want to tell Jen what I was going to be for the party.

“HA, I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face when they see you dressed as a chick. And remember dude you have to be there for the whole party. Not just an appearance and then leave. Seven til eleven, see you there.” he said laughing. “Oh and anytime you want to make any more bets…I’m your guy!” and with that he hung up.

Maybe Jen was right. Jim really could be an ass sometimes.

The buzz from the double afterglow gone, I figured I had better go try to find my costume.

“Five O’clock on a Thursday night, this should be fun.” I said to myself sarcastically as I got up to get ready. “At least its not Friday!”

I knew I had a week but I didn’t want to be scrounging at the last minute trying to find something and having to settle. As it was I was already cutting it close. A quick shower and a shave later and I was on my way.

The mall, unsurprisingly, was a complete bust so I decided to check out some novelty stores. Yeah, like that ever works. Frustrated with the mall I went to a strip mall nearby. The first store was an utter disappointment. Walking from that store to another store at the other end I saw the window display of a Chinese pawn shop and figured ‘what the heck, why not’ as I slipped in to check it out. I was surprised with some of the things there and began thinking ‘I might actually be able to find something here.’

As I was browsing through a rack of dresses, most were in the traditional Chinese cut, long dresses with the mandarin collar but with a thigh high slit, when a small oriental man approached me. I assumed that he must be the owner of the store.

“He-rro, can I hep you? He said his Chinese accent quite apparent.

“Um no, just browsing you know.” I replied

“Oooooo, look something for girlfriend, Yes?” He continued.

I always hate it when you dismiss a salesperson and they stick around anyway. “No. Actually I was looking for something for myself.” I said. The annoyance in my voice lost on the little man.

“This rack cloth for woman. Man cloth dis vay” he said trying to lead me to another rack.

“That’s OK, what I want is on this rack” I said trying hard not to be rude.

A confused look crossed his face and then as his eyes widened, understanding seemingly. “Ohhhhh, you wan be woman!” he exclaimed. Dis not what you look for. Please. Come, dis vay. Have something speciar!”

I followed him back to the counter when he disappeared behind a bead curtain. When I didn’t follow he poked his head out and gestured. “Come come, dis vay. Very speciar”

I followed him in the back and found him climbing a ladder. When he reached the top he retrieved a single black, leather cased box about 18″ x 18″ and about 5 inches deep. Judging from the dust on it’s surface it had been there for quite some time. He brought it down cleaning the dust off with his hand and wiping it off on his pants. There was a strange metallic symbol in the center of the lid. He pressed a button in the center of the symbol and the lid popped open. Inside was a heavy black leather corset. Clearly of very fine quality and heavily boned, it was way nicer and more expensive than the cheap bedroom corset I had bought for Jen from Frederick’s of Hollywood. This was the real deal and obviously made by a true craftsman.

“I am sorry but this is out of my price range. Way out of my price range!” I stammered knowing what garments like this were worth “but thanks for.”

He cut me off before I could finish my sentence “I make good price, you buy, yes? You vant yes?”

Yes I did vant I thought mocking his accent in my head but I didn’t see any way I would be able to afford it.

“Two hunna dolla” he offered with a hopeful look on his face.

Two hundred was the entire budget for my costume. Thinking of everything else I would have to get I told him “I’m sorry but the most I could do is $100.” This set off about 10 minutes of intense bartering before we settled on a price of $145. I had just paid the man when a little Chinese woman came out from further back in the store. She took one look at the dusty leather box and grabbed it out of my hands and started screaming at the little man in Chinese. The little old man grabbed it back and passed it to me and started screaming back. There was much frantic gesticulations from both of them as the screaming continued. I don’t speak a word of Chinese but it was quite clear to me that she was upset the he had sold the box and the corset within. He turned and said “you go now!” before turning to resume his tirade with the woman. Feeling very awkward and considering that I HAD already paid, I left. I could still hear them screaming at each out on the sidewalk.

It was not until I was on my way home çapa escort that I realized I had been haggling for something that I didn’t need and couldn’t afford. I mean I COULD but not for a one time event! This totally blew my budget, now all I had left was $55 to get everything else I needed to pull this off and all I had was some stupid lingerie that would give me a more feminine shape. Other than me kicking myself all the way home the drive was uneventful.

Getting my new found “treasure” home I decided to find out how much this was actually going to help me. Setting the box on the bed I opened it like the old man at the shop had. Pressing the button the lid popped open. Once again I marveled at the craftsmanship of the corset within. I had more time to examine it and noted that it was a halter style under-bust corset made from some type of leather, maybe its dragon hide leather I comically mused. Turning my attention back to to the corset I noticed that it also had a hidden busk and that the laces seemed to be in good shape.

Deciding that there was no time like the present I stripped down to my boxers and black wife beater tank top and wrapped the corset around my waist. I fastened the busk and slowly started to draw in the laces. Having done his for Jennifer several times I knew to take my time. I worked the laces slowly and after nearly ten minutes I had whittled my waist down to a very feminine shape. This should definitely make finding clothes for this stupid party easier I thought. Still not enough to justify $145 dollars though, hopefully it would fit Jen I thought. I gave the laces one last tug before tying them off. No sooner had I finished the knot that everything went black.

I remembering hearing sounds in the distance. Was that the TV? Then the smell of carpeting. I opened my eyes and realized that I was on the floor. I must have passed out I realized as I stumbled to pick myself up off the floor. I could definitely tell that the corset was limiting my breathing and I knew how women used to “swoon” from wearing them but I was far from being “tight laced”. My head was a bit groggy, and I was more than a little unsteady on my feet as I walked to he bathroom to splash some cold water on my face. I tried taking a deep breath to test how constrictive the corset was. It definitely limited my breathing but not enough that I should have blacked out. Glancing at my alarm clock I was shocked to see that it was 11 pm already. I had been out for over an hour! No wonder my mouth felt and tasted like the carpeting I had just peeled myself off of.

I was on autopilot, rubbing my eyes as I walked into the bathroom. Stepping up to where the sink was I turned on the faucet, filled my hands with the cool wet elixir and bent down and splashed the water on my face. “Mm-mm that’s better” I said as I fumbled for the towel to dry my face. Lowering the towel to look at myself in the mirror I got an even bigger surprise than waking up on the floor. Looking back at me was not my face. Well it was but it wasn’t. The unkempt brown wavy hair and hazel eyes were the same but the angular features that I shaved every other day had been replaced by soft smooth contours. Very feminine contours. I was also looking at myself from a much lower angle than my normal 6’1″. The more I took in the more I started panicking. Large breasts spilled over the top of the corset stretching the fabric of the ‘wife beater’ I was wearing. My boxer shorts hung loose on my hips and my legs had the muscular tone of a gymnast or ballet dancer. Then I remembered the little old mans “understanding and wide eyed” look “Oh, you vant to be woman” he had said. Oh my God! Was this permanent? My breathing was coming in quick, short gasps and I felt darkness approaching, I really was going to Swoon! Frantically my fingers worked the laces as fast as I could without getting them knotted. Once I had the corset loose enough to unhook the busk I shed the garment on the floor. I had the brief sensation of falling before darkness took me again.

Consciousness came a little quicker this time. Seeing the corset laying next to brought me completely to my senses. Frantically I examined my hands and and body before I got up and confirmed that I was myself again. Breathing a shaky sigh of relief I pushed myself to my feet. I walked to the mirror and confirmed everything else was back to normal.

Retrieving the corset and its case I carried them to the couch and sat down to think. This corset had somehow, magically, transformed me into a woman! Trying to figure out as much as I could I inspected the corset. I already knew that it was leather so my examination turned to the other details. The boning appeared to be actual whale bone and not the new steel spiral springs. That fact indicated that it must be VERY old. The stitching was very good but slightly uneven, it was SO good though that I had to get right up on it looking for something, meaning it had been made without a sewing machine. Other than the obvious quality there was nothing remarkable, no marks, tags, or symbols. Next I checked the case, maybe I would have better luck there. Inside the lid was some writing in Chinese but since I don’t read Mandarin I didn’t know what it said. I imagined that it explained what I had already figured out but I made a mental note to stop back at the store to get some more information.

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