Brad and I…

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Brad and I…A Month had went by, football season was over, Mister Brad had not been by the house in a while, my butt had been aching for the whole time. I was going to the park when a familiar voice called my name, turning I saw Mister Brad heading my way.I stood as he caught up to me and placed his arm arm my shoulder ‘where you headed to boy?’ I looked at him and said ‘I’m heading to the school, I’m to meet the coach there this morning.’ Mister Brad looked at me, glanced at his watch and said ‘coach will have to wait, we have sometime we have to take care of now.’Mister Brad guided me with his arm around my shoulders back towards his home. I looked up at him and saw a wicked expression and begin to plead with him ‘Mister Brad, if I don’t meet coach he’s gonna call my folks and I’ll get in trouble.’Mister Brad looked down at me and smiled ‘no he want, and if he do I’ll tell your folks that you was with me and everything will be alright.’ We got to Mister Brad’s home and as soon as he got me into the house and locked the door, he lifted me up in a powerful bear hug and begin to nuzzle my neck.I tried to push him away, he pressed me against the wall and lifted my legs around his waist and started to grind his fat penis against my up lifted butt. I could feel his old man meat harden and throb as he grind against me, I tried to reason with him. “Mister Brad, I can’t do this, last time you made me bleed. My butt hurt for weeks, please let me go.’Mister Brad, lowered me to the floor and said ‘we don’t have much time, you want to meet coach, don’t you? Keep wasting time and you want get to meet coach before he calls your folks.’ He took my hand and pulled me to the bed room as he closed the door he pulled his shirt over his head and said ‘I’ll undress you when I get out of these clothes, just be patient.’As Mister Brad removed his pants, his huge penis swung free under his boxer shorts. As he stepped from his pants his penis swung freely and I cringed as I thought what was about to occur.Mister Brad came to me with nothing on but his boxer shorts and lifted my shirts. I tried to resist but he jerked them over my head angrily and and admonished me ‘keep this fethiye escort up and we’ll be here longer than you want. I’m gonna fuck you and you are gonna let me or your folks will find out what you’ve been doing with grown men.’I started to cry as I slowly undid my belt and removed my shoes and socks. As I stood up, Mister Brad reached out and pulled me to him pushing my pants and underwear down to my ankles. He lifted me as I kicked off my clothes and felt his massive piece of man meat throb against my thigh.Mister Brad removed his boxers and stroked his massively huge penis and smiled at me. Fearfully I looked at him as he reached under the bed and took out a jar of anal ease. Mister Brad pushed me to the bed, as I reached the bed I fell back onto it.Mister Brad lifted my feet and placed them on his shoulders and told me ‘be still boy, you don’t me to bust your ass open, this will help ease the pain and let me slid right back into that tight little boy pussy.’Mister Brad smeared a huge amount of lubricant into my bung hole and poked four of his fingers into my anus. I grimaced and begin to cry openly as Mister Brad wormed his fingers around in my anal cavity.Mister Brad licked my feet and kissed my toes saying ‘yeah, you want this, your little ass is just asking for a hard dick.’ I protested ‘nnnnoooo, Mister Brad, it;’s going to hurt to much please let me go I want tell no one. I didn’t tell no one last time.’Mister Brad smiled at me and said ‘I know, that’s why you are going let me fuck you today and you are going to enjoy it. If you wasn’t a fuck boy, you would have told your folks what I did to you, but you didn’t. Now Give me your hands.’In panic I slowly lifted my hand one at a time, he took my hands and guided them to my ankles and said ‘hold your legs open wide, that’s it pull them back. Yeah just like this.’ He pushed my feet apart and my legs back as he guided his enormous man meat to my puckering little anus.I glanced down between my thighs and saw the huge reddish black penile glans as it hoovered over my bung hole. Mister Brad aimed at my bung hole and pressed steadily against it as my outer muscle ring would not allow him entry.Mister escort fethiye Brad looked at me sighing and said ‘damn, your cunts still tight as hell. Relax and take a deep breath, I’m coming in.’ I cried ‘nnnnooooo, ppppllllleeeeaaaassseee….’ With a powerful thrust Mister Brad sunk three inches of his eleven inches into my rectum.I screamed out in angony ‘EEEEEIIIIIIIHHHHH,’ Mister Brad lowered his lips to my ears as he pressed on ‘take this dick boy, take this dick like you love it or it’s going to hurt even worst. I had released my ankles and was gripping Mister Brad’s shoulders, my feet was trying to pull his calves to keep him from going in any deeper.Mister Brad laid still for a while breathing heavily as his huge penis throbbed in my bung hole. Gasping in pain I tried to plead with Mister Brad ‘plea…;ease Mister Brad…it’ hurt’s to much…please stop…stop.’Mister Brad whispered to me ‘you can beg, you can plead, you can even scream your head off. I’m gonna breed this pussy, you forget that you be my little bitch.’ Mister Brad took hold of my head and held it in his huge hands and kissed my lips till I allowed his tongue to enter my mouth.I tried to stop him but could not, he manage to suck my tongue into his mouth and suck on it as he kissed me. Slowly he started to hunch his massive sex tool up into my anus. I could only whimper as he hunched his huge penis up into my rectum.Panting in pain as I tried to gasp for air, Mister Brad begin to grind his cobra like penis deeper into my bung hole. He released my head and gripped my shoulders as he lunged up and pushed even more of his invading sex tool into me.My tongue held captive by his sucking mouth, I could only try and gather a breath every now and then. Mister Brad finally released my tongue and let his hands slide down my body till he gripped my buttocks.He didn’t stop there he slipped his arms under my legs and let the hollow of my knees rest in the hollow of his elbows and push them up till he once again gripped my shoulders.Mister Brad had me bent up like a pretzel, I tried to push him away by his chest. That’s when with a powerful thrust he sunk the rest of his eleven inches fethiye escort bayan of man meat into my bowels. I felt his sex organ as it slid in with no resistance till his testicles were banging against my back bone.I briefly passed out from shock, when I came too, Mister Brad, had hold of my heels and was ramming his enormously huge sex tool back and forth into me. I glanced down between my thighs in agonizing fear only to see my bung hole being stretched and clinging to his penile shaft.I dropped my head back to the bad as Mister Brad ferociously sexed my butt. I tossed my head from side to side as he pushed his penis into me and pulled all but it’s head back out. Mister Brad said to me ‘talk to me bitch, tell me baby I love it. Tell me fuck me Bad, fuck me. Say it or I’ll be here all day.’ Helpless and hopelessly I surrender and begged ‘fuck me brad, fuck me.’Mister Brad said ‘yeah, that’s right, I didn’t hear you say how much you love this dick in you ass. Tell me I love it Brad fuck this pussy. Tell me it’s all mine and no one else.’I whimpered as I thought what he wanted me to say but I managed to whimper ‘fuck me Brad, I love it, Fuck me, this pussy is all yours.’ Mister Brad increased his movement and whispered ‘make me believe you, tell me how much you love this dick. Tell me!!!’Giving up completely I whimpered ‘yes, I love this dick, fuck me Brad, fuck me.’ Mister Brad said ‘say it all, tell me every thing I want to hear.’ I whined and cried ‘fuck me Brad, this your pussy, fuck me like you want to, it’s your pussy, fuck me Brad.’Mister Brad passionately lunged into me with reckless abandonment, licking and kissing my neck and ears. I tried to wrap my legs around his body to keep him from pulling out and ramming back into me. I gripped him in my arms as hard as I could while chanting ‘fuck me, fuck me, this your pussy, fuck me Brad.’Mister Brad said ‘that’s it keep it up I’m about to cum, tell me cum in this pussy daddy, give me your baby, I want your baby.’ ‘OOHHHNNNOOO,’ I cried. Mister Brad said ‘say it bitch or we’ll fuck all day.’Tears falling I cried fuck me Brad, make me pregnant, cum in this pussy, I want your baby, give me your baby.’ Mister Brad slammed into me five or six times before he stiffen and I felt his penis as he squirted huge amounts of sperm into my rectum.Whimpering and crying I held on to Mister Brad as his penis throbbed and squirted.Brad and I…

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