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All day long, Alec had been thinking about his father. It was six years since Mom had left and the only family Alec has is his father, Daniel. Alec had stepped out of the shower and had only a towel around his waist; when he stopped and looked in on his father’s sleeping form. Dad’s bedroom was right beside the bathroom and the door had been left open. Alec knew his father slept without pajamas and this morning had not been an exception. Alec was happy to see his father’s cock peeking out from under the covers. Dad must have been having a great dream because his cock was very large and throbbing. Alec had wondered what it would be like to sleep with his father’s cock close to his or even having Dad sucking on his cock and he sucking Dad’s huge knob.

On this hot and sunny Friday afternoon, Alec walked home after a hard day of work. He was a gardener and, although his work was seasonal, he enjoyed the job. He looked forward to the fall and going back to school and becoming an architect. Daniel works as an insurance agent; he provides for his family and is proud of his son’s accomplishments and as a father has supported his twenty-year-old son until he can look after himself.

Daniel had had a long and difficult day talking to clients, it was hot and tiring work, but it did make him enough money to afford a good home for him and his son. He opened the door to the apartment and called for his son. “Alec, are you home son?” The apartment was quiet. He went to his son’s door and saw it was open. “You’re not home,” he said to himself. Daniel put the groceries away and got ready to make dinner. He had bought some Bratwurst for dinner. Alec loved Bratwurst as did Daniel. He put the bratwurst on the plate and put some water in the pot. The warmth of the day had begun to wear on him. He decided, since no one was home at the moment, to take off his clothes. The bratwurst looked like cocks on the plate. Daniel rubbed himself to get hard. He picked up the plate and put his hard cock next to the large bratwurst. He thought of his son and decided to not let him see his father playing with the food.

The water had begun to boil and using tongs he put them in the water. As a side dish, he prepared some potatoes and a small salad. He put the potatoes into the water with the bratwurst.

He left the kitchen and entered the living room, a large mirror hung on the wall, he stopped and looked at his naked body. His hands moved down his chest, following the contours of his toned body, his fingers touching his nipples, moving down to his navel and treasure trail to his stiffened cock. The fingers, of both his hands, probed between his scrotum and thighs. He started to masturbate in earnest. His right hand taking hold of his cock, the left his scrotum and balls. While still masturbating he moved into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He left the door to the bathroom open to hear what was happening in the rest of the apartment. He closed the shower curtain and began to get cleaned up.

Alec was nearly at the door to the apartment. On his way home to give some relief from the high temperatures, he had opened his shirt revealing his bare and toned chest. He used his key to open the door. He noticed his Dad’s car keys hanging up. “Hey Dad, I’m home” he called. Alec could smell the Bratwurst cooking and could hear the water running in the shower. The water was warm and felt good on Daniel’s skin; he used the body wash to clean off the grime he was feeling, soapy water flowed down his body to the dense forest of pubes. His erect cock’s shaft parted the water. The water flowed over the hairy balls. His right hand pulling harder and faster on the glans of his cock, he could feel him self ready to cum.

Alec walked past the kitchen and living room and saw the bathroom door open. He saw the silhouette of his father in the shower and he saw his father’s hard cock dancing. He repeated his call for his father, the water stopped and he saw the shower curtain being pulled back; but not far enough for him to see his Dad’s throbbing cock. “I’ll be out in just a minute, son.” Daniel, embarrassed as he stood smiling at his son. “Sorry, Dad. I didn’t mean to disturb you.” “It’s okay son. I was just…” Alec knew his father had not been with anyone since Mom left. He looked at his father and admired his form. For an older man Daniel, still handsome, could get anyone to sleep with him. Alec scanned his father’s body and focused on the outline of his father’s cock head, behind the shower curtain. He wanted to tell him how much he wanted to touch his Dad’s cock and suck him off.

“I got Bratwurst cooking, potatoes and salad for dinner. We can watch some T.V. and relax tonight unless you have other plans.” Alec was quick to pick up on what could be the beginning of a great evening with his father. “No plans, Dad. I want to stay home tonight and just relax with you.”

“Did you have a good day at work?” asked Daniel. “Dad, working for the city is good money; but I’ll be glad when I can go back to school.” “We were digging flower beds, and planting perennials all day and I got a twinge in my shoulders.” Alec didn’t have a twinge, he looked after his body and he used the shovel carefully, never digging too much to put a strain on himself. Alec wanted to have his father close to him. “Give me a minute to get out of the shower and I’ll give you a quick rub down.” Daniel took a towel and wrapped it around his waist and he approached his son, he had a partial erection, and Alec could make out the outline of his father’s cock as escort it swayed back and forth as he walked up to him. Daniel placed his hands on his son’s shoulders and gently massaged them and moved over to his neck. Alec’s hands moved over his stomach and gradually removed his opened shirt. He arched his back as his father rubbed his toned body. Daniel enjoyed seeing his son’s bare torso. Daniel’s cock reacted by getting bigger and more pronounced.

Alec could feel his own erection growing and, he tried to control himself; but failed. “That feels really good, Dad,” he said looking over his shoulder. Daniel leaned forward and kissed his son on the cheek. Alec returned his father’s kiss and turned so both men’s lips touched. After the kiss Alec lowered his eyes and saw his father’s growing excitement. “Feel better, son?” “Oh yeah, Dad lots better.” Daniel released his son’s shoulders and moved his hands down to touch his son’s bare chest and erect nipples. Daniel felt even more than a little embarrassed and changed the topic to dinner. “I’ll finish getting dinner ready, we can just lap it and watch T.V. as we eat.” “I’ll hit the shower and get cleaned up Dad. Alec unbuttoned and opened his jeans in front of Daniel. Daniel saw the outline of his son’s hard cock inside his underwear, he said nothing to Alec and moved past his son and made his way to the kitchen. Alec lowered his jeans and underwear off of himself and slowly walked to the bathroom. As Daniel turned to enter the kitchen he glanced over to see his son’s firm ass retreat to the bathroom. Alec had hoped his father was watching. He put on a good show for him.

Alec, as his father had done, left the bathroom door open as he showered. He washed his hair allowing the shampoo to flow down his toned body. He watched as a river of soap flow down his abdomen and over his pubic hair onto his erect cock. He used the soapy solution as a lubricant and rubbed his cock, the touching made it harder, and he hoped his Dad could see the silhouette of his young body and firmed cock as he turned. He allowed the stream of warmth to pass between his butt crack, cleaned out the anus, rinsed off and then turned off the water. Dad was watching and saw his son putting on a show behind the curtain. After turning off the water Alec opened the shower curtain and he anxiously looked out to see if Dad had been watching. Dad had retreated to the kitchen so his son wouldn’t suspect of his attraction to his own boy. Alec stepped out of the tub, completely naked, and took a towel to dry off. He dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist and headed to the kitchen where his father was preparing dinner.

In the kitchen, Daniel used tongs to get the bratwurst out of the hot water and placed the peeled potatoes on both plates along with sauerkraut. Alec entered the kitchen. Daniel turned and saw his son standing in the towel. He smiled at him, Alec returned the smile. Daniel tried to ignore how far down the towel hung around his son’s waist; he could see the pubic hair above his son’s package. “Grab a tray son and your plate.” Alec came over to his father, kissed him on the cheek, and retrieved his plate. Daniel turned and returned his son’s kiss. Alec had pressed himself up against him and he could feel his son’s manhood against his thigh. Alec took a knife and fork and made his way to the sofa. Daniel followed behind him. Daniel watched his son’s firm buttocks as he followed him into the living room. He thought to himself how lucky he was to have a handsome and caring young man like Alec as his son.

Alec sat down and reached for the T.V remote. He placed the tray on his lap and turned on the news. He watched his father’s tight waist go by. Alec wondered what Dad’s cock was doing. Daniel’s cock, partially aroused, pushed up against the towel. Alec saw the bulge from his father’s cock. Both Daniel and Alec were still aroused by touching themselves earlier in the shower. Daniel sat down and began to eat. Alec watched his Dad taking the bratwurst into his mouth, Alec closed his eyes for a second for a fantasy to play out in his mind and he imagined that bratwurst was his stiffened cock being sucked on by his father. His cock moving slowly and covered in his father’s saliva. He pictured his glans moving in and out of his father’s mouth, letting Dad suck on his glans, erupting in his father’s mouth over and over again. As he imagined this his cock started to stir, it started to move Alec’s tray up. Opening his eyes, Alec looked over to his father, Daniel, still chewing, watched the news. He looked down at the bratwurst, he laughed.

“…you going to let me in on the joke?” Daniel inquired. “Dad, this is going to sound weird,” Alec moved the sauerkraut around and put the bratwurst over top of it and the two potatoes at the bottom of the plate. “Looks like my hard cock, Dad.” Daniel smiled and laughed, “You’re right, I’m sure your cock is much bigger and thicker than that bratwurst, your point is well taken; that’s probably why both of us like bratwurst. Kind of looks like mine, too” Daniel, still eating, thought about what Alec had said. “Hey, Dad you ever miss Mom?” Alec had avoided talking about his mother for years, the thought of her leaving without a word. Alec was fourteen at the time and now twenty enough time had gone by to heal the wound. “There are days, son when I miss the company of a woman but you’re more important to me.” “Don’t you, sometimes, wake up hard?” Alec was fishing for information. “Lots of times, first thing in the morning, late at night my “brat” gets really big and tight izmit escort bayan and wants to be released.” Daniel laughed. “It’s alright Dad, my “brat” gets pretty big, too and when it does I do enjoy it.” Alec said without thinking about what he had said. Alec’s penis still stiff under the tray, with the conversation, had jumped as if it knew it was the topic of conversation. Both men’s cocks were firm and throbbing. Daniel’s tray had moved, a few times, too. Alec started eating his bratwurst and he laughed again, “Hey Dad, I’m going to suck this bratwurst off.” Alec stuck the brat with his fork and raised it to his open mouth and tongue. Daniel watched as his son started performing fellatio with the sausage.

As Daniel watched his son playing with the bratwurst, his penis throbbed as more blood was pumped into it. He suddenly envied the bratwurst, he wanted to get blown. “You’re having a lot of fun with that brat.” Daniel said. He thought he’d change the topic quickly. “I’d better get the dishes out of the way”, as Daniel started to get up, his cock, already stiffened had made a large tent in his towel; he tried to hide this with the tray, but Alec saw and dropped the brat onto the plate. “Nice, Dad; don’t hide it.” Daniel was both shocked and relieved at the same moment. He’d never shown his cock to his son, he had had fantasies about it but had fought the urge to do it. Alec moved the tray off of his lap, he opened his towel revealing to his father his own erection. Alec stood up and he, like his father, had a full erection. He took the bratwurst from the plate and measured his penis with it. The bratwurst was dwarfed by the young man’s cock. He brought it over to Daniel; removing his father’s towel as he compared the size against his father’s cock.

“This brat isn’t as big as you are Dad.” Alec, now completely naked in front of his father. Daniel put the tray on a nearby table, leaned in and kissed his son on the lips. Alec kissed his father back and pressed his tongue into his father’s mouth. He pressed his cock against his father’s cock. Daniel slipped his hands down his son’s back and down to his firm buttocks. Alec kissed Daniel’s neck, moved to his shoulder, moved down to his father’s chest, kissed and sucked on his nipples. Alec’s hands moving down his father’s abdomen, feeling his body hair, following the treasure trail. Alec was soon on his knees.

Alec knelt in front of Daniel now seeing the object of his desire, his father’s throbbing cock. Alec leaned forward and kissed the red glans of his father, licking his urethra; both men breathing hard, both men’s cocks throbbing. Alec stood and pressed his cock against his father’s cock; both men rubbing their cocks together. Daniel placed some of the oil from his plate on his fingers and then pressed those lubricated fingers into Alec’s firm anal hole. Alec pushed his anus open to allow his father to probe deeper into his cavity. As Daniel pressed his fingers deeper, Alec leaned into his father saying an excited “Yesssssssssssssss” as he breathed, he continued to kiss his father. “I’m yours, Dad. Do what you want to do, to me. I want you to fuck me, please, fuck me!!!” Daniel had denied himself for many years and he thought he’d never do this with anyone, but especially his son.

Daniel pulled his son close, kissed him on the lips and perceptively began to push his tongue into his son’s mouth, Alec accepted the warmth of his father to fondle his tongue and he reciprocated. Daniel’s fingers continued to probe Alec’s firm buttock, the lubricated fingers moving slowly in and out of his anus. Alec rubbed his cock and balls as Daniel continued to lubricate him. Alec felt his father’s throbbing penis, kissed his lips and sucked on his tongue. Alec’s penis undulating in time with his father’s touch, both men’s cocks pressing against each other.

Alec looked deep into his father’s eyes; “take me, Dad. I’m yours.” Daniel leaned hard into his son. The boy took hold of his father and led him towards the nearby sofa. Alec sitting down and then leaning back on the sofa, he spread his legs exposing his willing anus to his father’s cock, now leaking pre-cum from the tip. Daniel mounted Alec and his glans pressed against Alec’s opening, even with the lubricant it went in uneasily. He continued to press his cock deeper into his son’s willing hole. Daniel was of average length, but it was large around. The glans was enveloped by his son’s anus. The opening closed around his father’s girth and Daniel pushed the cock deep into his son and Alec took every sexy centimeter. Daniel’s pubic forest was up against his son’s firm and smooth buttocks. Alec felt his father’s ball sack collide with his buttocks. “You like this son?” All Alec could utter was a moan as his father continued to plunge his penis into him. Daniel’s scrotum held his testicles loosely but the cock was hard and throbbing within Alec’s tight hole.

Daniel’s balls started a quick trip up the scrotal sac; he could feel the familiar sensation of his penis ready to ejaculate. The last time he did this was onto his own stomach; now he was in his own son’s ass. Daniel’s balls tight inside the scrotum and Alec recognized the look on his father’s face; he had had it himself as he masturbated. “Go ahead, Dad. Fuck me, I want you.” With that permission, something inside Daniel’s mind relaxed. With a few more thrusts the flood of semen began to flow into his son’s willing ass. Spurt after spurt went into Alec’s anus. He could feel the warmth of Daddy’s cum and Daniel could izmit sınırsız escort feel the warms of his son’s asshole.

Alec lay on the sofa, his father’s penis deep inside of him, both smiled as they enjoyed the orgasm. Daniel continued to push his, still hard penis, into Alec’s hungry butt. The stimulation kept Daniel hard. He couldn’t believe that having intercourse with his own son would keep him hard. He lowered his hands off of Alec’s knees down to his son’s penis. Tentatively he touched it, gently massaging the organ. Alec looked into his father’s eyes “it’s all yours Dad; I’ve wanted this for a long time. Daniel pressed his son’s penis up his young, firm body feeling his son’s dark pubic hair. Daniel had had fantasies of seeing son naked and regretted not being more open with his son and so many opportunities for them to be naked together. As Daniel continued to touch Alec’s firm body, his cock got harder inside his son’s body. The excitement began to build up and Daniel thrusted again and again into his son. To his amazement, he started to cum again inside his son.

Alec lay on his back, on the sofa and he enjoyed his father’s attention. He could feel the ejaculations of his father’s cock inside him. Alec, feeling the warmth of his father’s touch, began to become erect. He laid his head back, closed his eyes and began to have the fantasy of his father’s mouth and tongue sucking and licking his young cock and his ejaculating his hot cum into his father’s hungry mouth. Daniel’s hands gingerly massaged his son’s throbbing cock, running his fingers through the soft dark pubic hair that bordered and surrounded his son’s throbbing manhood. Daniel loved to feel his son’s cock; Alec enjoyed his father’s touch, too.

“Dad, it feels so good. Take it and drink it, Daddy.” Alec looked into his father’s eyes and felt that he had wanted to suck him off. “My cum is all yours, Dad.” Daniel cocked his head to the right, looked down at his son’s swollen cock head, he saw the pre-cum at the end of his son’s urethra. Daniel withdrew his cock from Alec’s hot ass and knelt down before his son, leaning over he licked his boy’s cock shaft, licking up to the throbbing glans. Daniel cleaned his son’s penis and then took the cock head into his mouth. He sucked on the penis head, licking at the glans, Alec getting even harder and more excited.

Daniel continued to suck on Alec’s hard cock and he massaged his son’s testicles and massaged them in his hand. Daniel could feel his son’s testicles getting up in his sac. Daniel took his boy’s balls into his mouth and sucked on them. He could taste the boy’s sweaty, salty skin along with his perfect testicles. Alec moaned as he began to reach the point of orgasm. “Dad, I’m going to cum; eat it up, eat all of it.” Alec pleaded. Daniel’s mouth hovered over Alec’s throbbing cock and placed his lips to the tip of his boy’s cock head. The first spurt from his cock shot up onto his tight stomach and Daniel’s mouth caught the second and successive spurts. Daniel enjoyed the taste of his boy’s semen. It was salty and hot. Daniel eyed the stream of cum on his son’s abdomen and licked it up off of his young, strong, body. Daniel licked his lips and shared what was left of his son’s ejaculate with him by kissing the boy’s lips.

Alec’s penis, still throbbing and hard, attracted Daniel’s eye. He went down on it and sucked it. Alec started to get up on his knees and pushed his throbbing cock into his father’s mouth. He was living his fantasy, his loving father sucking on his young cock. A cock he would be willing to give to Dad anytime. He thrusted his young cock into Dad’s mouth, his fantasy was all important to him and could feel another shot of cum firing out of his cock. Daniel swallowed his son’s semen. “Like it Dad?” Alec hoped his father would enjoy it. Daniel just moaned his pleasure and being with his son in this way. Daniel’s cock began to get larger. The penis stood tall and strong and Daniel lay it against his son’s cock. Alec masturbated his father’s cock. Although he had cum twice before Daniel shot another load onto his son’s bare chest. Daniel massaged the semen into his son’s chest.

“Let’s get into the shower son. We’ll get cleaned up and then go to bed.” Alec raised his head and kissed Daniel on the lips. “You can fuck me, jack me or do whatever you want to me, Dad. I’m yours.” Daniel got up and off of Alec and Alec got up off of the sofa. Daniel took hold of his son’s cock and led him to the shower. They went into the shower and Daniel turned on the water and got the temperature warm enough for them. Alec stood in front of his father, Daniel taking body wash and cleaning his son’s firm and toned body. The soap flowed down Alec’s body and he could feel his father’s cock slipping between his legs. Alec’s cock stiffened. Daniel began to masturbate his son’s cock. Although he had cum a little while before the stimulation let more semen erupt from his straining cock. Alec’s cum flowed down his cock and over his father’s soaked hand. Daniel shot another load of cum into his son’s hole. “I love you Dad.” Alec with heartfelt emotion espoused. “Son, I have dreamed of doing this with you. I never thought you’d” “Dad, I’m yours, my body is yours. Take me to your bed and do what you want to me.” Alec breathed hard. Daniel turned his son around, washed his tight butt, washing himself down and then turned the water off. He took a towel and dried his son and himself.

Alec took hold of his father’s cock. Alec moved towards his father’s bedroom, he entered and got under the covers. He lifted his buttocks up into the air and Daniel accepted his son’s invitation. Daniel’s cock thrusted Alec’s firm hole. All night the two of them enjoyed each other’s bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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