Brick Walling – The Start Ch. 05

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What a crap night out, all the girls are pulling and getting obsessed by Daisy’s little encounter the week before where she almost got herself knocked up getting nailed down an alleyway against a wall. So now I’m sitting in a cab home while Rachel is getting fucked against the same wall (yes I checked). Daisy is looking for a repeat and no-one knows where Emma has disappeared to but that was deffo a bloke she was leaving with. I shouldn’t have left Sarah behind that was a shit friend move but god I’m so annoyed at my so-called friends this week. Instead of being all about the girls, it’s been all about sex with strangers.

Doesn’t take long for me to get home in the cab and as I make my way into my tiny but cosy little flat I am so glad to get my heels off. Now that I’m a bit more comfortable I do seem to be dwelling on the images of Rachel’s that I saw when I quickly looked into the alley. She was behind one of those big bins so I could only really see the top of her head initially but given how much movement there was between her and her chap and the moans I could hear she must have been getting well fucked. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing the expression on her face was amazing she looked so out of control, so lost in the moment.

I admit it I sneaked a bit closer. Without going too close I could get an angle that allowed me to see her wrapped round her guy and to hear the noises, I wonder if she is always that loud? It was hot watching them. When she moaned “fuck me hard” I quickly left and got a taxi home.

Thinking about what I’d seen I headed to bed. I found myself tossing and turning, dreaming of Rachel getting fucked, myself being Rachel getting fucked these hot, sexy dreams would not let me sleep. I needed to get the edge off and get some sleep I knew what I had to do, quickly I moved a hand down to my pussy. Slipping a finger between my lips I slowly rubbed from top to bottom parting them I could feel how wet I was.

Those dreams had a big effect on my body. Slow was not what I needed so I moved my finger up my slit to my hard-little clit which was begging for attention. Moaning as I flicked the orgasm button harder and harder and as my body thrashed on my bed I came hard with pictures of Rachel up against the wall flooding my mind and my senses. As I drifted off to sleep I was her up against that wall.

On Sunday I checked in with all the girls using our whatsap group. Seemed that apart from me and Daisy all the others had seen some action. I think Emma was more than a bit shocked at herself she told me later, on the phone, that she had gone home with this guy, fucked him twice and then gone home to her “friend with Benefits” who apparently loved getting his sloppy seconds (though of course he didn’t know it). With Rachel and Sarah both telling us hot little tales as the week progressed I was a horny girl all week. And I think Daisy was pretty determined to up the ante as well so god only knows how mental Saturday could be.

On Wed I had a long chat with Sarah apologising to her for ditching her the previous week. “Glad you did Soph” she responded “best shag I’ve had in ages, hadn’t realised I needed it until his hands started working on my body”.

As she told me more details I couldn’t believe how hot it all sounded. Especially when she detailed how her knickers had simply been ripped off and she had been lifted and fucked hard against the wall in the club! “Oh god Soph I’ve never cum so hard, never it was so friggin hot but I almost came when he ripped my knickers off it was so sexy.”

Just listening to her had got me really worked up, I reached into my bedside drawer and pulled out my electric lover! Ahhhh sometimes a girl just must get a bit of help. Relaxing on my bed I pulled my bed shorts off and spread my legs. Switching on my dido I slipped it between my pussy lips “ahhhhhhhh,” I said out loud as the buzzing created a wonderful sensation held tight against the length of my cunt. “mmmmmmmmmmm so good,” I moaned as I held it against me. As my hips started to rotate with the buzzing sensations I moved the dildo and slide it fully inside me my hand trembled as the first shudder hit me.

“mmmmmmmmmmmm,” the delicious throbbing feeling of the dildo inside my cunt was hitting all the spots moving my other hand I cupped a tit pinching the nipple as I started to thrust the dildo in and out of myself thrusting harder and harder wishing that this was a cute guy drilling me deep with his cock. I spread my legs wider as I moved my other hand to my slit “oh god,” I moaned as the pressure built.

As a warm glow spread through my body I was flicking my clit faster and faster and pounding the buzzing dildo into the wet squelching hole of my cunt. As the pressure built I felt my orgasm hit me hard “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnggggggggg oh yes,” I cried out quite loud. Wow that was good one. Cleaning my electronic friend and putting it away I was starting to look forward to the weekend.

Heading to the club there was a real buzz of excitement almanbahis adresi among all the girls and this week I was not being a mardy mare I was totally up for it. I had gone for a killer look after talking to Rachel. An electric blue Skater dress which really showed off my body, nice and tight hugging my large breasts and falling with loose pleats to mid-thigh it showed off my legs quite nicely. Based on Daisy and Rachel’s stories I had picked a pair of knickers with spaghetti straps that I thought could be easily ripped off me if required. Ankle boots with a nice heel moved me up to a height to be easily screwed up against a wall. God the thought of it was making me horny as hell.

I think as a group we were pretty much bouncing with excitement as we go into the club and hit the bar, I could just tell that tonight was going to be off the hook, it was going to be insane if the level of excitement turned into hot sticky sexy action then that alleyway was going to be full of hot bodies groaning and moaning and fucking hard.

Having a couple of quick drinks a Jack & Coke always gives me a good quick buzz The group started a circuit of the club looking for some likely lads. A lot of the girls like the obvious rugger chaps but I prefer a artier looking hipster chap they usually focus on a girls pleasure rather than just drill you hard, but tonight, tonight I wanted to be fucked hard so I was looking for a different type of guy. As I thought about this I could feel myself getting wet just the thought of a big muscled guy drilling me hard and fast was really turning me on.

I noticed a group of lads with one guy who was seriously tall and who looked totally ripped, so not my sort but so the kind of guy I needed right now. I felt nervous as I headed over to the group. As you’d expect with a group of lads they all looked as I approached wondering who was the luck one. I walked straight up to my guy and said “hi,” and smiled at him striking a kind of hands on hip with one leg and hip jutted out trying to look provocative and sexy.

He leaned down to speak to me, he was a good foot taller than I was in my high heels. “hi yourself,” he said.

I simply reached out my hand took his and said “lets dance,” he turned towards his mates with a huge grin on his face, I get it right guys are supposed to chase the girls so it must be a huge ego boost when a girl chases you instead.

I turned back towards the group just in time to see him getting big thumbs up and of course a few obscene gestures suggesting he should fuck me! Little did they know.

As we started to dance I was looking at this chap he was simply towering over me he must have been about 6 foot 5 I’m about 5 foot 4 so he was a good foot taller than me. He was nicely formed and looked like he would be able to throw me about easily. So was pretty much what I was looking for this evening I thought.

As we danced to that first song I just wasn’t feeling it yeah he was ripped and really tall but no matter what I told myself about the type of guy I needed for the plan I just wasn’t attracted to him at all. We had a couple of dances and I thanked him and bounced off into the crowd to find any of the girls.

Rachel and Daisy were standing at the bar watching the action. I got myself a drink and wandered over.

“thought you were on to it there with that chap,” Rachel said.

“Yeah he seemed a likely target but you know what he just didn’t work for me at all, shame but you can’t help who you’re attracted to,” I replied.

Rachel and Daisy just laughed and looked at each other with a smile. I guess they were thinking that eventually I would just go screw anyone to get a taste of what the rest of them had. I wanted to but it also had to work for me as well.

We must have stood there for a good 15 or 20 minutes chatting and drinking and looking out into the crowd all of us on the prowl and all of us horny. Rachel and Daisy were keen but not gung-ho I think having had that first experience they were thinking what next and being a bit more selective. I guess I was too.

I saw Emma chatting to a chap and wondered if it was the guy she had fucked previously, she had confided in us that he totally wasn’t her type but that the sex had been incredible. She also seemed to get off on going home with a pussy full of his cum and fucking her friend with benefits so maybe she was up for round 2. However, I noticed that there was a chap just off to the side of them looked like her man had a friend with him and this guy was totally not a rugger type at all. He was tall about 6 foot, quite skinny and a bit nerdy looking with glasses (no beard which was a shame but otherwise he was pretty hot). I decided to head over.

“Hi Emma,” I said as I came over.

“Oh hi Soph, this is Graeme we met here last week.”

I shook his hand and as I did he turned to the side and said “nice to meet you this is my friend Jessie.”

I smiled at both of them and walked round Graeme to say hi to almanbahis adres Jessie.

“I’m Sophie,” I said shaking his hand.

“A pleasure,” he said with a wide smile.

“too kind,” I replied with a smile, a mock curtsey and a wink.

Now Jessie was entirely my type.

Emma and Graeme indicated they were going to dance and I thought to myself that’s the last we will see of them this evening I reckon.

I turned to Jessie smiled and said “so do you come here often?” worlds corniest line I reckoned he would love it.

Jessie laughed a nice big laugh and said “yeah all the time!” and then quickly followed up with “yeah not really to be honest not my kind of place but Graeme was really keen to come I think your friend had a lot to do with that.”

“Oh yes, I think they hit it off last week for sure.”

Jessie nodded “If what Graeme tells me is half true then yeah hit it off is one way of putting it, you fancy a drink?”

“for sure, Jack & Coke please.”

“ahhhhh a girl after my own heart,” he said raising his glass.

The club seemed a bit quieter this weekend so it didn’t take us long to get served and go looking for somewhere to sit and chat. I had decided that if there was anyone in this club I was gonna fuck tonight that this was the guy. I suspected he was probably not the alpha male type to be sexually aggressive and that I might have to be the one to kick things off.

We settled into one of the booth seats they are a snug fit for 2 people so our hips were pressed close together. As I sat down I arranged my skirt and smiled noticing Jessie taking a good look at my legs. I had chosen to not wear any leg wear so had focussed on making sure they were silky smooth, well moisturised and had a reasonable but not obvious fake tan on them. After all that effort I was glad to see him sneak a peak.

We were just chatting for a bit as you do in a club, where we sat was not too loud so we were able to talk quite easily. As we chatted I had turned towards him a bit and as I moved my skirt rode up my thighs a bit more and I saw him take a quick glance. I smiled and moved closer to him.

I could tell he was attracted to me and I had set out with a specific plan in mind this was my night and Jessie I hoped would be the guy. As we chatted I started to touch him as I talked placing a hand on his shoulder or arm, really starting to break the distance between us.

I could feel a tension rising between us and Jessie asked me the question that had obviously been on his mind perhaps holding him back “so errrrr do you have a boyfriend Sophie?”

“Nope,” I simply replied

He smiled and we both moved towards each other subtly, this was the moment as we smiled at each other I crossed the gap and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Do you want the job?” I whispered as our lips parted.

He smiled “We’ll see,” he replied

The kisses were soft and gentle at first as we shifted our position to get a bit closer to each other. I slipped an arm round his neck as he put one around my waist pulling us closer together.

As our bodies got closer and the heat started to rise between us I slipped my tongue out and pressed against Jessie’s lips. He quickly opened his mouth to me and we began to wrestle our tongues in and out of each others mouths.

The kisses were passionate, wet and frantic now. I was running my hands up his neck and running my fingers through his hair. I could feel his hand on my hip but because of where we were and the space he couldn’t really get decent access to my body.

I took the opportunity and leaned towards his ear.

“Jessie do you want to come outside with me?” I asked

He just nodded as I took his hand and we walked out of the club. Making sure we got our hands stamped so we could get back in.

Fortunately for me I had the alleyway to myself this week. I quickly moved up and into the darkness knowing full well there would be no way to disguise my moans if this proved to be as good as I hoped it would be.

I turned towards Jessie. I could tell he was confused but in his eyes I could see that lust, he was also hopeful that this was going to allow him to get his rocks off.

As it became clear to Jessie that we were stopping here, he took my other hand put both of them around my neck and closed the distance between us. As our bodies were pressed against each other for the first time I could feel his growing cock pressing against me and feel the heat starting to pool in my pussy.

Jessie put one arm around me to pull me close and ran his other hand up my back and tangled it into my hair. With a gentle tug, he pulled my head back and started to trail kisses down my neck.

I tangled my fingers in his hair as he did this and as his kisses reached the hollow above my collar bone he hit a spot and I let out a soft moan “oooooooooohhhhhhh.”

As I was wearing a dress he couldn’t kiss much further down without trying to remove clothing, as almanbahis adres he realised this he moved back towards my ear and as his tongue licked around my ear lobe I pulled him close crushing us together.

I hooked a leg around him as we moved against each other allowing me to grind my groin against him starting to build the pressure I needed.

Now the other girls all loved the frantic nature of being in public and taken but I’ve always liked to take my time and Jessie was totally taking his time working me up.

As he kissed along my jaw line he slide a hand slowly ever so slowly up from my hip caressing every inch of my body as his hand travelled the short distance. His fingers gently created ripples of pleasure as his hand moved and the anticipation of him getting to my breast was causing my breathing to deepen and become more erratic as I urged his hand upwards.

Finally after what felt like an age his hand moved over my breast caressing it from bottom to top, gently cupping the orb with a now painfully erect nipple. His hand was gentle as he started to massage the warm soft flesh of my breast. As his hand finally pressed against my erect nipple my head moved backwards and I moaned long and low into the air my first real moan of sexual ecstasy of the night “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss.”

As he started to work my tit through the thing fabric of my dress and the sheer bra I was wearing I ran my hands down his back and under his shirt for the first time, causing him to shiver slightly as the cool air hit his skin followed by my finger tips and manicured nails. Jessie grunted as I slightly racked my nails across his lower back.

It was my turn to moan next as again slowly I felt his other hand travel up my back, find the zipper to my dress and slowly start to pull it down. The deliberate slowness of his actions allowed me time to stop him and when I didn’t each deliberate action sent a thrill through me as I felt myself getting more and more turned on.

I knew what was coming next Jessie moved his hand off my breast and moved up to the top of my dress and again slowly started to lower it down to reveal my shoulders, breasts and rib cage to his eyes.

He murmured “so beautiful,” as he moved his hand back to my breast and slipped it inside the cup of my Bra.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned again as he massaged the flesh directly now and could properly work my nipple. Pulling the bra strap off my shoulder he bent down and I hissed “oh yeeesssss,” as he captured my nipple in his mouth and with licks and nips started to really make my body vibrate with the need to cum.

He was so slow so deliberate working my body into a state of hyper feelings. Where his mouth touched, me I moaned as his hands explored me I moved to let him feel exactly where he wanted to.

As he freed my other breast and attacked it with his mouth I sighed as I felt his hand slide down my rib cage, over my still mainly clothed stomach and down over the top of my dress and down my thigh until he got to the hem of my dress.

This time he didn’t stop we both knew he already had permission as his hand started to slide up my thigh underneath my dress I stood down on both of my high heels and bracing myself against the wall I spread my legs as his hand slide deliciously up my inner thigh. His fingertips traced the slopes of my inner thigh and he lifted his head from my tits looked me straight in the eye as his fingers closed the final gap and traced across my damp, swollen pussy lips.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned as his fingers brushed against me sending shivers through my whole body and causing the breath to catch in the back of my throat. His fingers sent delicious feelings through me as he moved my knickers to one side and slowly as he did everything ran 2 fingers through my gushing, moist and quivering slit.

“OH Yes,” I moaned as his fingers started to build up the pace. “That’s it Jessie, yes right there,” I panted.

His fingers found my clit and my head flew back as he quickly, for once, dropped his other hand down and as one hand focussed on my clit he plunged 2, then 3 fingers of his other hand into my aching pussy.

“Yes, oh god yes,” I screamed as his fingers worked on me.

As he moved quickly on my clit and finger fucking me I felt my body tense and explode as a powerful orgasm ripped through me clamping my pussy around his fingers as wave after wave of delicious orgasmic release throbbed through my entire body.

“Mmmmmnnnnnggggg,” I grunted as the orgasm hit me, throwing my head back I was incapable of speech or of moaning as my orgasm hit me.

I felt his finger leave my pussy and Jessie stood back as I came down from my orgasm. I heard a zipper and Jessie moved back towards me.

I was breathing heavily and could hear his breath becoming more ragged as he crushed our bodies together and kissed me hard. I could feel his cock slide against my thigh. I wanted him in me, no I needed him in me and I reached down and took hold of his cock.

I whispered in his ear “Pick me up and fuck me, fuck me hard.”

He groaned as I said it and as he put his arms round my waist, I slipped my arms around his neck and we moved together to sandwich my body against his and the wall.

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