Brittany’s Baleful Game

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This is my entry into the “Halloween Story Contest.” Please note that all characters in this story are all over 18 years of age. Please rate and vote on this story at the end. All comments are requested.


Chad was making his way down the hallway when—

“Hey, Dad!” his daughter suddenly jumped in front of him, having been in wait.

“Hey, Brittany,” he returned her surprise greeting, though not as enthusiastically, after recomposing himself.

Giggling, the girl asked, “Did I scare you?”

“No, you just leapt out of nowhere—”

“That reminds me,” her words became soft and she stood with her shoulders up, holding her hands at her chest, where her father knew already that she wanted something. “You know how Halloween is coming up?”

“Yeah, it’s only a few days from now. Why?”

“Daddy…!” the strawberry blonde begged, batting her eyelashes and tilting her head to the side.

“What do you want, Brittany?” he hoped it wasn’t to see a boy.

“Well, I was just thinking,” she looked to the floor, kicking her shoe leisurely across the carpet, “that… since Halloween is coming up, and I have nothing to do, and my friends have nothing to do, that we should…” the eighteen year old spoke swiftly as she added, “I don’t know, maybe have a party.”

“A party?” the single parent thought it over. “I don’t know, Brit. When would this be, and who would chaperone it?”

“I was thinking here… tomorrow night? And we’d totally be okay by ourselves, I promise.”

Chad guffawed at his daughter’s attempt to go wild with her high school hooligans at his household unsupervised. “No, I don’t think so, sweetheart, but maybe in another year, when you’re an adult. Plus, you know my friend is throwing his Halloween party tomorrow—”

“What don’t you like about it, then, huh?” she got close and touched his hand, trying to win his favor. “Is it the time, the place, or is it because no one would be here to watch us, because, if you’re worried about that last thing, why don’t you host the party? See, then, problem solved.”

“Uh…” the dark haired man really didn’t want to miss out on his friend’s locally famous costume party, but he gave in. “Okay, okay, fine, but no drinking, a minimum number of boys, and you and your friends have to be under my watch the entire night, got it?”

“Thank you, Daddy!” Brittany sprung forward to hug her father, laying kisses at his cheeks. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…! This is going to be the best Halloween ever!”

“I don’t know about that, but shouldn’t you be heading off for school by now?” he pretended to check his watch.

“Hey, I hope that’s not who you’re dressing up as, because you’re a terrible joker. I just got off school, silly.”

“Hah, it’s not like you’re any better. You definitely take after me there.”

Sprinting off to her room, the excited teen shouted, “I have to go call Sarah!”

“Hey, no running in the house, young lady,” Chad scolded.

“Sorry, Dad…”

The following day, Brittany invited her friends over. They would all come in themed dress for the holiday, and this gave Chad himself the opportunity not to let his own costume go to waste. He’d be the Incredible Hulk, which he was muscular enough to pull off, using a shredded pair of jeans as the shorts, and then green body paint to complete the ensemble. However, the stuff took so long to put on, but after getting a third of the way through, there was no turning back. After what seemed like forever, the single father becoming nervous as he already heard music and commotion coming from downstairs, he was finished and went down to serve as their responsible overseer.

“Wow, Brittany’s dad, I didn’t know you were so swoll,” exclaimed a fair, ivory-blonde teenager upon his arrival, who wore a white dress and had her hair tied back in a single braid.

“Hey, Kate,” he gave his salutations to one of his daughter’s closest friends. “Uh, I have no idea what the hell you just said, but thanks, I think. Who are you supposed to be?”

“I’m Elsa,” she announced. “…You know, from Frozen.”

“Oh, right,” the man now recognized it, though didn’t quite remember the corset, lingerie, or garter from the movie. “Would you know where I can find my daughter?” he then inquired, observing the sea of mingling teens filling his house.

“Just look for a red dress,” the chaperone was told.

Keeping this in mind, Chad went to the punch bowl, figuring this spot to be a good place to scout the area from. Since he was shirtless, not to mention single, in a room full of young girls, he almost felt like a pervert. This feeling subsided when he was relieved that the female to male ratio was in his favor, lest any fishy business happen under his nose. He couldn’t, however, see his kin anywhere. On top of that, the partyers who would’ve otherwise been familiar weren’t, for a lot of them wore masks or found other ways to masquerade their obvious identities.

A smiling Princess Jasmine Giresun Escort approached, an olive skinned, midnight haired beauty in a curve-fitting blue dress, saying, “Damn, Mister B, do you mind being swollested? Because… damn!”

“Sarah, don’t swear or I’ll tell your mother,” she was warned. “But what’s with this ‘swoll’ shit that I keep hearing about?”

“It means you’re shredded, man, like totally jacked—swag. How many times do you hit the gym? I mean, you obviously lift.”

“…Regularly,” the dark haired man stared blankly at the teen girl and her bizarre antics. “Do you know where—”

“That’s pretty legit, B-man. I gym it regularly myself, can you tell? Maybe I don’t pump the iron like you can, but I stay fit.” With that, she presented her body, striking a pose, though the gentleman, much older than she, diverted his eyes.

“Uh, that’s nice… S-girl, but I’m looking for Brittany.”

“But I thought we were having a conversation?” the raven-headed princess crossed her arms.

“If we were, Sarah, I honestly didn’t understand any of it,” he confessed, confused by the estranged generation he found himself amidst.

“Whatever, she’s over there.”

In the direction he was pointed towards, he saw the radiant, sun-kissed complexion of his daughter in between passing bodies. Making his way through the crowd of high school students, he caught a glimpse of her outfit. She’d red lips, a red dress, and red pumps, holding a similarly colored plastic cup of punch, with white stockings adorning her long, slender legs. Chad knew immediately that the strawberry blonde personified Jessica Rabbit, but he was disconcerted. His disconcertion was firstly prompted by the provocativeness of her costume, knowing that, or at least back in his day, she’d be described as ‘fuck-able’, and that bothered him. Secondly, he finally reached the epiphany that… there wasn’t a single boy at this party. This left him in a bit of a crisis, because, if his daughter was provocatively dressed, though there weren’t any potential threats to take advantage of this, was it wrong?

“Brittany,” he addressed her by name once he reached the girl in question.

“Hey, Daddy, you’re—”

“If you say ‘swoll’, you’re grounded… Uh, just kidding,” was quickly added.

“No, what I was going to say is that… you’re the Incredible Hulk!”

“Oh, right, yeah. And you’re—”

“I’m Jessica Rabbit!”

“But don’t you think that,” if Chad had a collar, he’d have been loosening it, “it’s… well, a little revealing?” He coughed, put off by the fact he could see his baby girl’s DD-cup bust perfectly due to her cleavage, and way too much leg, almost even ass, from the slits in the sides of her attire.

“Silly Daddy, there aren’t any boys here. What’s there for you to worry about, then? It’s a good costume, and I’ve been thinking about dressing up as Mrs. Rabbit for Halloween all year, or at least ever since I re-watched the movie. Don’t you think I look good?” Just like Sarah had done, she put herself on display, and it made the single parent indescribably uncomfortable.

“No comment, but why didn’t you invite any of your male friends? Not that I’m complaining, I mean, it’s just… peculiar.”

“We don’t need boys to have fun!”

“…What does that mean? Brit, this isn’t your way of coming out, is it?”

“Ew, Dad, don’t be gross. I’m not gay, god…!”

“Well, that’s good. Uh, not that there’s a problem with being gay, I just—”

Deadpan, Brittany assured him with, “I’m not.” She then became oddly giddy, asking, “Hey, do you want to hear something weird?”

“Is it weirder than Sarah saying ‘swag’ and ‘swollesting’ me, whatever that means?”

“So, my friends made this bet to see who has the biggest girl-balls. Can you take a guess what they have to do?”

“…Girl-balls? And, uh, no, I can’t say I have the faintest clue,” the green man was scratching his head.

“Whoever can flash more skin to the boys at this party wins. Kate was all, ‘I’m going to win because I’ll just take out my tits’, but Sarah told her, ‘Except no one wants to see your B-cups, so you’d have to show them your vagina’. Then, I was like—”

“But, Brittany, I’m the only male here…” Chad’s heart was pounding so hard that he couldn’t even get on his daughter’s case about her vulgarity. “Your friends aren’t actually doing this bet, though, right?”

“No, it’s still going on. That’s what I was getting to, but you rudely interrupted me. I was just trying to warn you, but you—”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry, Brit. But, uh, finish the rest of your story, then.”

“Alright… I was like, ‘Sarah, don’t be an idiot, Kate’s boobs are totally Cs, and there’s no way we can do this since my dad’s the only guy going to be attending’.”

“Wait, wait, wait a second, missy. What do you mean by ‘we’?” somehow the protective father just knew his daughter was in on these risqué shenanigans.

“Daddy, why would you want the size of your little Giresun Escort Bayan girl’s girl-balls questioned? Of course I couldn’t let them make a fool out of me, so I’d be doing it, too.”

“We’re going to have a talk about this later,” he asserted. “But I’m glad you talked them out of it. That would’ve been… well, just as you said, weird.”

To his horror, the strawberry blonde clarified, “No, Daddy, that’s why I said I was warning you. You know, I have to give you a heads up that my girlfriends are going to be seeing who can get the farthest with you.”

“…Brit, there’s an incredible difference between flashing and trying to ‘get the farthest’ with someone.”

“Yeah, I know, but you keep interrupting me…! God, Dad, you never let me talk—”

“Please, Brittany, just skip to the end and tell me what’s going on.”

“Kate was all, ‘You’re already out, then, Brit, because you can’t flash your dad, so you lose by forfeit. But I was like, ‘No, I have no problems with showing him my tits, but only because I know he’s not going to try to perv on me. I mean, he’ll ground me, but I’ll win by default because I’ll be showing my own father my breasts, and that’s way crazier than even if you fucked him’. Sarah, pissed off, told us, ‘Fine, then, the bet is who can get the farthest with Brittany’s dad, but I know I’ll win because he’ll butt-fuck me, and there’s no way you’ll sleep with your dad, so, again, you’re out, Brit’. That’s why we aren’t talking to each other right now, because we’re all trying to win the bet and are temporarily enemies until we know whose girl-balls are the biggest.”

“…What in the hell is going on?” the dumbstruck man wondered if he was currently having a fever dream.

“Don’t worry, Daddy, you have nothing to worry about,” he was assured. “They don’t have the girl-balls to try anything with you, so I already win.”

He knew he was going to regret asking, but he did. “How are you already going to win—”

Immediately, his daughter pulled down the top of her dress. Before he realized she’d even done it, he was staring at her bare, exposed DDs, which were as perfectly and lightly tanned as the rest of her sun-kissed body. He couldn’t look away, yet only because he was so flabbergasted that his own flesh and blood would try something that was… well, blatantly incestuous. After several seconds of exhibiting herself in clear view of everyone else, Brittany fixed her vesture. A large smile was upon her face, and that was perhaps the worst of all. Luckily, however, it was so brief, and the only people who knew to be looking in their direction were in on it.

“I already know I’m grounded, Daddy, but I’m going to go rub it in,” the girl outfitted as Jessica Rabbit exclaimed before walking away.

Needing a drink, Chad staggered over to the punch bowl. He’d almost forgotten that it wasn’t alcoholic, which he cursed before acknowledging that it was ultimately a good thing, since sugar was still a profound drug for some of these high school kids. Although, to his dismay, there awaited Princess Jasmine.

“Oh my god, she really did it,” Sarah gasped. “What a crazy bitch!”

“Hey, don’t call my daughter a bitch…” but the father wondered if she’d gone crazy, or if he had.

“Fuckin’ mother-fucks, I had money going on this shit. This is the total opposite of swag right now!”

“Sarah, your mother is going to hear about this,” the chaperone threatened.

“Yolo,” the girl exclaimed before lifting up her blue gown, showcasing her shaven, nubile pussy to her friend’s dad. “Except,” she dropped it back down the instant Chad’s gaze was transfixed, “that’s not going to be enough. Yeah, it’s weird that I showed you my cunt, but showing your tits to a family member is way, way worse. Hey,” she advanced, causing the man to withdraw, “have you ever fucked young, teen asshole before, Mister B?”

“Everyone!” the music was shut off and the Incredible Hulk stood up on a chair to get the attention of the attendees. “I know you were all probably having a lot of fun, but the party’s over.”

“Aw,” the crowd sighed disappointedly in unison.

But this was the end of the road, so everyone was dismissed. Each room was emptied and parents were called until every female was sent packing. It took nearly thirty minutes to ensure everybody was gone, though they finally were… with the exclusion of Brittany, Kate, and Sarah, of course. They were sat down, where they looked to the floor, knowing they were in a lot of trouble. No, it was beyond mere trouble, and the incoming punishments were inconceivable.

“…Hah,” the strawberry blonde finally laughed to herself, “I have the biggest girl-balls.”

“No,” Chad affirmed, “there isn’t a winner here. Whatever this game was, it’s over, and you’re losers, each of you. Honestly, what did you expect to accomplish with this?”

“Brittany’s dad, it was totally Sarah,” Kate fell to her knees and groveled before the adult. “She pressured us into Escort Giresun it. I know your daughter did some stuff, but it was only because Sarah’s a massive bitch-whore.”

“Hey, fuck you, Kate. Fuck you and your B-cup tits!” the accused teen shot back in her own defense.

“They’re Cs, you tramp—”

“Enough of this fighting, girls, you’re equally to blame,” Chad, still green of skin, prevented a potential cat fight. “You’re going to need a damn good explanation to get out of this one, if you even can.”

“Do you want to know the truth, then, Dad?”

“Yes, now!”

“We have vaginas…”

“…What?” the single father was aghast from his offspring’s response.

“You wanted to know the truth, so that’s it. We have vaginas, are horny and hormonal, and it’s hard to think when you’re so boy-crazy, so we didn’t think at all.”

“…Swag,” Sarah added to the end of Brittany’s eccentric honesty.

“Don’t tell my mom,” Kate sobbed. “Please, please, please, I can’t get grounded again. She’ll take away my tumblr!”

“I already knew I’d be in a lot of trouble,” Jessica Rabbit went on, “but—”

“It’s no use, Brit. He’s already sunk our battle ships. It’s time for operation Kate’s boobs, also known as plan B… Hah, see what I did there?”

Once Princess Jasmine had verbally vomited out this ridiculous nonsense, each girl lifted their dresses in sequence. Chad recoiled, for his daughter and two friends shamelessly presented their vulvas for him to see in plain view. They were perfectly smooth, with the exception of the somewhat stubbly Elsa, though who was, just as they, hairless. It was alarming, because the teenagers were trying to tempt him, and he feared that it may have been working. He scanned what was on offer, his mouth salivating, swallowing hard, before knowing that the middle girl was the most appetizing by far… where he glanced up to look the red dressed girl in the eye.

“Daddy,” she pleaded, “I think it would be more of a punishment if you gave us what we were after. I mean, judging from that enormous bulge in your shorts, we’d be sorrier if you fucked us than if we were grounded.”

“Yeah, Mister B, turning my butt inside out and making me walk funny would be way worse than my mom not giving a shit about anything I say or do,” Sarah chimed in.

“Mine would spank me,” the fairer of the blondes confessed, “and… I’m a virgin.”

“But,” the sun-kissed girl stood, still raising her outfit to reveal her teenage cunny, wetness visibly staining her inner thighs, “you’ll have to fuck me first.”

Chad’s head was throbbing, as was his erection, of which he couldn’t conceal from the three high school students, so he surrendered. “You’re making it too difficult to refuse, so… okay.”

As his daughter undid his torn trousers, Kate and Sarah were rigorously high-fiving each other, triumphant and bubbly from getting their way. His titanic shaft fell from its resting place, only for red lipped kisses to tenderly decorate his tip and first few inches. In the depths of Chad’s mind, he always wondered what Brittany would be like, but now it was real, not just a suppressed, buried away curiosity. However, her interest in fellating him was short lived, since the strawberry blonde wanted only to ensure that he’d reached maximum hardness, which he had. After some obligatory head bobbing upon his glans, her lipstick leaving smears—his own daughter’s lipstick, to be precise—where she teased him with her tongue, she got up from her knees and, seating him in the chair she’d been sitting in herself, was desperate to use her tightness as a sheath for her daddy’s prick, aching to ride it.

Jessica Rabbit put the underside of his organ against her cunt and grinded. With her hand, she held it firmly between her parted labia, kissing him with her pussy lips, directing his throbs into her vulva. Chad’s dick was so sopping in her juices, where Kate had climbed upon his face. Because the table for the punch was behind where the man sat, the ivory haired teen reached forward and seized the sturdy furniture for support, resting her virginal hole at his mouth, her knees at his shoulders and legs down his chest. However, when Brittany threatened penetration, and as the three girls’ chaperone became stuporous from lapping desperately at Elsa’s twat, a jealous Jasmine spoke up.

“Hey, what about me…? I want to get eaten out, too!”

Thinking over how it’d work for a moment, they repositioned themselves on the floor. With Chad lying down, his daughter squatting over his groin, Kate and Sarah were knelt to the left and right of his head. They put their pelvises together, clitorises touching, and let their friend’s father alternate between sucking and squelching both nubile offerings. He tongued their clitoral hoods, suckled their vaginal lips, and rimmed his pink organ around their thresholds. When he temporarily ignored one for the other, the awaiting party grated herself against her peer’s pussy, desperate to get off. All he could think about was how the raven haired beauty had showed her snatch to him before, about how he never thought in a million years that he’d have a mouthful of it, or that he’d know the delicious flavor of its fresh succulence. Something similar could be said about his daughter, who—

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