Bucket List Dream

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I didn’t expect what had happened. I certainly didn’t plan it.

“It’s every guy’s wet dream,” Sandra, my wife remarked afterward.

I smirked. There wasn’t any other response that I could offer.

“I guess you just checked off one of your bucket list items,” Sandra continued.

“Bucket list!” I thought. A light bulb went off in my head.

I didn’t plan what happened at first, but I absolutely planned what happened after that … sort of.


It was early in our week-long vacation at our favorite Caribbean, clothing-optional, adults-only resort for couples. Most guests spent the day enjoying the pool and/or beach completely naked. At night, things heated up as people dressed in their sexiest, most revealing outfits to party and dance until the early morning.

The resort was a special place that catered to the sexually adventurous and the most unique feature was that it allowed – and even encouraged – open sexual behavior among the guests. Whether at the roof-top Jacuzzi lounge or in the “Sin Room” behind the disco, guests could – and did – engage in public sex with each other. Many at the resort were “lifestylers” (aka swingers). But none were pushy about it, and respected those couples – like us – who preferred to remain monogamous.

Although Sandra and I were not into swinging, we loved the friendly and erotic atmosphere. We also found that we enjoyed the voyeurism and exhibitionism that were part of being there. On our first trip to the resort, we felt completely comfortable hanging out naked in the packed hot tub, brushing skin-to-skin with others. We enjoyed how sensual it was to openly watch couples have sex in public. It wasn’t very long before we had passionate sex in the open-air beds located around the periphery of the Jacuzzi lounge. It was fun and freeing displaying our physical connection with each other, but we never considered engaging with anyone else

During subsequent visits to the resort, we had grown progressively bolder in our behavior. Casual arms around each others’ waists had progressed to unconcealed caresses, and me occasionally stroking her nipples, or her stroking my cock. Sandra, especially, had become more forward.

During our first visit, she had hung back, and only watched when politely invited to do “body shots” (sucking Tequila or some other alcohol off of another person’s skin). By our second visit, she was not only participating in body shots, but actively initiating them. She’d lay herself out naked on top of the bar while both men and women slurped the drink of the day off of her nipples, out of her belly button, or from between her legs. It was always accompanied by howls of laughter and the theatrical moans of the participants, but it never went any further than that.

We had also become somewhat more sexually open with others. There had been many shared dinners with our new swinger friends, in which we had openly discussed very intimate details of our sexual life and proclivities. Chaste hugs and pecks on the cheek had developed into open-mouthed kisses with plenty of tongue and deliberate, but restrained, caressing. There had been plenty of flattering offers to “play” with others, but we’d always politely turned them down and kept our bodies to ourselves. It was sexy, stimulating and fun – and very monogamous.


It was about four-o’clock in the afternoon – happy hour at the Jacuzzi lounge. Hordes of people were crammed into the hot tub (really a small, heated swimming pool with anemic jets) to drink and socialize. Sandra and I were talking and laughing with our friends while the music pumped loudly from the speakers. There were at least fifty to sixty people in the water. Most were crowded around the swim-up bar. I was sitting on a submerged barstool, leaning forward on my elbows and waiting for the bartender, while Sandra chatted with a group about ten feet away. I could see her gorgeous 34 DD breasts floating enticingly in the water as she laughed and joked. The lusty stares from both men and women were obvious to me, but I think less so to Sandra. My back was to the rest of the hot tub. I felt soft, warm flesh against my naked butt.

“You don’t mind sharing do you?” Jada asked as she sat down and pressed herself against my back.

Jada was a voluptuous, dark-skinned beauty. She was quick-witted and we had spent quite a bit of time talking with her on this trip. She was fun and very sensual.

“Of course not,” I replied, snuggling back against her. I had become comfortable with that kind of physical familiarity. The inevitable flirting was playful, but I knew it would not go any further.

“So what are you getting me?” Jada asked, tilting her head back onto my shoulder, exposing her soft neck.

“Whatever you want,” I replied, deliberately amping up the teasing.

“Really?” she said with a raised eyebrow.

I finally got the busy bartender’s attention and ordered a double gin and tonic for myself and whatever the fruity, gaziantep bayan escort powerful drink of the day was for Jada. I spun around on the barstool so that we were sitting side-by-side on the small seat. Our legs were pressed against each other, and I could feel the warmth of her smooth skin against mine.

“She really is quite beautiful, isn’t she?” Jada said, nodding her head toward Sandra. It was more of a statement than a question.

I nodded and took a big swallow of my drink, enjoying the cold burn of the gin. “Yes,” I thought to myself. “She is amazing.”

Sandra glanced over at me mid-conversation, eyes ablaze with energy and mirth. She knowingly looked deep in my eyes as we shared our profound and unbreakable connection with each other.

“You both are very lucky to have found each other,” Jada continued.

I didn’t think anything of it when Jada laid her free hand on the top of my thigh. That kind of physical liberty had become commonplace for us at the resort. When she began gently stroking my skin, it also seemed quite natural and innocent. She pressed herself harder against me.

“I have been very lucky,” I said. Not wanting the conversation to get too heavy, I added, “And I’m going to get lucky tonight, I hope.” I took another big swig from my drink.

Jada and I both laughed at my deliberate double entendre. I felt her hand slide toward the inside of my thigh, just above the knee. She gently caressed me as we continued our chat.

Before coming on this trip, Sandra and I had discussed how we felt about being sexual with others. On our first trip to the resort, we agreed that we would never have any kind of sex with anyone else, even though we knew that the resort catered to swingers. But as we spent more time at the resort, we learned how lifestylers felt about sex and intimacy.

To a person, everyone that we spoke with was very deeply and emotionally attached to their mates, but enjoyed sharing sex with others. Rather than dividing them, shared sex seemed to strengthen the connections they had with each other. As one person said, “Sex and romance are not the same thing.” It was an eye-opening realization for Sandra and me, and we were coming to appreciate the truth of that perspective.

We had talked a lot about the possibility of our being physical with others – “soft swapping” as some called it. By the time this trip had begun we were more open to that idea, but not ready to do anything about it, much less actively pursue anything. In the end, we agreed that should the situation arise, we might seriously consider swapping, but that there would some absolute lines that we wouldn’t cross. “Yeah, like anything might actually happen,” we joked.

I shifted around on the barstool and rubbed my leg against Jada’s.

“Mmmmm,” she purred and slid her hand further up my leg.

I made some other small talk with her, continuing to joke and flirt, confident that it was all in good fun and limited to teasing. Her eyes gleamed over the rim of her glass as she took a sip of her drink. She rotated slightly toward me and deliberately pressed her full breast against my arm. Her hand slid further up my leg, just short of my hairless balls.

I glanced over at Sandra, wondering if she could see what was going on. She was engrossed in conversation, but looked at me and smiled. She laughed, and in that sound I heard her silent approval for whatever might happen between Jada and me.

I spread my legs just a tad wider so that Jada could more easily stroke the inside of my thigh. I smiled at her, but had no idea what might happen next. Under the surface of the water, Jada slid her hand all the way up the inside of my thigh and cupped my balls in her palm. I inhaled sharply at her touch.

“Mmmmm,” she purred again as she nonchalantly took a drink from her glass.

She ran her fingers up and down my sac, deliciously rolling each testicle between her fingers. The sensation was marvelous, and heightened by the fact that it was going on secretly, but in public, out of sight, just below the water.

Jada stopped what she was doing and took another sip of her cocktail with both hands wrapped around her glass. I was sure that her tease had come to an end and she was about to drift off across the hot tub to find a real swinger that she could engage with. She turned away from me, sliding part way off the barstool.

Instead of leaving, she put her glass down on the bar, so that both of her hands were free, and then turned back to me. “I think a little bit of pain makes things better, don’t you?” Jada cooed in my ear. Her fingernails raked sharply up the inside of my thighs and over my balls right before she grasped my semi-rigid cock in her hand.

I almost dropped my drink in the water. I’m sure that I moaned out loud as Jada began to jack my growing cock.

“Oooh. It gets quite big,” she rasped as my member grew harder and harder under her attention. “I like that.” She kept stroking me.

Up until this point, everything had been surreptitious, hidden from view, submerged under the water. But as Jada rubbed me, and my cock grew bigger and harder, it thrust above the surface, in plain view. That didn’t stop her, or even slow her down. In fact, the openness of her act, and my response to her attention, seemed to urge her on.

She stroked me harder, adding twisting motions, pulling more firmly on my cock. I tensed my whole body more and more in response to her actions. Before long, I wasn’t able to sit on the barstool. I rose to a semi-standing position, leaning backward along the edge of the bar. My crotch and throbbing pole, with Jada’s hand wrapped around it, was now clearly visible above the waterline. There was no hiding what was going on.

“That feels so nice. Nice and hard,” she intoned louder than before, almost as if talking to those around us.

I groaned and rolled my eyes back, luxuriating in her touch. Someone took the drink out of my hand and set it on the counter behind me so that I didn’t spill it. I glanced over in Sandra’s direction, anxious to see if she was okay with what Jada was doing, but I couldn’t see her. The next moment, my vision completely blurred as Jada slid her mouth down over my pulsing rod.

I could feel the slick, bumpy roof of her mouth rub over the head of my cock as she pulled me deeper and deeper into her. True to her word about liking to add little bit of pain to pleasure, Jada scratched her nails over my sac before aggressively clenching my balls between her fingers. The sensation was incredible. I arched my back further and spread my legs wider.

She swirled her tongue down the length of my shaft and pulled the skin over my member tight with her other hand as her lips moved inexorably closer to the base of my aching cock. After what felt like an endless journey into her tight, warm mouth, the bulb of my swollen cock nestled against the back of her throat.

I expected her to back off, to keep herself from gagging. Instead, she slid one hand down away from my sac, past my perineum, pressing and probing along the way until she cupped my butt cheek in her hand. Her other was wrapped firmly around the base of my cock. She pulled on my hard pole with one hand and pushed my butt up toward her with the other until she forced my pulsing, rigid pole even further down her throat.

Past the beat of my pulse pounding in my ears, I thought, “Holy shit, she’s actually swallowing my dick!” I felt the undulations of her throat muscles on my swollen cockhead as she swallowed, sending new jolts of pleasure through me. I was so lost in Jada’s blowjob that it was a minute before I realized that there was a second pair of hands on me, stroking my thigh.

Elaine was a lively lady about the same age as most of us. “Loud and proud” were the words that came to mind when I thought of her. She was smart and smart-mouthed, quick to tease, and as ready to serve out a wry and sassy comment as she was to receive it. She could buoy any gathering merely with her presence. I was about to find out just how much she was going to liven up the “party” that Jada was giving me.

“I want some,” Elaine said as she ran her hands up the inside of my thigh.

Jada slowly extracted my swollen cock from her mouth and leaned away from me. She looked at Elaine, smiled, and then kissed her deeply, swirling her tongue around Elaine’s. She kept a firm grip on my now aching member, but tipped it toward Elaine, as they stopped kissing, wordlessly inviting her to partake of my throbbing dick.

Elaine didn’t need to be asked twice. In a flash she grabbed a hold of me, trapping Jada’s hand between hers and my hard flesh. The next thing I felt was Elaine’s tongue running down the underside of my rigid pole as both she and Jada held it tightly. She didn’t stop until her mouth reached my balls where she sucked first one then the other into her mouth, filling herself with my laden orbs.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned.

I could feel the vibrations from her lips radiate up from my scrotum. Jada stared into my eyes, studying me, and judging my response to Elaine’s oral attention. It was as if she was trying to figure out what to next with me, and how to top what Elaine was doing. I didn’t have any time to think any more about that (not that I was capable of much higher brain function at that point) before Jada began to drop her mouth back down onto my rigid cock.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement next to my left shoulder. Jada stopped and turned.

“Are you okay with this?” I heard her ask.

Sandra was standing right next to me. Because the two of us had talked about this, about sharing our bodies sexually with others, and because we’d shared that brief look, I was pretty sure that Sandra would give Jada her assent. But we’d only talked about it in the abstract. At that moment, we were right in the middle of the reality of it. I desperately wanted Sandra’s approval. More importantly, I needed her to be emotionally secure with what was happening. I held my breath.

“Hell yes!” Sandra practically shouted.

Whoosh. I exhaled with relief.

Jada smiled and touched Sandra gently on her shoulder as if thanking her. Then she turned back to me and picked up where she had left off. She dropped her head and re-swallowed my aching cock.

While Elaine continued to suck each of my balls in and out of her mouth, Jada began bouncing her mouth up and down the length of my straining, throbbing pole. With one hand she jacked my cock in time with each of her head bobs, and with the other she alternately pinched my nipples and raked my chest with her nails. It was as if Sandra’s permission had lit a fire in Jada. Each time she pulled me into her mouth, my cock seemed to go deeper and deeper. I could feel the back of her throat pushing hard against my swollen cockhead, and the pulsations of her throat muscles massaging me as she deliberately swallowed again and again.

I looked down and saw the top of Jada’s and Elaine’s heads between my legs. My mind reeled. I couldn’t believe that I was getting a very public blowjob not just from one beautiful person, but two at the same time. It was something that I’d only read about in stories and never dreamed might ever happen to me.

Jada lifted her head off my cock and smiled up at me as she caught her breath. Elaine took advantage of Jada’s pause and grabbed my cock with both hands.

“Mine!” she said greedily as she ran her fingers up and down the length of my now visibly throbbing rod.

I moaned again.

Elaine must have had a competitive side, and it came out in that moment. She practically attacked my cock. Clearly not wanting to be outdone by Jada, Elaine lost no time in burying my dick into her mouth. She didn’t force me as deep into her as Jada had. Instead she swirled her tongue up and down the full length of me while sucking vigorously, drawing more blood into my already swollen member. If possible, it felt like I got even bigger and harder. It was a totally different sensation than what I’d just experienced under Jada’s focus, but equally as wonderfully intense.

I looked over my shoulder at Sandra. She was grinning like mad, obviously enjoying what she was seeing. I could see her knuckles whiten as she gripped her glass tightly, staring at what Jada and Elaine were doing. Her mouth hung slightly open, and her pupils were widely dilated. Sandra looked directly in my eyes, and I knew not only that she was okay with what was happening, but that she was turned on by it. My mind went into overdrive at that realization, and I groaned uncontrollably.

Jada and Elaine took turns licking and sucking on my cock. Each had their hands in various locations on me, stroking my chest and thighs, and massaging, caressing and pinching my balls and nipples. The myriad of sensations was incredible, and I moaned loudly, out of control. I didn’t care what anyone around me heard or saw.

“Don’t grit your teeth,” one woman said. She was standing nearby, simply watching the action.

“Looks like you’re in pain,” another person laughed, referring to the grimace of ecstasy that I knew was on my face.

I don’t know how long it lasted, but I wanted them to keep on going. In what seemed like a few minutes, Elaine gave my cock one last tug with her hands and mouth before stopping to look up at me.

“Your cock is really beautiful,” she said.

If I had more blood flowing to my brain, I would have responded with something clever. Instead, I just stammered out a weak “thank you” before she stood up and drifted away across the hot tub.

Jada slowed her pace somewhat, but didn’t stop. She continued to lave my cock and balls with her mouth and tongue, and resumed her delivery of painful pleasure by scuffing her nails along the soft skin of my scrotum and perineum. I was surprised to feel her force her finger between my butt cheeks until she was pressing firmly against the edge of my anus. It is a sensation that I’d come enjoy with Sandra, but I’d never imagined anyone else doing it.

“I have to go get ready for dinner,” Sandra’s voice buzzed in my left ear. “We have reservations with Tony and Adrianna in an hour.”

I’d forgotten all about that. I froze, and Jada paused with uncertainty.

“You keep enjoying yourself here. I’ll meet you back at our room.” Sandra smiled and kissed me on the cheek. She reached down and gripped my rigid cock, holding it out away from my body with one hand for Jada. Sandra held me like that for a few moments while Jada followed the unspoken instructions and resumed sucking on me. Then Sandra let go, waded across the hot tub, and left.

Jada kept going on me for a few more minutes, but it wasn’t long before she stopped and picked up the drink that she had left on the bar. I stood still, light-headed and panting.

“Did you like that?” she asked rhetorically. Her eyes were afire. Before I could answer, she winked at me, pinched my nipple and said, “You better get going. Don’t want to be late for dinner.”

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