Bully to Bitch

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You know the phrase: ‘Karma’s a bitch’? Well, I didn’t believe it until only recently, although I didn’t think it would take me 10 years for me to learn that lesson, the hard way. The name is Josh, let’s start from the beginning.


15 years old and still living in the innocent world of secondary school, I was the top of the food chain. Having gone through puberty early, I was the tallest in my class, although I never really filled up in the muscles department. Still, considering that we are talking about secondary school, height was enough to assert dominance on the other boys in the class. So, there I was, cocky and arrogant, and I must say, quite the top pick for the girls in my class. My classmate, Carey, not so lucky. As if having a relatively feminine name wasn’t bad enough, he was short, frail and pale; Traits I thought would stay with him forever. Anyway, long story short, I picked on him quite a lot. During recess, my posse and I picked on the poor boy with a variety of activities from basic things, like pantsing and wedgies, to more criminal things, like taking his money and beating him up. Basically, his life was a living hell in secondary school. Still, one event does stand out.

It was just another recess and we were having our little session with Carey. Carey had forgotten to bring his lunch money and we had no benefit from harassing the boy. We had to find some way to make our time worth the while and our brilliant idea was to humiliate Carey. We had him kneel in front of me as I sat on the steps of a secluded stairwell, behind the school.

“Hey Carey, you know you’re a loser, right? You’re pathetic, weak, and no one really likes you.” I taunted.

Carey remained silent as his head hung low, staring intensely into the ground, avoiding all eye contact.

“Come on Carey, the faster you admit it, the faster you can get out of here. Say it, Carey, tell us what you are.” I pushed harder.

The other boys snickered while Carey remained silent.

“Hey, bitch! I said tell us you’re a loser!” I nodded to a member of my posse who then proceeds to slap Carey on the back of his head. Carey flinches.

“I- I’m… a loser.” Carey muttered.

“Good boy! That’s more like it. Let’s move on, shall we? Now, as the loser, you must do whatever we say, right? Less you want a beating.”

“…” Carey was practically trembling in fear right now.

“Right?” I probed, a little louder.

“Yes…” Carey said.

“Okay! In that case, what we need you to do is simple. Kiss our shoes, Carey. Every one of us.”

The 6 guys with me took a seat on the steps next to me.

“Come on, bitch. Get started!” Taping my foot as I demanded.

Carey started moving, slowly and reluctantly. He went to the first guy and did as he was told. He pecked the tip of the shoe and moved on to the next guy, crawling on all fours as he moved. At the end of the line was me. Carey kisses my shoe and steps back. I caught a glimpse of Carey’s face. It wasn’t filled with shame, fear or sadness. I could only sense anger, not that I cared.


Fast forward 11 years and the only thing I can say is that I did not grow up well. I’m 26 years old and I haven’t grown since secondary school. I stopped growing at 165cm and I remained skinny. To make things worse, life wasn’t treating me well either. I got laid off the year before and I was still drowning in student loans and rent. I had no job and I was about to be evicted and bankrupt. I sent my resume to a whole bunch of companies but none of them had gotten back to me yet. I was working at Starbucks in the meantime.

One day, I received an email. An offer for a paid internship at Whiz-Tech, a huge tech-company as a member of the secretarial team under the CEO of Whiz-Tech. It wasn’t the job position I applied for but working under the CEO of a huge company could pay substantially. It could probably open some doors for me as well. All I had to do was have an interview with the CEO himself. Anxious to make some money, I agreed to the interview.

The next day, I walked into Whiz-Tech headquarters dressed in a suit a little too big for me. I’ve lost weight since I had my last job. I walked into the office and introduced myself to the receptionist. She directed me down a long hallway to the office at the end.

“Mr Willis is free now. Just knock and enter. He knows you’re here.” The receptionist directed.

I grabbed my briefcase and walked down the hallway. I reached the office door and knocked.

“Come in” a low Sakarya Escort voice answered from behind the door.

I opened the door and walked in, ready to impress. I took two steps into the office and froze. Shocked at the sight in front of me.

“Josh! Hello man! Long time no see! You remember me, don’t you? Its Carey from Secondary school!” Carey shouted as he stood up from his chair, smiling as he did so.

I stood still, speechless.

“Come on now! Don’t just stand there, we’re not strangers! How have you been, my friend?” Carey stretches out his hand for a handshake.

“C-Carey? W-wha-? You’re the CEO of Whiz-tech? H-how?” I stuttered as I weakly shook Carey’s hand.

“Yeah man! I started the company while I was in university and things took off from there. You? Well, you’re obviously here for a job so I guess the economy didn’t treat you that well huh?”

“y-yeah, wow you look good Carey. Um, you’re doing really well.”

Unlikely me, Carey had grown up really, really, really, well. He was now at least 180cm. Lean and fit, he looked like a model. His suit strained around his arms and chest, as they tried to contain his muscles. In summary, he was rich, famous and a conventionally, hot guy.

“Thanks, Josh. Let’s not waste time, shall we? Have a seat and we can get started.” Carey ushers to the chair in front of him, as he sat down on his.

“Yeah sure, but before we begin, I just want to say. About secondary school, I was young and- “

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t worry about it, man. Bygones! Water under the bridge! We’re all adults now, no need to fuss about the past.” Carey chuckles. He continues to explain.

“Look, I’m not going to lie, Josh. I saw you working at Starbucks and noticed your application into my company. Since there’s an opening for an internship in my secretarial team, I figured why not? You’ve always been a people pleaser and that’s exactly the kind of man I need right now. The position is yours if you want. The pay is also… significant.” Carey slides a check across the table.

I looked at the cheque. It was definitely an overpayment for an intern, but it was just what I needed to start paying off my debts.

“I’ll take it, Carey. Thank you for the opportunity. When can I start?” I stretched out my hand for a handshake, eager to seal the deal.

“Tomorrow, but how about tonight we catch up over a drink, for old times’ sake.”

“Definitely, Carey, definitely” I replied.

“Ok then, I’ll meet you at the Tenor hotel bar at 7 pm. Oh, and one more thing, call me Mr Willis. Can’t have others thinking I give you special treatment.”

“Sure thing, Mr Willis,” I said as I walked out the office.

That night, we met at the bar and started drinking. We talked about our childhood and our lives. We both drank way more than we should and got pissed drunk. We were both in no shape to drive home or even get a cab. Carey suggested staying in a hotel room for a few hours, just till we sober up enough to get a cab. We got a room on the 15th floor and went up to sober up. Inside the room, I walked in and stumbled onto the bed. I heard the door close and lock.

“Look at you, Josh. You’re small, jobless and terrible at holding your liquor. Funny who’s the loser now isn’t it?” Carey stood in front of my pissed drunk body, looking down at me in disgust.

“Carey? What?” I said as I tried to sit up.

“Call me Mr Willis, you stupid bitch!” Carey shouted as he slapped me across the face.

“Did you really think I forgot about what happened in secondary school? You made my life a living hell! You humiliated me every day! And look where you are now. I know all about you, Josh. After I saw you at Starbucks, I did my research on you. You’re in so much financial trouble right now, I knew you’d need a job and you’d be pretty desperate to keep it too.”

I stared at Carey, trying to fight the alcohol so that I could process what was happening. Carey continued speaking.

“So, here’s what going to happen now. Either you do what I say, or you lose your job and live on the streets. FYI, if you lose this job, I will make sure no one ever hires you again. I have quite the pull in the corporate world. What’s it going to be?” Carey taunted.

“Okay, okay, I’ll do what you say,” I replied as I sobered up. I knew I deserved it.

“Good boy! Now, remember that time you told me to kiss your shoe? It’s revenge time Josh.”

Humiliated, I started to move towards Carey’s feet.

“Woah, Woah. You were Adapazarı Escort really going to kiss my shoe? No, no, no, that’s not what I want… You’re going to kiss my ass boy!” Carey laughed as he pulled down his pants, exposing his 5-inch flaccid cock. He turned around pointing his toned ass at my face.

I hesitated.

“Move bitch! Or do you want to lose your job?”

I inched forward towards Carey’s ass planting a peck on his right butt cheek.

“Good! Good! Now the other cheek!” Carey taunts as he tilts slightly.

I plant a quick peck on his left butt cheek. My face was red from alcohol and shame.

“Very good! You’re such a good bitch! We’re not done though! Now, push your face between my cheeks and kiss my asshole.”

Reluctantly, I pushed my face into his butt cheeks and tried to peck his asshole. Carey bowed down slightly and stretched his hand back. He grabbed my head and forced my head deep into his ass crack. I was too weak to struggle free.

“I don’t just want a peck now! I want you to make out with my asshole. Lick it! Really get your tongue in there!” Carey shakes his butt rubbing his asshole into my nose.

The smell from his asshole filled my nose. I could tell he washed deep into his asshole. He was ready for someone’s tongue to it. Tonight, that someone was me.

I licked his asshole carelessly, pressed against it with my tongue. I could taste his ass juices as my tongue penetrated Carey’s asshole. It was slightly salty. I struggled to breathe as Carey continued to force my face into his ass.

“Yeah. That’s it, bitch. Get your slutty tongue in there.” Carey moans.

He releases my head allowing me to break free. I gasped for air. My face was now covered with Carey’s ass juices and my own saliva. I looked like a slut who just deepthroated a huge cock. Carey turns around showing his now hard 7-inch cock. He strips naked and demanded me to do the same.

I continued to lie on the bed reluctant to move.

“Don’t try to preserve your dignity, Josh. You’ve just made out with my asshole. You’re so far down the rabbit hole now. You’re just my little bitch now.” Carey teased as he stroked his swollen member.

I stood up and removed my clothes. My head hung low as I avoided eye contact with Carey. I can’t believe the position I’m in right now. What a complete role reversal. My heart was heavy with shame. As I look down at my now exposed, limp, 2-inch cock, the humiliation in me amplified.

“Would you look at that? I guess you really didn’t grow since secondary school huh? You really are a complete loser, aren’t ya? Come on then, I’m not done with you yet bitch. Lie on the bed. The night has just begun.”

I lied on the bed facing the ceiling. Carey climbed onto the bed and stepped over my head facing my tiny cock, giving me a clear view of his huge cock and balls. From my view, his cock and balls looked even bigger. They were shaved bald and I could see every vein on his swollen cock. His balls had few wrinkles due to their massive size. Carey started to squat, lowering his ass to my face. His toned butt cheeks spread, exposing his tanned asshole. As he lowered himself, I noticed that his taint and asshole were also shaved clean. His asshole winked as if it was anxious for my tongue. Carey kept squatting and stopped when his asshole was just above my mouth.

“There we go slut. Get to work. Lick my asshole. Show me how much you want the job. If you impress me, I might give you a full position rather than an internship. Wouldn’t my little bitch want that?”

I stuck my tongue out and reached for Carey’s shaved hole. I started pushing into his asshole with my tongue.

“Aren’t you an impatient little bitch? Taste the rim of my asshole first. Don’t just go for the good stuff yet. Don’t be greedy.” Carey said as he lifted his butt.

“Try again,” Carey lowered his hole once again.

I circled his asshole. My tongue could feel every crease on Carey’s asshole. I could feel every contraction his asshole made. I was a completely Carey’s slut. My cock started to twitch as I serviced Carey’s hole.

“My, my, looks like my little bitch likes servicing his master. Look at your little cock getting stiff. Good boy… keep going.” Carey teased as he bounced on my face.

I was getting turned on from licking another man’s asshole. Carey’s asshole! I stopped circling and started exerting pressure onto the hole itself. I pushed harder and felt Carey lower his body, pushing his hole against my tongue. Serdivan Escort My tongue pushed past the sphincter muscles and I could feel the warmth of his anus on my tongue. Carey’s asshole continued to contract to push my tongue out before I pushed it back in again. I was tongue fucking my new boss, the boy I used to bully, and I was getting turned on. My cock was completely hard now. My twitching 3-inch boner was now clearly exposed to Carey.

“Oh yes… You really are a people pleaser slut. But I’m nowhere near cumming yet bitch.” Carey lifted his butt and moved back, positioning his balls over my sloppy, wet mouth.

“Kiss my balls bitch! Show me what that slutty tongue can do. Worship your boss’ balls.” He lowered his butt till his asshole was on my nose and his balls resting on my mouth and chin. I could smell the saliva dripping down my nose from Carey’s asshole.

I kissed his balls and gently licked his ball sack. I could feel his balls shift around his ball sack and I could feel his ball skin tighten. My cock continued to twitch as I tasted and licked Carey’s heavy balls.

“Open up your mouth, bitch. Let’s see if you can fit my balls in your slutty mouth.”

I open my mouth but could only fit one ball into my mouth. My jaw was starting to hurt. Carey’s cock started to leak precum which dripped onto my chest.

“How disappointing… no worries. One day you’ll be able to get both my balls into that nasty mouth of yours.” Carey stood up and got off the bed, leaving my mouth feeling empty and hungry for more.

“Time for the main event, slut. Get up and kneel in front of my cock. I need to feed my nasty bitch.”

I crawled out of bed and kneeled in front of Carey’s huge dick. His dick was even bigger up close. The head of his cock glistened with precum and his veins were bulging. His cock curved upwards perfectly allowing his suckee full access to his balls. Carey held the base of his dick and slapped my face with his thick, heavy, hard dick.

“You like that boy? You like it when a real man slaps you in the face with a real cock? Open your mouth and get ready.”

I opened my mouth eager to taste his glorious cock. Carey rubbed his dick head around my lips glazing them with precum. Then he pushed the dick head into my mouth. My jaw strained to receive the huge dick. Just when I managed to fit his dick head in, Carey pulled out, leaving my mouth gaped wide open. Then he would push his dick head back in again as if he was training my mouth to stretch and receive his giant member. He repeated this another 5-6 times causing my mouth to grow sore. I started to stroke my dick as he continued to tease my mouth. Carey noticed my ‘impatience’ and pulled his dick out of my mouth. He slapped me hard causing me to tumble onto the floor.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself without my say so bitch! You’re mine now! The only way you can cum is if I allow you to. Now get back to work!” Carey yelled.

I quickly got back onto my knees and started licking the shaft of Carey’s dick. My hand behind my back so that I wouldn’t touch my dick. I licked his shaft from the base of his cock to the tip. Then, I kissed his dick head and licked his dick hole. That made Carey moan. Then, I licked down his shaft again and kissed his balls. The smell of his dick filled my nose and I loved it. I really wanted to please his manly cock.

Carey pushed my mouth off his cock and grabbed my chin. He raised my chin so that he could see my sloppy, wet face.

“Hey Josh, tell me that you’re a loser.”

“I’m a loser.”

“Say my name when you’re talking to me.”

“I’m a loser, Mr Willis.”

“Do you want my cock, loser?”

“Yes, Mr Willis.”

“What about my cum, do you want that?”

“Yes, Mr Willis.”

“So, tell me again. What kind of loser are you?”

“I’m a loser who wants Mr Willis’ cock and cum,” I replied, defeated.

Carey pushes me away causing me to fall back onto the floor.

“We’re done here. Get out. I’m done with you.” Carey said dismissively.

Confused, I remained motionless. Naked with a boner.

“Go home. You’re not getting anything today.” Carey repeated as he picked up my clothes and opened the door.

Carey threw my clothes out the door and once again, asked me to get out.

I walked out naked and picked up my clothes. Still trying to process what was going on. I turned around and watched Carey close the door on me.

“See you tomorrow, at 8 am, in my office. My little loser-bitch.” Carey mocked as he shut the door.

So, there I was. In an empty hotel corridor. Naked and holding my clothes. My face, red and covered with saliva and ass juice. My mouth sore and my dick stiff. I put on my clothes and walked down the corridor. My cock twitched as I anticipated my first day of work.

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