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MPC: Bunny Love

By Paladin

Synopsis: I play with my pet Bunny.

Notes: “My Erotic Fiction”. “My” means you cannot post it elsewhere without permission, although I will let you post it, in its entirety, at a free site. “Erotic” means if it is illegal or immoral for you, don’t read it. “Fiction” means it ain’t real in any sense- all made up (thank god!)

Note 2: Set in J. R. Parz’s ‘Master PC’ universe, although there is very little background about that universe here. If you don’t know what MPC is, ready any of the other stories that spend WAYYY too much time rehashing the origin, like way too many superhero movies do, right? I mean, we all know how Spidey, Cap, Bats, Supes, and the big green guy got their powers, am I right?

I mean, look at Mad Max Fury Road. Not a word of backstory. If you did not know what it was, you could still enjoy the story but if knew it, you could lord your superior nerd knowledge over the sheep people…

Um… why the heck am I talking about sheep people in a story about a bunny girl? Anyway, on to the story!


Bunny Love

By Paladin

Part 1: The making of Babs Bunny

She was face down on my rumpled bed. Her plump heart-shaped ass was nice and high, and her long platinum hair was strewn around her toned shoulders and sheets. Her pretty pink pussy winked at me as I stroked her taut buttocks and slid my hand to her fluffy tail and scritched right where it joined her back, making Babs shudder and moan into the sheets. I slid my hand up her smooth lightly tanned back to between her shoulder blades and pinned her in place.

I took my cock and nestled it against her sopping lips. Babs moaned and shivered. “Oh, god, put it in me! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me hard!” She was tight but wet and I was motivated. It felt incredible to push into her velvety furnace. “Pound my little bunny cunny, Daddy!” I tried to pump her as hard as I could, slamming her with my best jackhammer impression.

Oh dear god, her vaginal muscles began to ripple against me. I began to spank her to break her concentration just to help me last long enough to satisfy her. OK, so technically she would cum when I came but it would be nice if I wasn’t breaking any land speed records to get there. Spanking her did stop the rippling for a moment, but it increased the overall wriggling, heat, wetness, and moaning, so not a big net gain.

I shifted my grip to her flared hips and began to grunt as I pounded her as hard as I could. Babs’ long rabbit ears popped up and swiveled to better track my sounds and that was so damned sexy I had to slow down again. I swatted her a couple more times with my hand, wishing I had one of those porn cocks I could smack her with instead.

I grabbed one of her delicate feet with its little pink nails and flipped her over, then pulled her ass right to the edge of the bed before I guided myself back in her. Now that she was on her back I could enjoy her big bouncing boobs and adorable face all scrunched up in pleasure. Her cute little nose was twitching, drawn-on whiskers flicking with it. When I lined up and shoved in, her big blue anime eyes popped open in pleasure. God I loved my little bunny lover!

I gobbled her big tits and hard nipples wetly as best I could as I pumped away. Her melodic voice rose as she neared her climax. I pumped harder as I felt my balls begin to clench. My hot wad blew inside her and she began to thrash in reply. I flopped on top of her and gasped as she shivered in aftershocks and moaned. I kissed her pretty pink lips before I rolled off her to let her breathe.

Once she caught her breath, she smiled at me and twitched her nose. “Let’s get you all cleaned up!” My pint-sized beauty squatted between my legs and began to lick, suck, and kiss my sweaty junk as if it was the newest flavor of Ben and Jerry’s. It stiffened up a bit, but even her loving and enthusiastic treatment could not cause the South to rise again.

Babs licked her luscious lips, then sucked off each delicate little finger with their pink tips, then leaned over and gave me a deep, soul-sucking kiss. “So, Daddy. Dinner or bath?” I moaned inarticulately. “I’m guessing that was something like ‘I’m just going to lay here a minute while you start supper’?” I nodded. “OK, I’ll start the water as I go in case you decide to take a bath. Just give me a whistle and I’ll scrub your back and… ‘other’ things, Okey dokey?” She wiggled her nose at me again, slipped on her nearly omnipresent heels and clicked sexily out of the bedroom.

It was always a joy watching her hips and bubbly butt in action, all the more so when she wore those sweet tall heels. Babs is barely over five feet tall, and looks like a Hentai jailbait wet dream who cannot be over fifteen until you look at her big firm breasts. She looks like a little high-end Japanese sex doll with Americanized features and high-end custom features. Then you add that she is a bunny girl, with her long pink and platinum blonde ears, and her fluffy nearly white cottony tail! It did not take much to camouflage her to pass Çamlıdere Escort as ‘normal’ in public- she can either hide her long ears under hats or scarves, or wear a headband and let people assume they are a fashion accessory. She tailors her outfits to either hide her tail, or make it look sewn-on.

Yeah, my Babs is something pretty damn special! Not only is she one of the cutest girls I have ever seen, she also totally adores me and is completely infatuated with me, She thinks of me as her lover, best friend, and master. Top that off with some mad skillz in the kitchen, stripper pole, bank book, and bedroom, and finish with a deep passion for all kinds of sex. She may well be the most perfect person on Earth for me.

Of course, I worked hard on all this. What documentation I could find for my copy of the famous Master PC program seemed to have been translated from something like Japanese through a Klingon dictionary. Nonetheless, it could do some amazing things.

After some initial experimentation, I pushed the program’s boundaries to change my long-time girlfriend Barbara into a fantasy bunny girl. Initially I went with a more rabbit-like face with the nose and whiskers, big feet, body hair, and such. As great as that looked in drawings, it looked damned creepy in real life. Besides, how the hell do you wear cute shoes of any type over big bunny feet?

Sure, I loved the feel of her original soft bunny fur but it made wearing clothes or sleeping under sheets uncomfortable. It also got dirty, then the feeling of the wet fur bothered her after a shower or bath. Static and shedding were other annoying issues. I probably could have programmed all that away eventually, but for now her baby soft human skin feels just fine to me. The big bunny teeth were a quick and easy veto- cute but got in the way of good oral care and oral sex (although she did retain a cute little habit of tucking her lip under her front teeth in a kind of rabbity way when she was thinking.) Whiskers, paws, and other more animalistic elements also got edited out.

Anyway, the final result is that my house was nice and clean, a beautiful girl was making me a delicious supper, and as soon as I was finished catching my breath, she was going to give me a bath! No time like the present, eh? “Babs? I’m heading to the bathroom.”

By the time I got close, she was already there. She undressed me and helped me into the nicely warmed tub, then slid in with me. Using a handful of soap in one hand and a washcloth in the other, she cleaned me from toes to neck with the fragrant lather. She went back and worked on my groin more, softly masturbating me back to a pleasantly stiff erection but not really trying to get me off. Naturally I played with her just about as much. I dearly loved washing her hair and ears! (Of course, I had to put some cotton balls in the ears to protect the upwards-facing ear canals from water, but it was a small price to pay.)

She washed my hair, and her fingers massaged my scalp. Did I mention that she was also well-versed in several kinds of massages? She was also well-versed in several kinds of massages, and had enough strength to really get in there when she wanted to. She used some kind of cleaner to wash and massage my face, then oh, so carefully and lovingly shaved me. I don’t know why, but having her shave me every day was one of my absolute favorite things. It made me feel so loved and special to her. I suppose it is also because I totally know I can trust her with a sharp tool at my neck. I occasionally thought about letting her grow pubic hair so I could reciprocate, but decided I preferred her with just a small semi-naturalistic soft patch just above her perfect pink puss.

She drained the water, and rinsed me. She dried me, then used a scented powder or a fragrant lotion as needed on much of my skin. She dressed me in my ‘house trousers’ (loose pajama-like pants with an elastic waist), a t-shirt, and my favorite soft moccasins before heading out to finish supper.

Dinner was a healthy delight. We had spaghetti squash with a great mushroom sauce and cheesy bread, and a fresh salad loaded with colorful vegetables. Babs was always a fan of healthy eating, and since her change was even more of a vegetarian than before. I couldn’t quite figure out, though, if she ate her carrots like Bugs Bunny because I laughed whenever she did it, or if it just felt normal to her. Early on, I threatened to spank her if she said ‘What’s up, Doc?” one more time, so now she does a lot more often.

She cleaned things up and cuddled on my lap watching TV as I screwed around on the computer some. When I raised my head from the screen, she smiled at me and got up. She came back with an Easter basket filled with plastic eggs. She held it to me with a shy hopeful smile. How could I refuse? I took an egg and popped it open. A slip of paper with very feminine handwriting said “Foot Worship Time! Play Rock Paper Scissors. Loser does the other’s feet.”

OK, so here’s the thing. I am a fifty-some year-old out of shape guy Çamlıdere Escort Bayan with pretty vanilla sexual fantasies that made himself an impossibly young, impossibly hot sex slave bunny. I pegged her libido about as high as it would go and nearly erased her inhibitions. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the Law of Unintended Consequences hit and I found that a.) She could keep going and going and going, and b.) There ain’t much she ain’t into. She occasionally asked things of me that made even me, with my two terabytes of porn, blush. I’m absolutely certain that she could fuck me to a heart attack and not break a sweat.

My temporary answer was this basket. While the Easter/bunny connection may seem obvious, I actually chose it just because Easter was not that long ago and it was still sitting on a side table as a decoration. I had her write down things she wanted to try and put them in the eggs. I could pass on an egg, but if I agreed to the game, I had to accept SOMETHING from it before the game could be over.

This was a good slip. It was something I liked giving and getting, and something that Babs loved getting back when she was my forty year-old nearly asexual girlfriend Barbara. Barb and I only had sex like once a quarter or so in the last couple years, but she LOVED getting foot rubs, and I was pretty good at them if I may say so myself.

Babs retained that love of getting the massages and now also has a strong urge to serve and touch me. Any contact between us arouses her… but it arouses me, too, probably just about as much. I mean, come on! She is one crazy hot bunny! And she smells sooo good!

She won the game, so sat in the chair as I got the supplies. When I came out, she was all giggly and squirmy with excitement and had kicked her shoes off. I wrapped her feet in a heated towel, then exposed one and rubbed some warmed oil firmly on it. I took my time and rubbed the oil into every little bit. I started with the toes, working around each one and kissing it when done. I worked on the ball and arch, rubbing it in and working her arch with my thumbs good and hard. I treated the ankles and heels, stretching her joints and rubbing.

By this time she was purring (yeah, I know rabbits don’t purr, but it was so damned sexy I couldn’t resist programming it in. Sue me) and working her feet in small circles. I could smell her musk rising and bet she was already nice and juicy. I kept rubbing and massaging up her leg to the top of her calf muscle, letting her foot rest on my crotch where she played footsie with my rising tool.

A line of kisses back down the lower leg and I moved to the other foot. I had barely started when she was leaning back and moaning, working her newly oiled toes on my cock. I diligently soldiered on with the task at hand. Massaging, kissing, rubbing, stroking, licking… OK, this leg got a little less loving attention than the other but her busy toes were distracting me!

When I was done, I slipped some cotton slippers on her, put the stuff aside (for her to clean up later- she is the submissive servant, after all), and came back to cuddle beside her. To be sure, my cuddling did include playing with her nice warm crotch and pebbled up nipples, as well as stroking her bottom and dragging a finger in her nice deep derriere cleavage. She was stroking my cock and balls, and nuzzling my near ear.

I turned to her and slipped off her tight shorty shorts. As expected, she was going commando under them. I guided her into a standing position over and facing me so her pretty pink pussy was just about at the perfect height and suggested she lean over and brace against the wall. When she was in position, I took her by her hips and drug her to my mouth. I licked and lightly chewed on her outer lips. She was already warm and damp from the foot massage so her lips opened readily to my efforts.

As her flower bloomed, I slid my tongue and a finger into her warm and tasty depths. She moaned and wriggled her hips, mashing herself against my face. I nudged her love button with my nose and a finger, making her nectar flow. I pulled her in and began to eat her noisily and sloppily, not caring about any mess I was making and being driven by the gasps, moans, and cries she was making. I slid a slippery finger along her tight little anal ring and she came with a violent shiver, humping my face even as her knees were wobbling.

I pulled her legs so she was almost kneeling on my shoulders as I kept up my multi-pronged assault. Mouth, lips, tongue, nose, fingers all working on her most sensitive areas, all slickened with her own juices, all ceaselessly working towards the master goal. She gasped and began to shake, then released a gush of fluid over my face and fell on me bonelessly. Mission Accomplished!

I used some of the towels from the foot massage to wipe us up and let her rest beside me as I caught my breath. Shortly, she led me to bed, slipped off my clothes, hung them up, laid me down, gave me a loving blow job, tucked me and my cock in, then slipped under Escort Çamlıdere the covers in front of me to let me hold her… hands just happening to lay on her tits. I fell asleep listening to her breathing.

Mornings are always great with an enthusiastic sexy slave. She woke me up with a blow job, got my clothes and breakfast ready when I was in the bathroom. She dressed and fed me as we discussed the day. Then it was off to work I go with a smile on my face, a delicious lunch in my cooler, and a nicely drained cock lovingly tucked in my pants.

The small hitch to today’s schedule was that it was a ‘dinner at the parents’ night. Since my mom and her folks all lived in town, we had supper with one or the other each week or so and tonight was my mom’s turn. A short session with the MPC had made our folks, friends, and co-workers OK with the bunny girl looks and persona, but since I had kept it as light as I could, weird things sometimes popped out.

“Oh, Babs dear, what was that website again? The one you work at?” Oh, sweet Jesus, why the hell did my mom want to know that? Babs blushed- which is just so cute on her- and said she would email my mom the link again. ‘Again?’ I wondered. What the heck??? As we drove home later, I asked her what that was all about.

She blushed so hard I swore she glowed. “Well… your mom has a little crush on me now, and likes to watch me on my web-cam site as she… as she… well… as she… you know… takes care of herself.” I almost crashed the car.

“What?” I asked, trying hard to not yell. “How long has this been going on?”

“Funny story. It turns out that she Googled ‘bunny girl video’ shortly after we met, er, re-met? Anyway, first she found a couple furry fetish sites and found that she, uh, really… uh, ‘liked’ them. A few months ago, she found one of my sites and she’s been a pretty steady customer ever since. I give her the ‘friends and family’ discount.”

“Well, that’s nice of you!” I wasn’t sure if I was being sarcastic, sincere, or irritated. I was mostly just making noise to give me time to process. Did my tweaking my mom do this? Is this my fault? My mom was always a bit… raunchy, but this seems different.

“She really likes it when I…” I suddenly turned the radio up and started singing loudly along with it.

When Babs stopped, I looked at her. “I’m really glad she’s happy, and I love that you’re OK with this, but for me, this is too much information, OK? Can we change the subject?”

“Sure, Master! I guess you don’t want to hear about my parents, then, huh?” I was pretty sure she was yanking my chain but I changed the topic anyway.

“Gee, the moon is sure bright tonight, isn’t it?” That’s me, the clever conversationalist. I could have just told her to drop it but that level of heavy-handed micromanagement still bothered me.

Uh, yeah… the cam sites. Barbara had been an over-worked, underpaid paralegal and had been thinking about changing jobs even before the Transformation. Babs now makes some money at a few web-cam sites. On one, she goes ‘full-on bunny’ with make-up, a prosthetic nose with whiskers, and some cleverly applied pads on her hands to make them more paw-like. She has another account where she uses just enough make-up and props to make people think the ears and tail are fake, but is herself otherwise. Her favorite, however, is the very private one where it is all just her. Those subscribers think the ears and tail are surgical modifications, and pay some pretty decent money to interact with her.

The ‘Bunny-cams’, as she calls them, give her something to do when I’m at work, or when she has excess sexual energy to work off. Sometimes she’ll slip out of the bed to work a cam for a while. Often, she’ll come back all horny and wet and we’ll have some fun. Sadly, because I need to work too, we can’t do that as often as she’d like. Of course, if her income from the cams keeps growing, maybe I can take an early retirement, too! For now, however, the supervisor job at the hardware store pays the bills and makes enough that we were able to build a nice studio for her in the basement.

The next several days were pretty typical for a couple barely mid-class people in which one of them is an adorable near-teen sex bunny. We were still working the kinks out our daily routine (well, and trying to work SOME kinks INTO it, if you take my meaning! He heh.) For example, she ‘makes’ me take a walk with her every day, usually begging ever so cutely to be allowed to wear her collar and leash when we did. I’m never really sure how serious she is, but since I reduced her inhibitions, she had become quite the exhibitionist. Most of the time I let her wear the collar but resisted the leash… in public. Regardless, more exercise and eating better were great for her and certainly helping me.

Of course, I used Master PC on myself as well, but nowhere near as extensively as I had on Babs. I was a bit better off than I had been before, but then I did something stupid. In a fit of paranoia, I made myself immune to the program. I had MEANT to only make myself immune to outside influence, but somehow made it so even I can’t change myself. I’ve been working on undoing that ever since. I’ve also learned enough to protect Babs and our families from outside attacks- which is handy since there was at least one attempt from a user on one of the cam sites.

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