Burned Ch. 01

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Both Leah and Chris are 18. The events occurred the summer before they begin their freshman year in college.

This chapter has been slightly edited from the original.


The wildfires in California had been devastating for so many families. I always paid attention because we have relatives who live in California. It seemed otherworldly because, as usual, the bad always happened to strangers, not to anyone we knew. This year that changed. My aunt and uncle’s house burned along with about 100 others.

Watching the fires build and spread on the news reports was surreal. We recognized the community since we had visited so often. Watching the fire spread and grow was frightening. I just knew they would contain it before it reached my relatives home. But they didn’t. To our horror, we watched their lovely home become engulfed in flames with its towering plume of smoke adding to the dense cloud of smoke pouring from the raging inferno that was causing so much damage and heart ache.

Fortunately, my aunt, uncle and cousin were safe. They were able to get out with a few things such as important documents, pictures and a few changes of clothes. But, their house was a total loss.

College hadn’t started yet so my aunt, uncle and my parents agreed my cousin should come and stay with us while my Aunt Kay and Uncle Jack began to put their lives and home back together. A daunting task to say the least. Everyone felt it would be less stressful for their family if Leah lived with us during the initial phases of getting things put in order.

Leah arrived and was installed in my brother’s old bedroom. My older brother Jim was married and living with his wife just a few miles away. Leah and I would share the bathroom located at the end of the hallway. Our two bedrooms were mirror images of each other and actually connected by a large pocket door.

When the downstairs area had been remodeled, my brother and I were still little and my parents thought it would be fun for us to be able to have one big room, but still be able to close the door and have two separate rooms when needed. I needed that open door when we first moved downstairs because I was afraid of being alone. Having that door open and my big brother right there made all the difference.

My cousin and I are the same age and we actually get along quite well. I hadn’t seen her in over a year. Leah was quite despondent. She really tried to be in a good mood, but the first few days were very hard for her. Thinking about all the things she had lost, being separated from her parents and friends and now having to stay with her relatives, well to say the least, she was under a lot of stress.

As the days passed, her parents assured her that things were going well. The finances were going to be fine, plans for rebuilding were in the works, but they were still trying to find a suitable apartment for the entire family to be comfortable in while the rebuilding of their home was accomplished.

The routine Küçükköy Escort gradually adjusted and became more natural as Leah integrated into our family. We adjusted, she adjusted and without even noticing, it was almost like she had always been there. We became very relaxed and natural in our new routines and the sharing of our space. Both of us were being as considerate as possible especially with bathroom use and time.

Occasionally, Leah and I would have awkward moments as we transitioned from the bathroom. After taking showers, thinking the other was gone, or still in bed, or upstairs, or whatever, you know how you mindlessly do things, one of us would make a dash to our room not quite covered and the other would be coming or going and catch a glimpse of something usually covered. A sorry would be said, or not, and on we would go.

One day, I came out of my room and couldn’t help but notice Leah through her slightly ajar bedroom door. She was standing in partial profile to me in the process of dressing. All she had on were brief white panties. I froze. I couldn’t move or take my eyes off of her. She was hooking her bra. Her fingers worked the clasp just beneath her naked breasts. The thumbs of each hand pressed into the base of each breast, the twisting movements of her fingers causing her breast tissue to jiggle and ripple. Each breast was crowned with a full puffy pink nipple. Her plump nipples were like perfectly formed little breasts crowning already flawless mounds of softness. I was mesmerized by the swaying movement of her breasts and nipples as she manipulated the bra.

Leah’s hands slowly spun the cups of her bra around her torso and then carefully raised them into place obscuring my view. As her breasts disappeared from site, I snapped out of my trance, backed into my room and quietly closed my door.

I immediately and noisily reopened the door and quickly stepped into the hallway. I nonchalantly looked in at my cousin who was now buttoning a blouse. The blouse tail just barely reached mid-point of her bum. Her white panties were visible and oh so provocative. Leah glanced at me, smiled turned her eyes back to her task and resumed buttoning her blouse without so much as a blush or move to hide herself from my sight. I continued on to the bathroom, closed the door, pulled out my penis to pee and noted with some astonishment that I was half hard and rapidly growing.

Fantasies about women, even cousins, are not unusual for guys. Yes, I had fantasized about Leah. Only in passing though. But what I suddenly realized, the last year had brought about some changes in Leah and apparently myself. She had always been cute I guess, but now, she was gorgeous. And my god, what great tits. I was responding to her sexually. Jesus, my cousin, what was this all about? I wasn’t supposed to do this.

I closed my eyes and clearly saw her breasts jiggling and rippling with the movement of her hands. I couldn’t stop thinking about her incredible Küçükköy Escort Bayan nipples. What would they feel like? I wanted to touch them. I wanted to taste them and suckle them.

My cock was now fully erect. I pulled my shorts and underwear down around my ankles, sat on the toilet and masturbated my erect and very tense penis. I had to have release. I couldn’t believe how turned on I had become. I stroked myself and quickly climaxed into a wad of toilet tissue. As I sat there recovering from my orgasm, there was a light tap on the door.

“Chris? Is everything alright?” asked my cousin’s soft voice.

“Yeah. Fine. Almost done. I’ll be right out,” I stammered as I stood, dropped the semen filled tissue into the toilet and flushed it. My penis, now nearly flaccid, easily went back into my shorts. I washed and dried my hands, opened the door and walked past Leah.

“You sure? It sounded like you were having trouble breathing or something.”

“No, I’m fine.” I said as I continued back to my room. “Jesus,” I thought to myself, “I must have been really moaning or something. Be more careful. How fucking embarrassing is that?”

A few nights later, I had finished brushing my teeth and washing my face and was on my way back to my bedroom. As I was passing Leah’s door, I thought I could hear her crying. It was very soft, almost inaudible. My heart clutched in my chest. I thought she was doing fine and quite happy. But obviously she was still having bouts of sadness and anxiety.

I tapped on her door. She didn’t respond, but the crying stopped. I knocked again and asked, “Leah, may I come in?” There was still no response. I put my hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it. It wasn’t locked. I pushed the door open and looked in. Leah was curled up on her side almost in a fetal position. She looked at me with the saddest expression I had ever seen. Her cheeks were wet with the tears she had been nearly silently crying. My heart almost broke. I went and sat on the floor by her bed.

“Leah, I had no idea. I wish I could make you feel better.”

Leah sighed, reached out and put her hand on my cheek. “Chris, you have made me feel better. You have been so sweet. I don’t cry nearly as much. I just get homesick and then I realize, I don’t even have a home.”

And with that, she rolled away hiding her face and sobbed. Her shoulders shook with each sobbing cry. I couldn’t stand it. I got up beside her and put my arms around her and hugged her tight. Slowly, the sobs lessened and stopped. Her breathing became regular. She had cried herself to sleep. I held her for several more minutes not wanting to disturb or awaken her peaceful slumber. Finally, I carefully released her, tiptoed out of her room and silently closed her door.

Lying in my bed, my heart still ached for my cousin. As I drifted toward the edges of sleep, I heard the pocket door between our rooms glide open. The sound of soft steps across the floor ended with Escort Küçükköy the covers being lifted and the weight of a body slipping into my bed beside me. I smelled my cousin’s fragrance as she nestled up and pressed her back against my side.

“Please hold me. I can’t sleep,” she whispered softly.

I rolled onto my side and slipped my arms around her as I spooned against her back. Her hands clasped mine against her chest. We nestled and moved into a position of comfort. In a few minutes, her grip on my hands relaxed, her breathing deepened and became regular. She slumbered peacefully in my arms. The warmth of her body felt so good through the thin material of her nightgown. The soft swell of her breasts pressed against the sides of my hands where she still held them against herself.

Her bum was firmly compressed against my pelvis. Her closeness, her warmth, her smell was all too much. My body responded. My penis slowly engorged and elongated. I was mortified. What would my cousin think? I pulled my pelvis gently back trying to hold my penis away from her bum. My penis briefly had room for it to spring up from its downward orientation, which was becoming very uncomfortable, to an upward pointing freedom. My cousin snuggled back in her sleep regaining the snug spoon fit that seemed to pacify her and allowed her to sleep.

Leah sighed as she wiggled her butt snugly against my engorging and stiffening penis. As she wiggled her bum, my penis slid into the warm groove formed by the cheeks of her warm backside. Just as my penis was nestling into her bum crack, her hands released my hands and dropped to the bed. Her breasts were now resting against the palms of my hands. Warm, round and full. She wiggled again. God, I couldn’t take it. My hips involuntarily pressed my cock against her bum and more deeply into the groove of her ass. It felt so good. I just barely rocked my hips and the tip of my penis felt the delicious friction as it pressed into her crack.

In her sleep, she reached up and pressed my hands tightly against her breasts. I cupped the luscious warm mounds in my hands. I forced myself to not caress them. But, I held her in my arms, and could not help but enjoy the sensation and warmth of her breasts against the palms of my hands.

She kept shifting in her sleep against my penis. I tried to lie still. Her little movements caused involuntary movements of my own in response. The tip of my cock was being gently masturbated whether I wanted it to be or not. An orgasm was building. What was I going to do? There was nothing I could do. It was here. My penis flexed and contracted uncontrollably against her ass. I ejaculated. My sperm laden semen erupted and was trapped in the underwear I slept in.

Leah sighed in her sleep and pressed more firmly against me. I knew the moisture of my ejaculate was soaking not only my underwear, but hers as well. I knew that her skin would be wet from the moisture seeping through the fabric. The thought curiously pleased me. Knowing that the semen that had spewed from my body was now in contact with her body excited me greatly. I pressed my soft penis firmly into her crack. I could feel the soggy material of my underwear press and stick against her flesh.

I fell asleep with my cousin in my arms.

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