Business Proposal

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Denise 35 divorced for six years, has not dated since divorce. We arrived at her home, a modest home in a small town outside Dallas. I noticed acreage for a horse or two. A corral is off to the side of the house, on the backside of the detached garage. Comfortable, yet upper middle class. “ Let’s go inside,” She said. With that, she turned quickly on her heel, and is off to the back door of the house. I watch her ass in those tight jeans. I had to reach and adjust my cock in my pants. I’m uncomfortable chubbing in my current alignment. I just had to moan to myself, imagining what I could do to her body. Once inside, she busied herself with putting away groceries. I made the coffee as instructed. I did not mind playing house with her. It gave me time to observe her movements around the kitchen. When she bent to put away potatoes on the lower shelf of the pantry, she bent at the waist, swinging the potatoes into the shelf, reaching down hard to push the sack back far enough for the door to close. All this is done with her feet spread shoulder width apart, without bending a knee. The jeans wrapping tightly around her ass. Breath taking view. My mind pictured her body naked, bending at the waist, hands on her knees, leaning to the side viewing me behind her. She licks her lips, wiggles her ass, and begs me to put my cock in her tight pussy. She is calling for me to mount her, fuck her hard. My cock hardens, chubbing, making me uncomfortable in my pants.

At last, we fill our cups with fresh coffee. Sitting across from her at the table, I watch her fingers as they reach around the cup, holding the cup between her palms, cupping the mug gently. I watch her lips as she moves the mug to her mouth slowly, gently wrapping her lips on the edge of the mug. I see her grasping my cock, pulling it to her waiting mouth, tongue extending beyond her lips to lick the head of my monster cock. She suctions her lips to my cock, sucking any pre-cum from the slit, tongue dancing on its’ helmet. “ Well, what did you want to discuss with me,” she asks quietly, staring into my eyes. I hesitate, lost in my fantasy. “ Hello,” she says again. My mind focuses, returns to our conversation. I chuckle, admitting “ my mind is off playing,” I tell her. She looks at me quizzically. “ Playing where,”? She continues staring at me. I am not sure how to respond. Does she want me to make an advance? “ I was noticing how attractive you are for the thousandth time,” I tell her. Her hand reaches her hair, head lowers slightly, uncomfortable with the comment. “ That’s nice of you,” she says. “ Don’t get those compliments often anymore,” she states clearly. “ I would think you are always getting guys coming on to you. You are very attractive, great body, outgoing, and more,” I respond. “ I find myself waiting to see you because of the effect you have on me,” I continue. “ I find myself creating many fantasies about you,” I finish. “ Let’s not go there,” she retorted. “ Now, what can I do for you,”?

I look across at her tits. I swear her nipples have hardened, and are looking back at me. I see her catch her breath. She notices I am staring at her tits. She leans forward, crossing her arms to keep her nipples from looking back at me. I notice a slight tension in her voice. “ Are we done here,” she asks? She is staring at me, waiting for a comment from me. I need to tell her about my business proposal, how I think she can assist me. “ Actually, I want to discuss a business proposal with you,” I start. “ I need a manager in one of my restraunts,”. She interrupted, stood to go to the coffee maker, and get more coffee. I stand and follow her. I walk up behind her, place my hands on her hips. She stiffens, I pull her tight against me, pulling her ass against my hard cock. I grind my cock against her ass, humping my cock up and down her crack through her tight jeans. “ I don’t think this is a good idea,” she states, pulling away from me. Turning to face me, I pin her against the counter. I caress her arms and shoulders, my crotch pressed against her upper abdomen. She stands still. “ Don’t, please,” she states. “ You shouldn’t being doing this,”. Reaching across me, she pushes Hatay Escort me away and heads toward the living room. I follow close behind. I can smell her, she wants this. Her cunt is betraying her, getting wet. I again reach for her. I push her forward, across the back of the couch. I kick her feet a part, grab her hair on the back of her head, forcing her over the couch, down with her ass up to me. I grab a hip, pushing my crotch against her ass. I slam against her several times. I know she wants me. She moans loudly. I push her shirt up her back, grabbing the clasp of her bra. I pinch my fingers together, unhooking her bra and letting her tits free. I reach around her, feeling the softness of her tit. I pinch the nipple slightly, feeling it harden between my finger and thumb. More moans escape her. I continue to drive my crotch against her backside I roughly pull her up by the hair, head tilted back. Her hands hold my wrist. I squeeze her tits roughly. Her back presses against my chest.

My hand travels down her body, finding the button of her jeans. I open the button, unzip the fly. I pull the jeans down, taking her panties with them. Her ass and mound are now naked to me. I push my hand between us, unbuckling my belt, opening my jeans, unzipping my fly. I push my pants and briefs down. My cock is hard, pointing down between our bodies. I feel the heat of her ass pressing on me. “ Don’t do this,” she is saying. Her ass presses against me. I know she wants to feel my cock in her pussy. I can tell. Her moans give her body away. I push her back down over the couch. Her lovely ass is open to me. I place my hand over the crack of her ass, sliding my fingers down to her wetness. She moves to free herself as my fingers find her cunt. I stick my middle finger in her. Very Tight, just a hint of wetness, I force my finger deeper in her. “ Oh shit you bastard,” she says. I begin to thrust my finger in and out, holding her tight. Her cunt starts pumping out wetness. I insert a second finger. I run my fingers out of her cunt up her crack rimming her asshole. I slide my fingers back to her cunt, again inserting them as deep as they will go in her very tight cunt. I continue to grind my cock against the cheeks of her ass. I need to fuck her, but I want to pleasure her more. I again track my fingers out of her cunt up to her asshole, lubricating the area, and press my fingers back down into her cunt. Deeply, I penetrate her, driving my fingers as deep as they will go.

She starts grunting now. I slam my fingers in and out of her cunt. Her cunt is dripping wet now. “ Oh fuck,” she says. “ You rotten bastard, you want me,” she hisses at me. “ Well make me your whore you dickless son of a bitch.” I place my thumb at her asshole. As she is cursing me, I pop my thumb in her ass to the first knuckle. I want to ravage her now! “ You bitch,” I tell her. “ I am going to butt fuck you too,”. I drive my thumb deep in her ass. She grunts loudly, moans, and screams. “ No you fucking bastard. No,” she yells at me. Her body presses back against my hand as I drive my fingers deep in her cunt and thumb up her ass. I pump my hand hard and fast. “ Oh shit no,” she hisses. I continue to pump my hand, driving my thumb and fingers deep into her holes. Fast, hard, I continue to drive them into her. Her wetness is flooding my hand. “ Oh shit, oh shit,” her voice is barely audible between the grunts and moans. “ Cum for me bitch,” I tell her. I want to make her cum before I fuck the shit out of her. I want to drive my cock deep in her pussy, hard and fast. I want her to take all of my cock, deep and furious. I feel her body tense, her breathing stops, movement stops. I continue to pump her hard, grinding my thumb deeper in her ass. I close my fingers, rubbing the wall between her holes. “ Oh fuck you, you bastard,” she screams. “ Oh god, I’m cumming,” she hisses. “ Damn you, damn you,” she continues. I pull my hand free from her body, grab her hip and place the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy. “ Now bitch, your mine,” I press forward, the head of my cock parting the lips of her cunt. I pull back, press forward, pull back and press forward again Hatay Escort Bayan the tightness of her pussy prevents me from penetrating her. The involuntary contractions of her pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina prevents penetration. Each thrust forcing her tight cunt open.

She is screaming into the pillows on the couch from the excruciating pain. I pull back, wipe more cunt juice on my cock, her tightness is so restrictive that the opening to her vagina feels ‘closed off’, she is begging me to stop. I push forward harder, my groin pressing against her ass. Again I pull back, and press forward slowly, now fully buried balls deep in her. I release her hair, grab the other hip, and start slamming her pussy relentlessly with my cock. My hips slap loudly on the cheeks of her ass. She is screaming into the pillows. “ Feel my cock bitch. Who’s your daddy,” I chuckle. I consider pulling out of her cunt and driving my cock balls deep in her ass. No time for that. I slap her ass hard. I am driving my cock deep in her pussy like a madman. Closer, I feel my nut sac tighten. I want to make her scream again. I stop all movement, pressed tight against her ass. “ Now bitch, for the rest of the story,” I scream at her. I begin the final fucking, driving hard against her ass. I am thrusting full stroke, driving deep in and out of her cunt. She will be sore after this fucking I think to myself. Oblivious now, all I focus on is cumming. “ Oh God Denise….. so good,” I breathlessly tell her. “ I am going to cum,”. My balls tighten, I pull her hips hard, pressing her ass cheeks flat against my groin. Movement stops, “ Oh fuck,” I shout. I begin to deposit spurt after spurt of cum deep in her pussy. “ Oh baby,” I hoarsely whisper. “ Feel it,”. Whimpering, Denise screams “ get off me.” I pull back, letting my cock plop out of her cunt. I pull her off the couch. She turns, slaps me hard. “ I did not ask for that,” she hissed at me. I grab her arm, spin her around, pick her up and move to sit on the couch, placing her on my lap. I know she really enjoyed it. I knew she came hard. I lean to kiss her hard. I reach and roughly caress her tits. Pull gently on the nipple under her t-shirt. The nipple stiffens for me. I tilt her head back by pulling on her hair gently, yet with enough force to let her know I am in charge.

I nibble on her neck. Lifting her shirt, I see her tits. I lean to suck a nipple into my mouth. I suck it deep into my mouth, raking my teeth over it gently. I flick my tongue back and forth quickly. I grasp her tit, squeezing it firmly, making the nipple taunt. I suck as much of her tit in my mouth as possible. She moans as I play with her tit. I reach to her cunt, sliding my finger over her clit. Her body jerks. I brush my finger back and forth over her clit, exposing it to the air. It’s pink head appears, sticking out between her wet cunt lips. I move to kiss her again, continuing my play on her clit. Her eyes have watered, tears running down her face. I kiss her eyes, nose, and chin. I move to her mouth. Kissing lightly, my tongue explores her lips, moving between her teeth. My tongue finds hers, and plays. My middle finger reaches into her pussy. Stretched wide due to my cock, it is sloppy at the moment, cunt juice and cum mixed, running out. I return to her clit. I hold her close, running my fingertip over her clit quickly. Having cum during our session, her clit is sensitive, and responds quickly. Her breath shortens, legs spread wide, hips arch her pussy into my fingers. I play, focused on making her cum again. Faster, harder, I assault her clit. I hear it in her breathing. It is close. I continue, faster, longer strokes, teasing her pussy. Suddenly, her legs clamp shut. Tremors overtake her body. She orgasms quietly, humping my finger. I drive it and two companions deep into her pussy. “ Damn you bastard,” she says as she hugs me tightly. She turns and straddles me. Reaching to my cock, she presses it against her cunt, interfering with my fingers. We take turns, her rubbing my deflating cock over her wet cunt, and I continue to pump my fingers deep into her pussy. She kisses me hard, exploring the depths Escort Hatay of my mouth with her tongue. My cock chubs beneath her ass. I will have her again. As she is humping my limp cock, she looks directly into my eyes and said “ You can’t do my ass.” “ Bitch, I plan on hammering your ass,” I retorted, “ with or without your approval,”. She moans.

Between my growing dick and me licking her again, she is getting so horny that she thought she was going explode if she did not get my dick inside of her again soon. Seeing as she is a novice since she has not been with a man in a very long time. Doggie style is not her favorite position, she started to get on all fours. I realized what is about to happen, as she is getting into position, I come up behind her, I stick my face into her pussy and then lick it a couple times. Before she can brace herself and get into position, I lay on her back and begin to mount her. With me weighing about 50 pounds more than she did and her not yet braced or in position, I knock her forward and she starts to fall against the floor. She managed to keep her ass partially up in the air. I now had my arms wrapped, tightly, around her torso and she feels my cock pushing against her several times, I reach down between our bodies positioning my cock. As she looked back, she is shocked to see that my cock had grown to about 9″ and is as thick as her wrist.
Before she can make another move, I found my target. Unfortunately for her, it is not her pussy. I start to shove my cock into her asshole. She had tried anal sex a couple times before with her ex-husband, but he was small and she was not crazy about anal sex. She screamed and tried to move, but it is no use. I’m too big and heavy for her to move and just like a man, once I got started I was not going to stop until I was done. The initial penetration is excruciating. With 3 hard thrusts, my 9″ baseball bat is completely buried in her ass. She thought she was going to pass out from the pain. She screamed and begged for mercy, but to no avail. I’m raping her and tearing her asshole to shreds. After a minute or two the pain seems to ease a little. She thought the worst was over and she was just going to have to ride it out.

I’m fucking her ass like a piston, pulling almost all of the way out and back in again 2 or 3 times a second. After another minute or so the pain starts to intensify and it feels like my cock is starting to get bigger. I kept fucking her ass as hard I possibly could. Then she started to feel her asshole stretch even more. She had read something about a few men having a ” knot” on their dicks, but she was not sure exactly what that meant and she had never been with a man that had a knot. She is about to learn, the HARD way. All of a sudden, it feels as if someone is trying to shove a watermelon up her ass. At this point she is scratching at the floor, kicking her feet up and down, and biting her lip to keep from screaming. I’m trying to shove my knot inside her asshole and she experienced pain like she has never felt before. She thought to herself, there was no way in hell her asshole could spread any wider, but she is wrong. A few more powerful thrusts and I got my knot into her asshole. Once I had gotten my knot inside of her, my thrusts are less violent, but still extremely painful. After another few minutes, she is starting to get somewhat use to being stretched open so far, but it is still painful. Finally, after about 15 minute of this, she feels me starting to shoot my hot cum into her. The warmth of my cum is starting to soothe the pain a little. She is relieved to think this anal assault is almost over. Again she is wrong.

I kept cumming and cumming in her asshole, she is starting to get cramps. After about another 10 minutes, after being brutally ass raped for 20 minutes and being tied together for another 45 minute, my knot finally had shrunk enough to pull out of her ass. When I finally pulled out, she collapsed on the bed and passed out for about 2 hours. When she woke up, her body ached, her pussy and ass were sore. When I had gotten off the bed she pulled her knees up to her chest and rolled over on her side. She was relieved that I was finished. I left her alone in the bedroom. I covered her with a blanket as she laid there curled up on her side, her eyes closed, sexually satisfied and relieved that it was over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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